65: Safe Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Use with Retha Nesmith

65: Safe Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Use with Retha Nesmith

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Certified Aromatherapist Retha Nesmith on Safe and Effective Essential Oil Use

If you’ve followed my homemade cleaning and beauty recipes over the years, you know the important role aromatherapy and essential oils play around my home. (I might even be a little obsessed!)

At the same time, you know that I’m careful to use essential oils safely and that I’m not afraid to speak out against the dangerous uses I often see. That’s why I’m excited that Retha Nesmith, certified aromatherapist, made time to sit down with me and discuss this favorite topic.

Whether you’ve just dabbled in essential oils or have the most impressive collection known to man, this podcast has something for you!

A Fresh Approach to Aromatherapy Education

There is so much misinformation about safe essential oil use and I know several people who have actually been harmed by inappropriate use. I’ve found a few great sources of safe essential oils and am happy to see the rising awareness about safe essential oil use. Plant Therapy is one of the essential oil companies I’ve come to know and love especially for their strong commitment to educating the public on how to use essential oils safely.

If you check out the Plant Therapy blog you’ll see a refreshing difference in their approach. In an industry often full of hype and misinformation, the Plant Therapy experts lay out the facts in a balanced way.

The Power of EOs and Aromatherapy

Retha shared with me how her mom (also a trained aromatherapist) used essential oils in their home growing up. Now Retha carries on the tradition of using these natural remedies with her own three children. But just because she’s been around essential oils for a long time doesn’t mean she uses them without caution.

Retha echoes a lot of the concerns I have had about the real dangers of using essential oils improperly. Their amazing power to heal can become power to harm unless we educate ourselves.

She does an amazing job making the information simple while answering some questions I still hadn’t quite resolved even with all my research on essential oils and aromatherapy over the years.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • All about the benefits of aromatherapy (it really does more than just smell nice!)
  • What makes an oil “essential” and how EOs differ from other household oils
  • Common mistakes people make when using essential oils and how to avoid them
  • Why the term “natural” or “pure” doesn’t always mean “safe”
  • What it means when EO companies make quality claims … and how to back them up as a consumer
  • How to quickly and easily find the proper dilution and diffusion ratios for oils
  • A reasonable approach to the controversial question of whether to take EOs internally
  • How to cut through the hype and choose the right essential oils for your family’s specific needs

Resources We Mention

Essential Oil Charts and Further Reading

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  1. I have tried plant therapy oils and, whereas I think their marketing strategy of kids safe oil is a great idea from a consumer perspective as well a financial perspective for the company, I did not “love” them. I really wanted to. The price and kid safe labels were an excellent selling point. I do like how they promote not injesting. Customer service was good. I just didn’t find that I got the same results as some other more well known brands. I felt maybe they weren’t as “strong”. For diffusing they worked ok not the same when someone was sick or needed healing. I am not affiliated with any MLM or company. Just a mom :). Would love to know other experiences…

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