Norwex Microfiber Review

why microfiber?

I’ve recently had the opportunity to try using microfiber and now I’m kicking myself for not trying it sooner! (Click here if you’d like to try it too!)

A reader sent me some great info and a few Norwex products to try out. I certainly had my doubts that a single cloth could clean everything, especially without water, and I was pleasantly surprised. Since trying microfiber, I’ve noticed some big benefits…

I love that one cloth can literally clean my entire kitchen from ceiling to floor without any chemicals. I found that microfiber cloths clean better than any other cleaning method I’d used before and since no cleaning products are needed, cleaning is much faster. Since I started using microfiber, these are the biggest changes I’ve noticed:

  • Every night, my kitchen is completely spotless and it takes less than 10 minutes to do it (dishes aside…). I clean the cabinets, counters, stainless steel appliances, and even mop the floor in that time!
  • While the kids are in the bathtub each night, I clean the bathroom in about 5 minutes with the microfiber cloth I have hanging on the inside of the bathroom cabinet. Once or twice a week I still clean the toilet bowl with a regular toilet brush and some vinegar and baking soda, but the mirror, counters, shower walls, tub and floor stay clean each day.
  • Most of our house has hardwood floors and the wet and dry mop combination make sweeping and mopping much faster. The mop is pretty wide, so I can use the dry attachment to quickly sweep and the wet one to quickly mop. Since not much water is needed, it dries in a couple of minutes and no chemicals are needed.
  • I don’t feel like the house is clean unless the windows are clean, and our backdoor is glass. The Envirocloth and the polishing cloth clean the windows, so even though I have to do this daily to keep the dog nose art and kids handprints off, it doesn’t take any time and I don’t need vinegar anymore. So far, I’ve gotten crayon, coconut oil, apple sauce, mashed banana, hairspray, butter and mud off the windows with this combination!
  • Make-up removal is much faster with the body cloth, which even removes my waterproof eye makeup without a problem.
  • My kids love dusting now because the dusting mitt is so fun.
  • Since the cloths are different colors, I’ve designated one per room, so we won’t be using one that has been used in the bathroom in the kitchen or vice versa. This also makes it really easy to spot clean the entire house.

I also love that microfiber cleaning is completely environmentally friendly and extremely wallet friendly!

Why Norwex?

I looked at several brands before choosing Norwex, and chose this brand for several reasons:

  1. They were the highest quality microfiber I’d seen and once I tried it myself, I was really impressed with how well they cleaned.
  2. They have a 2-year warranty! So even though I use them really hard, they’ll replace them if they stop working before that time.
  3. The natural antibacterial properties of the silver woven into the fibers put my mind at ease about using the same cloth over and over.
  4. Did I mention they clean really well?

I didn’t even realize just how well they cleaned until the first time I washed them. I’d been carefully rinsing them out and drying them after each use but after about 4 days, decided I needed to wash them all. I ran a mini-load of just 6 microfiber cloths that I had already rinsed out in the sink. This is what happened:

microfiber water

First of all…. EWWW that there was that much dirt in my house, but I was in shock that the microfiber had pulled out that much dirt, even after I’d rinsed it out (and only in a few days!)

I’m also convinced that I’ll save a lot of money with microfiber since I won’t even need to use natural cleaning products as much. The one downside to trying microfiber is that they are slightly more expensive up front. Norwex cloths are more expensive than the bulk pack you can get at Sam’s Club, but I’ve found that the difference is well worth it.

Here are the details of some of my favorite microfiber products…

Envirocloth Antibac Microfiber Review

This is probably the most versatile of the cloths I tried and I literally cleaned my entire kitchen with it. I started with the cabinets and cleaned the cabinet doors. This cloth took the grease, stuck on food, and fingerprints off the cabinets (don’t you just want to eat at my house now?).

Then, I used it on my granite countertops, and they left them smooth and shiny. I actually thought they had little streaks at first, and then realized that they were the natural grooves in the stone that had been filled in with gunk until then (again, ewww).

I used the Envirocloth to polish the faucet, and used it with the polishing cloth to clean our patio door windows (not so much a fan  of our dogs’ nose art).

Since I don’t have the mop system, I used the same cloth on the floor and it got off all of our spots including: applesauce, homemade play dough, veggie smoothie, coconut oil, egg, mashed banana, and spaghetti sauce (In my defense, I had purposefully let stuck on stuff stay for a couple of days to see how the microfiber did… normally those things are not stuck on my floor!)

It left the kitchen floor clean and the hardwood floors footprint free.

The Envirocloth also did great cleaning the inside of the fridge.

Scrub Antibac Cloth

This one had a rougher texture, and wouldn’t be as good for polishing or smooth surfaces, but it worked wonders on two things I’d previously given up on: the baked on spots on my oven door and the stains on our tub that were there before we moved in. I was shocked that these actually got clean and I wish I’d taken before pictures to show you the difference!

Polishing Antibacterial Cloth

All of my appliances and fixtures in our kitchen are stainless steel, and it is one of the tougher things to clean naturally. The polishing cloth worked great on the windows and it did wonders for all the stainless. I just wiped them down with the regular cloth and then dried them with the polishing cloth.

I also used the polishing cloth with one side damp and one side dry to clean all the mirrors in the house and it left them streak free.

Dust Mit

For some reason, our house always ends up with a lot of dust. I also don’t like dusting (perhaps this has something to do with it…) as it always seems like just spreading the dust around. I liked dusting with the microfiber mit because it actually picked up the dust.

What surprised me was that even a dry mitt on a smooth surface seemed like it was sticking a little as I wiped it across the surface, and I realized that this was because the microfibers have such thin fibers and were probably collecting on all of the dust and previous cleaning products that had been used.

The other thing I loved about this one is that the kids enjoyed dusting with it and it was a great job to assign them since there weren’t any chemicals involved and they could take turns running around the house seeing who could find more flat surfaces to dust.

Microfiber Body Cloths

I must admit, when I first talked to Erin about trying microfiber, I wasn’t as interested in the body cloths because I figured they would just be glorified wash cloths. She mentioned that she used them for her kids cloth napkins and now I can see the brilliance of this.

I kept slightly damp microfiber cloths on the table at meal times and it makes it much faster to wipe down the kids, the table, the highchairs, boosters, etc after meals.

For me, I tried a 4-day experiment with just the microfiber and no soap, and they work extremely well (even on garden dirt and sweat… not that I would know on either of those :)). They worked great and I can definitely see the advantage of these, especially for my chemically sensitive clients who have trouble with almost all kinds of soaps.

My favorite though was the smoother body cloth which I used to remove make-up. I usually use olive oil to remove my mascara, but if I”m tired I just leave it on and touch up in the morning (I know, I know… bad for the skin!). I also then wake up with major raccoon eyes and circles from the mascara. The microfiber removed all of my make-up, including the mascara and then just washed clean. It was less messy than my olive oil solution and much faster (plus, it didn’t waste a cotton ball!).

I also got to try the polishing paste, which worked great for polishing smooth surfaces, and the Norwex detergent, which I used to wash the microfiber. I also tried the odor eliminating spray. They were all free of harmful chemicals and the odor spray was especially great for the kids shoes, which often get muddy or wet and carry home the residual odor. Since it targets protein-based odors, I would guess that it is also good for when a person accidentally leaves clothes in the  washing machine overnight and they get that musty-almost-mildewed smell (Please tell me I am not the only one who has ever done that?).

Over-all I was extremely impressed with all of the Norwex products, and I’m definitely a microfiber convert! I also love that Norwex uses silver for the antibacterial properties. We’ve successfully treated quite a few illnesses with colloidal silver, and it is such a great idea to include the same benefits in cleaning! (not to mention that silver will eliminate bacteria that even bleach won’t kill).

Microfiber greatly reduces the amount of time I spend cleaning, which is a huge plus. With an obsessively neat husband who doesn’t even handle small messes well, and five little ones who seem to be gifted at making messes, microfiber saves us all some stress! (And, there is a kid-sized mop, which would be really fun for my kids, and would help them clean in the process…)

Ever used Norwex microfiber? How did you like it? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. From the products included in the giveaway I would love to try the envirocloth antibac microfiber cloth, but the magnet ball also looks amazing. Especially since I live in an area with really hard water. All the products look great though!

    • Jess, the Magnet Ball is one of my favorite products. I was going through Jet Dry like crazy in my  Dishwasher because our water is hard and was leaving my dishes very spotted and cloudy. I now don’t have to use JD at all! Wonderful! I also have clients who use the Magnet Ball in the tanks of their toilets to get rid of rust and deposit rings from their hard water!


      • Do u mean u don’t use anything in yr dishwasher now n just wash dishes washed magnet ball? Thnx in advance! Marit

        • Marit… it is my understanding that you still need to use dish detergent, but there is no need for a rinse aid if you have the magnet ball.

  2. I so want a dusting mitt. Or a lint mitt. Basically just a mitt. 🙂

  3.  i would love to try the Scrub Antibac Cloth! I have some spots that need to be cleaned and i can’t seem to get them clean…

  4. I would love to try the dusting mitt. Maybe it would make dusting easier/more enjoyable! 🙂

    • I can testify the dust mitt is awesome. All the dust sticks to it n not just pushed around by old methods like feather duster….

    • Dusting and mopping were my most loathed household jobs. They rarely got done for that reason. EW! The dust mitt is among my top 3 norwex products. It takes me no time to finish. So satisfying looking at the mitt after and seeing all the gross stuff trapped in it. And it doesn’t leave a nasty chemical residue that just attracts more dust.

  5. I would like to try the makeup removal cloth!

  6. I’d like to try the dusting mitt. We are renovating our house and the dust won’t go away!

  7. I’d like to try the make up removal cloth

  8. I’ve been looking for options that would replace paper towels as napkins (I rip two into 8 pieces for everyone and it drives my husband crazy!) and these towels made a little damp would be awesome for their hands, faces, and then the table when they’re finished!

    • I use the Baby Body pack for this purpose, FYI. ~Erin

  9. Definitely the makeup cloth! I’m so lazy I stopped wearing makeup because the cleanup of mascara was a hassle, but now I can look feminine in uniform and have healthy skin. Sad right? *sigh* at least I’m honest. 😀

  10. Since I have granite counter tops I would love to try the envirocloths. From your description they sound amazing!

  11. I LOVE the regular envirocloths, because you can use then for anything.  I also love the makeup removal cloth, especially since I just started an all-natural skin care regimen.  🙂

  12. I would like any but if I have to choose a favorite it would be to try the Superior Mop Starter

  13. I like the kitchen towel set. A little of everything 😉

  14. I would like to try the dusting mitt! I have the mop as well as a few clothes and I love them! 🙂

  15. I am eager to try the Envirocloth; it seems like a great all-purpose introduction to microfiber. From there, I’d branch out to specific cleaning cloths and personal use items. I like being able to use just water with the cloths – so easy and simple.

  16. I’d love either the magnet ball or the kitchen scrubbing cloth.  Seems like that one cloth could clean every mess I’ve got! LOL! 🙂

  17. this sounds great!  With 2toddlers We always have stuff stuck everywhere.  I would like to try the envirocloth antibac microfiber cloth!

  18. I would love to try the make-up removal cloth.  Like you, I am guilfy to the racoon eyes when I leave my make-up on.  I wear so little of it that I forget at night it is on, but sure do know in the morning.    Thanks for this great offer !

  19. I would love to try the floor system. I really hate mopping, so anything that could improve/speed up the process would be awesome!

  20. I would like the body clothes! Then I wouldn’t have to waste so much on soap for the kids.. not that I waste soap, but their soap seems to run out 3the times faster than if I were to dispense it to them!

  21. The Envirocloth sounds great, but after reading about the magnet ball…hmmm… so many choices!  I’ve always wanted to try the microfiber cloths.  Thanks for the chance!

  22. Would love to try the make-up removal cloth!

  23. I really, really want to try that dusting mitt on my dusty blinds!!

  24. I would love to try the body cloth!  Sounds interesing and is somthing new.  Love these kinds of cloths, you can never have enough!  LOL…thanks!

  25. I want them all, but the scrub antibac cloth is the one I want to try the most.  My tub sounds like yours.  And I think I’ve finally found a christmas present my mother won’t return!

  26. Oooooooh, the floor  wet and dry pads.  We have concrete floor and any soaps, etc make them look dull.

  27. I would like to try the envirocloth.  Since I am unfamiliar with any of the products, this one seemed like one I would use most frequently.

  28. I’d most like to try the window cloth…we use cotton flat diapers but sometimes they still leave lint.

  29. Am I allowed to say I want to try them all?! The dusting mitt looks great, brother so do all of the ones included in the giveaway. And oh my goodness that magnet ball looks like it would save my life when it comes to my dishwasher!

  30. I would be happy with any of these products, but the kitchen scrub cloth is calling my name.  I have several dishes that never seem to get clean.  

  31. I need that Antibacterial Microfiber cloth!!  My kitchen could really use it!!! 

  32. I would like to try the window cloth. I find products impossible to use on windows for cleaning.

  33. I would love to try them all, but most definitely the body cloth.

  34. I’d love to try the envirocloth and see how much extra scrubbing it cuts down on.

  35. The bathroom scrub mitt looks like something I have dreamed of.
    Our glass shower doors are so hard to clean and my husband keeps sneaking off to the store to buy harmful bathroom cleaners to do the job. I can get them clean with borax, baking soda and vinegar but not without considerable time and he catches me and tells me to use the store stuff. I think I could clean better and faster than him and with no chemicals

  36. I would love to try the Envirocloth. Anything that would help me scrub better would be awesome!

  37. I absolutely need to get the Magnet Ball, actually I need more like 3 of them!  I live in the mountains and have very hard well water.  Our toilets have to be scrubbed soooo often just to keep them functional!  Not to mention my dishes are tired of the hard water stains!  I would also love to try the body cloths, I currently use microfiber for cleaning my house, but would love to try on my body!

  38. I would love to try the body & face cloths. In my not-quite-as-aware days, I always loved trying the “new and improved” beauty products (ok, so I was a complete cosmetic junkie, a marketers dream). Now that I am eliminating a lot of chemicals from my personal care… Well, these seem like the new “must-haves” with no drawbacks!

  39. I’m eager to try the Envirocloth — seems so versatile!

  40. I’d love to try the basic mop. Mopping is my least favorite chore and my floor doesn’t get cleaned enough. Maybe mopping would be more fun with microfiber.

  41. I am very impressed with so many of  the products, but definitally the magnet ball would be awesome! I like the cleaners without harsh chemicals.

  42. I’d like to try the Antibac Envirocloth.  I think it would be great for my endless tile floor & grout that never seems as clean as I’d like it!

  43. would love to try the dusting mitt… dust has to be my least favorite thing to clean!

  44. I’d love to try the make-up removal cloth. I’ve had really sensitive skin the last two years and have had issues for the first time with my skin being dry and red. I’m always looking for gentle ways to pamper my face.

  45. The envirocloth sounds pretty awesome!  I have been cleaning my car getting ready to sell it and ANYTHING that makes that job easier would be heaven sent!  Thanks for the opportunity!

  46. I would absolutely love to have a Dry Superior Mop Pad. I have hardwood floors, a long haired cat, and a 6 month old baby. I sweep frequently, but an old fashioned broom leaves trails of debris and disposable cloth sweepers are not environmentally friendly. I think my life would be much more pleasant if i wasn’t constantly pulling soggy cat hair wads out of my newly mobile daughter’s hands and mouth! 

  47. Hmmm…what a hard decision!  I love the kids mop system…but I am always a sucker for multipurpose items. So probably the Envirocloth would win out for me.  Actually, probably the travel set, because you get a few cloths (and i tend to prefer smaller cloths for cleaning anyway)!

  48. I too would like the dusting mitt! I’d also be interested in knowing how these microfiber towels compare to the flylady microfiber towels (they’re ok) and the Costco microfiber towels (not as good). I have read a few reviews of Norwex and I’m wondering if they’re worth it…or if I just need to clean more 🙂

  49. I’d get the body cloth because I’m feeling so, so sad and old at the moment (my baby doesn’t sleep) and I need some luxury. We use microfiber for cleaning (just the cheap ones from the store) and I also use microfiber inserts in my baby’s cloth diapers. 

  50. I would love to try the window polishing cloth, because my windows never ever look clean. 

  51. I’d like to try the  dusting mitt or the body cloths.  THanks

  52. I would like to try the bathroom scrub mit.  Norwex has amazing products!

  53. I don’t know that I can pick just one!  I’ve heard of Norwex for a couple of years, but have yet to try any of their products.  Perhaps the Kitchen set, as it’s the room in that is in constant need of cleaning….but then again,  the bathroom gets dirty quickly too.  Oh, I just don’t know that I could pick…maybe I can win the giveaway and take out the decision.  

  54. I would love to try the envirocloth. It sounds amazing!

  55. I would love anyone of her products, but the dusting mitt is calling my name!

  56. I would be most interested in the envirocloths for cleaning the kitchen. I have some inexpensive microfiber cloths that I’m using now, but Ive heard these are better and would love to see for myself.

  57. would love to try the mattress cleaner and laundry pre-wash; my son is peeing the bed every night and gets smelly some times even though I’m changing the bed every day 

    • I was amazed to find that the enzymes in the Mattress cleaning not only dealt with the allergy irritating dust mite dander in mattresses, but also on the other “Organic” matter found in our mattresses 🙂 It deals amazingly well with urine and vomit smells. Don’t ask my how I know that 😉
       My Best Friend bought it because one of her kid’s rooms smelled perpetually  of pee. One application of the Mattress cleaner took care of it!


  58. I would love to try the dust mitt!  My house gets so dusty and this product looks awesome!  

  59. The dusting mitt. We live near a gravel road, and the dust is never-ending!

  60. I would love the adult mop and the kid mop. My 3yo and 4yo love to sweep (even though they call it mopping) but they just sweep dirt from one place to the next and when they do get some in the dustpan, it doesn’t quite make it in the garbage can! It seems the kid mop would solve this problem 🙂 Also, I am curious about the toothbrushes. Is it the same premise as washing your body…no toothpaste? I don’t know if i could stop using Katie’s remineralizing toothpaste…our teeth have never felt cleaner! 🙂

    • WE LOVE the the SilveCare toothbrushes in our house! You can use them without toothpaste… I know some people do. But you could definitely use with the remineralizing toothpaste. The microfiber on the bristles would just add another level of clean. Beyond that, the silver kills all the bacteria and germs that would otherwise sit on your toothbrush and breed. So when you or your kids are sick and are advised to pitch your old brush because of germs , you can just keep brushing with the SilverCare because that nasty bacteria doesn’t live. The brush comes with two heads and they recommend changing every 6 months (Due to bristle wear), but I’ve stretched mine out a few months longer. You then purchase replacement heads for the next year.

      FYI- These toothbrushes were just recommended as the “Dentist’s Pick” in the April addition of People Magazine’s Style Watch.


  61. I like the mopping system.  No chemicals for my 9 month old to crawl on!  And I love the kids mop too!  Perfect for my 5 year old and 3 year old.  All the products look really good!

  62. Would love to try the Envirocloth in my kitchen!

  63. I would love trying the dusting mitt.  I too hate dusting and the rag I use to dust now is so old and pathetic…but all of the cloths sound amazing!

  64. I’ve wanted to try Norwex for a while now.  I didn’t even know about the body cleansing cloths…those sound awesome!

  65. I’d like to try the Kitchen Scrub Cloth because we always need scrubbers for pots and pans. 

  66. I would like to try the antibac kitchen cloths because I hate using chemicals around my food.

  67. I would love to try one of the dry mop pads!  I avoid mopping because I can’t stand the hassle of wetting the mop, having to rinse it multiple times, and then tracking dirt back over the clean floor, just so you can wash out the mop.

  68. I would love to try the make up remover and the body cloth. I love the idea of not using soap, especially on my kids.

  69. The window cloth would be really helpful, as we’re prepping our house for sale.  I’m also intrigued by the other products, like the night creme!  Cee

  70. I would love to try the window cloths. I usually just use a rag and some diluted vinegar, but it seems like I’m buffing it off forever to get it to dry. I’ve tried a few different kinds of cloths and newspaper but nothing makes it really “easy” and I don’t like cleaning windows. With a baby and a dog my windows need constant cleaning. I love to clean (I know, weird) but windows always get me, so yes please on the window cloths!

  71. The window cloth looks great to me, as cleaning with plain water sounds wonderful.  That is all I allow my four little helpers to use, but a shiny mirror is not the outcome for us until I get out the stinky window cleaner. Thanks for posting about microfiber, I had never heard of it before.  Making cleaning easier and using less cleaning products sounds awesome to me. 

  72. I have some microfiber cloths, but they don’t work for me well. Well maybe they aren’t real ones, they were pretty cheap.
    So I’d love to try out the multipurpose microfiber cloth and see if this works better.
    I hope to win 🙂

  73. I’d like to try the dusting glove because I’d like to see how long you can use it without losing the dust it had already picked up.  And I like the idea of cleaning only with water with the enviro cloth and window polisher.

  74. envirocloth antibac microfiber cloth

  75. The body cloth sounds fantastic! I’d love to be able just to get clean without soaps irritating my skin and it seems perfect for babies and kids whom I’d prefer not to use products on.

  76. I’d love to try the mop system, and the polishing cloth to use on windows and stainless.  Thanks for the review of this site, I look forward to ordering! 

  77. Bummer about the make-up remover cloths!  The body pack looks like a great substitute. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. I would love to try dry floor cloths due to my pet hair situation!

  79. I think the kids’ mop package looks fun – and my kids love to pretend they are mopping/sweeping, they might as well do it for real!

  80. I would love an envirocloth – for a do it all cloth!! I would also love to try cleaning paste or descaler as we have super hard water!! Any thing would be awesome to start building a base for chemical free cleaning!!

  81. I would love to try  the dusting mitt. I had the similar feeling, that dusting was moving the dust around instead of actually cleaning, so it would be nice to use a product that actually cleans.

  82. I would love to  try the make up remover cloth!  That sounds perfect!!

  83. OMg you expect me to choose!!!???? I would love to try ALL the microfiber  products…in other words PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!!!!!! PICK ME!!!!!!!! PICK KRIS !! PICK KRIS !! PICK KRIS!!!!

  84. I like the dusting mitt; I would love to give that to the kiddos so they can go to town 🙂

    jensteed dot 08 at gmail dot com

  85. I would like to try the Envirocloth. It’s versatile, which is what i need!!! I hate lugging around a basket with every cleaning product I need. With this I will only need it and nothing else!!

  86. I would love to try out some of the different towels for general cleaning…and maybe put the mop stuff on a wishlist!

  87. I would love to try the envirocloth! We are moving soon and I’m trying to get a lot of natural cleaning supplies together (especially with a 6 month old) so we can clean our old place and welcome the new!

  88. Where to begin?! I usually use coconut oil to remove eye makeup but am curious to find out how well the microfiber makeup remover works. And would it remove waterproof mascara from makeup brushes? Also, the dusting mitt and window polishing cloth sound great! Wonder how much easier than the newspaper and water method for windows that I use?

  89. I know she’s not giving one away, but the veggie & fruit scrub cloth looks really cool.

  90. I like the all purpose kitchen cloth

  91. I love my microfiber clothes I have. You will love the mop- I use mine on my hardwoods. I would really like to try the makeup removing and the body clothes.

  92. I would love to try the antibacterial cloth… I love the idea of killing germs without nasty smelling chemicals…

  93. I have tried micro fibers before but, never anti bac. They’ve always been great! I would love to try the one for the face n body….thanks for the opportunity!

  94. Gosh ~ Everything looks good, but I guess I’d just want to start off with a regular envirocloth. I’ve heard about these and I’d love to see what all the fuss is about, but to be honest, I’m kinda having a hard time getting past the price tag (At Sams, a package of 30 clothes, the same size, costs just a tad over what ONE cloth costs ~ are they really THAT much better??) Winning this could make me a convert 🙂

  95. Very curious to try a body cloth. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  96. I would pick the Envirocloth.  Good for cleaning everything in my house.  🙂

  97. Oh my, there are so many things I would love to have!  But I have to start somewhere and would have to say I want some of their Envirocloths.  I would love to clean all my washable surfaces with one easy cloth.

  98. I think I’d use the Scrub Antibac Cloth the most because I’m constantly finding hidden messes that are a struggle to scrub up.  But these products all look amazing!

  99. Wow, why have I never heard of these?? Just checked out Erin’s site and saw the Envirocloth and that looks like it can literally be used for anything!! Just my type of product 🙂 I like to keep cleaning as simple as possible so going all natural is a great thing for me – keeping the products to a minimum! I am  new to the natural cleaning game and just now learning about all the ways to help better protect my family from harsh chemicals. I don’t put chemicals in my body, why would I want them on my skin? And where I cook? Just seems like the next logical progression 🙂 Would LOVE to win this giveaway!

  100. I want to try the bathroom mitt. There are alarming stains in my tub, I’m afraid.

  101. I would love to try the wet mop!! 

  102. i want to try the dusting mitt! it would motivate me to clean all of the wood in my house more often.

  103. It’s so hard to pick just one.  I think my son would love the kids mop.  He is always trying to help out as much as he can.  I think the dusting mitts and envirocloths sound great!  I never heard of Norwex.  Going to check out more of Erin’s site!  Great giveaway!

  104. i would like the floor system:  mop!  I have tile all over my house and that is what i need. 

  105. I’d just love to try one of the envirocloths…I am getting very tempted.

  106. I would love to try the dust mitt! Our house is so dusty – maybe I would like dusting more. I would also love to try the microfiber kitchen cloths.

  107. I love the micro clothes I have, and everyone says that Norwex are the best, so I would love to see how the envirocloth antibac microfiber cloth compares (and outshines) the generic micro clothes I have!

  108. Please, please enter me in Erin’s giveaway!
    I would love to see what the Envirocloths can clean in my house.  I also love the idea of the dusting mitt that the kids can use!

  109. I wold like the dusting mitt…. we seem to generate a lot of dust here!1 🙂

  110. I would love to use the body cloth to clean up my one year old daughter after meals! She is so messy and I go through so many paper towels cleaning her up. Not a wash cloth because they gross me out sitting around the sink gathering and growing lots of yuck.

  111. Wow, they all look great!  I have all hardwood floors, so I’m loving the idea of the floor system. But the enviroclothes would be great for cleaning the kitchen after lots of cooking.

  112. I like the magnet ball. I think the cleanliness of your bathroom reflects on what a good house keeper you are and I hate that my bathroom toilet gets rings from our water. I dwell on them so much that I clean our toilet daily … I dream of the day I don’t scrub my toilet for a day(0:

  113. The Envirocloth Antibac Microfiber cloth sounds amazing! I would love to try one out.

  114. Because I am entirely new to microfiber cloths, I would simply love to try the Envirocloth antibac cloth. I have four littles 6 and under, so any help with cleaning is welcome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  115.   If I were able to try any Norwex products, I would like to try out the dry/wet mop. I love the idea of being able to clean my floors without harsh chemicals as I have children and pets. 

  116. I would like to try the body cloth. I hate when my kids sit in the chemically bath water and this would help eliminate some of the soaps they sit in!

  117. The envirocloth.  I think it takes me 2-3 cloths just to get my kitchen clean.  Probably time to upgrade.

  118. I’d love to try the dusting mitt. I love the idea of including the children in cleaning with me in a safe, chemical free way.

  119. Oh I would like to try that microfiber mop head for dry mopping… Like a swiffer but reusable!

  120. I’d love to try the envirocloth.  So many good uses….also the magnet ball! 

  121. I would like to try the body cloth – sounds intriguing!

  122. I’d like to try the envirocloths. You made them sound so wonderful! But then again, everything sounds pretty good, can I want it all!?

  123. I would love to try the dusting mit because it would make it so easy to dust! I already love microfiber cloths, but a mitt would prevent me from getting my finger prints all over what I just dusted.

  124. I think that I would like to try the envirocloth because it looks the most versatile. My wife is interested in these products so I think I will have to look into them for a gift or something :).

  125. OOOH, I want to try the Envirocloth too!!! I need need need it!!

  126. I’m thinking the window cloth!  I love to look out clean windows.

  127. I would like to try the mop starter. I recently realized the awesome power of microfiber and have taken to putting a microfiber cloth onto my Swiffer mop head. It is either that or hands and knees scrubbing!

    •  FYI– the small Norwex Pads will fit on the generation of Swiffers that have a velcro pad on the head. I’ve never tried because I don’t have one. I would just wonder at the sturdiness of the handle. The Nowex Handle is really sturdy and  adjustable, which is really nice.

  128. I definitely want to try the Envirocloths.  I never thought of using microfiber to clean kitchen cabinets or floors.  They sound fabulous!

  129. I would love to try the envirocloth antibac microfiber cloth because it sounds perfect for cleaning the kitchen and that’s where I feel like I spend the most time cleaning.  I just recently started learning about Norwex from a friend of mine and I am SOOOO excited to learn more!  I have always been leery about using cleaners in our home and always seem to get a headache when I use dusting spray, so I am SO interested in cleaning with just these microfiber cloths!!  

  130. Ooohhhh!!!  I want to try the mop!!  

  131. From the products for the giveaway I would love to try out the body cloths. I have a big probably with body odor and seem to always still have a smell after the shower not a strong one but still a little not so pleasant smell and would love to see if these help. thank you for the opportunity to try these out but I will def be buying some soon 🙂

  132. I I would use the Envirocloths most often, so those are the ones I would like the most.  I have one lmedium quality microfiber right now, and would love to see the difference that a high quality one would make!

  133. I’m interested in all the clothes, but for starters would likely get the all-purpose kitchen cloth. My MIL purchased some of the clothes and showed me how awesome they were by smearing a chunk of butter on her window and wiping it completely away. This is the first time I’ve heard of the make-up removal cloth, and it sounds incredible!

  134. I had to just make a list because really I love all the products I see 🙂
    Carpet stain buster (we live in the country and red dirt is a fact of life), mattress cleaner (for little ones who have lots of accidents), magnet ball or super jet dishwasher soap (for our hard water), kitchen scrub cloth (I love that I can reuse these), and of course any of the microfiber cloths (think of the money saved on paper towels and those nasty scrub sponges that just hold bacteria).

  135. I’d like the scrub cloth. I have some tough spots that nothing else has been able to clean!

  136. I would love the dusting mitt also!

  137. Scrub Anti-Bac!  I have been mulling over Norwex products for some time, it helps to read about your experience with the products.

  138. I’d want the body cloth to use as my kid’s napkin.

  139. I would love to try to body cloth, it sounds great.

  140. I’d love to try the hair turban. Hair dressers have often told me that my hair “holds water well” which means it takes a long time to dry! It would be great if the hair turban absorbed 70% of the water before I started to dry my hair!

  141. I would like to try the dusting mitt.

  142. I would love to try the kitchen scrub cloth. I really dislike how my wash cloths get so grungy and stink!

  143. I’ve been looking for something for my windows and mirrors – yeah!!!

  144. I would love to try the kitchen scrub cloth for all those stuck on messes!

  145. I would like to try the sport towel. My family practices Bikram yoga, needless to say, we get sweaty. I think this would be a great-fast way to towel off after class.

  146. The mop system would clean our old wood floors wonderfully and I’d love to try the veggie/fruit cloth!

  147. I would love to try the body cloths and the kitchen cloths. Most of all , I would love to try the magnet ball. We have hard water and the softener does a decent job but we still get the orange rings in the bathtubs and the toilets. I would love to see how it works in the dishwasher and the washing machine.

  148. I would love to try the body cloth!  The mop system looks awesome!  I have a dog that sheds like crazy and this would be a huge help!  I love
    that it comes in two different sizes too.  Never heard of Norwex but it all looks great!

  149. I would love to try the bath cloth. It looks great!

  150. since I’m just finding this in my email and it’s the 22nd, chances are I won’t be winning but I am going to check out the site and will definitely order.  I found microfiber sheets at a much lower price than regular ones and love them and the cloths sound great.


  151. I would love to try the Enviro Cloth and the Dusting Mit!  Those Enviro Coths sound amazing!  I could use one for the kitchen and one for the bathrooms.  I love the idea of not having to use chemicals and that they are antibacterial!  Wow!  I hate dusting, and the Dust Mit sounds like it works great!  Thanks for the opportunity to enter! 

  152. I would like the body cloths, because I need washcloths for the kids faces after dinner! lol

  153. I would like the body cloths, because I need washcloths for the kids faces after dinner! lol

  154. Everything sounds great. I, too, don’t like dusting and our part of the country has dust. I would like to try the dust mitt and the multipurpose cloth.

  155. I would like to try the cleaning cloths because I clean house for a living and have recently been trying to use natural cleaners because of my allergies. I just can’t handle all the smells anymore, it makes me all stuffed up and miserable.
    Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to win!

    Tammy Bybee

  156. I would love a dusting mit! I hate to dust and live in Arizona where here is way too much of it! LOL! Thanks fo the giveaway!

  157. 2 enviro cloths

  158. The body cloth for sure!  I’ve been trying to figure out a way to more naturally remove my eye makeup.  My current product has parabens in it 🙁  No good.

  159. I would like to try the Scrub Antibac Cloth.  I have spots that I can’t get off my cupboards.  But they all sound like good products.
     By the way love the website.

  160. I would like to try the envirocloth since its the most versitale and I think my husband would use it too! I’m trying to go all natural at home @ this would help me in my transition. I just recently made the homemade deodorant and love it!! Yay!

  161. I’d definitely like the makeup removing cloth since I was just thinking recently how many cotton pads I go through each day! Between removing my eye makeup at night and using one again twice a day for toner, I would really like a more sustainable option! The body cloth sounds really great too. I have a few microfiber towels I use for cleaning around the house but these sound far superior to mine!

  162. I would like to try the envirocloths for all around cleaning. 

  163. I would love to try one of the floor mopping systems…ive about had it scrubbing my tile and grout on my hands and knees!

  164. This was a difficult choice since all the products would be immediately useful.  I’ll go with the window cloth because my windows need so much help to remove the stubborn haze that even harsh window cleaners don’t get to.  Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  165. The anti bac towel for my kitchen and sink. I have been hearing so much about Norwex and I was curious about silver and cleaning. Thank you do much for doing this review! I hope I win!

  166. I would like to try the mop set the most, I have tile floors that seem like they are always a mess.

  167. I think the dusting mitt would be very helpful cleaning my very old and dusty apartment.

  168. I would like to try the body cloth! It sounds amazing!

  169. I would LOVE to try the makeup cloth!  I use jojoba to take off my mascara – I’m assuming it won’t work on all brands though.

  170. I would love the Envirocloth antiback microfiber cloth. I love the “magic eraser” scrubby sponges for removing impossible stains, and this cloth sounds like a “magic eraser” except it won’t disintegrate while I’m using it! Very excited at the thought of being able to wash and reuse this miracle cleaner!

  171. Scrub antibac would be my first choice. What an exciting product line…. Need to look into hosting a party!

  172. My daughter just gave me the antibac cloth as a gift.  I just LOVE it!  I would love to another one of those or any of the great products.  I’m wanting to sell them, it is so amazing!

  173. I would love to try the Scrub  Antibac cloth.  I have an older tub that is almost impossible to get clean.  The dusting mitt looked great also.  Being in the country with a dirt road, my house also accumulates dust very quickly.  All of Erin’s products looked good!

  174. I would love to try the scrub antibac cloths.  I can’t believe they would actually clean my oven!  Do they have anything for dental care with microfibers?

  175. I’d love the floor system! Please enter me.

  176. The make-up remover cloth sounds amazing, but the mop also rocks!

  177. Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I want all of them. I think the one I would like to try most as the ultimate test would be the scrub antibacterial cloth. We have a little farmhouse with a terrible stain on the bathtub (rust/hard water though we have a water softener on the well). A friend is moving in for a while, I would love to see if the cloth would clean the stain. Next, I would try it on my fiberglass tub that never looks clear!

  178. Great article and review!!  Our family is close to paperless in the kitchen (we’ve used cloth napkins for over 12 years now) but I would really love to completely get rid of papertowels.  I use a wash cloth on the counters, table, chairs, etc but feel the need to constantly wash them since I get kind of skeeved out about what’s growing in them.  I love the idea that these microfiber cloths have silver in them! I would be most excited to try out the Enviro Cloth for all the everyday stuff as well as the scrub antibacterial cloth for my stove and sink, man can my kitchen sink get gross from all the cooking!  The body cloths sound great and I love the idea of keeping a couple in the kitchen for cleaning  foody faces and hands before they travel through the rest of the house to leave their mark!

  179. Would love to try the envirocloth! Pretty cool stuff!

  180. These all sound wonderful!  I’d want to try the envirocloth — sounds like it’s very versatile.  My son is finally getting into cleaning, and I’d love to be able to hand him a (chemical-free) cloth, ask him to go to work, and come away with a clean kitchen (or other room).

  181. I would love to try the 
    Scrub Antibac Cloth. It looks amazing!

  182. I’d love to try the makeup removal cloth. I’ve heard rave reviews of them!! Great lineup of goods!

  183. I’d love to try the mop!

  184. Wow, so many choices…. I want them all & I don’t like to do housework . My first cloth to try would be the do it all dolly, the Envirocloth Antibac Microfiber Cloth. I am actually a little excited about these products… Thank you for the opportunity to give em a try…

  185. I love the dusting mitt!

  186. I would definitely like to try the enviro-cloth.  But if the kitchen cloths didn’t get all stinky like what I’m using now….that would be a plus!

  187. I would love  to try the mops for my hardwood (which is my entire house).  But out of the package?  I would LOVE the window cloth.  I live next to a highway so there is a need to dust literally everyday and the windows??  Forget it.  Constant battle.  I don’t like the streaks my natural cleaners leave, and newspaper + water works well, but requires buying a newspaper (which I stopped buying years ago to avoid all that wasted paper).

  188. The  oven and grill cleaner would be great to clean my oven w/o the caustic fumes and with grilling season here it would be great for getting the grill ready and to keep it clean. The oven is never fun or easy to clean so I am hoping this will make my life a little easier.

  189. I want to try the Envirocloth Antibac Microfiber Cloth because it is so versatile. I could clean the fingerprints off the dishwasher and the grease off the stove with the same cloth.

  190. I like the kid mop package.  My 3yo son loves to help me with whatever I am working on.  This looks like a fun way to include him in more of my chores.

  191. I would love the dusting mitt as dusting is my least favorite thing to do so I could assign it to the kids 🙂

  192. I would love to try the Magnet Ball…I have heard many wonderful things about it!  Thank you for this blog post…loved it!  

  193. I’d love to try the regular envirocloths.  Sadly I have lots of stuck on places on countertops and floors all too often and I’d love to try these out to clean them.  Cleaning is not my forte!  🙂

  194. I would probably be most interested in the mop head to see how it compares to what I currently use (which doesn’t do very well). Out of the products up for the giveaway, I would really like to try the duster… With pets my house is full of dust!!

  195. Oh yeah. Envirocloths for their multitasking and body cloth because the fewer chemicals on my body, the better. So glad you have written about microfiber. I never knew or looked into what made them different or better. Now I can’t wait to get some. I gotta say, I might do the mop first. My poor floors.

  196. i would love to try the dusting mit, especially for blinds!

  197. I would love to try the makeup removal cloth 🙂 and I would save some cotton balls!

  198. My house is full of various microfiber cloths and towels. I buy them at the Dollar Tree , some 2 for a dollar, some a dollar. I could not live without them. My husband and I use them for “sponge” bathing. Saves water, soap, and time. I wash my hair with them… all so easy. The cloth for dishes is just the right shape and size and I love it. So easy to toss in the dirty clothes each day instead of using it longer, even tho’ they wash out clean and can be used over & over between washes. I have so many, it is easy to just toss them to clean later. I can’t say enough about these clothes. They clean EVERYTHING.

  199. The only thing about microfiber cloths is the feel of it is so… scary.  It sticks to your fingers and it just feels weird! *shivers*

  200. I’ve always been so confused about these cloths. Do you use them with water or do you just use them dry or do you use them with cleaning supplies?

    • You can use the cloths wet or dry. You can also use them with our cleaning paste and our other chemical free cleaning supplies (these are helpful for tougher jobs that have buildup). For everyday use, I use them wet or dry.

      You will love the products! They will save you a lot of money on household cleaners and paper towels. You will also save a lot of time!

  201. I actually like to knit washcloths using organic fibers because it is all natural and the fibers seem to pick up everything really well.

  202. What is microfiber made of? When I have looked it up it is made out of synthetic material……

  203. My question is if the Norwex microfiber cloths are so good at cleaning without sprays or chemical why do they sell so many sprays.

    • They are considered helpers. The microfiber cloth and water cleans most surfaces but for tough stains you need a safer alternative than using harmful chemicals.

  204. Katie,
    Thank you for the info. It is very interesting.
    You were mentioning colloid silver. Did you just refer to their silver in their product, or did you mean you were taking colloid silver as a natural antibiotic. I have read a lot about it, and would like to know if it is really a good product. If you use it, I would like to know where do you buy it, and how do you use it.
    Thank you

    • I was just referring to the silver in the cloth. Colloidal silver is something I’ve been researching a lot lately and might write about soon but that deserves caution.

      • Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to read the result of your research. I love your infos

  205. Is anyone concerned about the price of the cloths? I am all for green cleaning but $32 for two pieces is way to much. Am I wrong?

    • We bought ours a little over 10 yrs ago for $30. My wife fussed and fussed and called me a sucker and maybe other things too. But today you will have to pry them outta her hands when she dies. She keeps a close eye on them and when I or my daughter goes to use them she tells us to be careful with her cleaning cloths. I paid for them and now they are hers! lol They are money well spent I promise. I have a new set and they are 2 months old. I have cleaned everything from 14 windows inside and out, mirrors, auto windows, church windows, stainless steel appliances, toilets, sinks, tile and linoleum floors and carpet. Yes I was able to get a stain out of carpet that had been there for probably 8 yrs. I had used every carpet cleaner including a steam machine, full strength carpet cleaner, Crud Cutter, Mean Green, and several others. I did not use the older set of cloths because I did not know it would work on carpet. I decided to try it and low and behold it came up! Well worth the $32.

  206. Lana,
    I’ve personally found that I’ve saved so much money & time from using the Basic Pack plus it’s lasted me already over 4 years. It was a no brainer cuz I no longer shopped for our near chemicals, our kids could clean without toxic overload /fumes. I wanted friends & family to try them cuz I loved mine so much that I cut pieces of mine to share. You won’t regret it. Best $ spent for cleaning!

  207. I have recently got the Norwex foot stone and the envirocloth, polish cloth, and dust mit! So far I am in love!!!! My heels get so dry and cracked because I love to run around with bare feet. This stone has helped unbelievably! Looking forward to trying more products 🙂

  208. Hi Katie!

    I recently bought a Shark steamer for floors and I was wondering if it’s necessary. We have mostly stone floors, (carpet in the bedrooms). I have my first baby on the way, so I am getting organized in every way I can.

    Do you use a traditional mop for your hard floors, or a steamer? Have you tried the Norwex floor system? I recalled this post you wrote about their products and figured I’d stop in and see if you still enjoy their products. We converted to Branch Basics about 6 months ago and have been happy with their non-toxic cleaners.

    Thank you as always!

    • I do still use microfiber but I’ve heard great things about steam as well.

  209. I am a new Norwex user and love everything I bought so far. I especially love the body cloth. I use it in the shower and do not need to use shaving cream to shave my legs! I know it sounds crazy, but all you have to do is get your cloth nice and warm and rub it on your legs the opposite way the hair grows – then shave. It will be the smoothest shave you ever had! This is especially great for my daughter who has very sensitive legs and seem to get those little bumps after shaving, but no more! The cloth is simply amazing! I also love the enviro cloth and polishing cloth. I will never use window cleaner again. Those two cloths clean windows with no lint, streaks, or haze and you can clean even when the sun is shining!

  210. Love your review (and your site–I check it frequently)! I’m a Norwex consultant and have used my cloths for almost 2 years now–I just keep falling more in love. 🙂

  211. The dust mitt is great wet to clean window screens. You will be amazed.

  212. I’m interested in the magnet ball for the rust rings in the toilet bowl. Does anyone have experience with using it for this purpose? I’ve tried about everything

  213. I became a Norwex consultant for the discount so I could buy everything! I love their products so much!

  214. My husband was just saying how he likes having a travel enviro cloth at work. Great to wipe the office area down and for getting small stains out of his clothes before meetings. We love our Norwex!

  215. Hi Wellness Mama,
    I’m a new mom and ever since I found out I was pregnant I’ve been making a very conscious effort to convert to a greener/natural lifestyle – I tell you it takes time and shouldn’t be this hard (as you say!) and I’m learning new things everyday, and I LOVE your blog, thank you!!

    I use Norwex and absolutely love it! My question is whether you tried any of the enzyme based cleaners and whether they are a safe alternative to other green cleaners when you need a little something more than microfibre and water?

  216. Do you all use their cleaner on the cloths as suggested or something else?

    • Just water…for most everything!! No need to purchase additional cleaners. For some of the tougher jobs, Norwex does have some enzyme based cleaning products.

  217. Question… After reading so many articles on how anti-bacterial products are horrible to use as cleaning products, soap And other items,, how does this differ in that it’s ok?

    • The microsilver in Norwex’s cloths stays in the cloths. It’s not small enough to enter the human blood stream and affect our body systems.

  218. I use the mini enviro cloths for dish cloths. I have smaller hands and some arthritis in them. I find they work perfectly and since they come in a 4-pack you can switch took a clean one often. I have lots of the products and love them all.

  219. Katie, how do you get your waterproof mascara off with the body cloth? I’ve been trying to get mine off but it’s not working. Thanks!!!

    • Heather, you should be able to get it off with just the body cloth and water. There are two cloths labeled the “body cloth”, One is sold as the make up remover set and is a soft suede like material. The other cloth is sold as the body cloth and it has more of a regular wash cloth texture.

  220. I’m wondering if you know if there are any other ingredients besides natural silver – and is it definite it’s natural? I have severe chemical sensitivity and just want to be careful!

    • The microfiber is made of polyester and polymide.

  221. I absolutely love these products. I love the dust mitt, the enviro cloth and polishing cloth, and the scrub cloth (which I use all the time for cleaning my pots and pans, pressure cooker, frying pan, etc). I love love love the mop. I have a steam mop but the Norwex mop cleans the floors better. AND the Norwex mop also cleans the walls, and the ceiling. Simply brilliant. And… you can take off the mop head OFF and attach the enviro wand and dust all those high hard to reach places. Love my body cloth and kitchen cloth and kitchen towel (tis great at drying the dishes FIRST time). Next on the agenda is the toothbrush and magnet ball. So much stuff I want to get. There are new products being released in August. I really hope it is shampoo. 🙂

  222. I just got my first Norwex products! I have the enviro cloth, mop, polish cloth, dust mitt! I am trying the face clothes too.

  223. Hi! What an amazing review! I use Norwex too and this is EXACTLY how I feel about our products! They are so easy and so effective! Can I share this review on my facebook business page please? Thanks.


    • Thanks for the compliment. Yes, feel free to share as long as you link back to my original article and credit it as the source. 🙂

  224. This review is wonderful! Norwex consultants are sharing it to show potential customers. We only wish you would change your “chemical free” wording (free of harmful or toxic chemicals is OK, or “toxin free”), since water is technically a chemical, and ” chemical free” claims are guaranteed to turn off scientifically literate people. 😀

    Also, when you mention cleaning without water with your cloths, do you mean WITH water? Not sure if that’s a typo.

    Apologies for the criticism – DON’T take it personally! I’m only bothering to comment because this is a great review that I’d love to use, but it could be even better! 🙂

  225. Love our dust mitt, towels and cloths. Never thought about using the small ones as napkins…brilliant!

  226. Norwex has changed my life. We lived in a house with mold from 2003-2010. We became so sensitive to chemicals that we couldn’t even use Dawn dishwashing detergent, much less bleach. Imagine trying to clean without chemicals. The only cleaners I used was Ivory pure, and Tide sensitive. Even those affected us, but not as bad. We moved several times, but bug/weed spraying in the neighborhoods hastened our decision to move to 15 acres with no HOA regulations on weeds, and no neighbors. We are finally recovering. I still can’t use chemicals, but Norwex allows me to really clean my house. The paste and descaler are a little strong for me, but not intolerable. The mattress spray has no affect, although I use it lightly, not as recommended. Still, it keeps the spiders and other bugs away from our sleeping areas. For the first time in my life, I regularly wash windows, which is a miracle, because I hated that job. Now it takes only minutes and there is no film or streaking. Floors were the other bane of my existence, but I can get the entire house swept and mopped in about 20 minutes, now; both floors! I am so greatful that I found Norwex. I am about to try the detergent and have high hopes!