72: How to Turn Off Cravings and Rewire Your Appetite with Robb Wolf

72: How to Turn Off Cravings and Rewire Your Appetite with Robb Wolf

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Wired to Eat - How to Turn Off Cravings and Rewire Your Appetite

Ever struggle to find a way to turn off cravings for junk food like cookies, candy, or soda … or even for healthy foods like whole carbs, sweet fruits, and dark chocolate? (‘Duh’ question, right?)

If so, you are definitely not alone, and you needn’t feel guilty. You’re not broken. You’re just eating the way you’ve been wired.

Tune in to find out what I mean!

Enter Robb Wolf, Appetite Expert

It’s a real honor to have Robb Wolf on the show today. He’s one of the world’s leading experts on Paleolithic nutrition and the New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Solution Diet.

His new book (about to be released at the time of this podcast) is called Wired to Eat, and it’s all about how to literally rewire your brain in a positive way and turn off cravings when it comes to food.

Robb inspires thousands of people around the world every day with his philosophy on healthy eating, especially through his top-ranked podcast and wildly popular seminar series. As a former research biochemist and also California State Powerlifting Champion, he’s no lightweight! He brings an energy I really admire to everything he tackles.

Let’s find out what he has to say!

Wired to Eat … But How Do I Turn Off Cravings?

Robb realized after finishing his first book that there was much more to be written on the subject of the Paleo diet and health.

A Paleo approach is the starting point, sure, but there is a huge variation in the way people respond to different foods. Some people do well on low-carb diets … some don’t. Some do well with grains … some feel better off of them. Some do great on a ketogenic diet for a while, and then develop puzzling new health symptoms.

So what’s a health-conscious person to do?

Wired to Eat takes a broad (and deep) look at the neuroregulation of appetite and the disturbances modern life introduces to our body’s natural desire to eat to survive. The truth is, we are genetically wired to eat more and move less. Not long ago in a premodern society, this was needed for survival.

This is the total opposite of what the health movement (experts) tells us. Eat less! Move more! And you’ll be healthy!

Any wonder then that it’s hard to make good choices?

Robb believes understanding why it’s so hard to “eat right” and make “good choices” helps dispel emotion and guilt surrounding food. And this will help us identify other psychological issues that might make it hard to turn off cravings.

But how to do it?

The 7 Day Carb Test Plan: Robb’s Prescription for You

One really neat tool in Robb’s Wired to Eat book is his 7-Day Carb Test Plan. This part of the book moves away from general research and advice to talk about what type of foods your body might favor.

This test gives confidence that if you choose to eliminate a food, it’s worth the sacrifice. You will actually know whether or not you do well a certain food rather than blindly following a one-size-fits-all diet prescription.

Again, the Paleo diet is the starting point … not the perfect diet. If you tolerate beans well, you should keep eating beans!

It’s pretty ingenious that Robb recommends using a glucometer during this carb test. Not many diet prescriptions give an actual biological picture of a specific person’s insulin resistance and response to carbohydrates the way this test will.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • what Robb’s been up to since his 2010 book sensation
  • why the Paleo diet is not the perfect diet (there’s much more to the story)
  • shocking statistics on how many people are actually pre-diabetic/insulin resistant
  • surprising reasons why low-carb is not always best
  • how to break the emotional cycle of guilt we feel when we eat “less than perfect” foods … and the lies that feed that cycle
  • the best balance of foods for your body (and how to find it without losing your mind!)
  • ideal nutrient combinations for different body types
  • how to tell if insulin resistance is at play in how in you feel
  • why fasting and ketogenic diets are controversial but important tools for health
  • Robb’s nutritional recommendations for pregnant and nursing women
  • the best form of martial arts for kids (Robb and I agree!)

Your turn! What helps you turn off cravings and make healthy choices? Has Paleo or some other diet philosophy helped, or is it just trial and error? Tell me in the comments below!

Resources We Mention


Robb Wolf’s Paleo Quick Start Guide


Wired to Eat: Turn Off Cravings, Rewire Your Appetite for Weight Loss, and Determine the Foods That Work for You (2017)

The Paleo Solution Diet: The Original Human Diet (2010)

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Reader Comments

  1. The only problem with these great diets like Whole 30 and Paleo is that they incorporate a lot of veggies that are goitergens. For someone with Hyper-Thyroidism, goitergens effect the thyroid like a thyroid drug would. Also, people that have low blood pressure as well, Hypo-tension, can’t have a lot of these foods that lower blood pressure more. (I found this out even with a few sips of a mint tea a donut shop meeting one day. I was almost sick driving home as it made my blood pressure drop so much that I was dizzy!

    So how does one structure healthy meals when they have to watch out for all of these things…oh and also, try to not have any more miscarriages ? (we can get pregnant – just can’t make it stick)

    Food is Medicine: So how does one make great meals with these restrictions:

    – No sugar
    – No dairy
    – No wheat
    – No goitergens
    – No foods that lower blood pressure

    • I completely agree. I have had thyroid disease for over 12 years undiagnosed. I have learned (and am still learning) how foods affect me and take note. I do need iron-so I eat bison because beef makes me sick. Too much protein makes me tired, and not eating often enough makes me dizzy. I can’t eat gluten-but make homemade fermented sourdough bread with rye flour that makes me feel great! I encourage you to notice how you feel after you eat and take note. Make great health be yours!

    • Hi, I have Hypo thyroidism as well, and once I was on synthyroid I was able to get pregnant, but I was miscarrying when my thyroid was not balanced.
      Once I had my son, I then found out there is a natural thyroid med, derived from desicated bovine, , called Thyroid, and not a lot of doctors will prescribe this med… I had to ask around… although apparently 40 years ago everyone was taking it… now they prescribe the synthetic form of which the long term side effects are osteoporosis, of which we do not want our bones to turn brittle. There are no known side effects to the Thyroid medication tho.
      I also take a ioplex/iodine supplement that helps support my thyroid with extra iodine of which I like how I feel on it, and my numbers are regularly very good and strong.
      I tend to want to eat more with onions and celery and carrots and mushrooms and I don’t notice any effect from it. Making casseroles and soups on a regular basis… and sometimes, I do notice my blood sugars but I know where that came from, usually in having a treat with more glucose-fructose.(high concentrated sugar).. rather then using granular sugar… which works way better on the body… I will feel more loopy the next day.
      Some of the people who live the longest didn’t watch how they ate, however that wouldn’t work today with the corporate little hands into everything, but my motto is, as long as we are clean eating without the dyes and processed ingredients, home made cooking from scratch…using real whole ingredients, having positive thoughts, make the world a better place… it’s all good!
      I wish you well!

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