Deep Conditioning Molasses Hair Mask

Deep conditioning molasses hair mask

Molasses is a nutrient-dense natural sweetener that is a good source of minerals like magnesium, iron and calcium as well as copper and other trace nutrients. It is often consumed internally as a plant source of iron or used as a natural sweetener, and externally, a molasses hair mask is a natural beauty remedy that has been used for centuries.

Molasses for Hair?

Though there isn’t a lot of scientific research on why molasses is so beneficial for hair, there are thousands of anecdotal reports of it being used to strengthen and condition hair (and even naturally reverse gray hair!).

The great thing about this natural beauty remedy is that it works internally and externally, and seems to be most effective when used both ways. In other words, you might get the most benefit from sipping a gingerbread latte with some molasses in your hair.

How it Works: Internally

When used in foods or drinks regularly, molasses may provide benefit to hair due to its unique combination of nutrients, especially copper, which is important for hair growth. Molasses also contains a good amount of iron, which may help stop anemia (a common cause of hair loss) and antioxidants that may help stop premature graying.

How it Works: Externally

There is also some evidence that nutrients in molasses can help nourish and strengthen hair externally. Like honey, it is a natural sweetener that works as a natural deep conditioner and makes hair silky and smooth.

The dark color of a molasses hair mask may also help cover gray naturally. I don’t have any gray hair yet, so I haven’t been able to test this theory first-hand, but I have used molasses to help naturally darken my hair in the winter months when my sun-bleached summer hair starts to grow out. It worked wonderfully to tone down the really blonde streaks I get after spending time outside all summer.

A Molasses Hair Mask?

I can speak from firsthand experience in my early trials with natural beauty recipes that there is a definite wrong way to use molasses on hair… mainly, putting it straight on the hair undiluted. It is incredibly thick (and sticky!) and takes forever to get out if applied directly.

Instead, using molasses in combination with other hair-healthy ingredients helps improve and thin out its thick texture and intensify the benefits without the need to shampoo dozens of times.

My favorite hair-boosting ingredient to combine with molasses for deep condition hair is yogurt. It is a natural source of amino acids, beneficial bacteria and enzymes, zinc and lactic acid that help nourish the hair and scalp.

How to Make a Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

This special combination of ingredients nourishes hair and improves hair strength and texture. It can easily be made at home with ingredients you might already have in your kitchen.

Molasses Hair Mask Ingredients

Molasses Hair Mask Instructions

  1. Whisk together yogurt, molasses and apple cider vinegar.
  2. Add essential oil if using.
  3. Massage into hair and scalp.
  4. Cover with a shower cap or wrap in a towel and leave on for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Shampoo as normal.

Ever used food in your hair? How did it go?

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Reader Comments

  1. I used coconut 76 degree melt tonight I was out of ACV so I used red wine vinegar. I can feel you cringing Wellness Mamma, I didn’t read it till I sprinkled it on my hair. My hair is still wet but it feels stiff too. Like when hair is frozen. I don’t know what will happen??

    • Please can someone tell me how to get the anesthesia out of your hair. I just had surgery and my hair is coming out worse than ever

  2. Excellent! Will try this recipe on my greying hair (!) and report back. Love the idea of eating molasses for health, my mother gave it to us in the late 50s…your recipes are always so innovative and “doable”. Thank you!

  3. This is amazing!! Putting these ingredients on my grocery list now!

  4. I’ve used egg, banana, honey, lime and lemon to wash my hair. The egg seems to be the key cleansing ingredient. I take molasses, when I remember, for an iron supplement. Gotta try this ? thank you.

  5. I have been battling anemia, I get intravenous iron every week and I can actually taste it in my mouth it’s metallic and aweful! I am going to add molasses to my hair and insides.

    • Just remember Heather Bueltemann – there is such a thing as overdosing on iron – called hemochromatosis – your body has a limited capacity to excrete iron, so it can build up in your body and be at toxic levels, so PLEASE make sure you tell your doctor you are taking iron orally as well, so they can adjust your IV dosage!

      • Yes thank you,
        I only take 1Tblsp of molasses no additional iron beyond that. I tell my doc everything I take or put on my skin. She thinks I’m a health freak! Shakes her head alot

  6. I am actually sitting here reading this with coffee and coconut oil on my hair in an attempt to darken my gray hairs. It is only the second application, but I really feel like my hair took on a more amber/honey tone after the first application. I am only partly gray, so it may be hard to tell how well it works until it is sufficiently darker.

    • Yes, I tried this as well and it certainly conditioned it well and lifted the roots from the caffeine. The coffee did colour the hair slightly but not enough to cover the grey root growth even with weekly use. I also tried strong coffee thicken with XanthanGum which was a lot less messy!

  7. How can you safely take this regularly and not gain weight or an added dependency to sugar products? I already am overweight, and molasses is horrible tasting! 🙂 but, I’m 33 and have a ton of grey hair, that I first received at the age of 13, and hypothesised that I would be totally grey by now, but luckily am not yet. With each child, boys and 3 of them, the grey at the front got more prevalent. I have just decided that dying my hair is no longer something I should do, I haven’t dyed since April 2015, and have cut a lot off just to get colorant out faster. So, how can molasses consumption on a regular basis be good? Thanks for your response!

    • I wrote an article about this recently, but the short version is that blackstrap molasses is very low on the glycemic index and is actually full of nutrients (it’s also pretty mild-tasting if you don’t generally care for the flavor of molasses). I wouldn’t add a ton to your diet, but in reasonable quantities it can be an asset. You can read more here:

    • Regina;

      I too had grey hair at age 12. Actually it is white. I had colored it for a long time but honestly when it is this white nothing sticks and my husband asked me to stop because he said dyed hair losses it natural shine. So at age 33 I went all white. I am now 43 and still have white hair and the funny thing is I get so many people complementing me on it. Also fun, weird thing is men often thing I have blonde hair? Or they just can’t process my face with the hair color but I also have Grey eyes so who knows..But you can also by Magnesium concentrate spray for your hair if that might be easier. I am using Wellness Mama’s thinning hair mask for my husband and will report back on that in 2 more months to see if it helped him..Have a great day and Thank you Wellness Mama for all your recipes and articles it helps…

    • It’s often a problem with a mineral or a vitamin deficiency. My husband had premature gray hair and the reason was he was low in folic acid. My son inherited the same deficiency and he gets plenty of folic acid. At 24, well past the age my husband had grey hair, my son has thick brown hair.

  8. My hair is falling out so much and I don’t know what to do or why, maybe this will help? Every time I touch it atleast 20-50 hairs come out. Ive taken blood and I’m fine. Anyone have solutions or thoughts?

    • Did you recently have a baby? There is a post partum condition that results in hair loss. I had it both times. I’m currently experiencing the condition now. I’m not sure what can be done. I was just happy to learn it was not anything to serious.

    • Grace~
      Hair loss can be caused by any number of reasons, diet (not enough fruits/veggies), stress, women’s cycle, not washing hair before bed (to get the pollution out), low in minerals/vitamins, pregnancy, after child birth, etc..
      Try looking into any of those, change what needs to be changed. With stress, it’s a tricky one, cause a lot of people who think they aren’t stressed, actually are. That causes so many problems..
      You can use Wellness Mamas’ recipe and/or just use a diluted RAW Apple Cider Vinegar and water rinse after you wash your hair. Can do 1:1 ratio or 1:3. It actually cleans all build up off scalp (which can also cause hair loss) and conditions hair. What I do is wash my hair, poor the ACV mix on my hair,(starting with the top of my head) then massage my scalp really well. I like to leave it on while I wash my body,but be careful not to let it drip in your eyes (does not feel good!).
      You can use ACV on your hair everyday. You don’t need conditioner afterwards, it’s a really good conditioner all itself! Don’t worry about the smell, it goes away when your hair is dry.
      Many blessings and Merry Christmas~

    • Hi, I’ve had an issue with my hair falling out for nearly 10 years. It started out much like yours, with me losing handfuls at a time. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and started medication, which slowed it down significantly. I have continued to lose a normal amount of hair, but I just never grow new hair. I have found nothing that actually makes a difference, and the dermatologist diagnosed this as alopecia of a hereditary nature. I would suggest making sure you get your thyroid checked and go to a dermatologist right away. Good luck!

      • Sandy, I have the same problem . I have tried everything and have spent thousands. Nothing has helped

    • Have you ever thought about Iodine? I was losing hair, insomnia, brain fog, depression, I can go on and on. I found Dr. Group through a series named The Truth About Cancer with Ty Bolinger. Through checking out his site I figured I was probably iodine deficient. My doctor did a thyroid test and said I was fine yet I also discovered that the normal thyroid test will not show that you are deficient. My hair does not fall out anymore, I sleep 8 hours a night like a baby, I feel great. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you. I will go to the site today and find out exactly what is suggested to correct a possible deficiency.

    • I too have lost more than half of my formerly thick, curly hair. I am devastated and have had tons of bloodwork done- all of which has come back normal except for low estrogen. My ob-gyn prescribed an estrogen cream, but I will not take hormone supplements. I have tried every vitamin and supplement under the sun, and still cringe every time I wash or brush my hair. I am currently on a B-complex, Thy-Rx 7 for thyroid balance, and evening primrose oil, as well as whole food Vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, and a whole food organic multi. Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

      • Sometimes you need to listen to your doctor if you want to take the estrogen then your hair may continue to fall out

      • Debbie where are you getting your supplements? if you are getting them at a store I can tell you they are not good. Your body probably is not absorbing them and they are not getting into your system.

        A couple things I recommend is drinking apple cider Vinegar every day. You can make a tea out of it with a little raw honey, cinnamon and lemon juice. It does wonders for your body. Also using it on your hair. I also recommend you drink Wheat grass juice. You can get it in a powder on Vitacost for about 17.99 a month for a 30 day supply. that is something else that will do wonders for you inside and out. I also have used it on my hair. It does so many wonderful things for you.

        • Thanks for the input. I take all whole food supplements- either Garden of Life or Vitamin Code. I’ve actually gotten my D levels up to 60 using their products, so I know that I’m absorbing them. I’m familiar with ACV and use it often, but never in tea. Could it actually help reverse hair loss? I’ve never heard that. I just can’t figure out why I’m losing it in the first place. I’m only 50 and am incredibly healthy otherwise.

          • I just started my Vitamin D3 and Iron regimen today, after asking for blood work done, which showed drastic deficiencies in D and very low iron. I had anemia twice before in my 20’s but I actually feel fine, not tired, pale, etc. No excessive blood loss, so I was at wits end as to why, but endocrinologist said the low iron could be why I had hair loss coming on in last 2 years. Also had bone density scan, which showed I was borderline, so I am taking everything like you are, and the D3 in 50,000 IU prescription-strength once a week, with K2 (as MK-& and MK-4), and iron with vitamin C, as well as magnesium and calcium, at different times because some are fat-soluble, others water-soluble and should not be taken together. I hope in about 3 months I will see and feel major differences 🙂

          • I appreciate your advice on the timing of the supplements I’m taking. I have been checked for anemia and my iron levels are fine. Maybe changing the timing on my supplements will help, as nothing else has. If anyone else has ANY suggestions, please let me know.

      • Just wondering have any of you gals been using WEN by Chaz dean, I used it and LoVed it BUT AFTER six months my hair was coming out in handfuls. It is a very softening product but, it is not balanced right. I found a site A site and almost 700 people around the same time that I was using when had been losing half their hair fortunately I stopped using it because my mother was a cosmetologist barber instructor and she said hey Heather did you start using that one product about six months ago and I’m like yeah oh my gosh and so I stopped using it and guess what my hair stopped falling out so I’m just wondering because I know a lot of people that like natural have tried it but they’re not aware that it works so well that it actually softens your hair shaft too much and it falls out because I don’t think it’s pH balanced or whatever would stop that. I feel really sad for people to some of them lost 50% of their hair mass or volume and they’ll never get it back.

        • Heather, what shampoo and conditioner are you using now

      • CASTOR OIL!!!!!!!!!! Wellness Mama has a recipe with carrier oil mixed in. Otherwise, it’s hard to spread it, because castor oil is very think. My husband has been using it on his bald patch for about 3 weeks, and we see new little hairs sprouting up! I’m now putting in on my scalp for my thining, long, curly hair. It will take much longer for me to see a benefit, but what I see on his scalp is very encouraging.

    • Do you use store bought products on your hair? I quit using them a couple years ago, except for Say Yes To Carrots every now and then. I only put conditioner about 4 inches from roots. I use Alafia Black Mud Soap , usually from Wholefoods as my shampoo. I wash my hair maybe once a week now as it is balaced and doesn’t need washed much. I also use a pure bar of hair soap I made.
      My sister has been a beautician for 30 years now, an excellent one in fact and she asked me last year what I was doing different. Are you taking different vitamins? No I said……I told you I haven’t been using store shampoos or products. My hair has beome much thicker and she told me that my hair would never grow long, that was maybe 2 years ago when she trimmed it A Lot because it was so split. She trimmed my hair about 8 months ago and to this day I have no splits and I also let my hair dry naturally. I don’t use a curling iron except on my bangs. My natural hair is now thick, down to my waist and ringlets. Quit using hair products! Also, make your own deodorant from baking soda, coconut oil and essential oils. All that chemical stuff going into our lymph glands is bad and our scalp.

      • Sara, would you mind sharing that hair soap recipe you make? I’d love to try it! Thanks :)..

      • I know! And do not use WEN it made my hair fall out. Can u tell us your bar recipie, or may I buy some from you?

      • Sara what conditioner do you use

    • I’m having the same issue. I’m thinking/hoping it’s stress. I will be trying this to see if it helps and maybe the vitamin B complex.

    • May and October are the most common reasons for (normal) hair loss. Grief can cause hair loss, too. See a homeopath!

    • Can be hypothyroid! Check for other signs of it, like low basal temp on waking, cold hands and feet. Typically can be poor iodine intake. I see it in those that live inland or don’t like shellfish, or when there is high bromine intake (can come from soda).

  9. I’ll definitely try this! I am really working on getting long, healthy hair. Do you apply the mask to wet hair or dry hair?

  10. Katie how often should this mask be used on my hair?

  11. How often do you use this and do you have to make a batch each time?

    Thanks so much

  12. This sounds like I could have used it many years ago but just last year (when I turned 80), I stopped coloring my hair. It is now silver with some black hairs in it.. The black hairs are what I’d like to get rid of.. got any ideas? The other thing is keeping the yellow tinge out of your hair… I think it is from the city water. Just wondering what your thoughts are those questions.. Love your articles … keep up the good work.. 🙂

    • You could try lemon juice to lighten the darker hairs and clarifying shampoo to take care of any yellowing of Gray hair which can be from mineral buildup (most likely in your water) or possibly from Ultra Violet from the sun.

  13. I mix together Greek yogurt, raw honey and olive oil as a moisturizing pre-wash treatment for my scalp/hair. It is easy to rinse out and it leaves my hair soft.

  14. This sounds great. I love molasses. I add it to my ACV drink in the morning instead of using honey. Definitely gonna give this a try. My question is: How often do you do this? Once a month? Once a week? Twice a week? Every day?

  15. Is it ok to use yogurt that is just opened by expired a day or two? Since I am not eating it, I wondered if it’s still ok for face and hair masks?

    • I don’t see why not… I mean, make sure it is not spoiled or anything.

      • I have used this and enjoyed the results, however am looking for a natural alternative to covering grays. I read about henna hair dye. Anyone have any experience with this?


        • Hi Eliza,

          I have been using henna for over a year now to color my hair and I love it! I use regular henna since I have reddish colored hair and the henna makes it brighter and shiny. You can also buy henna that is mixed with other natural ingredients for brown, blonde, and black. You can buy henna at Mountain Rose Herbs, but I have purchased mine from Morrocco Method. It’s very inexpensive — $9.50/bag and 1 bag lasts me two colorings. It really will depend on the length of your hair and its thickness. Mine is shoulder length and medium thickness. The website has the recipes you use to create the dye, and it’s a fairly simple process, just more time consuming than commercial dying. I don’t mind the extra time though because it’s much healthier and my hair definitely feels and looks great with the henna. If you have any other questions, just reply to this message!

  16. What does one do with dirty blonde hair that is starting to show grey hairs? Wouldn’t the molasses make my hair turn brown or black instead of what it is? I will try eating the molasses, as I am losing lots of hair daily. Thank you for the post.

    • I am blonde and it does not turn your hair black. It does darken it a little, but not many shades.

  17. Hi Grace,
    Get some Hair,skin and nails vit and minerals. Will stop most of the hair loss.
    I take a tablet every day.

  18. Could coconut milk take the place of yogurt? I’m not making a trip to the store for a few days and I’d like to try this right away! Thanks!

  19. Hmm you have had your blood checked for anemia, and other illnesses? What did your doctor say? Did you see an aesthetician for advise? Maybe start there, I don’t know if this being sticky, would be the best starting point? What do you think Katie?

  20. As a young military wife in Germany, many, many years ago, I had read in a magazine that mayonnaise was a good hair conditioner. Directions were provided, I memorized them, then gave the magazine to my neighbor. I used the mayonnaise a few days later, but couldn’t remember if I was to use it before or after shampooing. I chose to use it AFTER, and did not rinse it out. My hair was greasy and nasty looking, then began to have a distinct odor. What was worse is that I had gone out in public this way, hoping that time would improve it. It didn’t. I shampooed quite a few times before my hair looked and felt normal. I never used mayonnaise again. A few weeks later I found out that I should have used it FIRST, then shampooed. Lesson learned.

  21. I have been using blackstrap molasses for more than 3 months for a substitute for sugar in my coffee. I like the malty taste. I haven’t seen much change with the grey hair but definitely reduced the hair fall. I would continue taking it just for the health benefits. I have also noticed that taking molasses regularly have improved my energy level. For gery hair cover up, I use henna which also promotes healthy hair

    • sangavi, can you tell me where you get your henna? I have been looking everywhere and can not find it. It is so much better, and natural, for hair. I tried the molasses and it sure made my hair so soft and with volume. For color it only brightened my color and did not help with the grey/white, you see I am a red head and it is the only color in the world that is the hardest to color. It just does not take very well if at all. I am told henna will help me.

  22. I’d love to try this but I’ve been doing no-poo for almost 2 years and the one time I used shampoo at the hairdresser, it set me back weeks in the process while my natural oils rebalanced. Do you have any idea how the molasses conditioner will effect ‘au natural’ hair? Do you think it will be possible to remove the conditioner without shampoo? I’m 47 and feeling very lucky I don’t have gray hair yet but am starting to see a stray here and there. I’d love to slow the process… Thank you!

    • Try a egg yolk wash, that’s pretty good for removing stuff. just don’t do the egg wash more than once every week or so or you may get a flaky protein build-up on your scalp. This happened to me so i just started using rye flour for my in between washes. has lots of helpful info for natural hair that I wish I would have found a long time ago.

  23. LOVE this! Did it last night, but substituted half an avocado for the yogurt, since I didn’t have any in the fridge. Still feelin’ a slippery coating this morning, so I’m taking it as an extended-deep-conditioning day and hope to get the rest out tonight with another good wash. 🙂

  24. Thanks for this recipe… I tried it, and for the next couple of days afterwards, everyone kept commenting on how shiny my hair looked. It felt very soft, too.

  25. I tried this this morning. I didn’t have black strap molasses so not sure if it would’ve made a difference. It did not cover all the grey. It did however make some of them have a nice soft brown color. Wish it would’ve done the same for the crown and sides of hair.

    It did leave my hair feeling soft and shiny and my scalp didn’t seem as dry.

    How often can you do this. I would like to do it for a few days in a row. It might make a difference in the gray hair. Also there is a long story of why I am trying this so I won’t go into detail but I have never had a problem with hair or scalp til I had a root canal done. so again not to go into a long story, the root canal was infected for a very long time and when it finally got pulled the poison spread through my body and thus poison was coming out the skin and scalp. My hair started falling out where the infection was coming out and I am trying to get them healed and hoping no more hair will fall out.

    I have been putting wheat grass juice and yogurt on my hair and it seems to help and also have been using ACV. It is getting better but I really would like to cover my gray hair and feel I can not use anything right now that would do that with the open sores. I saw a henna hair color and even though it is natural I just feel I want to make sure my scalp is healed before I use anything on it.

    So again my question is how often can you do it?

    • Linda, if greying was caused by infection or injury, give it some time. The melanin may return and give back your natural colour. Have you ever noticed someone with an odd grey streak in their hair? It is often do to a injury that scarred permanently. (It happens in animals, also.) How often have you seen men with only grey on to nape of their necks, sideburns, and around the ears. This is due to damage by razor against the skin. Good luck and remember stress in the worst culprit in aging.

  26. Staci D I am also no poo, I have red auburn hair. I used the molasses and mixed it with coconut oil in solid form. Melt the coconut oil mix with the molasses, let it sit. Then mix 1/4 cup ACV with 3 TBS lemon jc and 2tsp tea tree it “Strips the molasses” then rinse with cool water and air dry I don’t use heat unless going out once a year. I use a low setting straightener. Gorgeous darkened copper auburn was the product! Love you Katie!!!!!

  27. I didn’t have any trouble getting Katie’s mix out this morning with just warm water and lots of massaging. (I used regular unsulphured not blackstrap) What’s fun is, I have a very faint smell of molasses to me now. ?
    I can also say that the few dozen grays I have seem to be toned down a bit.(I have medium brown hair) This was my first use, I put it on dry hair and left it in for 15 minutes. I’m planning to do this once a week and am excited to see what happens.

    • Did you use shampoo to remove it?

  28. How often do you apply this to your hair?

  29. Although I tried it and stained a shirt, I didn’t notice less grey. I liked being able to wipe a drip from my face with a finger and put it in my mouth! I think my hair felt softer.

    • I didn’t expect quick results but I got them.The blackstrap molasses hair mask worked after one treatment. The next day I saw little streaks of dark hair in the gray I am getting at one temple and the color went from the root right down the hair shaft. Another treatment improved it further. I applied it sloppily bc I was in a hurry, I noticed the parts that were fully covered were dark and shiny, the parts I didn’t just showed streaks. It had more of its old volume and bounce, too.

      I don’t love molasses in the shower but I love the idea of not coloring my hair and now I don’t think I will have to.

      I also improved my diet at this time so maybe it was synergistic.

  30. I liked using egg yolks and lemon juice to wash my hair, but I did it too often and got a protein build-up on my hair. So now I’ll use egg a couple times a month and use rye flour for my in between washes. My hair is usually pretty tangly, so the molasses sounds like a good idea.

  31. I mixed close to 1/4 cup blackstrap molasses with about a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, and then I massaged it into my hair. I left it on for 20 minutes, then rinsed thoroughly with hot water. No shampoo, no conditioner.
    I should mention my hair was dirty and visibly oily at the roots prior to using the molasses mixture in it, but once I rinsed it with hot water, and then allowed it to dry naturally, it was perfectly clean and shiny. It also smelled clean in a non-scented way. Also, there does appear to be a slight color enhancement to my naturally auburn/chestnut brown hair, but the difference is subtle. I suspect it would increase with additional use.

    Thanks for a great website with genuinely helpful information in it. I’ll be trying other suggestions soon. Peace!

  32. Hello everyone! I use rye flour on my hair and am very pleased with results. I’ve been avoiding hairdressers ever since because of commercial shampoos they use. However, last time I went, about two months ago, I gave in, as I was told my hair didn’t look clean. I washed it that morning with baking soda/acv. My question is do you go to the hairdresser’s and what do you do about shampoo and other products they apply there? Thanks for any feedback!

  33. Hey there, Momma! Ive been following your posts for about two or three years now. You’ve been a much needed encyclopedia for my family and me 🙂 (I have four four year olds! ?) I thought of if an idea the other week, experimented with it and just wanted to share! I oil my hair a lot and usually use an egg to break up the oil before washing. My hair is pretty fine so it’s NECESSARY. Anywho, I decided to try diluted, water soluble gelatin powder instead this time; since it is the protein I guess that breaks up the oil. It worked! Really well! Yay! …and much less messy than smearing egg all up in my hair

  34. Katie,

    I have some questions and I hope that you see this and are able to respond.

    Why are you using the apple cider vinegar in this recipe? Is it necessary? What are the benefits?

    I just whipped up a batch of this and I have it sitting on my hair right now as I am typing this. I always have apple cider vinegar on hand but I was wondering if I really needed it and what was the purpose of adding it.

    Thank you so much for your well informed posts. I use you website as my go to first for homemade recipes and treatments. I have been working on transforming my household and lifestyle and my boys into DIY holistically all the time if possible gurus.

    Last couple of questions:
    You mentioned taking the molasses internally, do you have any special recommendations for this?
    I’ve seen somewhere to put 1-2 tbsps in 1 cup of boiling water, mix it, and let it cool and drink it daily. Do you have any other recipes or ways that would be a good way to take this internally?


  35. My experience.
    The worst thing, when your hair starts falling out excessively, is the stress that you experience. This, I believe, makes the condition worse. This January my hair started thinning out freakishly fast. I’m 63 and in relatively good health, no prescription medications. Have never colored my hair and love it. Previous to this I had stopped using shampoo and was using rye flour made into a thin paste as a shampoo and then rinsed with acv. Usually only once a week and then just rinse the hair with water daily or not. Then I would use coconut oil to give me shine. ( have switched to argon, after reading how coconut oil can make curly, coarse hair thinner in the strand itself). Well, I tried the keranique ( only used it twice) bought a laser brush and used it every other day. Took biotin, astragalus and rhodiola. I always take a multi vitamin. Still wasn’t happy because the fallout continued. I am a teacher and will probably never retire so I knew that I couldn’t just sit at home and live with thin, maybe no hair. After about 6 – 8 weeks it stopped. I think that I shocked it into stopping by buying a wig. I found one that looked pretty darn good and I figured that I could rock it, no need to act embarrassed. Some people wear them often, I’m told. I didn’t want to go this route but I could live with it. I knew that the other teachers would give me heck, so I announced to them that my hair was falling out and if I started wearing a wig, that was the reason why. (I’m not a scarf or hat person). It made some of us realize that when a woman wears a wig don’t assume that she is trying to look younger or glamorous ( women are hard on each other). It helped with the stress. I knew that I could lIke the way I looked, even if all of my hair fell out. Thin hair tends to age a person. I only wore the wig once when I went shopping. My hair started growing in! The hair falling out happens to a lot of people. They just don’t talk about it. My sister had a problem with it when she was 63. Maybe one of those things that can happen based on the body regenerating or something every 7 years. That theory? I read that a traumatic experience, grief, etc. can affect your hair growth even 6-8 months later. I can relate to that. The important thing is to stop stressing. Tell your hair, ” go ahead, I have this wig that I can rock, so I’m not going to stress about you.” The main thing is to remain calm. It is traumatic to a woman when this happens but breathe deeply. Remember – You are beautiful, with hair or without.
    Thanks for letting me share.

    • I only wish mine would reverse itself as yours has. I am 50 and as I mentioned in my prior posts, the hair loss is heartbreaking. It hasn’t stopped no matter what I’ve tried. I have recently stopped eating mushrooms as a last ditch effort to reverse the hair loss. I eat TONS of them (not unusual to eat a 24 oz. package per day) and I read that too much selenium (found in mushrooms) can cause hair loss. It’s only been a week since I stopped eating them, so we’ll see how that goes. I don’t think that buying a wig would fix my problem, but thanks for the pep talk anyway 🙂
      I’ve been tested for thyroid, vit D deficiency,, hormones, etc. (I do have extremely low estrogen). As I mentioned before, I take Thy-Rx 7 for thyroid (although my bloodwork shows low normal, vit B complex, Vit D, Calcium, Krill Oil, Magnesium, probiotics, a whole foods multi, and oregano oil. I eat a mostly raw, organic diet including grass fed meat and raw dairy. If anyone has any other suggestions, I would be grateful.

  36. I am in love with this molasses mask. It makes my coarse hair actually feel like hair! Soft and shiny. I try to use this mask a couple of times a week. I’m fixing to order some magnesium chloride flakes – I want to start using the magnesium oil on my body.

  37. I’m also losing a lot of hair. I am 57 and been losing for many years now. It it seems accelerated In the last few months or maybe it’s just caught up to where I can see more of my scalp thru my hair.

    I’ve tried all the hair suplements, iron pills and molasses but nothing worked. I even used both kinds of what is known as the alopecia suplement called inositol. I’m hypothyroid and take 180 mgs of Armour for the last 2 years yet still have hair loss. I’ve been anemic as well as having a ferritin level in the 60’s yet still losing hair. I eat careful to try to buy organic and raw dairy and grass fed animal products and very little processed or restaurant foods. I don’t drink coffee or soda and no alcohol. I only drink glass water bottled distilled water and now just reciently unsweetened stinging nettle tea. I used to drink only spring water but after much, mush deep research I have changed to distilled. I order the water from a water service company in 5 gal glass bottles delivered to my home and put into an electric water dispenser. I make my tea with the distilled water too.

    I’m now trying nettle loose tea made by decoction. I’ve been drinking a half gallon a day and pouring on my hair as a leave in rinse for about 3 weeks now. Nettle tea also is blood building so good and safe, unlike iron suplements, for anemia. Also it’s full of vitamins and minerals. Don’t use nettle tea bags. Buy nettle leaves in bulk. I buy at mountain rose herbs web site. Look up Maria Trenen or Susun Weed both herbalists for directions to make decoction of herbal teas. Dried Burdock root that’s been soaked for 12 hrs then heated is also suppose to be good for hair growth, used as a rinse and added to SLS-free shampoo. I m going to try that soon and am adding it to honest company baby shampoo that has no SLS in it. Honest company makes a baby conditioner that’s the best I’ve ever used. I love the vanilla orange scent that smells like a orange creamsicle.

    I’m also going to try a homeopathic hair loss treatment I’ve read a lot about on a web site called I’m desperate like everyone else losing their hair. So many things can cause hair loss in women. Thyroid issues, HBP, type 2 diabetes, post menopause, stress, hormone imbalance, PCOS, some medications like metformin and high blood pressure meds along with many other things.
    There is no way of knowing for sure what the cause of any particular womens hair loss is. Not even a dermatologist can know. They will always say it’s alopecia as that is what is taught in medical school.

    Different hair remedies or therapies seem to work for different people. What works for one may not work for another so you need to keep trying different things. Eating right, organic, raw and grass fed animal products and staying away from process foods and refined sugar is all good but may not be enough depending on what is causing your particular hair loss. And as I said, you can’t know what exactly is causing your particular loss other than if it’s after having a baby. The good thing is that if that is the reason, in time it will correct itself.

    I reciently read that taking diatomaceous earth FOOD GRADE, can stop hair loss and regrow hair. Most people take it to get rid of parasites but apparent,y it also has the side effect to stop hair loss for some people. I used it years ago for weight loss but I did not pay attention to see if it helped with hair loss. Although, when I took it way back then my hair loss was much less then it is now. I will try taking that again too later on. I don’t want to try too many things at the same time because I won’t know what is working or what is not. Why spend the time and money on things that aren’t working for me. I think giving a particular hair treatment 3 months is enough to know if it’s helming or not and if I should move on to something else. I’m happy to hear of others success in stoping their hair loss and willing to try different hair loss stoping treatments or remedies. If I find one that finally works for me I will post. I, also thinking of trying the iodine that one of the posters suggested. I’ve had my iodine levels checked and they are In the normal range. It’s a bit scary though as I’ve reaserched it and I can find both good and bad reasons to take extra iodine. I know you should be very careful taking iodine if you have the autoimmune version of hypothyroid called hasimotos, which thankfully, I don’t. Note to the poster: how much iodine do you take and what kind?

  38. Sounds great! My question is, is it better to rinse products out of the hair first for deeper penetration? I always feel when treatments are used before shampooing, hoe can one guarantee that the treatment has got past all the products we apply to our hair for days etc before washing it out with shampoo? Thanks in afvance for any reply.