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paleo pals book

I was excited to get an advance copy of Sarah Fragoso’s new book, “Paleo Pals: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship” to review.

It actually came while I wasn’t home and when I got back, I had to wrangle it from my kids to read it and review it.

Just like Sarah’s other book, Everyday Paleo, her children’s book is engaging and conversational. My kids really enjoyed it and were able to understand the message, even at their ages.

As my five year old summarized “Basically (his favorite word) it means that if you eat healthy foods like meat and vegetables that you will be able to play sports better and think better.”

If you’ve been looking for a way to introduce healthy foods to your kids, this book is a great solution. The book follows the Paleo Pals as they help Jimmy learn about real foods and how to make healthy food choices.

Paleo Pals takes kids through a food plant where foods are produced with chemicals and ingredients they can’t read to a farm where they see natural food being produced. They then travel to a farmer’s market where Jimmy gets to pick out healthy vegetables and fruits to eat.

Then, the Paleo Pals take Jimmy to a school yard where he sees how the kids who chose to eat healthier have more energy and can play better. It discusses how food is fuel for the body and why whole foods are a good choice.

The book helps kids understand that healthy foods support their bodies and let them be strong like their favorite super heroes. We already eat the way Sarah recommends in the book, but my kids have asked a few times this week if a certain food would help them be a super hero or not.

I like that this book focuses on the positive side of eating healthy and gives kids practical ways to choose healthy foods. It doesn’t portray foods as “bad” but explains how foods with chemicals aren’t optimal.

At the end of the book, Sarah has some great kid-friendly recipes with kid-friendly instructions so that your kids can get excited and involved in planning and eating healthy foods.

Overall, my kids loved Paleo Pals and I would definitely recommend it! It’s available for pre-order now for 35% off the regular price!

Have you read Paleo Pals to your kids yet? What other health books does your family enjoy?

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