Natural Feminine Hygiene Products

natural feminine hygiene solutionsThis is a rather delicate topic, which is why I hadn’t addressed it until now. To all you men – you may stop reading now… see you tomorrow!

I also had to consult with some friends because I don’t have a lot of experience with natural solutions for feminine hygiene, seeing as I’ve been pregnant for so much of the last few years.

That being said, I’m glad I did ask my friends about this so I could write the post…. turns out there are a lot of natural feminine hygiene solutions that I didn’t know about (and will be ordering for when I need them). These are also the most eco-friendly options out there, and will save money in the long run.

Did you know? Each year, more than 12 BILLION sanitary pads and 7 BILLION tampons are dumped into landfills?

An average woman menstruates for over 40 years, leaving hundreds of pounds of disposable products in landfills. Fortunately, there are some great, organic and green alternatives to toxic, plastic containing disposables now. Most women shell out $5-14 per cycle on disposable products, so these options can save a lot of money!

Without further delay … these are the top recommended feminine products from my naturally minded friends:

The Diva Cup

Sad to say, I did not even know such a thing existed. As you may gather from its name, it is a silicon cup that is inserted vaginally and it takes the place of tampons and pads during your period. There are two sizes, one for pre-childbearing years and one for after you’ve had a child (or two or three…).

Unlike tampons, there is no danger of Toxic Shock Syndrome with the Diva Cup and it is completely re-usable. It can be boiled to sanitize or washed with drinking water. Many women also report that it is much more comfortable, and most only have to change it every 8-12 hours, which is more convenient.

If you’ve ever used one… please let me know what you thought in the comments…

Cloth Menstrual Pads

If a DivaCup is not your thing, there are also a lot of options for cloth menstrual pads. They can be bought individually, in kits, or as thinner panty liners for light days. (all of those are made from organic cotton). They are also much healthier, contain no chemicals and don’t contribute to landfill waste. There are even some fun patterns and colors if you want cute alternatives!

Organic Menstrual Pads

If the idea of a Diva cup or cloth pads is not your thing, it is possible to find organic disposable tampons or disposable pads so you can at least avoid the chemicals in the conventional versions.

Sea Sponge Tampons

Another great completely natural option is Sea Sponge tampons. They work similarly to a Diva cup and collect flow. When removed, they can be easily rinsed out a re-used. These are the ones I’ve tried.

Natural Pain Relief

Tylenol and other acetaminophen based pain relief options are chemically based and emerging research is finding that they are toxic to your mitochondria (you need those little guys!). Luckily, there are a lot of natural options out that, and you can also address the underlying problem and not just mask the pain.

  • Vitex– A fertility aid that also helps ease menstrual cramps by balancing hormones. It is also used by herbalists for increasing fertility, though it should be discontinued when a woman becomes pregnant. When not pregnant, it can be taken daily.
  • Red Clover– Another herb that is supportive of menstrual health and function. It has been know to ease endometriosis and PCOS and is helpful for cramps. It should also be discontinued when a woman becomes pregnant. When not pregnant, it can be taken daily.
  • Progesterone Cream– A natural progesterone cream is perhaps the best remedy, long-term for many menstrual problems. I’ve had many clients conceive by adding progesterone to their regimen, and it also helps ease cramps. Many menstrual problems can be caused or exacerbated by too much estrogen in the body, and progesterone helps balance it out. If used, it should only be used in the second half of the cycle (ovulation until start of the period) and applied to the skin of fatty areas of the body like the thighs, buttocks, stomach, breasts and upper arms.
  • Taking magnesium regularly may also really help ease cramps (and there are a lot of other benefits to taking Magnesium too!)

Do you have any natural tips for dealing with feminine health? Ever used any of the suggestions above? Please let me know below!

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Reader Comments

  1. After reading an article in mothering of the amount of feminine hygiene products that are in landfills, I set out to find a new way to work with my menses. I have the Diva Cup that I use on rare occasions, I find it uncomfortable if not placed correctly….but I have found the best thing that works for me: are sea sponges. I get them from They are soft, move with your body, so I dont even know they are there. It takes a bit getting used to because I have to clean them after each use, but I just carry bag that has an extra one in a container with a rinse that is equal parts vinegar/water and a few drops of tea tree oil. I have been using them for about 2 yrs now. For backup on heavy flow days, I use reusable pads from I absolutely LOVE them. Jade and Pearl has different combinations you can order, I have gotten the ‘ready for love kit’ that comes with 2 sponges, chocolate bar, tea tree oil, and all natural massage oil for you and your special someone. I have also gotten the ‘rough and ready’ (outdoors) kit that comes with 2 sponges, a p-style (allows you to go to the bathroom in the woods) and all natural bug spray…I highly recommend everyone try them out, they are just so comfortable. You do have to change them out, they recommend every 3-4 months, yet they just biodegrade. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! 

    • How do you get them out?

      • Hi Jill,
        I use the sea sponges from jade and pearl too. I wet them in warm water and roll them up then just insert and remove with my fingers. You can also thread embroidery floss through the sponge then tie around the outside to create a “tail” to help with removal.
        Here’s a video I like about basic use and care: I would recommend getting a variety pack first so you can see what sizes are most helpful for you.
        Have a good day!

  2. I’ve been using a Mooncup (same thing as DivaCup) for about 10 years now and I love it.  I found the first couple of times I emptied it were a bit gross but it doesn’t bother me at all now.  It’s so easy to use and I find that the last few days of my period I only empty it once a day.  Heck of a lot cheaper and definitely more  eco-friendly!

    • On my first try taking it out, I still need more practice, but I can already say definitely MUCH less gross than a soiled pad or tampon!

  3. Red raspberry leaf tea has been a LIFESAVER for me in relieving terrible cramps.  I definitely recommend it!

    • Hello, I am a newer tea drinker and a friend who is an avid tea drinker was telling me about the raspberry leaf tea for cramps. My daughter is 18 and has been suffering from severe cramps for the past 3-4 months. I took her to our Dr. who of course prescribed her birth control pills. She is not sexually active and she is a cheer leader and doesn’t want to gain the 10+ pounds from the pills! She does like tea, so I’m hoping the raspberry leaf will help her. All that to ask: how much tea does she need to drink and how often? Every day? Just during her symptoms? how often and how much? It may just be easier for her to do the capsule, but again, when and how much? Thank you,

      • Birth control pills are so dangerous on top of the extra weight the other side affects present long term health problems. I find raspberry leaf tea to be very safe she could do something like start drinking a cup a day for a week before starting and then as much as 3-4 during her cycle. Or maybe a cup everyday in the morning would be more routine and provide the relief she needs you’ll just have to see what works for her and once her body is used to having the raspberry leaf in it, she may need less and less. Also look into probiotics, and magnesium baths those help a lot too. Capsules would be the same thing and there’ll be instructions on the bottle but you can take more or less depending on what relives her

      • She needs to stop using the commercial sanitary products!!

  4. I have used the Diva cup and I loved it! They are a bit expensive at first but that by far is less than you’ll pay in six months or normal pads and tampons. They don’t smell or stain if properly cleaned and I had no trouble inserting or removing. A lot easier to throw in your purse or pack for a trip should you not want any surprises. It has been a couple of years since I had one but now that you brought it up, thinking about getting another

  5. After many years of using a combination of the Diva cup and cloth pads (which I make myself), I find that I actually can’t use the commercial disposable products anymore. They…irritate me. Which makes me wonder how good all that processed paper and plastic are for that region. I love to contemplate the savings in waste and money!

  6. Love the Diva cup also.  I agree with the earlier comment, it is a little gross to empty it the first couple of times, but it is hands down way better than tampons.  I wish I would have discovered them years ago!

    • I think it’s kind of awesome to be so connected to my cycle! Seeing how much I’m emptying is almost like a science experiment haha

      • I agree with you Nina! I feel the same way when I’m emptying my MCUK (the UK Mooncup).

    • How exactly does the extraction work? I’m picturing blood being squeezed back out of it so it’s almost like it’s defeating the purpose. I need some education on the diva cup!! 🙂

      • It acts as a cup to collect the menses and as a barrier to leakage. However, it is open at the top, so it gets dumped out into the toilet or elsewhere at each emptying. See simple instructions here:

  7. Divacup = best invention known to man….or, more technically…woman.  Anyway, at the risk of being way TMI, I have awful menstrual cycles and have practically had to just stay at home 5 days/month for years & years.  And the Divacup has been a huge lifesaver for me.  It took about 2 months (cycles) to get used to it and get the insertion correct. 

    Funny story…last May, when we were in Russia adopting our youngest son, we were there for almost 30 days.  On our way TO Russia, I accidentally left my Divacup in the hotel bathroom and didn’t realize it till I needed it 3 weeks later (who knows what the hotel staff thought when they found it?).  Anyway, when I DID realize I needed it and that I had left it, I was beside myself, because I knew I would be traveling on a plane for 24 hours (including all layovers, etc.) with 2 small children.  I ended up doing some research and found a Russian company that manufactures a very similar product that – thank goodness! – was within 20 minutes of our hotel.  I fought through the language barrier and offered to pay double to get one delivered to me at our hotel (yes, I love these things that much) – they took pity on me and delivered it without my having to pay extra and my sanity on the plane ride(s) home was saved!

    Well, that was way longer than I thought it might be.  I haven’t shared that on my blog because I doubt my dad would appreciate reading about it – haha – but it’s been fun to share here. 🙂

    I have some red raspberry leaves and need to get serious about making a tea – but I do not like tea in the least bit, so I’ve been reluctant about trying it.  I do have AWFUL cramps, though, so maybe I need to just take one for the team and learn to down it for my body’s sake.

    And finally, that’s interesting about the progesterone.  Thirteen years (and plenty of infertility testing/treatments years ago), and I’ve never once been pregnant.  Although we have 2 beautiful children, I’m always still curious if there’s one thing I could change, in order to add to our family, what it might be.  So far, I haven’t found it (despite changing our diet radically and a host of other things).  We’ll see, I guess!

      • Totally agree about the Natural Bio Identical Progesterone. I’ve been suffering for the last 4 years with very heavy periods, actually more like hemorrhaging that lasts 6 days. Even with the Fabulous Diva Cup I still had to remove it every hour. It was all I could do to keep my health, I eat an excellent diet (Makers Diet) and take good supplements. I tried just about every herb without success. I found out that a lot of them contain estrogen and since my symptoms indicated estrogen dominance. they actually made it worse. I was just about at my wits end when I came across Dr John Lee’s books on hormonal balance and he mentioned Natural Bio Identical Progesterone, it not the same as the chemical based Progesterone that causes cancer. I ordered one of the brands (Emerita) that he recommended. It’s an absolute MIracle– no more flooding! Less cramps and other horrible pains!

        It takes at least two cycles to get you regulated so don’t be discouraged. Also be sure to read Dr Mercola’s informative article on natural progesterone. It explains the doses and when and where to apply the cream.

    • Hi, I hope it’s okay to chime in, but for cramping I have read that clarysage and basil rubbed on the abs and the back are amazing for feminine pain relief, including ovarian cysts. I would try to find doTerra essential oil, (it’s pure and organic). Best of luck to you and thank you for sharing.

      • oh that’s really good to know actually, thank you for sharing that. I will have to try that out…

    • Hi Melissa! I had to go through infertility treatments to get pregnant with our little girl. My husband has a spinal cord injury so IVF was our only option. Although I had no fertility issues, it still took us two years and 7 embryos. On the last try with our last embryo, I didn’t use any drugs, only acupuncture. It worked! I had a friend struggling with infertility from no known cause. After a failed IVF cycle, I told her about acupuncture, and it work for her, too. If you haven’t tried it, may want to consider it. 🙂

    • I’ve made and used a Raspberry Leaf Tincture – makes quick work of getting the right ingredient into you if you don’t like the taste of the tea (I didn’t!)

    • I found out about an amazing product that helped me and my child. My daughter has a disability, and it is very hard for her to constantly change her pads and tampons, and it was always a struggle for me to help her because I would be at work or she would be at school. She could not even put in tampons because it was so challenging. I highly recommend something I found called Pantiepads. It changed my life forever. Amazing feminine hygiene product. They are breathable, disposable, hypoallergenic  menstrual panties with a built in super absorbent pad.  More reliable then any pads or tampons. Check them out at It’s an amazing product and I don’t know why people haven’t created this earlier. My daughter loves it!

    • Thank you for sharing it. I will be leaving for Russia soon (and sraying fir 5 years) and was concerned about the availability of female hygiene products there. I know they are a developed nation but there are vast differences in some countries based on culture. Being ignorant of the culture I became anxious. Thank you.

  8. I use the mooncup and I love it. There are all different types of brands and sizes, so you want to invest in the one that is right for you. I chose the mooncup because it is shoter and more flexible than the others, and people say it is more comfortable. I had to buy it online.

    Here is a website with the caparisons:

    And here is the mooncup:

    I use the divacup wash on my mooncup to rinse it when I am on my period, and then boil it in between periods. 

    It is a whole lot better than using bleached tampons! No one wants residual bleached cotton fibers in them… ick! Not safe, not green. 

    I love that I can keep it in all day with no leaks too. 

  9. OK, I’m intrigued about the Vitex–do you take it all the time for pain relief (monthly…) or take it as needed like you would the chemical stuff?

    I’ve been taking Krill oil for a couple months and noticed my menstrual symptoms are considerably lessened. I read that’s one of the things it does for women.

    • It helps acutely, but it is also good to take regularly (as long as you aren’t pregnant) to help prevent cramps all together.

      • Side note: I have a friend whom Vitex works absolute wonders for! I tried it for myself, but it made things much worse for me – I was surprised b/c it helped her cramps so much. So, I’m assuming that I just wasn’t out of balance hormonally, but that I needed extra minerals – so I just started to drink raspberry leaf tea, and doing epsom salt foot baths & drastically improving my diet including what I drink (Kombucha, water kefir, milk kefir) – hope it helps!

        • Where do you get the water kifer & milk kifer?

  10. Hmm, haven’t tried natural pain relief aside from using calcium and magnesium, probably should give it a shot, though.  Honestly, when using cloth, the cramps seem less…not sure how that’s possible but it sure feels that way.

    I do have and sometimes use the Diva cup, as well as cloth pads.  LOVE the cloth pads!  The Diva cup, well, I love the idea, but for some odd reason it seems to push on my bladder when it’s in which gets irritating.  I’ve tried different positions for inserting (sorry, TMI) and have had five children so am pretty comfortable with the area.  😛  It’s still useful for swimming or use on heavy days when I’d soak a pad too much.   Actually, I just bought my 11 YO one (she’s been cycling for 1.5 years now)…need to ask her if she’s tried it yet.  I plan to buy or make her cloth pads soon, too…she went to school this year but will be back to homeschooling next year so cloth will be easier for her to use when at home most days.

  11. Hi  I have been using the Moon cup for about a year now.  It took me a while to get used to it especially on the heavy days as it is a bit gross and sometimes a bit messy.  i only use it when I am heavy, ie. the first 2 days.   The first time I came to empty it I panicked and couldn’t get it out!!!!  I had thoughts running through my head of my husband having to come to the rescue.  Luckily with lots of breathing I was able to do it…..
    It was a bit uncomfortable at first but it is like tampons your body has to get used to to.
    As one of the ladies has said that they can’t use commercial sanitary towels/tampons now.  I am the same as they tend to itch for me or I sweat more.  
    If I have to buy any then I will find the cotton ones which are eco and environmentally friendly.  
    I have only found the reusable pads recently, and they are on my wish list to buy over the next couple of months, as we have only just moved to a new country and I need to find the supplier…

    In respect to pain relief, I practice yoga 2 to 3 times a week.  If I haven’t done that or lots of walking during the month, I feel my period coming a week before I get it.  Otherwise no signs at all….  


  12. I want to comment that after doing research I decided to switch to the Diva Cup, but was told by the salesperson they are NOT recommended for women with IUDs.  Apparently, the suction of taking it out can cause misplacement of an IUD.  Of course, I don’t know what the chances of this happening are, but apparently it has happened and is a possibility. 

    • You’re supposed to break the suction before removing it from your body. Also if you’re checking the strings of the IUD monthly then you would know if there was a change. But overall you’re supposed to break the suction by squeezing the cup before removing.

  13. I’ve been using flannel pads that I invested in many years ago—-15?  17?  It was a huge investment at the time (maybe $45), but they’re still in great shape and I love them much more than the commercial stuff.  I even made a few more out of cloth diapers I was getting rid of.

  14. I’ve been using The Keeper (same thing as the Diva Cup) for 15 years.  I bought two at the time of my original purchase, but have yet to the use the second one as my first one is still holding up.  It’s just now beginning to show signs of needing to finally be replaced soon.  

  15. I have used the Diva cup for a year now and LOVE IT. I would seriously never go back. I don’t find it to be gross or messy at all, but I have pretty normal/light periods. I also never had issues with it being uncomfortable or confusing to use. I read on their website to replace it every year or so.

    I don’t think I would like the reusable pads because of the wet feeling.

  16. I love, love, love the DivaCup!  I first got one when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ghana.  They dispose of their trash mostly by burning it, and um, you can’t really burn used tampons (insert gagging noise here!)  =)  My fellow volunteer told me about The Keeper (a natural rubber cup similar to the Diva Cup). I went with the Diva because I liked that you could boil it to sanitize it.  I had my first one for 5 years – definitely a way to save money & the earth.  I ordered a size 2 after I had my son (I was also 30 at the time so thought it would be the right one). After several months, I realized it didn’t fit as well as I liked & went back to the size 1 – so if you don’t have the right fit, you may need to change! I tell all my friends about it!

  17. LOVE the Diva Cup. I have been using it for about 2 years now and absolutely love it. It took a little getting used to on the first cycle, but after that it has been so great. It’s true, I can go all day on an average day without emptying it and on heavy days have to empty once during the day. Otherwise it’s first thing in the morning and then again before bed. Saves a ton of money and no carrying around stupid disposables. I’ve even mastered it’s use while camping. Definitely a little interesting since you should rinse it when you empty it, but that can be substituted with other methods if necessary. So so great! 

    • Please share (anyone) the detailed methods you’ ve mastered for camping!!! I would like to use it backpacking and I can’t picture how to master it. You pull it out, you need to clean it and yourself prior to reinsertion, but you can’t set it down on the ground and you need some soap and water and your trying to balance squatting! Really you need a third hand I think!!

      • You can dump it, pour a little water in, dump, pour, etc a couple times and go back in. I wouldn’t recommend that long term, but it works short term. The worst part is then finding a good place to wash your hands pre and post. I’ve done it once or twice in the woods.

  18. I purchased a diva-cup about a year ago when we started becoming more eco-conscious.  It does take a little bit of getting used to when it comes to inserting it properly…I think it took me 3 cycles to get it down really well. Once you get the hang of it though, it is wonderful to use. Being able to go for 12 hours without even thinking about it is a definite plus. The only time it is a pain is when you have to do it in a public restroom and the toilet is not close to the sink. I typically don’t use it if I anticipate that happening, but I’ve heard some women carry a baby wipe for those occasions and just wipe it off. Now after using it for a year, I LOVE it and would never go back to using tampons.

  19. I love my diva cup. I used it for 3 years before having my son (only one cup. It did not need replacing), and got the bigger size after birth, so I am on my sixth year. Best $60 I ever spent. I empty when I wake up and again before bed. You stay naturally lubricated, no chemicals to irritate ppd or pcos, easy to clean. The learning curve was made simpler by finding different folds for insertion and reading a great forum by menstrual cup users on livejournal. Run, do yoga….it is all good. So glad I learned about them.

  20. Check out the forums on insertion. Sounds like your cup tips forward or is too far in the birth canal. You may do.better with a different, shorter cup (there are all kinds, not just diva). That forum is also a great place for your daughter to get the hang of it. I want cloth ones! What a great mama. (re cramps: dioxins from interaction between blood and chemicals could aggravate your cramps. A study showed it happens. Will have to.find it somewhere for wellnessmama.)

    • Interesting! I will have to look into the research regarding cramps caused by dioxins from interaction between tampon chemicals and blood… I finally got a (Lunette) menstrual cup last month and just finished my first cycle using it. I must have been so preoccupied with getting the hang of using the cup that I hadn’t realized until now that I never got ANY cramps! I am blessed to have minimal cramping, but I usually get cramps at least one of the first days of my period – until this past one using a cup! Awesome!! (Cramps. Funny word when you type it a few times, haha. …I’m not immature, honest).

  21. Ive never heard of it happening, but if you don’t break the suction seal by running your finger along the side and slightly denting it, pulling it out can be painful and scary as suction is created when you insert it. As long as you bend it, its great. Never heard of an iud incident though. The cups are so awesome, it’s worth researching.

    • I find it hard to believe that the Diva Cup or tampons or anything like that will “dislodge” an IUD. They kind of get a workout during sex, no? If that doesn’t “dislodge” it, I doubt a tampon or Diva Cup would. It seems like a stretch.

  22. I’ve had my Diva cup for 5-6 years now and I love it! It’s not perfect but it’s by far the best solution for me of the ones that’s out there. I live in Scandinavia and at the time I purchased it it wasn’t available over here. So I bought one together with some cloth pads from canada. The best investment I’ve ever made!

    By now the cloth pads are worn out and I’ve made my own from worn out towels, fleece shirt and a pair of velour pants I wasn’t using. The cup is holding up perfect still – it gets a little discoloured but nobody is seeing it and I know it’s sanitary clean. I’ve also cut the stem of completely as it kept poking me and making insertion less flexible (much easier to find a comfortable position now).

    I have hypermobility issues in my pelvis and lover back so maybe my cramping issues are different from others as they are primarily in my lower back and I have lots of knots there and in my buttocks as well. But my cramping is lessened by using cloth for the first couple of days (they are super comfortable and help me relax my muscles of that whole region) together with an ibubrofene tablet and a nap. When things have settled down a little I stretch my backside muscles and switch to the cup – by this time I don’t feel a thing and can actually forget that I’m on my period. This is amazing as before I would get fevers and cold sweat from the pains and almost labour like contractions.

    I also find that a no grain and sugar eating regime helps keep me pain free!

    I have a friend who has mild vulvodynia issues and despite that she’s able to use tampons she thinks that the cup is to large for her after she saw mine. I don’t know if it is helping that you stay naturally lubricated with the cup and she’s a bit scared to try it out (and reluctant to pay for a cup if it turns out not to work).

  23. I have a LadyCup, which is just like a DivaCup. I absolutely LOVE it and I could not imagine life without it anymore. It took about 6 months worth of periods to get totally confident with it, and I still won’t change it in public toilets. I only have to change it in the morning and once at night so this has never been a problem for me since I’m usually home then anyway. 

    If anyone hasn’t tried a cup, please, please do so. It won’t be easy right away, and it might gross you out, but the benefits you will have from using it (environmental and physical) will totally win you over to them within a few months. I can completely forget I am on my period!

    • I just bought a Diva cup and I have never used anything like this before. I am concerned about leakage. I work in a extremely physically demanding male dominated carrer with all kinds off awkward positions, movement, heavy lifting. I also workout at the gym every day running and lifting heavy weights. Does anyone have info on these kind of activities and leakage? I have very heavy bleeding for the first 3 days. I have been using regular tampons (the heaviest I can find. OB) and I have to change them every hour around the clock for usually the first 2-3 days of my cycle. A leak at work or at the gym would be mortifying. Thank you for all of the honest open info and advice mentioned here.

      • I also have very heavy flow for the forest 3 days and I find that 1 hour tampon translates to 2-4 hours with a cup. The cup is way more secure than a tampon as far as vigorous exercise goes. After a few months I got used to how the cup feels when it’s full. You should soon get the feel of it and you won’t have any issues. Good luck!

  24. I’ve been using a Moon Cup for the past few years, and the Diva Cup for a few years before that. I only wear it for about 3 days, and the rest of the days of my period I just wear black underwear. I have a small bladder so I end up using the restroom a lot anyway. 🙂 Normally when the cup is in I can change it once a day (In the shower by preference!) though I’ve finally found the sweet spot in terms of comfort… unfortunately it’s so comfortable that I sometimes forget it’s in there until it’s completely full. D’oh.

    My ND put me on Vitex a few months ago since my estrogen/progesterone levels were a bit out of whack. (estrogen was too high compared to the progesterone) So far it hasn’t made a difference on the cramps, though mine have always been fairly light. I do generally get really bad mood swings the day before my period starts, but this past month my mood was so normal that I was actually surprised when my period started. Anyway, I guess we’ll see how things go after a few more months have passed with the Vitex…

  25. There are a myriad of reusable menstrual pads available on I have some I’ve been using for a year, complete with cute designs and chemical free fabric. 🙂 Just an fyi….

  26. I got two Meluna cups (like Diva – I got one of each size) about a year and a half ago and love love love them too! Even though I’m younger and have no kids I got the size 2 for my heaviest days. Its less comfy than the correct size but totally worth it when I don’t want to be leaking at work. I use cloth panty liners as well, for the light days or backup to the cups. One big thing I noticed when I switched over was I cramped up a lot less using the cups and felt less cruddy in general during my periods.

  27. I am 40 and just learned about the diva cup last month!! I’m so disappointed that I just discovered it! It was about $40 at whole foods but considering it’s the only product I will ever need again and it is reusable I think it’s a steal! I thought it was extremely easy to use and comfortable and reliable. I also love that I’m not filling landfills anymore! I would highly recommend it and thanks for getting the word out I think more women would use it if they knew about it and if it was available more places!

    • I am 47!!! And SO SAD that I just found out about the Diva Cup. I have ordered one and can’t wait for my next period (wow that sounds so weird to say!). I wish I had one from the beginning! I’m so excited to never use tampons or pads ever again!

  28. Prefold cloth diapers make awesome pads! I made pads that specifically fit into my different styles of underwear, so it doesn’t feel so bulky.  Prior to my pregnancy, I used sponges, and I look forward to getting a cup when my period resumes after birth. Sponges worked great for me, but it was a pain to have to boil them after every single use, and to have to carry around the dirties until I got home. I found that other women got REALLY grossed out when they found out I was using reusables, which seems so odd to me.

  29. I’ve used a Diva Cup for about 5 years now (the same one – that may sound gross but they clean up as good as new each time and I’ve not had any problems with the silicone degrading).  I will say that it took several months to get used to it and it was fairly uncomfortable at first but I was determined not to give up.  Now I don’t even notice it, only have to empty it once a day and never have to make emergency trips to the store.  I love it for travel and I love not contributing to the land fill.  I would never go back!

  30. I have never heard of such a thing!  I am so excited!  I just ordered a Moon Cup from a vendor on Amazon for $22 with free shipping.  Thank you all so much for the information!

    • I wish I had tried this. Now there are bathrooms with sinks in the same stalls so it would be more convenient than ever to use.

  31. on the bottle of vitex, it says to take “2 capsules two times daily”… do I really need to take 4 capsules in one day? I mean it just seems like so much… 

    • I’d start with one twice a day and go from there…

  32. I have never used a Diva Cup but after reading this am very interested to try it! I have had much success with relief from menstrual pain with Magnesium or a Calcium/Magnesium (ratio 1:2) supplement. 

  33. are you sure that they[the Mooncup/DivaCup] don’t leak? – tampons never work great for me, but i’m a ballet dancer and so i don’t know what else to do during “that time” of the month! – any ideas?

    • Katy, I have the DivaCup and have used it for about 4 months now. My 18 yr old daughter also loves them and is a dancer. The first day of my period I don’t like to use it because it does make me a little sore but other than that you are perfectly okay using it while dancing. All reviews say to resume normal activity. Just for my own sanity I still wear a panty liner. Every once in a while I may forget to empty it (because it is sooo comfy I forget I am even on my period) and then it will leak thus wearing a panty liner. My daughter (a dancer) and I (semi-runner) are both very active! I love that my period no longer slows me down!

  34. quite by accident,  a few years ago, I discovered that taking a couple of garlic capsules several times a day GREATLY decreased both my flow and my cramping. If I start taking them a day before I start my period – even better….

  35. I just started using the Diva Cup two months ago and I LOVE it! For me, tampons always became incredibly uncomfortable, and I don’t notice the Diva Cup at all. Plus, since starting to use the Diva Cup I have felt like a new woman during my period in only having to empty/clean the cup every 10-12 hours. Gone are the days of trying to get to the bathroom at work unnoticed with feminine products in tote 🙂 After the first few tries at inserting the cup, I found it very easy. And as long as I make sure the cup has opened all the way once it’s inserted I don’t have any issues with leaking, etc. I’ve been rambling on and on about all the positive aspects of my Diva Cup to my poor husband for weeks now…poor guy! Oh, and as others have already pointed out, I like not having the expense of feminine products every month. I also like not being in the position of having to make an emergency run for products if my cycle starts early – I’m always ready to go with my cup!

  36. Just got the Diva Cup and love it! I had always used tampons (never liked pads; always felt too much like having a piece of wet newspaper between my legs). Over the last couple of years, however, tampons had been giving me increasing discomfort, and after I had my first baby nine months ago, I couldn’t use them at all without intense pain. The DC is a great alternative- it keeps everything contained and clean, and I can can’t feel it at all (if you can feel it, it’s probably not in correctly). To each their own, of course, but if pads and tampons just aren’t doing it for you, you should definitely check out the Diva Cup.

  37. I just bought my diva cup two months ago and so far I really like it. I am still having a little bit of trouble getting it in and out but once its set I completely forget about it. I have had some issues though, this is definitely going to be TMI just a fair warning but I want to share my issues and let ladies know that I still love this product. My first issue was that I had some minor leaking BUT that was entirely my fault. When I removed the cup I heard and felt that it had not opened up all the way. So now I double check to make sure but the for your first couple cycles you definitely want to use some type of backup pad just to save yourself some possible embarrassment. Once you are positive you have mastered “insertion” then you will be fine without backup. My second problem was that I got a yeast infection right after my cycle ended. I have had one in the past but this time I am fairly certain that it was the Diva Cup but again I blame myself. After reading many blogs I think what happened was that I maybe didn’t rinse the soap (the diva wash) completely off before reinserting. I have a very sensitive body, sensitive skin, sensitive digestion, the list goes on so maybe a little extra soap wouldn’t be irritating to someone else but for me it was awful. Once I figured out the proper insertion and made sure I double rinsed my cup everything went perfectly. I love this product and their is no way I am going back to tampons. I save money, I am not being wasteful and honestly I think a little string hanging between the legs is way worse than being initially grossed out during removal of the cup. So try one but be ready to get up close and personal with your lady bits! PS-definitely be sure to read through all the FAQS on the website if you do choose to go with a diva cup. Make sure you know everything about the diva cup so you don’t ruin it with the wrong soap or storage etc.

  38. Diva cup all the way! I haven’t needed feminine supplies in over a year now since I have a 5 month old, but the Diva is so much better than disposable pads or tampons that I don’t have trouble remembering how great it is. I had to get disposable pads for the lochia after my son was born and I loathed them. The Diva, as someone else mentioned above, was only a little bit icky to wash out the first few times, but I got over it quickly. It stays comfortably in place and I didn’t need to empty it more than once every twelve hours. Just boil it at the end of your cycle and it’s ready to go for the next month! SO worth your while.

  39. I have been using a Diva Cup for over 2 years now and I love it! It is an initial investment but like the others have said it pays itself off in about 6 monthes. For overnight or backup I use my homemade pantyliners just in case, I find them both super comfortable and the amount of garbage that gets cut down especially when there are more than one on their cycle is amazing. A mark of difference. The cup is also nice to travel with or if you are in the bush as well.

  40. I know this post is a few months old, but just wanted to add my two cents!  I’ve been using the Diva Cup for a few months now and love it.  Way better than pads and tampons.  I did cut the tip of mine a bit to make it a little shorter since it was poking me a bit and uncomfortable the first few times.   I plan on continuing with the Diva Cup for many years.  Great product!

  41. love my diva cup & mama cloth… There is a definate learning curve, so thank goodness for you tube videos to learn different folds… Watching insertion with a vase was super helpful!

  42. I’ve been using a Diva Cup for 3 years and I absolutely love it! It is very comfortable and I only empty it twice a day even on my heaviest days. It takes some getting used to, but it is worth sticking out.

  43. For cramps I’ve been using accupressure. The spot is called spleen six, its located four finger widths above the inner ankle bone. You can just press on it for about 30 seconds each side, or tape a small ball of paper or a grain of rice to it

  44. I have a divacup and its wonderful! It doesn’t interupt the moisture balance down there (I find tampons can do that) and I save soooo much money by not buying pads or tampons!

  45. I’ve been using my diva cup for over 3 years now and it has never given me problems. I used cloth panty liners for a while with it since there was a learning curve, but I was OK with that. Other things that helped relieve me of my cramps: taking in enough iron, exercising regularly…especially during(!), sleeping a lot and not eating sugar/caffeine. The iron and sugar/caffeine I do during my period to ease cramps, the others I do all the time. An easy way to up regular iron intake is by taking a T of blackstrap molasses every day and drinking an iron rich tea (rasp leaf, nettles, etc), I’ve found.

  46. I love my diva cup. It is cost effective (tampax doesn’t get $5-10 of my money a month anymore). It leaks less (almost never unless you have it in wrong). It is great for swimming. You can almost forget that you have your period. I would never go back. It did take a month or two to get used to, but the freedom it is worth the effort.

  47. my daughter uses a diva cup and loves it (don’t need one myself!) I used pregesterone cream for YEARS AND YEARS. It really did help!

  48. Love my Diva Cup or Keeper with cloth pantiliner back up. I take cramp bark tincture for cramps, although they’re much less than they were when I used tampons. I also try to drink red clover, red raspberry leaf, nettle infusions throughout my cycle, at least seven days. The red clover seems to help balance my hormones (as does avoiding too much sugar and getting enough sleep) so that I don’t have spotting a few days before the actual bleeding starts. I don’t mind the heads up but since it’s an indicator of hormone imbalance I figure it’s best to manage it 🙂 The red clover/RRL/nettles infusions are also very high in cal/mag which I’m sure helps with my cramping. I often have very little discomfort and don’t even need the cramp bark for it. Motherwort tincture is also very effective although it tastes awful.

  49. I like the cloth menstrual pads. I really wanted to like the Diva cup but I had so many problems with it. I am 30 and have given birth to a child so I ordered model 2 but it was so big I couldn’t fit it in my vagina. I then tried model 1 and it was still rather large, but I was able to fit it. I had a lot of pain removing the cup because it was so large. It made me really sore. And then, after using it for a few days, I contracted a yeast infection despite washing it carefully after each use. I love the idea of using something reusable like the Diva cup, and I was looking forward to saving money on tampons, but it just didn’t work. I don’t recommend it. 🙁

  50. Love, Love, Love it!! I will NEVER switch back. I’ve been using a Diva Cup for 6 years. I don’t cramp as bad and I don’t need to change as often. It does take a few cycles to get confident in the changing process and the product itself. I’ve only had one leakage problem (it was full) when I first started using it. I was happy to have had a light day on that day. Once you learn how your body flows, it’s worth the change.

  51. Ok, I tried to read through the comments to see if anyone had already answered my question, and didn’t see it, so here goes: I tried the NuvaRing a couple years ago (a birth control method in the form of a monthly insert that looks like a jelly bracelet,) and it caused chronic UTI’s that led to other bladder issues that are just now going away. I understand that you wash the cups between uses, but, like another woman said below, my body is just very, very sensitive, so I would even have to be careful of how I wash my cup should I choose to buy one. I also understand that you don’t use the cup for as many days consecutively as something like the NuvaRing, but you use it for a much longer period of time non-consecutively than disposable tampons. My sweet husband went out to buy tampons for me a few months ago, bought the type but not the brand I normally use, and I had a near instant reaction that caused me to have to wear pads for the rest of my period (and seemed to cause issues further into my cycle.) Has anyone had or heard of anyone having an issue with irritation or infection using any of the cups? (I’m doing my research to see which cup I think would work best for me.) I think may be less inclined to keep one cup for a long period of time (more than a year) because of my previous experiences with different inserts. Anyway, I’m just very cautious about feminine hygiene products – thanks!

    • I haven’t heard of anyone getting irritation, but maybe try one and see if it works for you, and if you make the switch, get a couple so you can boil/sterilize when you change them…

      • Hey, Just so you know, I had a reoccurring yeast infection that i realized was perpetuated by my diva cup.

        A cheating boyfriend gave me the first one though.

        As you’re getting accustomed to your diva cup it will potentially sit lower in your body which is not the best because if you’re sensitive, too much friction can set your bacterial cultures on hyperdrive and that sucks hard. So make sure it is allll the way up there.

        If you have a sensitive balance wash hands and cup THOROUGHLY with advertised/ recommended cleaners as well as boiling in a special pot.
        And if you have an infection DO NOT USE YOUR DIVA CUP AGAIN, it’s time for a new one.

        I went back to using OB because it was going to be too expensive to keep dropping 40$ on a new cup every time a boy decides to search for greener pastures

  52. I had a Diva cup and it never did fit just right, I kept trimming and trimming, and trimming! But I still preferred it to pads and tampons, which I also have trouble with. I used it with cloth pads that I make myself. Warning however, I dropped mine in the toilet while removing it, it was a nasty mess to reach in after it, but I could not catch it. It was like it was alive and running away from me and it finally went too far out of reach down the pipe. Then the same thing happened to my daughter’s diva cup just a couple months later! Funny I don’t see anybody complaining of anything like that! I want to get another but the cost is high…

  53. I used a Diva cup. I got the bigger one, because I had already had my first baby. It was too big and uncomfortable, so I got the smaller one. It was also too big and uncomfortable. I tried using it again after my second baby, and found it was still too big and uncomfortable. Wound up going back to regular pads, but have been told that there are other kinds of menstrual cups out there and they are not all created equal. I don’t have the money to buy and test any of them, so for right now I’m still using conventional products. Hopefully soon, though, I’ll be able to change that.

  54. I got the DivaCup. Unfortunately I bleed a ridiculous amount, so I have to pair it with cloth pads as well for the first few days. I got the fuzzibunz brand and LOVE them! I like that I don’t have to go shopping for anything every month and that I don’t stain anything anymore. Even with the Instead cups I stained myself terribly a few times at work so I switched to the reusable Diva. I have noticed, too that I have way less cramps and have been at it with the Diva cup/cloth pads for about 5 months now.

  55. I’ve been using cloth pads for 7 months now, and I love them!!! The mild to severe cramping I’ve had on the first day or so is GONE and it’s so much better for the world, and me! I’ve been wanting to try a diva cup, and will, eventually…

  56. I love my DivaCup. I was introduced to it years ago from a backpacking friend. At first I still had to use tampons on heavy days as I was cleaning out the cup every 1/2hr. After switching to a holistic doctor and starting iron, magnesium and vitex (chasteberry) supplements, my cycles are normal enough that I can use the DivaCup for my entire cycle. For backpacking I dig a cathole to empty contents, rinse and clean, and bear bag it when not in use.

  57. are all the natural pain relief options safe to use while breastfeeding? i’m the 5% of women who get their menstrual cycle while breastfeeding, ugh.

  58. I love both the diva cup and my mama cloth. They’re so simple and make me feel so much better that I’m doing my part.

  59. I am love the Diva Cup!! I have been using it for just over 1 year and my only regret is that I didn’t know about it sooner. It is extremely easy to use, and the directions even give a couple examples for different ways to insert it so, everyone can find the easiest way for themselves.

    I found out about if from a friend, and have been using it since.

    I would like to highlight a couple benefits that were not my initial reason for my purchase of this product.

    The length that it can be left in is a huge plus. I used to struggle with finding the right night pad and panties to keep leaks from happening (always had issues with leaks). Since it can be left in for more than 8 hours, I now wear it to bed after cleaning it out in the shower from the day use. No more night pads! Additionally, it keeps the blood from spreading onto the sensitive skin in that area.
    It works great for swimming -no chemicals in, and no blood out!

    It really works to keep leaks from happening, so I rarely need a panty liner like I did when I used tampons.
    The other nice thing about not having to worry about toxic shock, is because you aren’t changing it that frequently you no longer need to worry about getting blood on your hands/everywhere else in a public bathroom!
    And to finish, yes, I have saved soo much money since switching to this product!
    I would recommend this to every woman!!

  60. Oddly enough, for cramping, nothing works so effectively and instantly as smoking catnip. Seriously! I had thought it was just a treat for my kitty, but as soon as I exhale it, the pain + ickiness lessened a lot. Once the edge is taken off with the first inhalation, I like to visualize the tension/’bad energy’ leave my body as I exhale … quite centering. (:

    If your local health food store has a bulk herb section, it should be there; I recommend picking up a bit of mullein to add to it, to make it easier to smoke. [A teeny bit of lavender, if you’re in an indulgent mood.] I ran out of dried catnip this cycle, and out of utter desperation, ate a leaf from the plant in my garden; it helped, but I find smoking way more effective … not to mention, more pleasant!

    One thing I’ve been meaning to do again is to fill a small pillowcase with rice (& sew or even knot it up). When heated up, it makes the cheapest + most effective heating pad. Even with my cramps taken care of with herbs/magnesium, I find the warmth so deeply soothing, when I shower I end up ‘accidently’ wasting ungodly amounts of time and hot water. Hopefully I’ll remember to make this rice-cozy before my next cycle!

  61. Jade pearl Sea Sponges. Wonderful!

  62. I have a question that is slightly off-topic: Do you have any suggestions for natural feminine wash–for the outside area?

    • I use summer’s eve. I don’t know if it’s “green” exactly, but I don’t know if I want to risk the experimentation of something else because this works so great and I am not a happy camper if something goes wrong with my vagina.

  63. I find that a good pilates session with lots of core exercises is I find that

  64. I got my first Diva about 7 years ago. I replaced it just last year. Not because it was breaking down but because it started to get pretty nasty looking. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I couldn’t imagine using anything else and best of all it was created by a mother daughter team here in my town. 🙂 They also have a wash that you can use to wash your Diva and your yoni, and it is ph balanced so it shouldn’t affect anyone. I’m fairly sensitive in that area myself and haven’t had any issues yet. I actually empty mine a couple of times a day but mostly that is just my need for cleanliness. Can’t say enough about my Diva and if/when my daughter is ready to use one for her moon time – we’ll get her one too. 🙂

  65. I’ve been wanting to try the diva cup, but haven’t had the extra money to dish out yet (not that it’s expensive, it’s about $33 where I work, thats just $33 extra that I don’t have lying around…) but I will have to read comments to hear some opinions. Also wanted to mention, when I have cramps, I use something called cramp bark which is all herbal. I use it in a dropper, and I drop about 20-30 drops of it in a juice (so I don’t taste it as much) and it works great. After a little bit you may need to drink a bit more, but thus far it’s my favorite thing to use for cramps!

  66. Hi. I just received my Diva Cup after reading this article yesterday and am reading the instructions. Can anyone recommend a specific soap (other than the Diva Wash, which I did not order) that I can get at the store today? I’d like to start using right away (though I am nervous!)

    • I think liquid castle soap (like Dr. Bronners) is ok on silicon as well…

  67. I absolutely LOVE my Diva Cup and my cloth pads. Seriously…. my cloth pads are like wearing my favourite flannel pjs. They’re so comfortable! Once you get over the stain factor, you love ’em.

    Also, for the Diva Cup, this is probably what I use for about 80-90% of the time I’m letting it all out. (; I really only have to change it about once at night, and first thing in the morning. No leaks, no muss, no fuss! Of course, I practically cut the whole tab off for comfort, but reaching in to grab it doesn’t bother me a bit.

    • What brand of cloth pads do you use? Thanks!

  68. I started out with disposable cups (before taking the plunge for the Diva cup), and found I really liked it (especially once I got more comfortable with the idea of a “hands on” approach to my cycle). So, I ordered the Diva Cup and was so excited. I am in the middle of my child-bearing years, and have yet to have children. I ordered the smaller size and have time and again decided not to use it. For me, it is too big and bulky – both a problem for initial placement and a problem for every moment thereafter. I have tried everything I can and am sure that I am using it properly. I have gone back to disposable ones because they are comfortable and have a longer wear time… Glad that others have had better luck.

    • One thing a few of the ladies here have mentioned is that they find the Diva Cup to be too small/large or uncomfortable. Many sites where reusable feminine hygiene products are discussed recommend to try another brand of cup, as all the brands have slightly different shapes, sizes and even materials from which they are made, so you might find another one to be more suitable to your shape, size or condition.
      Personally I use Juju, which is an Australian product, made from medical grade silicone and seems to be a little slimmer than some of the others available on the market, so it might suit some woman better, especially if you have strong pelvic floor muscles.

  69. I mostly use a Diva cup too. After doing a lot of internet based research, I first bought a Lady Cup, but I’m ‘long in the wheel base’ and struggled to reach it to remove it, yikes! It took a number of cycles to feel I mastered the Diva – its amazing how a few short millimeters makes such a difference. I find it best to remove sitting on the toilet and tipping my weight slightly onto one hip.

    I’ve seen in NZ the sea sponges marketed as ‘Jam Sponge’. I’d love a set for those days I struggle with the Diva.

    The Diva is also handy after coitus, collecting fluid and disposing of it in one hit at a convenient time, rather than experiencing prolonged leakage. (Some use it for a fertility aid, if you want to believe that theory.)

  70. I’ve been using the diva cup for about 6 years and I love it. I don’t have to worry about it, even when travelling or camping. Highly recommend this product! Buck up and spend the $40. Well worth it.

  71. Oh wellnessmama, I so loved reading about this and the comments below, thank you ladies.

    I am more convinced to try the Diva/Moon cup now.

    As for the cramps, I have been doing this routine over the past 5 months, it take the body a while to get used to a new natural routine, you just have to be patient. One week ahead I start making sure I include lots of green leafs and nuts into my daily diet (not that I change much of what I eat, I do not actually. but i make sure I do not forget. I have read this somewhere – but except my apologies I cannot remember where, that nut oils are excellent for the pain). Also I do Yoga twice a week. And when in pain I try to walk, I know most of us would not be in any physical or mind state to move, but trust me walking is excellent. Also I drink sage. All this helps reduce the pain, sometimes it manages to creep in, but I do as mentioned and it would not last much.

    Happy, healthy living for all 🙂

  72. I used to have horrible periods…to the point of vomiting, dizziness and generally feeling like my life was flashing before my eyes (not literally but almost). After my son was born a couple of years ago I bought one and was pleased with how easy it was to get used to with such a heavy and painful cycle. Mid-night trips to the bathroom were a bit hard at first (being half asleep didn’t help) but after a few months I was and still am very confident in using the diva cup. And even better!!… my periods now last 5 days instead of nine, I rarely have more than about 8 hrs of cramping where it used to be a couple days at beginning and end…said cramps are also so mild I can still function, I am saving a ton of money and saving on my carbon footprint to boot! I have tried to get every woman that will listen to try them…because if it made such a huge difference for me then what could it do for you? Sadly I think in my family I’ve been labeled the “hippie” family member that cans her own food and touches her own menses…lol… and I suppose I am but I will NEVER go back to tampons…ever! I am curiously waiting to see if some suggestions for regulating hormones from wellness mama will relieve some of the, albeit slight, discomfort I now have each month.
    Sorry for the lengthy post but it’s worth it to me to let as many women know about the difference it made. I am sure that the chemicals in tampons are at least partly to blame for how severe my periods were and it’s a shame that I suffered through it as long as I did when it could have been prevented. I hope this helps in any way whoever reads it.
    Thanks for the article Wellness Mama. : )

    • You might also try acupuncture and Chinese herbs. My cycle used to be unbearable (pain wise, and length wise… sometimes giving me only a few “normal” days out of every month). I started acupuncture and within two visits I had already seen a noticeable difference! My acupuncturist is also an expert in Chinese herbs, so with each session she would adjust as needed. It became such that I could expect my period to start on a specific day (sometimes within minutes of leaving her office), they would only last for 3-5 days, and I’d have no moodiness, no cramping, no clotting, and they’d be a normal flow. I was even able to identify my pregnancy only DAYS after becoming pregnant because I finally had a “normal” and easy cycle.

      I recommend acupuncture to any woman who has hormone imbalance issues (also used Progest bioidentical progesterone cream — I have had an excess of estrogen, extremely low progesterone, thyroid issues, and endometriosis). I tried vitex tincture but it never seemed to work for me. Since having a child 4 months ago, I’m not sure what my cycle will be like once it regulates (my first one back was incredibly heavy with no cramps) but my fingers are crossed that it doesn’t go back to (or become worse than) it was! Best of luck to you!! I can definitely say “I feel your pain!” And I’m with you… the cup has changed my life! (along with acupuncture). 🙂

  73. Do you know if these menstrual cramp remedies are safe while breastfeeding?

  74. Thanks so much! I love all your articles and recipes! I was wondering about the safety of Vitex for someone who obviously has hormone issues, (endometriosis, cycts, cystic acne, PMS, etc.) I am saving my money to go to an OBGYN/Naturopath, but it will be months out before I can see him and get my hormones tested. It would be nice to have some relief now, but I want to weigh the risks. Thanks again!!

  75. I use diva cup. I am an advocate of alternatives to what the public wants us to think is convenient. The diva cup is more convenient and more comfortable than anything I’ve used.

  76. I’ve been using the Today cups for years as it was the only thing that worked reliably when I had really monstrously heavy periods in my 40’s. After a few years I decided to try washing them (and I’ll splash some rubbing alcohol on them) and now use only 1 or 2 per period. I’ve also learned how to tell if it’s about to leak so I’ve not had an accident in a decade. Lastly, no one mentioned that cups, including the Diva above, can allow for clean sex during menstruation.

  77. When I first heard about the Diva Cup a few years ago, my initial reaction was “Eww, gross!”. A few years later I saw them online, learned more about them and decided to give it a try. I have to say, I LOVE it! I will never go back to pads or tampons. I love that I’m saving so much from going in the landfill, plus I’m way more confident with my Diva Cup then I ever was with a pad or tampon (for leaking). It took me a while to get used to it, and some days (even after using it for over a year) I need to re-insert it to get it positioned right, but I still love it.

  78. I have been using my Diva Cup for almost a year now! I love it! No more having to worry bout changing pads or tampons. It is very comfy and easy to clean. I found spending 25$ for a Diva Cup was worth the cost over buying almost $100 dollars a year on pads! Try it ladies, it’ll change your life.

  79. Has anyone had any irritation with the Diva cup? I put it in and I didn’t think I was allergic to it but maybe I am. Does anyone have any tips I really want it to work.

  80. I’ve had my Diva Cup for four or five years now and it is so simple! The only problems I’ve had with it are:
    1. Cleaning it in a public bathroom
    2. Residual smell during the last few days of my period. After trying different rinses, soaps, boiling it with vinegar, etc. I’ve found the best solution for smell/discoloration is to put the Diva Cup in the direct sun for a few hours and it seems good as new!

  81. I have 8 children. I have used the diva cup. Never again. Even after placing properly…um…If you cough or sneeze the cup can tip. What an awful mess.

  82. I just recently purchased a pretty decent brand of progesterone cream from my local natural foods store. I have seen you mention several times throughout your blog that it should be applied to fatty areas of the body. However, in these directions, it says to avoid fatty areas and apply to areas where the capillaries are close the skin – for example areas where you blush easily. I think this is supposed to guarantee more efficient absorption. However this seems confusing to me too because progesterone is stored in the fat – so you would want to put it directly to the “source” it’s going to, if that makes sense. Have you heard of this before?

  83. I have tried the Diva Cup and I LOVE it! It’s the best menstrual product and I hope to never need to use anything else. It took a good 2 cycles to practice getting the positioning down right and it was definitely frustrating at first. I almost gave up and swore it off, but just then I finally figured it out. If you’re having trouble getting it to seal and open up properly, make a modified “c” shape rather than what it tells you to do in the directions. Just fold in the lip slightly, rather than rolling it up into a full C shape. When you insert it, start to turn it slightly and it should just “pop” into place. Once you have that happen once or twice you’ll think, “Oh that’s it.”

    When I was younger, I used cloth pads for years. However I currently have to use a laundromat so this is a little more complicated now. And living in FL, nothing hand washed ever dries unless you give it like 3 days.

  84. Can I add the red clover to a tea containing alfalfa, red raspberry, and mint? What about outages?

  85. This news of having other alternatives to sanitary pads and tampons is really great ! Especially for us ladies residing in Africa cos we also struggle on spending money every month. I can’t wait to try the diva cup although is it safe for women with UIDS? If no, what option can anyone recommend please ? I will be grateful if I get a response.
    Also, my mom has been having this irregular menopause as it disappears for 3 months and returns for like 2weeks with a big Bang! ;she said the doctors have tried everything they can to ease the pain and am scared for her. Is it okay if she tries the progesterone cream. (Am hoping to order online from amazon soon ) or is there something else that she can use. Thank you

    • Hi Katie and everyone,
      It gives me great joy to let you know that after my post, i made a research those if the cups were available in Africa and not only that, I browse and saw that it just became more popular with the last 2 years. Story short, I ordered for my large cup based on the calculation and post birth through C-section, got it this weekend and started using it on Monday. I can tell you that for the first time I slept like a baby, no fuss, no mess, and NO MESS! I was quite nervous at first but I can’t wait to tell my sisters. It really shocked me that these cups have been here (on earth I mean ) for decades and we here in Nigeria haven’t heard about it. Thanks to this blog for such an awareness. Bless you all.

  86. I’m a teenager and I’m looking for a better option that disposables, but I do have some questions about the cups. Since the diva cup is made from silicone, is there a risk of it making its way into the bloodstream or body? Is there really no risk for infections with it? Also I’m a virgin (sorry if that’s TMI) but I’m wondering if this may be uncomfortable because there is only two sizes? I’m really hoping that I might be able to use a cup.

    • I know several women who are virgins and who use them without discomfort. Silicon is generally considered safe, especially when not heated to high temperatures and is definitely less of a risk of introducing toxins than the chemicals in tampons.

      • thank you! 🙂 do you think they are safer then pads though, because pads are outside of your body?

  87. This is a great forum & I am looking forward to trying out my new eco-friendly lady business equipment. Any suggesttions on cleaning the DivaCup without the commercial wash would be appreciated–AVC & water, maybe? I used the Instead cup years ago but had leakage problems; the DivaCup looks like a much better design.

    I am lucky enough to work for an organic herb. tea, spice, & EO company here in Oregon & have been taking the Vitex capsules we sell for several months. I go 3 weeks, then take a break for 1 week. It has helped with my cramps & more importantly w/ PMS mood swings. My husband makes the caps for me w/ a simple machine to be sure that I don’t run out! Also I can recommend cramp bark tincture, which tastes awful on its own but if you put it in some water it’s better. I made my own & threw some raspberry leaf in as well ( great info on making herbal tinctures here:
    It is ridiculously easy. I still have to take NSAIDs for cramps, but I take maybe 1/3 to 1/4 of the amount I did previously. I’m hoping the DivaCup & cloth pads will help reduce that even more. Thanks for all your input, ladies!

  88. I’ve been using a diva cup for almost a year now and I fricken love it! I will never use anything else ever again. It takes some getting used to as far as making sure it seals to prevent leakage, so be prepared for a bit of a learning curve. Once you’ve got it down you’ll never want anything else.
    I find that red raspberry leaf tea can make my cramps go away before I even finish my cup of tea! I love that stuff. It’s great with some raw honey stirred in. Mmm so good!

  89. Hey Katie,

    I was wondering if you could please tell me your opinion on douching. My gynecologists recommends against it. But I just read a brief passage in Rosemary Gladstars herbal recipes for a douching recipe. Is this something safe for the natural ph of your body? Or is this something that will disturb my natural balance?

  90. I’m so jealous of everyone having so much success with the diva cup. Has anyone had problems leaking? I fill up and overflow my cup within an hour or two at the beginning I my period. I gave up after a few cycles because it was causing so many messes. Is this totally abnormal?

  91. I use the diva cup, i love it! Its an investment when you first buy it cause a box of tampons runs like 3.99 but in the long run you save money and the earth! It was tricky at first i had a little leaking cause I didnt insert it properly and it took forever to figure out the right way to bend it and what not but now its a breeze! I never feel it.

  92. Im a two time mommy and love the cups. very easy to use and convenient. I suffer from vulvodynia so the chemicals in traditional options cause quite a bit of pain. ive also begun making my own pads now too. liners because after kids a sneeze leads to a bit of urine.

    good luck ladies!!!

  93. There is another cup called softcup. I have not tried Diva cup, but softcup seems very similar to it. I love the softcup You can purchase reusable ones, but they also have disposable ones. It is also relatively cheap. I get headaches from all tampons and most pads. After having children, it had gotten much worse with my doctors having no idea or solution for it. I normally resorted to sitting in a bathtub until I felt well enough to put a pad back on. I haven’t had any trouble since switching to softcup.

  94. Hi, I love your articles!
    Just one thing. Progesterone cream should not be rubbed into the fatty areas – it’s the opposite. It should be rubbed where there isn’t any fat: neck, front forearms, face etc. because if you rub it into the fatty areas your fat absorbs it and it doesn’t get into your bloodstream etc. to help you quickly.
    Thank you!

  95. I loved some of the great new ideas in the comments and your article, Katie. I’ve been struggling with dealing with horrible PMS and cramps for a few years now. I didn’t have a chance to read through all the comments so I hope I’m not repeating anything: The Fermented Cod Liver oil capsules you had under sun protection have done wonders for my PMS. The magnesium oil definitely put a dent in my cramps. The most recent (and currently affective) thing I’ve been doing to deal with cramps has been stretches I start about five days before I start my period. I look forward to trying some more natural tampon/pad options! Thanks!

  96. Personally I use a MeLuna Cup (German manufacturing) and consider this to be the most sensible buy I have made in …. FOREVER! I love it. And what is awesome about MeLuna is the number of sizes, the 3 flexibility levels and all the colours and shapes of the products – so happy with mine, and so much info on the website as to how to choose which one you need!
    Love your blog Katie! xxx

  97. I find washing with a natural …. no chem soap keeps my lady bits healthy and odour free.

  98. I’ve been using cloth pads for a while now, and it’s way cheaper and you can make them yourself. It’s A LOT easier to keep them in your purse or backpack for when you need to change them, since they kind of look like a small make-up pack.

  99. I make my own cloth pads. Black cotton. Never understood all the fancy girly designs when they’re just gonna get bled all over. Can’t stand having anything up there, so a cup would be as out of the question as tampons. I was using Always Infinity pads for a couple years, super-comfortable compared to anything else I’d used at that point, but that foam stuff can’t be healthy. Cloth pads just feel like I’m wearing panties.

  100. I have the Keeper, which is very similar to the Diva cup, but made of natural rubber. I have tried the Diva cup before, but felt it was too uncomfortable. I am on my second one.. and they last for 10 years which is amazing. I am always telling woman about the Keeper, and always amazing how many girls out there have never tried it.. its totally worth it.. If i remember, at first it was uncomfortable (for maybe a day or so) but then it was fine and has been for years since.

  101. The organic menstrual pad lot are currently unavailable on Amazon. Do you have another recommendation?

  102. What I have to reply on is not really considered feminine hygiene but runs along the same category.

    I have learned quite a few things from middle eastern countries & wanted to share what I feel may be a good way to keep hygienically clean after using the bathroom.

    They keep a small water pot (like those used in watering plants) on the back of the toilet. Everytime they use the bathroom, whether #1 or #2, they fill the small water pot with warm water, use the restroom and since the water pot has a long-type snout, they point downwards towards the privates and cleanse to wash away the urine or poo.

    Some use a liquid soap to wash as well, but I personally don’t use soap there as I heard it washes away vital bacteria in those areas.

    After using, you wash your hands with soap and water.

    The friends I had did not use toilet paper and explained to me that this does not clean the area after going to the bathroom, but only smears it around.

    I would like to hear you input on this.

    P.S. Is anyone young enough to remember the old pastel colored toilet paper they used to sell?

    Thank you…

  103. I use the diva cup too and love it. I have no idea how I ever lived without it. It holds about twice as much as a tampon which is really nice on heavy days. I make my own pad. I buy waterproof PLU fabric and hemp fabric on amazon (the hemp is super absorbent). I take the waterproof fabric for the bottom, 1-4 layers of hemp (dependent on absorbency) and then a layer of my children’s old baby swaddling blankets. I then cut it all into a curvy, long t-shape and run the sewing machine around the outside and lengthwise straight down. I use the snap in plastics snaps you can put on yourself like a hole-punch. They take about 30 minutes to make several and last forever! The idea was a modified version of my kids homemade pull-ups. If they ever get a bit stained, I sprinkle some dr bronners on the spot and soak for a bit. Th entire tampon/pad industry is a giant scam in my mind. I agree with the earlier poster – on the rare occasion that I still use a pad or tampon I get a giant rash down there. I can’t imagine teh chemicals that I was soaking up down there!

  104. I’m super excited to try a menstrual cup! I’ve used tampons for years (because they’re more comfortable than pads for me) and have terrible cramps and back pain. I’m intruiged by the idea of a lighter flow and a shorter period as well as less pain! I found a less expensive American made cup called Anigan EvaCup. Do you, Katie, or anyone else know if it is a decent brand? I’ve been contemplating a lunette because I’m short. Also, I’m 29 and haven’t had a kiddo. The decision between small and large sizes has me perplexed! Thank you in advance. =]

  105. Hello Katie,

    Thank you very much for the informative article! I will definitely order that Raspberry Leaf tea, if I only had it a few days ago! I am also definitely going to look into purchasing a Diva Cup

    The comments section and suggestions are very helpful as well!

    Thank you!

  106. I went off the pill about a year ago because I didn’t like what it was starting to do to my menstrual cycle. The original reason I went on the pill was far severe, debilitating cramps, and I was worried they would come back, but since I’d been on the pill for years I figured it was worth a shot. Well, they did come back (not quite as bad as they had been before, but still). Then I started looking into other things besides tampons because I was starting to do research and found that tampons are TERRIBLE for your body (THANK YOU KATIE!!!). I was super skeptical of the Diva Cup at first… it just sounded weird and uncomfortable. It took me a few months to get up the courage to buy one, and then another month to try it. The first month was awkward. It took some getting used to, but honestly, thinking back, the tampon was just as awkward when I first started using those. The weirdest part was the mess. It was messy at first because I didn’t have a system down, and I didn’t know what to do at work in a public restroom. The second month was a little better, but still weird. The third month did the trick. I got a routine down, got the hang of it, and I will never look back. These are the most comfortable things in the world, I don’t have to change them all the time, they are virtually leak proof unless I have a particularly heavy month, in which case I STILL don’t change it as often as I would a tampon. It’s also really not that messy once you figure out what works for you. AND, to top it off, I really don’t have cramps anymore. Maybe some mild ones now and then, but nothing severe and NOTHING like the cramps I had that originally put me on the pill. I’m starting to wonder if those cramps were at least partially caused by using tampons.

    Side note, I saw someone above ask if virgins can use it. Sorry if it’s TMI, but I’m a virgin and the only thing that I had a hard time with was getting it in the first few times, and that was just because I wasn’t used to how different it was from a tampon. It doesn’t feel at all uncomfortable to use or put in once you figure out a method that works for your body, and I think that is true for everyone, not just virgins.

  107. I’m glad to see so many praises for menstrual cups! I’ve been a fan for years also! I do have a question I’m hoping someone more educated can help me with after my Internet search has still left me without answers. Are they safe? Is silicone, even medical grade, safe to put into your body?

  108. My question is if anyone has ever purchased the diva cup for their teenage daughter?? How did it go over?? I use the diva cup and LOVE it…like “where have you been all of my life!!” Now that i use an all natural product I would like my daughter to only have natural products when she starts her period!! Suggestions?? Thoughts??

  109. Hi Katie! These have been very helpful. I started switching to cloth pads. I have a question though, what are your thoughts on washing your hoo-ha? Do you just use water? Or use natural cleansers like Bronners soap or hydrogen peroxide? Is this okay on a regular basis or just when you’re on your period? Sorry I know it’s very private but I just wanna hear your thoughts about this because I keep having infections down there. Thanks alot!

  110. The Diva Cup crossed my path years ago when I made my first discoveries on natural birth and a greener life. I got so excited I immediately order one and been advocating for it ever since. I just love it! Had to throw mine away after years of use because the silicon finally got old (and because I got pregnant and had my baby, so it wasn’t my size anymore). I am about to get another one (as soon as I get fertile again, which hasn’t happened yet). But I absolutely love it and got used to it within a couple of days. I felt so free wearing it! No more disposable pads, which gave me allergies specially in hot summer.
    I rather clean up the Diva cup every time I go pee. Maybe that wasn’t a real need, but made me feel lighter and not risking a leakage in the event that it would get too full or the next restroom trip would take too long. So when I wasn’t at home and needed to clean it up in a public restroom, I used to carry around a small plastic bottle which I filled up with water in the restroom sink, then wash the cup while in the cabin, throwing the water in the toilet. Cup back in, rinsing hands with the remaining water before leaving the cabin and all done! Nice, clean and ecologic.

  111. I use Lunette cup and love it! I am 37 and have a 9 year old daughter born via csection, and I needed the “hadn’t” had kids cup. The other was to big and very uncomfortable. For cramps I highly recommend a blend by doTERRA called Clarey Calm which works wonders for menstrual cramps or any other cramps for that matter. My hubby had a stomach bug and his stomach kept cramping, I told him it worked for me during my periods and so he tried it and it worked! It’s just natural and oil that you rub on your abdomen or the outline of your uterus on the abdomen and it greatly reduces or gets rid of the cramps.
    I would highly recommend NOT using any progesterone cream. It isn’t natural. They do add some natural things to it like wild yam extract, but that is added to the manufactured base. It is a small bit better then the conventional but it isn’t natural. I know it’s weird and a lot out of the box, but I recommend seeing a Chinese medicine Doctor. I tried acupuncture, a naturopath, and a OBGYN that was a DO and it didn’t help. But the Chinese medicine Doctor straightened me out.

  112. I LOVE the diva cup. I clean it with the brand’s cleanser because I wasn’t sure what else to use since castille soap is not recommended & I don’t think my roommates would appreciate me boiling it in the kitchen! Make sure that you keep the little holes under the rim clear with a tack so it doesn’t suck onto your cervix. I tried sea sponges but they fell apart & leaked (ew!). I have reinserted it in a public bathroom without rinsing it, which is not ideal, but I didn’t have any problems…

  113. Hi Katie, I found your website a year or so ago when I first went on my Eco journey and I love it, your information is some of the best I have read. I have been using your reminiralzing toothpaste since and it is brilliant. I have been using a moon cup for the last 6 months, I never used tampons as I could never get on with them, I used bodyform pads for years but they chafed and it was very uncomfortable. The moon cup or cups in general can be uncomfortable for some people but there is a lot of info on the Internet of different ways to insert them and with a bit of trial and error can help to get them in the right place. Other brands will undoubtedly be better for different people as some are softer and some are harder. I will never go back using pads. Thank you for all your fantastic info. I will continue to visit your site for years to come

  114. I have a Lunette menstrual cup and Fuzzi Bunz cloth pantiliners. They are the best investment i ever made.
    Gaia Herbs women’s blend and their Vitex elixer are wonderful.

  115. I have fallen in love with the menstral cup. I use a Lunette one. I gave it a try after hearing about them online and from my niece. It’s almost like you don’t have your period. I believe that my cramps are less severe and my period is shorter when I use the cup. I would buy another one in a heartbeat. It took a month or two to get comfortable with it, but I love it!

  116. The DivaCup unfortunately hurts me and I can’t use it. I had horrible pain and almost passed out from it. I would like to use it or one similar to it. I now use cloth pads that I made myself. For cramps I usually apply a heating pad to my abdomen and rub lavender on as well. I will be trying the red raspberry leaf tea! Any suggestions on a cup that isn’t as large as the DivaCup? I’m 30 and have had 3 children.

  117. I love my diva cup. I use it in conjunction with cloth liners just in case of a little leakage. As for menstrual cramp, what I have found to work the best is essential oils. I use 2 drops jojoba oil with 2 drops lavender and one drop clary sage. I massage it on my lower abdomen and back. Whatever is left I put on my ankles on the reproductive vita flex points. Cramps are gone or significantly eased within minutes.

  118. I have been using the Sckoon cup for almost a year now and it is seriously the best thing ever! I wish I had known about these things years ago as well. I will definately get one for my daughter when the time comes. I am no good dealing with blood and actually fainted the first time I got my period, was regularly grossed out every month for 20 something years until I found the cup. I thought it would be disgusting but still was intrigued and dropped the $40. Best $40 I ever spent! It took me a few cycles to get the hang of it but now it is so easy and clean. Everything stays “in there”, no more disgusting things in the bathroom trash. Just for my own peace of mind I do use a panty liner but there really is no need. Weird but I actually look forward to my period now. What was once a dreadful time of the month is now a breeze. Seriously, try it ladies, you will be amazed I think.

  119. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has tried the Thinx panties. They seem interesting, no insertion or strain… Apologies in advance if there is already a discussion on this, there are so many comments, I couldn’t read all of them…

  120. I have been using DIVA cup for over 15 year now. LOVE IT, and frett if I leave mine at home, and have to resort to tampons. UGH! The only precaution, do make sure to wash is thoroughly, as a film starts to form on the outside, causing yeast infections. Boil regularly (disinfect) and scrub it down all over at least once every few months…

  121. Regarding menstrual cup, there are actually a lot of reusable menstrual cups right now in the market aside from the diva cup. This includes a Eva cup by antigen, lunette, ruby cup and many more. These cups are one of the top 5 reusable period cups right now.

  122. I will never go back to tampons after the lena cup and the diva cup. I don’t have cramps anymore, I don’t have to worry about smuggling my purse into the bathroom stalls or discreetly stuffing tampons and wipes into my pants pockets. For me, the cups have only been uncomfortable when I put them in wrong, otherwise, I don’t even know it’s there.
    Using the cup has made such a difference for me that I will never go back to tampons or pads.

  123. I hated tampons and pads. I used to dread starting my moon cycle, between the crazy intense cramping, feeling disgusting, and having to deal with the mess. So one of my bosses turned me on to disposable soft cups, which I used for about 6 months with cloth pads after learning about the disposable paper products, their effect on the environment, the human body and the wallet. before. With just changing over to soft cups I had zero cramps, nada, zilch NONE. Dealing with the cups was so much easier and it didn’t dry me out down there, and it wasn’t painful at all inserting or removing after I got the hang of it. I even ordered a lunette cup (diva cup), but I only got to use it once before I got pregnant lol. But I liked it even better than the soft cups, and since its reusable and isn’t disposable I felt better about my waste level.