78: How Moms Can Affect Actual Change with Big Food and Big Ag with Leah Segedie

78: How Moms Can Affect Actual Change with Big Food and Big Ag with Leah Segedie

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How Moms can affect actual change with Big Food and Big Ag with Leah Segedie

As moms, it can often feel like we are fighting a battle against big food for the health of our kids. And it often seems like it is a battle that we can’t win.

Today’s guest, Leah Segedie, is on the front lines of fighting big food and big ag. After losing over 100 pounds and learning about the impact of harmful chemical through her journey, she now works to research and educate about this topic.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How endocrine disrupting chemicals affect IQ and hormones
  • Why Leah agrees with me that we should avoid plastics completely
  • The percentage of the 84,000 approved chemicals that have actually been tested for safety
  • How to find safe home and beauty products
  • The real way moms can have an impact against big food and big agriculture

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