253: A (Semi) Serious Ultra-Spiritual Conversation With JP Sears

253: A (Semi) Serious Ultra-Spiritual Conversation With JP Sears

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A (Semi) Serious Ultra-Spiritual Conversation with JP Sears

I’m here today with someone you have probably heard of and possibly enjoy as much as I do. JP Sears is a YouTuber, a comedian, an emotional healing coach, and fun fact which you may not know, a serious world traveler and curious student of health. You’ve probably seen his funny and entertaining videos where he tackles some serious topics with grace and humor. His videos have accumulated over 300 million views, which is no small feat!

I’m excited to find out what JP has to say as we talk about building community, being open-minded, and learning how to have a serious conversation while still having a good time. If you want to hear more from JP, I linked to my favorite videos of his below and also check out The Awaken with JP Sears Show, his amazing podcast.

Episode Highlights With JP Sears

  • How a health coach turned comedian (and we’re so glad he did!)
  • Why JP loves to tackle controversial topics
  • Why humor and difficult conversations actually go together
  • A telltale sign that you’re overly controlled by fear
  • An empowering method for dealing with anger
  • Powerful ways to “mother” ourselves
  • How JP and his wife handle their dietary differences (she’s vegan and he’s not)
  • Ways to foster more real connection (even with those who disagree with you!)
  • The importance of building a “tribe”
  • Three steps to deal with negative criticism and stop letting it get to you
  • JP’s daily routine and his non-negotiables for a healthy lifestyle
  • How he manages his luxurious head of hair!
  • And of course, plenty of laughs!

Resources We Mention

Books JP Recommends:

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Do you think JP is as hilarious as I do? What stood out to you in this interview? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well.

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