211: How to Boost Your Adrenals and Cleanse Using Food With Dr. Alejandro Junger

211: How to Boost Your Adrenals and Cleanse Using Food With Dr. Alejandro Junger

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How to Boost Your Adrenals and Cleanse Using Food With Dr. Alejandro Junger

I’m here today with someone who’s a living legend in the health world. Dr. Alejandro Junger is the New York Times bestselling author of multiple books, including Clean, Clean Gut, and Clean Eats. He trained in internal medicine in New York and completed a fellowship in cardiology at Lenox Hill Hospital.

In addition, Dr. Junger studied Eastern medicine in India and now brings the wisdom of Western and Eastern medicine together in his work. He also serves on the advisory council for Genexa, the company changing children’s over-the-counter meds for the better (check a store near you soon!).

Many celebrities and doctors I respect follow his approach, and it’s my privilege to sit down with him today on the podcast.

Episode Highlights With Alejandro Junger

  • How adrenals work and why they’re so important to the body
  • The causes of adrenal fatigue, and why so many of us are affected
  • Why the gut is the most vulnerable to the outside world
  • Ways to follow nature’s blueprint for a healthier life
  • Which “detox” or “cleanses” have benefits… and which are gimmicks
  • The ways the body’s natural detoxification processes work (and how we can help them along)
  • How our thoughts affect our physical health
  • And more!

Resources We Mention

Learn more about Dr. Junger and his work at TheCleanProgram.com
  • Genexa (natural and non-GMO saline, cold and flu, sleep aids, and other OTC meds)

Books by Dr. Junger

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Reader Comments

  1. Great episode up until the point when he talked about meditation/the mind. If you’ve ever read “The Power or Now” by Eckgart Tolle, you’d catch that Junger essentially just regurgitated Tolles personal subway story and further his advice about feeling into the inner body. Had he actually credited Tolle, his Message would have been far stronger and more honorable. Perhaps it’s jusy a wild coincidence but this fact was really disappointing and hugely turned me off from this guy.

  2. Thanks for an informative interview.

  3. Very helpful! But WHY is western medicine still clinging to drugs as the only way to help anyone with anything and ignoring all these other factors and approaches?? WHY do our doctors barely have any training in nutrition?? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!

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