Homemade Baby Powder

homemade all natural baby powder recipe

When I first became a mom almost a decade ago, I started to question the ingredients in everything I put on my baby. Unfortunately, there were not good answers to most of my questions. One product I was surprised to find had problematic ingredients was baby powder.

The problem with baby powder…

Innocent though it seems, baby powder often has some hidden ingredients. Some regular baby powder contain talc, which is closely related to asbestos and has been linked to various cancers. Please don’t put it on your baby’s tender tushie! There are natural alternatives that are incredibly easy to make and work better without the  side of cancer.

I did find a few good store-bought alternatives like Burt’s Bees Baby Powder and Little Twig Unscented Baby Powder but I also wanted to find a good DIY version. I suspected that if I could make it, I’d save money and be able to customize it.

Unlike some beauty recipes that require many attempts before I find a recipe I love, this one was relatively simple and straightforward. Just a natural powder of some kind and optional herbs or essential oils.

Baby Powder Ingredients

I settled on using arrowroot powder or organic cornstarch as the base and added powdered herbs like chamomile and calendula to sooth sore bottoms. I’ve also experimented with adding just a couple drops of chamomile essential oil and it worked really well too.

I found this was easiest to use when I stored it in a powdered sugar shaker. (This is a great price on a set of two) I also package homemade baby powder in these with a recipe card of how to make more when I give this as a baby gift.

If you’re worried about what comes in contact with your baby’s delicate skin, consider making your own baby powder or using an organic option.


  • 1/2 cup arrowroot powder
  • 1 tsp chamomile or calendula flowers, powdered in the blender or food processor or a few drops of chamomile essential oil


Powder the chamomile or calendula if using. Mix with the arrowroot powder and store in a glass jar or sugar shaker (see links above) for easy use. Use as you would regular baby powder.

What kind of baby power do you use? Ever made your own?

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  1. Love this recipe. We have used Redmond Clay in powder form for years as our baby powder. It is AMAZING!!!

    • Hi Kimberly! I have been trying to find a shaker that is a good price, and is not metal so I can use the Redmond Clay… What did you find was best for applying/shaking out the powder onto baby bums??

  2. How long does this last for? I am a new mom and would like to start making some of these recipes before my little baby arrives in April. Is this baby powder something I could do in advance and it would still be good?

  3. So i put my flowers in a food processor but could not get it super fine. Transferred to a mortar and pestle and continued to crush it, but cannot quite get it to a fine powder. Does it need to be as fine as the arrowroot or is it ok if there are flakes? Don’t know if I love the idea of the flakes on my baby’s bottom. What can I do?

    • I think I will use a coffee grinder?? I use one for spices so I thought I will buy one that is another color and use for herbals.

  4. I made this the other day for my grandmother (she likes baby powder instead of using deodorant) and it has become clumpy. It won’t come out of the powder bottle so she takes the lid off to get it out. It comes out in balls (that turn to powder when you touh them). Any suggestions? My mom suggested putting rice in it to help soak up some of the moisture. Thanks!

  5. Do u prefer chamomile or calendula? Also I got some lavender laying around can I throw it in the mix or is it a waste?

  6. Hi there. I made this just adding essential oil, not the flowers, but it doesn’t come out of the shaker very well. Frustrating. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  7. Hi Katie! Thanks you so much for all these recipes! Tryin to get all the baby products made before my baby arrives.
    How do you get the flowers to a powder?? Does my food processor just suck? The chamomile flowers are ground a bit but the calendula just fly around in there with the blade. What can I do? Maybe add a bit of water to the processor to weigh down the flowers then allow the powder to dry…?
    Or what if I just put the whole flowers in with the arrowroot powder. I have a shaker with a mess lid so the flowers can’t get through. Would that have any effect or just be pointless?
    Please help! Thanks! Otherwise I’m just goin with plain arrowroot power.

  8. Hello,

    I absolutely love your ideas and recipes! I am 22 weeks and I want to start making stuff for my baby girl before she arrives however I am very new to it all so I know little.

    Are the recipes for body care able to be made this early in my pregnancy or will I have to wait closer to the time ???

    I want to start preparing my house and would love helpful tips/ideas to what I can start making this early.


  9. Hi,
    I was wondering if there is an alternative for arrowroot powder, since I can’t find it in my country?

  10. We clothe diaper our son and over the weekend he got a terrible diaper rash. Normally we use coconut oil as our diaper cream but I need something thicker. I like this recipe and have most of these ingredients but before I make it I just want to confirm that it’s clothe diaper friendly and whether or not I Need to use a liner. I would prefer not to. Has anyone tried this with there clothe diapers?

  11. Skylar,
    I remember my mom using cornstarch, substitute for arrowroot, for my little sister cloth diapers. She never had el problem with it. Hope this helped.
    Also, I would to add that my husband and kiddos use this at home for skin rash, armpit or private area, it works pretty well from babies to adults. ?

  12. Probably a stupid question, but if you are using an essential oil how do you get it in the mix? Can you just drop it in the arrowroot powder and shake it well do distribute it? Thanks!

  13. Hi Katie
    I have been making the nappy cream for my granddaughter and my daughter has always used it since the baby was born. She has never had nappy rash! Just a minor hick-up this time, I put the Shea butter to melt with the coconut oil and now it is runny. Would adding more arrowroot thicken the cream more?
    Best wishes. J

  14. I mix this with olive oil and it works better than any cream. If baby has a rash, it will be gone the next day.

  15. Today, May 3, 2016, our local news said that Johnson and Johnson is being sued AGAIN because their baby powder used in women’s genial area causes ovarian cancer. I don’t know why anyone would put the powder there, but it made me wonder if mom’s are putting this product on/in their baby girls when they diaper the child! How awful!!
    I’ve used baby powder for years after a shower, only on proper places, but not after today! I don’t even want to breath it!!
    Thank you, Katie. I’m making your recipe for baby powder for me, an adult.

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