102: How to Stay Safe During Tick Season & Avoid Chronic Lyme Disease with Dr. Jay Davidson

102: How to Stay Safe During Tick Season & Avoid Chronic Lyme Disease with Dr. Jay Davidson

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How to Stay Safe During Tick Season and Avoid Chronic Lyme with Dr. Jay Davidson

Do you suffer from unexplained headaches, joint pain, fatigue, or other autoimmune symptoms and suspect chronic Lyme disease might be at the bottom of it? Dr. Jay Davidson might just be the expert you need!

There’s no better time to get educated on this topic, as Lyme disease is actually more common than breast cancer now and cases are on the rise. Most of us already know the importance of checking our kids (and ourselves) for ticks.

It turns out there’s more the story though … as is so often the case when it comes to health.

Chronic Lyme Disease: A Rising Epidemic

As a functional medicine clinician, chiropractor, and researcher, Dr. Jay Davidson helps people all over the world with their hard-to-diagnose cases. But there’s a deeper reason why Dr. Jay is the “go-to” guy for Lyme disease.

His wife Heather, who had battled chronic Lyme disease since childhood, became very acutely ill after the birth of their daughter. Her Lyme disease had entered the acute stage, and she almost lost her life to it.

Today Dr. Jay shares about this terrible journey (with a happy ending, thankfully!) and the treatments that restored his wife’s health. This experience became the basis for Dr. Jay’s practice and his best-selling book 5 Steps to Restoring Health Protocol.

It’s paralyzing to think about how easily Lyme disease can be contracted and how devastating the consequences are. I’m so grateful Dr. Jay is here to educate us more and tell us some things we can do to stem the tide.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • the terrifying story of how Dr. Jay’s wife nearly lost her life to Lyme disease … and how she recovered
  • reasons why Lyme disease so often defies diagnosis and goes undetected
  • the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, and why it’s so tricky to find and treat
  • the different stages of Lyme disease, and the difference between acute and chronic Lyme
  • how to protect yourself from ticks … and what to do if they bite anyway
  • why ticks are not the only way to contract Lyme disease
  • problems with conventional testing and treatments for Lyme (and which labs to use instead)
  • why the body’s natural drainage pathways play a role, and how to support them
  • co-infections that typically accompany Lyme and how to recognize their symptoms
  • why a bullseye rash isn’t the only symptom of Lyme, and may mean you already have it
  • how to remove a tick safely
  • why not to put essential oils … or anything! … on a tick before removal
  • Dr. Jay’s best tips to minimize stress and boost health and happiness in daily life
  • and more!

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Do you or a loved one suffer from symptoms of Lyme disease? What questions do you have for Dr. Jay?

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  1. I’m beyond frustrated in my attempt to reclaim my health. I had a western blot test where I tested positive for one of the Lyme specific strands, but my medical doctor tells me I don’t have Lyme. I went to a holistic doctor who believes I have Lyme and has tried to treat me with herbs/supplements and other holistic methods. The problem is insurance never covers these forms of treatment and after maxing out my credit card, I can no longer see her. On my own, I can’t seem to get all the pieces of the puzzle in place. I suffer with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, thyroid dysfunction, hormone disruption, adrenal fatigue, metal toxicity and I’m sure I’m leaving something out. Now I fear for my daughter and husband that I’ve passed on the disease. It’s upsetting that we can’t get the treatment we need unless we have a bottomless amount of expendable income.

    • I agree, you need to be rich to get over the this illness. I went for stem cells in may s fb my life had been turned around ( in a good way) from my dark days of lyme to now healing and recovering from a 8 year long illness with lyme, co infection, adrenal fatigue, thyroid…

  2. Anybody suffering from Lyme disease needs to read the first book by “Medical Medium” Anthony William! I have had amazing results healing from Candida just by following his protocol. Your body’s ability to heal is much greater than anyone has permitted you to believe!!

  3. Great podcast! Thanks so much for addressing this issue. I have recently learned about another type of Lyme/ spirochete test that is also more accurate than some of the blood tests. No brushing or flossing for 2 days, then take the saliva test. Apparently you can see the spirochetes in the saliva. Yikes! Also cistus tea is great for busting biofilms and ticks won’t bite you if you drink it on a regular basis.

    • Where can I get the saliva test for lymes disease?

  4. 1) it’s Lyme, not Lyme’s.

    2) “acute” means sudden onset. Acute cases of Lyme are those that have been identified shortly after infection (within 24-36 hours) and, if you see the right doctor, is treated correctly so as to avoid late-stage/chronic Lyme.

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