Mud Shampoo Review

Review- Morrocco Method Clay Based Shampoo for naturally clean hair

I’ve written before about how I use homemade shampoo, but I’ve found that many people don’t do well with this option. I recently discovered a way to use bentonite clay and some other ingredients to detox and deep clean the hair. As I explained in a previous post:

“Turns out, clay can be very beneficial for hair in the same way it can be beneficial in the rest of the body: it removes toxins to leave hair super-clean and with a lot of shiny volume.”

I was contacted by a company, Morrocco Method, that manufactures a completely natural shampoo alternative that detoxes hair and leaves it clean without buildup or tangles. I’m all for the DIY when possible, but I often get emails from readers asking where they can buy various products I post recipes for, so I decided to try their products and share my experience.

How to Shampoo With Mud

There is a little bit of a learning curve with mud-based shampoos. They don’t lather like detergent based shampoos, and some people experience a detox period while the scalp adjusts. It is also beneficial to shampoo twice with this method, as they explain:

At first glance, the recommendation by the shampoo industry that we shampoo our hair twice each session sounds like a gimmick to sell more shampoo. However, there is value in this recommendation. A perfect shampoo is achieved in two parts. The first shampooing cleanses hair and scalp of dirt, dead cells and dust, which would otherwise be massaged back into the hair, scalp and follicle openings if only shampooed once. This clogging debris could retard new hair growth and severely damage the oil glands, upsetting the natural fall-out and reproductive cycles of your hair.

The second shampooing and massage of your clean hair and scalp stimulates the flow of blood to the scalp and opens the hair follicles, allowing the blood vessels to feed each root, bulb and hair shaft, nourishing the entire follicle and activating the sebaceous (oil) glands. This ensures the proper lubrication and distribution of your own natural oils to the entire scalp and hair shafts. A natural coating of oil is vital to the maintenance of a healthy scalp and hair. It keeps the outer layer of hair lubricated and prevents drying, which is the excessive evaporation of moisture.

  • Step One: Wet your hair, then apply a nickel-sized portion of shampoo to your scalp. Massage it lightly into your hair and scalp, and then rinse thoroughly, using warm water.
  • Step Two: After rinsing, take a quarter-size portion of the same shampoo and massage it gently into your clean hair and scalp for a second cleansing, then rinse thoroughly, finishing with a cool rinse. Towel dry hair and scalp thoroughly.

The Verdict

Of all the store-bought “shampoos” I’ve tried, this method left my hair feeling the most clean. I didn’t experience a transition period, but I had already been using natural shampoos and even clays in my hair for a while before trying this method. I can see how a detox period could be normal, just as the skin can take a while to adjust to oil cleansing when first starting.

I liked my homemade version too, but the Morrocco Method formula smelled a lot better (especially since I’m not a fan of the smell of vinegar, as much as I love the benefits) and is definitely easier to use while traveling and to store for longer periods of time. As only a small amount is used each time, it also seems like a cost-effective option.

All of the ingredients are great for skin too, so excess can be used on face or body and since all ingredients are not soap-based, this could be a great option for kids as well.

Have you ever used mud shampoo in your hair? How did it work for you? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. Which one did they send you to try?

    • I meant which shampoo – they have several option on their website, but I’m curious which one you tested.

  2. Thank you for the review…I have been wondering about their product. I have tried the baking soda and vinegar method, also the shampoo from primal organics and none have worked on my hair. I really could not handle the ACV/baking soda because of the smell and gave up after about 6 months. Which shampoo did you try, did you use the conditioner and if not, did you feel you needed to have conditioner? Would you continue to use?

    • Just used the shampoo and would definitely continue to use this or the homemade version…

    • any discount code for new costumers?

  3. Hey! Love your blogs and waiting for your book 🙂
    About the Morrocco Method Shampoo, does it have perfume added? I am very, very sensitive to perfumes (chemicals) but I need a new shampoo. And if it doesn’t have perfume added, does the odor last in your hair after drying?
    Thank you.

    • No perfumes, just essential oils and no remaining scent..

      • Thank you. Which one did you use?

    • It doesn’t have perfume, but the natural ingredients in the morrocco method products have an extremely strong smell. I ended up with a migraine from the odorl, and my boyfriend who never says anything complained about the smell from my hair!

  4. I use Morrocco Method shampoos/conditioner once in a while, but I really don’t like rotating between 5 different types of shampoo. First, it makes for a lot of bathroom clutter and next, since only a small amount is used, 5 bottles will last indefinitely, it seems. I used the “Blood of the Dragon Styling gel” on my daughter’s hair for her dance performance. It held her hair very well and it was soft, shiny and sweet smelling too! I am not too into hair products, but in my searches for the most natural, I keep going back to their products, even though I am on the fence about how well they work for my fine/straight hair.

    • I agree on that part… i just stick with one type (or the homemade) and haven’t had any trouble doing that…

      • Which one of the shampoos did you try?

  5. How big are a nickel and a quarter? We don’t have them in NZ & Australia.

    • Aim for a circle in your hand that is a couple centimeters wide..

      • Thank you

  6. I started using Morrocco Method a little over two years ago and have been playing to come up with a DIY version that I like as well. My homemade versions are fine but not as good as the Morrocco Method so I intersperse my homemade version between my MM shampoos/conditioners to make them last longer since they are quite pricey.

    It is recommended that you use the whole set of MM shampoos and conditioners in a rotating fashion. I can attest to the fact doing this leads to a lot less fall-out. The brushing techniques recommended on their site is very good too. I started with their healthy hair starter kit. They do run weekly specials so I watch for those to buy at a lower cost. The conditioners will last a lot longer than the shampoo does.

    If I develop a better mud-based DIY shampoo recipe than my current, I will definitely share it. I am not sure I’ll ever be able to cut out the MM Diamond Crystal Mist leaven conditioner though! It is so wonderful on my fine, curly hair.

  7. Just put in my order at Morocco Method. I’ve been looking for a shampoo/conditioner like this for a while – I just needed a reliable review 🙂 Thanks!

  8. How long does the detox adjustment period usually take, Katie? I’ve been using either your mud recipe or your coconut milk recipe for several weeks, but it never feels like I can get any of it rinsed out. I’m getting tired of having gunky hair wound up in a clip on top of my head, because it is too grimy to style it any other way. Occasionally I use baking soda, but that only clarifies my scalp and doesn’t do much for the length of my hair. And it is difficult to get it around the sides of my scalp, also, so the top of my head always feels closer to clean than anywhere else.

    • Detox normally takes a month to two months unfortunately. its especially hard if you’ve been consuming chemicals or using chemicals on hair! Especially if you heat damaged and your hair is really porous… it sucks. It has to slowly come out over time. To help, you could try doing a hair mask with clay. after a few hours and then rinse it might help speed it up.

  9. What do you recommend using for dry and curly hair. I’m a little overwhelmed by the website! Thanks!

  10. I tried t o use the discount code I could not get it to work for me any help would be greatly appreciated thanks. Susan b

  11. Any idea why the coupon code isn’t working? I have tried many different times on numerous products.

  12. I bought their sampler of five and was not impressed. I had lots of breakage – forget trying to use the rubber massager that they sent with the kit. My hair looks like a greasy mess with some and massive fly-aways with the others. I had such high hopes as I’m allergic to darn near everything.

    • Hi, I thought I’d reply even though this is almost a year old. MM did not work very well for me either. Once I did a couple months of clarifying with bentonite clay it worked a LOT better, but still always seemed to feel like it was a bit “coated”. I now do this for my hair, and after almost a full year of trying pretty much every no-poo method out there this is what works: coat my hair in oil (just a small amount, not an oil slick!) and then wash it out with a thin paste of fine rye flour and ACV. Gives me shiny, moisturized, non-gunky hair for a good week (just rinse with water the rest of the week). Sometimes I’ll use my extra MM as a conditioner on the ends, or as a body wash, but I was not too impressed with it as a shampoo and I gave it many chances. Just didn’t work well for my hair I guess.

      • Omg, Robyn ty. [And sorry for my novel lol it’s probably not important for you to read beyond this point XD] I’ve been using rye flour to wash for a while now and I really love it, or I did in the beginning, but with my hard water I end up getting build up eventually, even with the vinegar (which I want to cut out/lessen since it can dry my hair too), and my hair just hasn’t been great anymore. It’s good to hear from someone else with experiences like mine about how MM works, because I’ve been curious to try them for a while now but $$$ and not many useful regular person reviews. I had cut out pre-oiling even though it was so beneficial for me before, I’m going to start that again – at least MM made me acknowledge that double washing can be really useful! I wasn’t getting it out nicely with only one.

        I’m interested to hear if anyone’s used citric acid rinse or anything else in place of vinegar, that my hair might like better?

    • I went through the detox period and my hair felt good, but as I used the products more, it seemed to pull out so much of my hair. I had to stop using because of the hair loss I was experiencing with it. I’d love to go no-poo but am worried without the lubricant in shampoo, it’s too stressful on my hair and it breaks and comes out easier. Any advice would be welcomed. I just buy an organic shampoo at this point and only wash once a week or every 9 days. I still have gunk on my scalp after a few days but I just deal with it so I don’t have to wash. sigh.

  13. I am excited to try these products. I have been wanting to try a more natural approach to coloring my hair. I only color my hair three times per year but now that I’ve hit 41 the grays are coming on more and I don’t want to increase my coloring frequency at the salon. So happy to find something to try that is safe and natural and that I can do more often and hopefully I will like as much or more than salon color so I can stop it all together! Thanks for the coupon code too…it worked great!

  14. I love the MM shampoos. I have been using them for over 2 years now and am able to grow my hair long for the first time in many years (fine but curly – and now, enough to keep it from being stringy). I do use the shampoos & conditioners in a rotating fashion as recommended. It’s not cheap but I have to say that they have worked for me.

    I have tried most of your shampoo recipes and, sadly, none have worked very well for me. I am have been playing with my own recipes but haven’t come up with anything that rivals MM myself either. Still working though..

    • I also have very curly fine hair. I’ve been using a product line that makes my hair look great, but I suspect is contributing to my hair thinning by clogging my scalp. I bought the Chi Instant Conditioner and I hate it! I couldn’t even get it spread onto my scalp because it had NO “slip” to it, so I ended up using an obscene amount. I can’t afford it if this is how much I have to use every time. Do you have any tips? Am I doing something wrong? If the conditioner feels this un-slippery, I’m scared to try the shampoos!

  15. I’ve tried the Morrocco Method Apple Cider Vinegar and I am very disappointed. It does not work for me at all. It sort of washes the hair at my scalp, but everything else down to my ends is sticky and looks filthy. While I am sure that this can sometimes be attributed to my hair adjusting to the new natural way of cleaning it, I have to mention that in my case this is unlikely – I have been washing my hair using only egg yolk for more than 6 months. I just wanted to add to the review and say that the MM shampoos do not work.

    • Your comment doesnt help much. You can not speak for every hair and skin type that are out there just by your experience. It would be helpful to know what type of hair and scalp you have. Is your hair thick/thin/fine/curly/wavy/straight short/medium/long, and is your scalp oily/dry/normal? Hope to hear back.

      • I think it is helpful to hear some other opinions, maybe not worded in the best way, but I had the same issue when I tried MM. I spent 350 on the full line because I couldn’t find a single negative review of these products on the internet when I was thinking of trying them, so I figured it would be safe to take the plunge. Same issue – seemed to clean my scalp but the rest of my hair always felt sticky and greasy. And my hair is fully transitioned from commercial shampoo. They do work well as body wash/conditioner, and I did like the Zen Detox and BotD Styling Gel, but the shampoos did not work effectively for my hair type (caucasian, fine textured but I have a lot of it, and loosely curly).

  16. Has anybody used the curl power? It says it is suitable for any hair type so thought it would be ok for my fine hair but I put it on for the first time today and it would not wash out I washed it ten times! And I still look like I’ve been bathed in grease I even resorted to normal shampoo in the hope it would strip it out but no joy. Any ideas how I can get it out without damaging my hair? My hair is already damaged after using bicarbonate of soda when my Morrocco method shampoo ran out after waiting 4 weeks for my order to arrive (not from Morrocco method website but a uk stockists) Therefore any kind methods anybody knows about would be great. On the plus side all the other products by Morrocco method I’ve tried I’ve loved 🙂

  17. Hi Wellness Mama,

    It seems like I remember you mentioned in one of your comments that you had used the Morrocco Method Henna Blonde on your hair one time and it seemed like you said it didn’t change the color noticeably but I wondered if you thought it noticeably increased the volume of your hair? Also did it make your hair dry or strawlike at all? Like you, I also have an oily, fine hair type, though maybe not as thick as yours. I would like to give it more volume if possible but I had read of the henna making some peoples hair dry and strawlike and was worried about trying the henna as my hair is in great condition now and I don’t want to ruin that. Thanks so much for your help.

    • Hi Heidi

      When you are using Henna you should mix yogurt or egg along with the henna pack that will make your hair less dry and manageable. Next day or two days after using henna, oil your hair and shampoo lightly or if u do not want to shampoo you can leave your hair as such. If you do use shampoo rinse your hair with apple cedar vinegar mixed with water. This will leave your hair soft and you will notice your hair will grow quickly as well.

      I hope this helps.

  18. Is this shampoo septic safe? We live in an OLD house that still has a septic tank and i know the shampoo is all natural, but im questioning the breakdown of the clay in our septic tank. Over time is there a possibility of it not decomposing? Our landlord has a small tank for a 4 person family. Any advice would be welcomed! Thanks!!

  19. Hi Nithya,

    Thanks for your tip on using the eggs, yogurt, and oil to keep the MM Henna from drying out your hair. I wondered if you think using the Henna gives your hair a lot more body?

    • Eggs, Yogurt contain a lot of protein good for the Hair, it will definitely increase the growth and body of your hair. If you have vitamins along with hair packs it will definitely boost your hair growth and body.

      If ur using henna for coloring purpose it is ideal to put it once in 15 days to make sure the color deposits properly to give you the right color along with the ingredients mentioned earlier.

      For your hair growth, increase in volume – you can also add other herbs like dried leaves from red hibiscus (shoe flower), dried pomegranate skin powder (high in Iron and Vit C and other antioxidants), even fenugreek powder all mixed with your henna powder and soaked for an hour ideally in an iron vessel.

      If you have some serious hair loss or want to boast your hair growth you can try taking some vitamins which you could from a skin and hair specialist which will mostly contain biotin and other amino acids which needs to be take for about 6 months to an year for results. I hope this helps.

  20. Hey!

    I’ve been washing my hair with BS/ACV for about 4 years now but I’ve finally decided to stop. It definitely cleanses my heart, but I think it’s a little harsh and causing my hair to be brittle. It’s not that it’s horrible (obviously, or I wouldn’t have lasted 4 years!) but I don’t think it’s the best option for my fine hair.

    Anyways, I asked for Morrcocco Method sample/travel pack for my birthday and I LOVE IT! I didn’t have a detox period, but I think that’s because I haven’t used normal shampoo’s on my hair in years.

    Unfortunately it’s way too expensive. I’d really LOVE to find a mud DIY option (to bring the price down), so let me know if you find any good ones! I probably won’t ever purchase them again (unless I put it on b’day/Christmas list again)… but they’re awesome!

  21. Unfortunately this mud did not work for me. I have been using the coconut-castile (sometimes subbing almond milk for coconut and shikakai soap by Dr Bronner in place of castile) for about 4 months (after switching from Aubrey when I found out their preservative, Japanese honeysuckle, is a paraben). The coconut milk shampoo works well if I wash, rinse, repeat every 3 days but if I go longer between washes then even 4 applications won’t work and I have to use straight shikakai soap to remove the build-up. I worry about the damage the high pH is doing to my hair. I have a fair amount of breakage about an inch from my scalp. I don’t use ACV in my acid rinse cuz of the smell; I use a homemade acid blend of malic, citric and tartaric acid and dilute to the same pH as ACV. For the mud recipe’s acid requirement, I used half ACV and half acid blend (it still smells pretty horrid even after dousing it with copious amounts of essential oils).

    For the tea portion, I used Fenugreek and Chamomile. For the clay I used the Aztec brand of calcium bentonite. I had the problem of it not thickening up with the required amount of clay so I ended up having to use TWICE as much clay as what the recipe called for. This gave me about 16 oz of mud. I used it today and it was a real pain to apply. I smeared 2 oz all over the scalp of my wet hair then rubbed it into the rest of my shoulder-length hair, though I could have easily used more since it doesn’t seem to go very far. I found it difficult to scrub the scalp since there was absolutely no creaminess or lather. I rinsed after 7 min. Disappointed to say there was no reduction in build-up and my hair felt matted down like it needed an acid rinse. Since I also made the soap nuts shampoo recipe yesterday I tried that next: no lather, rinsed after 5 min. It also failed to remove any build-up. Since I was late for work at this point, I just scrubbed my scalp with straight shikakai and rinsed with acid blend.

    I really wanted to love these recipes so I could end the hair breakage being caused by the high pH of the castile/shikakai. Maybe I made them wrong? I added a smidge too much water (about 10%) to the soapnuts but I did simmer for an extra 10 min. And it has been 5 days since my last shampoo so maybe the soapnuts and mud would work if I’d used them 2-3 days ago cuz then I wouldn’t have an insane amount of build-up. I don’t think it’s product build-up cuz I only use flaxseed gel and Wellness Mama’s hairspray (lemon juice and vodka) so it must be excess oil-production from the drying effects of the castile/shikakai soap (esp. since my skin and face are so dry). I don’t want to give up on mud or soapnuts yet so I will attempt wash my hair more frequently. I am also going to try honey highlights in my hair tomorrow (I’m too impatient for Wellness Mama’s gradual sun-lightening spray cuz I am never outside) so maybe I’ll fall in love with honey shampoo. I will try using homemade ionic silver in place of water in the recipe so hopefully it won’t spoil quickly like others have noticed. If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll dilute the mud and mix it in some new tea with foaming herbs like the ones listed on this DIY site (formula would be similar to Moroccan Method).

    • I just wanted to say that detox can vary depending on the person. Mine has lasted (and maybe still is going) since late last year… maybe september/october. If you still have build up after a shower, you’re not alone. For months I’ve had that and its been pretty frustrating. I was using MM but am trialling a mixture of bentonite clay, ACV, wheatgrass powder (minerals!), and EOs. Lately I’ve had a few showers where my hair has come out reasonable for the first time in a while. This is not to say I’ve found what definitely works for me yet, still trialling, but I think you just have to be patient and find what works best for you. We are all different.

  22. I really want to try morroco method but I’m worried about the hassle with swimming and the quality of my water. The water at my house is chlorinated because we have city water. How will that affect my hair when using the shampoos? Also when I visit my parents’ house they have well water. Its softened but I’m not sure if that will affect my hair when I visit for a few weeks?? I really enjoy swimming at the pool but its filled with chlorine. Any tips for keeping my hair healthy at the pool? And what about the beach? I’ve heard you can but conditioner in your hair and leave it in while you swim but I don’t know if it will work. But if it does can I use leave in conditioner to do that? Sorry for the length, in just new to natural products. I would appreciate if you would answer my questions :)Oh I have one more question. I have short hair that just BARELY touches my shoulders. How many washes do you think I’ll get out of all 5 shampoos total?

    • You could try putting an inline filter on your showerhead. I use the Sprite slimline filter on mine. You can get it from Amazon. As for swimming, maybe use a swim cap in the pool.

  23. I’ve been using the MM shampoo for over two months now. I enjoy it but find that I can’t adequately coat my scalp with a nickel sized amount of shampoo. How do people do it?? Also, I find that my hair still gets greasy in two days at the scalp (sometimes even less) and that seems to be getting worse. Not sure if it just doesn’t work for me, or what I may be doing wrong…

    • Larissa,

      Google “how to use morrocco method shampoo”. There is a blog that talks about how to find the best way to shampoo individual types of hair. I was told and read that using about a teaspoon to a tablespoon of shampoo to about 8 oz of water in a jar or squirt bottle (shake well!!) works. I have just begun using MM shampoos and it works for me!
      I have soft, wavy, curly hair . I have used the zen detox, euro oil, pine shale shampoo, and sea essence so far. There is a learning curve. But I am noticing a difference – my hair is a gorgeous brunette (naturally) and my scalp no longer had build up or irritation. I love it. I also am finding that Bragga apple cyder vinegar with the mother as a post rjnse helps to clarify, soften and speed up the transitional process.

      Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

  24. Also – like the Wellness Mama, I have Hypothyroidism and Hashimottos, live on the Auto-Immune Paleo diet and am excited to finally try the morrocco method. I look forward to hearing about other hair cleaning methods. My hair is curly, needs moisture and get waxy / oily easily.

  25. Thanks for the interesting review, Katie!

    I have a question that I was hoping either you Katie, some other MM product users or an MM rep could answer.

    There is no doubt that these products are developed with toxic-free hair care in mind. But I was wondering – are they in biodegradable packaging? While taking the bast care for my hair, I would like to make sure I am also taking good care of the environment by not throwing away plastic containers.

  26. I received your recent e-mail recommending these products. I purchased the 5 sample pack in 2 oz size, so as to try all formulas and rotate them as suggested. I know you talk about a “detox” period but I am about to give up on this system entirely. I typically wash my hair every other day as I do have oily hair. I have been using this product for about 2 wks, washing every other day and rotating the shampoos. I have to say, my hair has become a “grease ball” It never seems to dry completely. I do wear my hair down the first day but by the second day I have to wear it in a pony tail. Reading your comments again, I realized I may be using too much product. I felt that perhaps I wasn’t using enough and that was why my hair has been so greasy so I kept adding more product. I have watched the how to videos on their website. I have been rinsing and rinsing, thinking that maybe the product is being left in my hair…it just takes too much time and effort to no avail…Maybe I will try using the dime size amount you recommend here for the first washing… it took all the power I had this morning not to reach for my “regular” shampoo and be done with the grease ball that my hair has become! I don’t want to give up on something that could be really good for me and my health in the long run….PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    My hair is pretty healthy. I do not style it at all, I do not blow dry it and I have been using a “sulfate free” shampoo…Has anyone had this experience before? What to do??

    • Have you tried the Zen detox? It has helped my hair tremendously over the last month of starting the MM method. I am still figuring it out for myself.

  27. Both my daughter and I had ‘sticky’ hair at the same time, rather weirdly! Never had it before and then started researching it and found it was quite common. The Somaluxe Shampoo came recommended by my doctor so I decided to try it – after the first wash, the difference was amazing. Immediately after rinsing I could feel my hair as ‘squeaky’ clean again for the time in weeks / months. Now it has fully air-dried, my hair is back to it’s usually dry bounce once again and feels great….my daughter said the same. So pleased and happy to spread the word that the Somaluxe Shampoo works for sticky hair!

    • Has anyone tested this on salon colored hair. I’m very grey and have my roots salon colored every 7-8 weeks. Will MM strip or change the color?

      • Hiya Nancy, not sure if you’re still checking this but I thought I’d answer your question. I have used MM for 6 months and I love it. I’ll answer yours first and then follows a long description with answers to those curious about starting use, and to those struggling with MM.

        I had super bleach damaged hair, and using these shampoos not only improved my condition but my colour looks beautiful and shiny as well! I have mixed golden and platinum blonde colours. My colour did change slightly, in that it made the colours brighter.

        The other day I tried a regular shampoo to test the difference, and it completely revealed the old hair damage. MM is the only thing that works for me, though it did take a while to kick in along with my own trial and error. Obviously damage can only be truly removed through a hair cut, but you can hardly see mine now – and I was told to cut everything off!

        Personally I have used Heavenly Essence, Sea Essence, Pine Shale and Zen Detox. I now only use the two latter shampoos, as Heavenly Essence makes my scalp itchy so I think I have a sensitivity to the ingredients, though it did make my hair crazy soft.

        My favourite is Pine Shale! I definitely need to vary my use though, if I stick to one shampoo my hair gets greasy. But I wouldn’t use all five personally, 2-3 is enough for me. The Zen Detox helped get me through my initial detox and crazy build up period, though it was reaaally hard to spread it while my hair was the most damaged. It became way easier once my hair adjusted.

        For everyone curious on how it feels having used MM 6 months on, I’ll mention a few things. The water to shampoo ratio is VERY important for the results. I mix them 50/50.
        I do use quite a bit more shampoo than they say you need, though I do have a lot of hair. I often wonder why they are as crazy expensive as they are, but there is no other products on the market that are remotely similar (as far as I know) so for me it’s definitely worth it.
        My detox lasted probably 1-2 months but it wasn’t too bad (trying Caveman was a million times worse!).

        Lastly, and this is important to all those struggling with build up. When my hair is wet I can tell there’s a coating, which I think is the final result of the nourishing ingredients combined with the hair’s natural oils. At first this concerned me, but I realised it’s because I’m expecting to get the result of nasty surfactant products (i.e. common hair products) from something natural. That’s not what the body produces. If you think about what it does naturally, it wants to protect your hair with its oils. The body doesn’t care that our esthetic is dry, oil free hair, as that leaves it vulnerable to damage. Our media indoctrinated minds wants the opposite unfortunately… But the funny thing is, when my hair is dry you can’t feel or see the coat at all! It’s soft, not oily at all and completely tangle free. It’s a total mystery, but an amazing one.

        My hair now envelops my face naturally and beautifully, and it isn’t flat or unruly as it used to be, and it’s super easy to style even without products as you can actually shape it as is. Never experienced this with any commercial products.

        I love my hair now – which is crazy considering how damaged it was and still is from bleach and heat damage!

        • This is an interesting reply!
          I have ordered 2 sample shampoos and the detox and I am redy to start with the MM proces.
          I must say all the above mentioned answers scared me but your reply, Sara, confirms my own thoughts about the issue.
          We are all so used to have super clean hair with no oils in it, that we no longer know what our hair is supposed to feel like.
          I give it a real try and I hope I will love it as much as you do.

  28. I need help! I’ve been using MM products exclusively for about a month. Not noticing much improvement yet, but I’m hopeful. I am Caucasian, with long wavy hair. The layer underneath the top is like ethnic hair, really curly and coarse. I decided to try their Curl Power product because it’s supposed to moisturize and lengthen the curls. This product left me extremely disappointed and they aren’t open on the weekend so that’s why I’m coming to you. I feel like i applied petroleum jelly to my hair. I left it on for the required time and then washed it, but it won’t wash out. My hair is currently air drying but it’s crunchy and feels awful. I was barely able to comb through it. Have you used this product? Am i struggling because I’m still in detox??? Can you give me any tips for removing this gunk from my hair? I would appreciate any answers! I have a busy weekend and at this point I don’t want to leave the house!!!!

    • Hi Cindy, I had similar problems with MM. I tried using it on and off for about 6 months and never really saw an improvement. Do you have any Zen detox? It is just bentonite clay, and will clean the gunk out of your hair very effectively, but after that I’d probably just stop using these products. I don’t think you are still in detox because I had the same issues – there is no way I was still in detox after using them for 6 months, and prior to that I hadn’t used shampoo on my hair for another approximately 6 months.

      I wash my hair with rhassoul clay now, mixed with either ACV or aloe gel and a bit of glycerin mixed in too. It works really well – feels like I’ve washed my hair with conventional shampoo but doesn’t dry out my scalp like shampoo. I have a lot of leftover MM products but the only ones I use on my hair are the creme rinse and the gel, the shampoos and conditioners don’t go near my scalp – though I do find they work great as body wash.

  29. Would this shampoo be recommended if pregnant with the essential oils? And wellness mama which do you prefer more, your home made version or do you buy the mm? Thanks!

    • The essential oils should be fine since they are so heavily diluted, but if you’re worried, you could make your own and just use lavender. I really like both the homemade and MM (although the MM smells better). It honestly just comes down to if I have time/energy to make the DIY version, and if not, I go with the MM 🙂 Hope that helps!

  30. Wellness Mama, Can all of the 5 shampoos be used on in kids since they have the essential oils in them or only some or is there small enough amount that its not a problem? Thanks!

  31. If you read carefully, the review doesn’t actually say Wellness Mama tried this stuff. She talks generally about the mud cleansing “method” and smell, etc., but she didn’t ever say she actually used this product with positive results. Which of course is perfectly OK, and other bloggers have very similarly honest, tepid, and paid reviews. This is just a reminder that the buyer should always beware.

    • I actually did try it and liked it quite a bit, as I explain in the post.

  32. Hi….I like my MM hair rinses really well yet. I had to detox again as I had used some shampoo that was not quite all organic. So in trying to mix my MM 50/50 I use pure Aloe Vera instead of water. It worked beautifully so I could keep the MM in my hand and it spread so easy also. I have vegetable glycerin, too, and I may try that. I am excited for a month to go by to see where my hair is. I have fine hair, and it was falling out and seemed so thin. Well, I can put my hair up and now I have so much more in a ponytail. I like where MM is getting my hair to and how it has been feeling. 🙂