182: Why You Need to Exercise Differently If You Have Autoimmune Disease (& How) With Autoimmune Strong

182: Why You Need to Exercise Differently If You Have Autoimmune Disease (& How) With Autoimmune Strong

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Why You Need to Exercise Differently If You Have Autoimmune Disease (& How) with Autoimmune Strong

If you have any type of autoimmune disease, today’s episode is just for you. Andrea Wool is a personal trainer, a nutritional therapy practitioner, and the founder and CEO of Autoimmune Strong, an online fitness program designed specifically for those of us living with autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, or chronic pain.

This mom of two boys struggled multiple autoimmune disorders for years. Through her program Autoimmune Strong, she’s now helping women all over the globe exercise properly and live their best lives with an autoimmune disorder.

Episode Highlights With Autoimmune Strong

  • How Andrea’s life & body changed after childbirth
  • Why traditional fitness routines can hurt instead of help if you have autoimmune disease
  • How Andrea took her life back even after diagnosis of Hashimoto’s, celiac, and fibromyalgia
  • How to exercise while driving, washing dishes, or doing other ordinary things
  • Exercise intolerance: what it is and why the fitness community doesn’t talk about it enough
  • Andrea’s take on whether or not cardio is good for you
  • Top fitness mistakes (and best practices) for managing an autoimmune disorder

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Do you have an autoimmune disease? Has exercise hurt or helped? 

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  1. Wow!! How I needed to hear this podcast today! It came at just the right time after years of thinking I needed to crush it with my workouts and then spending days recovering to finally for the last few months just not doing anything at all because the pain was too much. Thank you, thank you for sharing this today! I’ve already subscribed to Autoimmune Strong and can’t wait to begin moving again! I’m new to your blog and podcast but already I’m astounded at how much I’m learning and identifying with! Keep it up!!

  2. This has absolutely been my experience throughout my life with personal trainers, they could never understand or accept that the ‘burn’ or lactic acid build up would make me relapse into a few weeks of chronic fatigue, gentle yoga asanas, walking and low intensity pilates have been very effective. Of course, the challenge is making myself exercise when I am feeling fatigued and in a foggy mental state. Thank you for serving this need and shedding light on this underrecognized issue.

  3. Thanks! I’m just getting more stamina from the food changes and wanting to figure out how exercise fits into my life now, Hoshimoto and Scleroderma btw Will ck out this nice lady’s site and save both sites in my favorites. P.S. for help with the night owl thing. Get some blue light blocking over glasses(over reading and distance glasses) yellow lenses. The cave people weren’t staring into daytime light sources until bedtime. u will make natural melatonin better.

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