Plantain: A Healing Herb in Your Backyard

Plantain-Backyard Healing Herb

Plantain is one herb that I literally would not be without. It grows in abundance in our yard so we use it fresh during the warm seasons and dry and freeze for use in the winter. I make salves with it for calming bug bites, rashes and burns and it works wonders.

What is Plantain?

Plantain (or Plantago Major) is a common backyard herb with broad leafs. Most people think of it as a weed, though it is an incredibly useful herb. According to Mountain Rose Herbs:

“Legend has it that Alexander the Great discovered it and brought it with him back to Europe in 327 BCE. It has been referred to as the Whiteman’s Foot by Native Americans, as wherever they went, it seemed to spring up. and in some places, it is seen as a noxious, invasive weed. It is, however, a useful little plant. It has been used by many cultures the world over, and the Saxons considered it one of their nine sacred herbs.

It was considered an early Christian symbol of the path followed by the devout and many cultures today refer to it as an aphrodisiac. The leaves are quite edible, and often used raw in salads and cooked as greens. Older leaves have a stronger, sometimes objectionable flavor, and can be tough and stringy, but can be used to make tea.

Plantain is very high in vitamins A and C and in calcium. Medicinally, Native Americans used plantain leaves to relieve the pain of bee stings and insect bites, stop the itching of poison ivy and other allergic rashes, and promote healing in sores and bruises. Plantain tea can be used as a mouthwash to help heal and prevent sores in the mouth, and as an expectorant. Most recently, plantain is being marketed as a stop smoking aid, adding one more use to the list of ways that this versatile herb is useful.”

Plantain has been used as a panacea in some Native American cultures and with some very good reasons. Many of its active constituents show antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, as well as being anti-inflammatory and antitoxic. The leaves, shredded or chewed, are a traditional treatment for insect and animal bites and the antibacterial action helps prevent infection and the anti-inflammatory helps to relieve pain, burning, and itching. There is some investigation ongoing to study its affects on lowering blood sugar.

 The Many Uses of Plantain:

Plantain leaf can be made into a tea, tincture or infusion and used internally (according to Practical Herbalism):

  • To help get Cholesterol to healthy Levels
  • To aid those with Diabetes
  • For Hemorrhoid relief
  • To help relieve Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • To help calm the bowels during Constipation or Diarrhea
  • To sooth kidney and bladder problems and to aid with Bladder infection, ITIs and similar problems. Safe for children
  • For indigestion and ulcers

Plantain Leaf is also very soothing on external  inflammation:

  • Bites
  • Stings
  • Rashes
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Burns
  • Cuts
  • Yeast
  • Varicose Veins

 How to Use Plantain:

If fresh plantain grows in your yard, you can make sure it has not been sprayed by pesticides or pets and use in teas or the young leaves in salads.

For stings and bites,  make a poultice of fresh plantain leaf and bentonite clay with water to form a paste. It will take away the pain immediately when placed on the bite or sting. If you don’t have the other ingredients nearby, just chew up a leaf of plantain and spit on the bite. It sounds gross but greatly relieves the pain.

An infusion or strong tea of plantain leaf (dried or fresh) sprayed on a sunburn will cool the burn and relieve the pain. This will also help sooth rashes and reactions from Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac. To make an even stronger remedy, steep plantain leaf (fresh or dried) in apple cider vinegar for a few weeks and then strain. The infused vinegar will sooth itching, burning and pain on the skin very quickly.

A cup of plantain tea from fresh or dried leaves will sooth indigestion, heartburn or IBS. It is calming on all types of digestive disturbances. It is also helpful for UTIs, Bladder infections or kidney infections.

I make a salve of Plantain and other herbs to speed healing of wounds and use in place of antibiotic cream. Recipe soon.

You can also get pre-made Plantain tincture, tea, or healing salve to have in your  purse or first aid kit when needed.

NOTE: Plantain is generally considered a safe herb but as with anything, consult your doctor before using if you have any kind of medical condition. It should not be used in place of medical attention when needed.

Ever used Plantain? Seen it in your yard and thought it was a weed? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. It seems to have so many healing properties, I wonder if it would work well as an acne mask, or thrown into a natural face wash?? It would be worth trying!

    • It is actually great for that! I use a toner with plantain and calendula and it is great for naturally oily skin…

      • Can you share your recipe for the plantain/calendula toner?

      • Wonderful news! I have tried everything known to man (reasonably priced) for hormonal acne and no luck. Definitely trying this as we have tons of Plantain and Calendula! Thanks again and God bless.

        • What is canaled or how ever it is spelled

          • Calendula is a flower of the same family as a marigold. It’s a great for healing wounds and soothing irritated skin.

      • My face is naturally oily and would luke to try this. Jack

    • the apple cider vinegar with plantain wash would help the acne for sure

  2. How would you use it to aid smoking cessation?  

    • As a tea or tincture internally… helps detox the nicotine faster.

  3. I was looking at that near my garden yesterday thinking “I wonder if that’s something useful or should I just pull it…”  Now I’m glad I was distracted and didn’t lean over and pull it. You said the young leaves can be used in salads, but are the older leaves used for teas or ingesting, or are they too strong or bitter?

    • The old leaves can still be used in teas or tinctures but I’d add a little stevia leaf too…

  4. Is this the same Plantain as the one we eat?

      • Would the banana type plantain be good on wounds. If so how would it be used.

        • It would not… It is an entirely different thing.

        • Actually the banana peel relieves hemorrhoids, scrapes and bruises.

  5. Do you do anything special to freeze your plantain?

    • Just dry and freeze or blanch and freeze in small amounts.

      • Has anyone ever heard of plum root

      • This may sound stupid, but how does one ‘just dry’? Also, my budgie loves the plantain seeds….how do I store and dry those for the winter? Thank you!

        • Hi Maddalena,

          I use plantain leaves (and seeds), as well as dandelion and thistle leaves for improved overall health. The mature seeds I just place in a small covered jar until I am ready to use them in a recipe. The leaves I use fresh for my daily green juice. Excess leaves that I am able to harvest in a sustainable manner I dry in a dehydrator and then run through a coffee grinder to make a fine powder for use during the winter. You can also use a solar dehydrator, but I believe direct sunlight is to be avoided as it depletes much of the nutrients from the leaves. I live in a foggy coastal region so outdoor drying is usually not an option.

          No matter how you wish to use these healing gifts from Nature, the fullest benefit is realized by utilizing the raw plant parts when they are freshly harvested.

          • Hi where can I buy the leaves fresh?

          • Thanks Tammy! I was glad to see I can use the plantain in juicing. I’m assuming I can put them in smoothies too?

  6. I’ve used plantain on numerous occasions to treat poison ivy. I just take a plantain leaf and cut it about the same size as the bandage on a bandaid and put the bandage with the plantain over the itchy area. It will burn a little bit for a few minutes, then it will stop burning  or itching. Repeat the process every day, usually for 4 days. Poison ivy typically lasts around a month and ends up spreading if it gets to the weeping phase. Plantain will stop it in it’s tracks if you put it on the spot soon after contracting the poison ivy.

    If you don’t reapply it daily it will start to itch again. I beat or crumple the leaf a little first before putting it on. I’ve also used dried plantain when I couldn’t find any fresh and it works too, but not quite as good, in my opinion.  I will try to make some of the plantain concoctions listed in the article now that I know about them.

  7. OMG I’ve pulled up many…they pull up very easy…now I know better….THANKS

  8. Seriously??? Have you any idea how many times I would use this as “medicine” when I was a child playing in my gr’ma’s backyard??? Little did I know…thanks for this…Will it work for wasp stings as well??? The few times I’ve been stung it swelled bad and was soooo painful…

    • White vinegar works amazingly well… I was stung around 8 times by a hornet that got into my house dress! It was an incredible pain. I soaked a facecloth with white vinegar, the pain immediately subsided.

  9. I have both broadleaf plantain and buckhorn plantain (I think it is anyway, has much narrower leaves) in my yard. Is one better to use than the other?

    • I have read that all the plantain leafy varieties have the same properties. Do a search and see.

  10. I burned my hand yesterday on the oven rack and applied some plantain soon there after. I bruised the plant and taped it over the burn. Today it is one of the least inflamed burns I’ve ever had and there is zero pain. Thanks for posting about this!

    • For stings, can also get a bag of MSG (quite inexpensive) for stings: wasp, fire ant, bees, especially jelly fish. I’ve not yet witnessed it working on scorpion or centipede stings, but probably will.

      It LITERALLY neutralizes the venom of the sting, so not only is relief instantaneous, but with no venom left, no swelling or sore develops.

      Wet the area so the MSG “salt” sticks (if necessary, even spit or condensation) and sprinkle it on. In about 30 seconds or less it’s all over. Brush off (or wash off, no matter) the MSG, since it’s a meat tenderizer. No 2nd application necessary.

      I kept a spice container with a top that turns open or closed in my car at all times. If you find yourself helping someone with it, the very next reaction is, “CAN I HAVE SOME OF THAT??!!” 🙂

  11. a few days after reading this article I went to go sit in the grass and was stung by some unidentified plant, It felt like five bee stings in spots on my arms and legs but i looked around and saw plantain. I grabbed some and crushed the leaves with my hands and rubbed it on the areas. The sting was there but the pain of it was gone. THIS PLANT IS AWESOME.

    • How would you use it for psoriasis?

      • Make a tea out of it. Psoriasis is greatly helped by borax. 20 mule borax is fine, you put a tablespoon in a glass of water and after a warm shower you dabb the borax all over you. it may sting at first a little but it will get that psoriasis gone in a few weeks. also take 1/8 teaspoon on a litre of water and sip it during the day…… really works I promise.

  12. I got plantain for my feet, I am wearing it my shoes for nyropathy…I am really hoping it takes the tingling and sore feeling out of them…a bit of arthritis too. Diabeties and a kidney transplant and on alot of anti-rejection medication for the last 12 years. I just remember my grandmother saying to do this she was Native Canadian. How do you make a sauve with plantain?

    • I have peripheral Neuropathy in both legs below the knees, and hands. Been taking medications for years……NEURONTIN (GABAPENTIN), AND PROPRANALOL EVERY DAY.



  13. What’s the best way to use this for varicose veins?

    • I use horse chestnut for varicose veins. I bought the dried, crushed horse chestnuts from MountainRoseHerbs and made a salve out of it.

  14. What’s the recipe for the salve?

    • As with most large leaf herbs, you can use Olive oil as a carrier and beeswax to give it body.

      1/2 cup Olive oil
      1/3 cup pulverized plantain
      1/2 ounce grated beeswax
      3 vitamin E capsules

      Place the plantain and olive oil in a heavy duty saucepan and warm on the lowest heat setting available on your range for 30 minutes. Remove from heat and cover for an additional 15 minutes. Next, strain the infused oil through cheesecloth. When all of the oil has been strained, fold up the cheesecloth and squeeze the plantain to get any leftover oil out as well. Last step is to put the beeswax in a saucepan and slowly bring to a melting point. As soon as the wax begins to melt, add the infused oil and mix continually. Remove from heat immediately when all the wax is melted. Puncture vitamin E capsules and squeeze oil into the saucepan. Mix the entire concoction and pour into clean glass jar to cool. Once cool, salve should be stored in refrigerator.

    • I was just reading various posts about this herb looking for tea recipes and salve recipes. Good Luck!

  15. I’ve heard that plantain is very effective to clear bad acne, especially on the face. Do you have a recipe for that? Do you know if rosacea could be treated this way as well? Thanks so much for your help! I totally love your site!!!

  16. I was bitten by a Brown Recluse 3 weeks ago, it was getting worse by the hour! (Gross Part)…… It started to really eat away at the skin on my ankle all around the bite, lots of blisters and they were getting bigger, puss, pain, burning and itching ALL SEVERE!! ….. we were told about the plantain weed, 24 hours later IT WAS GONE!!!!
    Still a dark spot where the original bite occurred, otherwise every symptom is GONE!!!
    I used a mortar and pedestal to crush it, placed it on the area, covered it with gauze and taped it to my ankle, I did this 5 times for about 30 minutes each time………… AMAZING!!!!!!!

    • Wow! Thanks for sharing. Good to know!

  17. I was floating on the Sandy River in Oregon one summer, when a bee stung me on the hand. I had read that Plantain was good for stings. So, we pulled to the side of the river and with a little hunting we found some plantain. I removed the stinger and then placed some crushed leaves of the plantain plant on the sting site. Voila! Within 10 to 15 minutes, no more stinging.
    There is nothing like God’s medicine chest. I was so happy that I knew what to look for.

  18. Great blog. I discovered that broad leaf plantain is covering my backyard. I believe I may have an allergy to it. I found photos, and figured out what it was. So, if I’m having seasonal allergies due to plantain, does this mean I should not ingest. I’m sorry if that sounds like a dumb question. But…I’m not sure if it’s just the pollen I’m allergic too….or the whole leaf.

  19. I had a book on wild harvest benefits that stated many values associated with plantain. The seeds are highly nutritious, and the roots can be dried and ground into flour. Apparently that flour has the highest protein of all flours in the world. All together this plant is valuable.

    • Thanks. The name of the book is?

  20. OMG Thanks so much for posting this information! I have a skin condition called Granuloma Annulare, which is a series of raised, reddish bumps or lesions on different parts of the body. The lesions sometimes go away on their own, but mine have come and gone for over 30 years. I now have it on my legs, ankles, wrists, inside elbows, etc. It is so noticeable on my legs that I can’t wear shorts or a bathing suit in public because people think it’s ringworm. Some people have no symptoms, but mine itches quite frequently. Over the years I’ve tried numerous treatments but nothing will “cure” it. It totally disappeared once after I had a cortisone shot, but reappeared after a few months. After reading this blog about all of the many useful properties of Plantain, I am going to try using it on my skin and see if by some miracle it will help to clear it up. We have several species of it growing in our yard, so I’m going to experiment with using it just “chewed up” and also in the salve, and see what might work. I am praying it will make some of it go away! Everyone please cross your fingers and toes and pray for me to get some relief from this horrid condition! 🙂

    • so did it work?? my sister has this same condition

    • My husband was diagnosed with the Granuloma Annulare. The dermatolagists said there was not alot they could do and he would have it the rest of his life. He lived with it for about 6 years. Horrible stuff.
      We went gluten free, trying to lose the belly fat that exercise and diet would not shrink. After just a couple of weeks without gluten, his skin began clearing up. It did not take long, ( maybe a month), and the skin condition was completly gone. We have tested it several times to see if it was truley the gluten, anytime he has gluten more than once a week, a small patch will show up somewhere ( usually his arms). There are so many great recipes available for gluten free cooking, it is alot easier to make the choice to be gluten free. He is no longer embarassed by the ugly granuloma.

    • You could make a paste of slippery elm powder with water and place over the skin and may find this helps to speed the healing.

  21. I am amazed about all the properties of this plant. I have an allergie to a lot of foods. Now I have the left side of my face swollen for 4 days now. Would it help if I drink the tea?

  22. been using for IBS and to help rid kids of parasites. (fresh leaf tea)

    • What do you do to rid of parasites? Make a simple tea?

  23. what about urinary tract infections in children? would a lcrumpled wet leaf help placed on the outside of the bladder help or just drinking a tea?

  24. My mom made eye drops from it. For red and itchy eyes. It is very refreshing

    • Would you mind sharing the recipe for your mom’s eye drops?

    • Do you think you could share the recipe?
      My dog has sometipe of boil on her eye and this would REALLY help.

    • Can you share her recipe?

  25. When I was about 10 years old I punctured my foot with a garden fork. The whole foot turned red and then blue around the puncture. My mother took plantain leaves and nettle leaves, bruised them and applied them to my foot. Within 1/2 an hour it was all gone. I used it on my grandson for a wasp sting right between his eyes and he immediately stopped crying and there was no swelling. I have been an advocate of plantain for years but I recently had an abcessed tooth and had to have a root canal done. The pain after was worse and totally unbearable even with pain meds and antibiotics. After 3 days of agony I remembered plantain and bruised a leaf and placed it on the gum. Instant relief. I should have done it sooner and not sufferef so long. This is an amazing plant.

  26. My daughter (18 months) was diagnosed with glue ear at about 7 weeks. During her first winter she suffered with terrible mucus 🙁 but as she was so small we could not do anything. She’s had a wonderful summer and has been hearing & speaking so well. However now winter is back she’s been ill. Coughs, cold and then tonsillitis 🙁 so now we have a build up of mucus and glue ear is back 🙁 someone suggested plantain. Anyone know why/how this might help our little one?

  27. Hi I managed to get hold of dried plantain leaves for the salve as it is not in my garden
    I see it is good for yeast in the article. Can you use it topically for thrush and also for systemic candida and dysbiosis and if so how would u recommend this with dried herb?
    Ps the salve is lovely on my chapped hands thanks!

  28. Hi Katie! Love your blog! Question on varicose veins, I have some on my thighs that continually are spreading – they’re not painful just ugly. I’ve radically changed my life in the last 3 years and don’t understand why they keep getting worse. I’m only 26 🙁 Any thoughts?

  29. Whoa! those guys used to grow in my veggie garden by hundreds. I hated them and got ride of them till the last one.
    If I knew they were good for ezcema I would had keep them 🙁

  30. My plantain is just sprouting and is ALL OVER my property. I prefer the young leaves because they are milder in flavor but they won’t be that way long. What is the best way to “dry or freeze” it as you mentioned in the beginning of the article?

    • You can hang them upside down to try or use a dehydrator. To freeze, it is often recommended to form a paste and mix with a small amount of water and freeze in ice cube trays.

  31. How much tea should I drink to help with moodiness/hormonal issues?

  32. How long with applie cider vinegar-plantain mix shelf for? Through the summer in a spray bottle ok? Thanks for the info!!!

    • As long as the herbs are completely submerged, it should last all summer

  33. I must be stupid because I’m just afraid I’ll get the wrong plant even if I see something like the pics! How is everyone else finding it so easily? I am outside the Atlanta metro area, if that helps. I looked on Amazon, but Dr. Christopher’s salves come up and don’t really seem to use the plantain, just comfrey. Did see one with Mother’s something on the label that seemed similar. Can u advise? I need it kinda quick. Sorry and thanks so much!

  34. I have ulcerative colitis and IBS from having to take to many antibiotics in 2012. Would it help with that and what would be the best way to use it? Because of the antibiotics I also had cdiff 3 times. Would it help with that in keeping it from coming back?
    Thank you so much for your posts!!

  35. Trying it in my poison ivy will let you know

    • You can take a leaf of plantain & chew it for a minute to extract the juices from the plant & then spread the chewed leaf & juices on a burn or sting.I wouldn’t advise making a tincture with alcohol or vinegar then putting it on a burn or sunburn.A tea mixed in water and sprayed would be soothing and won’t sting.You can chop this up and just add a little water then spread it on a bug bite or poison ivy.You don’t have to make a salve.

  36. Can I use fresh plantain leaves to make the healing salve?

    • You can, but dried works better since fresh can put moisture into the oils and they can go bad more easily. I’d dry the leaves if you have a couple days to spare

  37. I am very interested to know if a person with seasonal allergies to plantain can use it for medicinal purposes.

  38. I use the ground dry leaves of plantain when I brew my morning coffee. It seems to clear my lungs and my blepharitis.
    It is now starting to grow in my yard which is great.
    Plantain is known as the mother of all plants.

    • Hi John
      do you mean you add plantain to your coffee or you steep and inhale it while you wait for your coffee to separately brew? Lol! I have chronic blepharitis and morning chestiness so am curious.

      • Hi Jodi, I just add a three finger pinch to my morning pot of coffee. It will really help your blepheritis and clear your lungs as well. I dont think you can od on it, so use as much as you like.
        You can also make a strong tea from it and use it as eye drops or an eye wash.
        I am no expert, but I learned everything I know from Beverley Gray’s new book:
        The Boreal Herbal.

        • Thanks John! I have dried leaves. I will have to see how i can grind it to a powder and give it a go. The book looks interesting.
          cheers Jodi

          • Hi Jodi, I ground mine with a mix master. I’m sure you will get good results as I did. My eyes really cleared up in no time.

  39. Sorry Jodi, i missed your funny about vaping the plantain, but I think that is done too but they call it steaming, whereby you drape a towel over your head above a steaming bowl of decocted plantain.
    I almost sound like a sandal wearing, tree hugging hippy, expounding on the virtues of grass clippings! Lol

    • Haha! My hubby either calls me a mad scientist or a hippy too…but not a tassel or bell decorated skirt in sight lol! I am going to try plantain in my percolator. I may even just put the unground stuff i have in with the water as it gets steeped and filtered that way. Will see how it goes. Thanks for sharing your tips.

      It occurred to me to try it in my hair to soothe my scalp. I already use shikakai (with or without bentonite clay as needed) to wash my hair. Hubby fondly calls it washing my hair with twigs haha! My next thing to master is fermented foods and my transformation to hippydom should be complete 😉

  40. Jodi, tell hubby he can now call you “granola head”, if you start using plantain for your hair. Lol
    Where do you get your plaintain? I just bought an 80 gram bag of ground plantain for 7.95 at aroma borealis, a store that Beverley Gray owns here in the Yukon.
    Btw, don’t get me started on the health benifits of Rhodiola! Lol

    • John the Yukon sounds pretty exotic to me as I live in Brisbane, Australia! I just got it on eBay and the supplier seemed pretty genuine. As much as you can tell on Ebay anyway – but she was based in Melbourne from memory, and supplied some really unusual and interesting herbs. The shikakai I just get from a local Indian store and it is pretty cheap and lasts ages. At yoga yesterday, the instructor mentioned a herb called Meringa or something like that – apparently likened to a multivitamin, so maybe add that to your repertoire haha! I think it is such a shame we have forgotten all these herbs traditionally and rely so heavily on pharmaceuticals – but it is fun (and overwhelming at times!) to rediscover them and hope we don’t poison ourselves. We are lucky to have sources like Wellness Mama where we can cut down on the research a lot.

  41. Great article. Thanks. Made a Plantain Salve as my wife came into contact with poison sumac while gardening. Due to an on-going battle with adrenal and thyroid issues, even topical ointments like benodryl worsen her conditions. This ointment went a long way in relieving the itching and rash.

    We called the salve ‘Boo-Boo Be Gone’. The grandkids love it, putting it on multiple scrapes and insect bites.

    I just made another salve with Calendula flowers, Plantain and Oregon Grape. Getting my daughter-in-law to test this one on her psoriasis.

    • What I used to clear my psoriasis was magnesium chloride. It is different than magnesium sulfate (epsom salts).
      I mixed the flakes with water to saturate, making magnesium oil. I put this on my skin and left it for 20 minutes, then washed it off. I did this for 1 1/2-2 months.
      It has not returned. I have not had an issue with it now for 2 years.
      I hear magnesium salts can vary in quality. The one I used was Ancient Minerals.

  42. @Doug, I bet it works on your daughters psoriatis as it will on eczema

    @Jodi, I’m relatively new to this herbal thingy, regardless it has served me well so far.
    As nature babies we must take baby steps.
    Let’s do some job sharing, you in the Yukon and moi in OZ?
    Thank you Mama for starting this blog.
    I just made 23 litres of herbal tincture. It!s called fireweed, camomile, rosehip homemade wine.
    If I don’t see you in the future, I will see you in the pasture.

  43. Can this be used for a bad eye laceration? Our daughter had an open globe injury. Can I make eye drops and use this?

    • I don’t have any experience with using plantain in the eye. If there is a naturopath or herbalist in your area, they would be good to ask.

  44. I keep getting swollen glands all over my body it comes every few years or so been in hospital a few times they say it’s viral infection been tested for glandular fever but comes back negative can these remedies help. Also they look like doc leaves that’s what we called them are they the same ?

  45. I have a friend that is anaphylactic allergic to poison ivy & she puts jewel weed n her soap. I plan on using your coconut soap recipe, adding this plantain plant and/or the jewel weed to it, depending on which grows better here in tropical south Florida +its January 2nd & I’m wearing shorts, it was 81 degrees yesterday).

  46. Thank you for all your plant information, your website is SO interesting! I lived in CO for 60 years,, and used this plant frequently, as I am a beekeeper. I now live in western KS, and we have a plant here called tuberous Indian plantain, or arnoglossum plantagineum. My sources don’t give any of the uses for this plant (if it has any); would you know if the two are related, or a reliable source for more research? I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.

  47. Hi Welness Mamma, is there any other types of plantains (official names) that are good for allergies??

  48. My mother used this in the sixties!!!

  49. I use plantain to cure poison Ivy. First, wash the affected area with Fels Naptha soap. Apply real lard (not Crisco) to the affected area. Place several clean plantain leaves over the area covered in lard and then wrap with gauze. Leave it on for 24 hours and then remove. This usually clears up the poison ivy the first time around but a second application never hurts.

  50. My eye is painful. Could I use a leaf for a patch on my eye.

  51. My father misidentified this plant as “dock”, also another plant with similar medicinal qualities. Both Plantains and Dock leaves are specifics for skin irritation caused by rashes, insect bites and poison ivy.

  52. This is excellent information! My son just seems to roll in poison ivy. And I’ve been looking at those plants, saying to myself, “I know those are useful, but I can’t remember what they are called and what for!”

    Do you think I could wash and freeze them to use in a smoothie or is it better just steeped as a tea for maximum benefits?

    Are there any look alike plants that I should be aware of?

    • I heard from an herbalist that heat destroys some of the medicinal properties. However, plantain tea is supposed to deworm, so it still keeps some of its benefits.

      On that note, we gave some fresh leaves to some new foals that we bought who most certainly had visible worms. After they ate as much as they wanted after 2 weeks, they were worm free and they were no longer interested in the plantain.

  53. I don’t think it would be a problem freezing plantain.
    You could also make a herbal healing oil using 2 parts plantain, 3 parts olive and 1 part hemp oil in a blender.

  54. I read this a few days ago and today was stung by a wasp on a knuckle….within minutes hand swelling, pounding up my arm. Chewed on a leaf put it on my finger, stopped pain right away…I had some plantain tea in a spray bottle for my dog so sprayed that on, then after a while rubbed a calendula/comfrey oil on my hand. Several hours later hardly any swelling, stiffness…I’m so pleased. this would normally be a useless, swollen hand!

    thanks Katie, great article as always 🙂

    • Chris, what do you use the plantain tea for on your dog?

  55. Don’t buy plantain. It’s s scam in marketing to make the rich more rich. Is a weed and grows everywhere. I’m so sicko and tired of all you wanna be true Americans looking for health benefit by going to whole foods in your gas guzzling suv or trendy cars. Leave plantain alone. It’s not for sale!!!

  56. My 2 cents on the plantain weed. It is amazing. Wife was stung on the back of her neck, I went into the yard grabbed a few leaves, bruised them up and applied it the the sting and in 5 minutes it was as if nothing happened. Same experience on several occasions with mosquito bites. Finally, one of my co-workers had a tooth abscess. We were working out of state and no where near a dentist. He had made himself ill with Tylenol trying to dull the pain. I mentioned the plantain to him and at that point he was willing to try anything. We took a walk outside, found some growing and I told him to chew it slightly and pack it around his tooth. In about 10 minutes his pain was gone.
    It also works well as a blood coagulant. I scratched my arm on an exposed staple. 2 long scratches about 6″ long. Bleeding but not profusely. I wiped off the blood, picked a few leaves and chewed them up and placed them directly on the wound. Bleeding stopped. After about 10 minutes I wiped them off, and the bleeding started back up. Truly an amazing weed.

  57. I recently discovered plantain and all I can say is wow! I made a salve for bug bites this year and it works great! So far it works on mosquito bites, ant bites, wasp stings, and poison ivy! The best part is it grows all over my yard. Do yourself a favor and get to know this plant.