213: Making Food Allergy Prevention Easier With Ready, Set, Food!

213: Making Food Allergy Prevention Easier With Ready, Set, Food!

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Making Food Allergy Prevention Easier With Ready, Set, Food!

Today’s episode is going to answer a lot of questions I get from you all on the topic of food allergies. It feels like every family is struggling with this in some way today, and a lot of parents are asking: what in the world is going on?

Dr. Katie Marks-Cogan is both a mom and a board-certified MD who specializes in allergy, immunology, and internal medicine. She is also the chief allergist and a member of the scientific advisory board for Ready, Set, Food!, a cutting-edge new product designed to help parents reverse the trend.

Episode Highlights With Ready, Set, Food!

  • Reasons why more and more kids (and adults) are struggling with reactions to food
  • Why some food allergies become life-threatening
  • The differences between a food allergy and a food intolerance
  • Why doctors are now reversing their recommendation to delay introduction of dairy, eggs, and even peanuts
  • How to prevent food allergies from ever forming (hint: start early!)
  • A common vitamin deficiency that could be making the problem worse
  • What you can add to your baby’s first food or bottle to decrease their risk
  • And more!

Resources We Mention

Learn more about Dr. Katie, the research on food allergies, and what to do at ReadySetFood.com

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Do you or someone in your family struggle with food allergies? There’s so many questions still unanswered for parents… please send them on to me and we will try to tackle them! You can drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let me know!

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Reader Comments

  1. This was a great podcast, but I am more confused than ever! I have a 4.5 month old and was planning to start solids around 6 months when she shows signs of being ready and was going to start with broths and more nutritious food. But now after listening to this it seems I should be giving her allergenic foods that aren’t very nutrient dense that we wouldn’t generally eat like wheat and dairy. If using the product up to 12 months the idea is to then give then the actual foods after 12 months, but again not something we would normally have in the house and from my knowledge was not great health wise and could affect gut health. But then the studies showing allergy reduction show the opposite, but I suppose you can not have allergies and still not have long term health. Or maybe I am missing the point here?
    Basically I’m just going in round-a-bouts as to what to do with my bub now. I don’t want allergies but I don’t want to feed her low nutrient foods that could damage her gut. What do I do?!

    • There is a company called Ready Set Food that has a well-studied system for introducing the allergenic foods and that is what I would do if I had to do it again with my kids. Personally, I’d start probiotics with solid food and do nutrient dense foods but also use Ready Set Food to introduce the allergens in an organic and safer way.

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