Health Blogs I Read

Health Blogs I read

In my time blogging, I’ve had the honor of “meeting” some other great bloggers.

Through sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and others, I’ve been able to connect with many of these bloggers and definitely consider them (online) friends.

Today, I’m just sharing a list of blogs that I read and who’s authors I’ve “met”…

I’d also highly recommend a site that I contribute to, Wellness Media. Wellness Media compiles all of the best health and wellness articles on the web in one place. Click here to check it out.

Health and Nutrition Blogs

Paleo Parents -Great recipes and fun to read

Whole New Mom -Adrienne writes about real food and natural living

Health Home Happiness – A great blog with resources for GAPS and allergy free living

Frugally Sustainable – Great info about homesteading, sustainability, and herbs & remedies

Mama Natural -Great info on pregnancy, nursing and natural parenting/living and some great weekly videos

Civilized Caveman -Great recipes, especially for bacon and grain free dessert

Mommypotamus -I feel like Heather and I are sisters who haven’t met. She blogs about natural living, real food, DIY beauty recipes and more.

Nourished Kitchen -Great traditional food recipes

Kitchen Stewardship -Delicious recipes and natural living how-to

Kelly the Kitchen Kop -Real Food Recipes

Food Renegade -Real Food recipes and health info

Empowered Sustenance -Health info and recipes

Crunchy Betty – Fantastic natural beauty recipes

Growing Up Herbal -Great herbal recipes and DIY

FemFusion Fitness -Fitness ideas for women

SCD Lifestyle -Great info for all digestive health issues

Do you blog? What are your favorite health and wellness blogs? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. I get in a rut with the blogs I read. This is a great resource for some new finds. I love that you grouped them into categories too. Thanks!

  2. Wow!  So honored to be mentioned in your list!  Your blog was one of the first that I found during my real food conversion–  and I’ve been a subscriber ever since! 

    Looking forward to checking out some of the other blogs on your list.  Great idea!

  3. what a great list and there are quite a few that are new to me, thank you!

  4. I echo what Leslie said; you were one of my first (and most treasured) finds on my road to Traditional Foods and I couldn’t subscribe quickly enough. 🙂

  5. Love it! Thank you so much for taking the time to compile this.

  6. Thank-you so much for the plug, I was very excited to see my name on your blog – what an honour coming from someone we so admire! Love from Australia, Jodi 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for including me in this list! I love new blogs that talk about what I’m interested in, so I can’t wait to go check out the rest of them! 🙂

    • I read this blog and suggested it to my mother. She will be very happy when she finds this website. She has always told me she wanted to find a good blog about health and families. I am also interested in health and family because I have grown up to learn about health.

  8. Thanks for including me!  The funniest thing, I was just updating my resources page with blogs I read and came to yours right now to get your url, saw this post and saw me! 🙂 Along with lots of other blogs I’m looking forward to browsing!  Made my night!

    Thank you for the inspiration!


  9. Thank you so much for including me on your list! 🙂
    What a great line-up of resources… I’m excited to check out some new (to me) sites.

  10. I have followed you for a long time and always love to see what blogs are on your radar! Thanks for introducing some of your faves – a few who are new to me!

  11. thanks for sharing your blog list.  i look forward to browsing some of the sites that you’ve recommended.

    i started my family blog (JOYfilledfamily) in ’09 and just recently started a new blog in ’11 to chronicle my family’s major lifestyle changes – Health & Fitness ALL FOR! 

    i’m thankful for the internet, more specifically, blogs.  i’m on my why to restoring my health because of you, and bloggers like you.

    thank you!

  12. Do you have any Catholic blogs that you follow?

  13. Thank you so much for highlighting my blog. You are such a wonderful resource for so many people. I always look forward to your posts and creative, healthy ideas!

  14. Hi Wellness Mama!!  I LOVE your blog!  Great work! 🙂

  15. Thanks so much for including mine on the list!

  16. How do I sign up for grain free wife’s blog? Her recipes look really great!

  17. Thanks so much for linking to my site! I appreciate it!

  18. This website is great! I love learning about different ways to take care of your health in natural ways. For a paper for my English class, I have been researching benefits of natural health care vs. medicine. I have found how much it benefits the body by taking care of it naturally and enhancing its ability to heal itself as it is created to do. I found that when using medicine, it often just treats the symptoms and not the actual problem. Not only does the medicine not necessarily even help the problem, but often causes more problems when using it constantly. It’s great looking through this website, finding different recipes and ideas on improving health.

  19. Thanks so much for sharing my blog (Real Food RN)! Your blog was the first one that I followed and it continues to be a wealth of information for me and my family. Keep up the awesome work!!!

    • I’m so glad you like it! Thanks for reading!

  20. I absolutely love this blog, I am just getting into healthy eating. I read some of the articles on this blog and loved it so much that I told all my friends and now they all have joined…Your blog has certainly been informative as well as very inspirational. Keep on posting, your readers are learning so much from you!!

  21. Thank you for the fabulous list! Your blog is very helpful and enjoyable for me. I appreciate your hard work.

  22. Thank you for the recommendations! I am always looking for new blogs to read and this has really helped 🙂

  23. Thanks for this list, I have found some very helpful information. These are great blogs! You really do such an amazing job and you are an inspiration to me! I am fairly new at this and have a husband and 4 boys. I am also homeschooling and just published my first book. I look at you and think if Katie can do it, then I can too! Thanks for what you do Katie, I hope one day to get to help just a portion of the people you do! God bless your sweet family and all your endeavors!

  24. You are a gem. I love your willingness to help people live better. Its really helpful that you provide outside resources to like minded people. I’m a Momma to four little ones and I’m super passionate about living the healthiest possible way. You have inspired me to create a blog of my own and hope to make a positive difference as you do! Thank you:)

  25. Love this list! I follow a few of these, but I’ll have to add the rest!

  26. What a complete and thorough list! You have a great blog 🙂

  27. What a great list! Thanks for sharing. I’ve found some news ones to check out in my natural living journey 🙂

  28. I am looking forward to finding some new blogs to adventure into.
    Thanks to the wealth and knowledge from your blog and the influence of my mother in law, even if its only through the means on line, its almost like I feel like I have back up about the choices I have been making for my family to live a natural life and use alternative medicine.
    Thank for a new list to look into and for continuing to be a resource for me.

    I have even started beginning my own health blog as well; with the intention to help people too. But right now I its just a blog for recipes and reflections of life and motherhood.

  29. Thanks for the information……….

  30. I love Fitter Food, blogs and podcasts. FF are a couple based in London, U.K., who advocate a paleo-ish diet and lifestyle. My other fave is Primal Shift, based in Australia. Along with Wellness Mama of course!

  31. Great list! Love it!

  32. Thanks! Was really curious to know other great blogs you read too.
    As a die-hard fan for making healthy living through unconventional means and the use of available natural resources without having to break your bank, i’m really inspired to help others too just as you are doing.I’m a mom of two under-4s and hoping to start a blog soon….your blog will definitely be on my ” top 10 health blogs I read” …. thums-up to you!

  33. SUCH a great list! It looks eerily similar to my own frequent reading list. I also love and the Thanks for sharing!