The Keys to Efficient Kettlebell Training at Home

Effective Home Training with Andrea Ducane

Note from Katie: Today, one of the women whose example I looked to when I first started kettlebell training drops in with some suggestions for effective workouts from home! Andrea DuCane has trained everyone from professional athletes to doctors to coaches. She is a Master Kettlebell Instructor who travels around the world training instructors in using kettlebells. Enter Andrea…

The modern woman is a busy creature. Whether working full time and raising a family or staying home with 2 or 3 children, she doesn’t have time to spend 3 hours driving back and forth to a gym to work out for an hour.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Trying to fit in an exercise program while juggling the many facets of contemporary life is hard, if not impossible for many women these days.

According to recent research, you should work out 4-5 times a week, if not every day. That can be tough to do, considering people are driving more, commuting longer distances, living further away from the conveniences of gyms or parks.

Thank goodness, there is an answer to this dilemma, it’s called Russian Kettlebells. Lucky for you, in the last 5 years the availability of quality kettlebells, DVDs, and experienced RKC’s (Russian Kettlebell Certification) has grown as fast as the price of gold.

I’ve been on this bandwagon since the very beginning, and as a working mom I will share with you some very simple tips and a sample workout. As a Master RKC, I have gone deep into our Hardstyle School of Strength, as a busy working mom, I’ve put focus into how to train smart and quick for the best results.

First, I must put in a plug for both my DVD’s, “The Kettlebell Boomer” and “The Kettlebell Goddess”. Don’t let the name fool you, the Kettlebell Boomer is designed to get people started training with kettlebells in a safe, progressive manner. It has a very detailed instructional section, with 4 levels or modifications taught for each exercise. Followed by 2 complete workouts with 4 athlete’s each doing a different level.

The Goddess DVD, is meant for those already familiar with kettlebells, but want a DVD, that has both follow-along workouts (6 in total) as well as the only dvd that has a “Design-Your-Own” workout. You can pick and choose which exercises you want to follow on any given day.

So you have 2 great references on how do certain exercises as well as 30-40 min workouts to follow along.

Let’s say you have a very limited amount of time to workout and you want the biggest bang for your buck? Well I will give you some tips, and give you a sample quick – high payoff – workout.

I will start by assuming you have at least one Kettlebell. In some cases I may describe and recommend double kettlebell exercises. I have to add here that the BEST way to get a quick, intense and effective workout is with double kettlebells.

I highly recommend you get two kettlebells of the same or nearly the same size.

You should be able to complete the workouts in fewer than 30 minutes and as little as 10 minutes, depending on how much rest you give yourself and total sets. As I said earlier, these are designed as quick and effective workouts. They are very simple only a couple of exercises per workout.

Make SURE you warm up with some joint mobility work (see Pavel’s Super Joints) and stretch out your hip flexors, hamstrings and hips (half pigeon or figure 4 stretch). Both my DVD’s offer very thorough joint mobility warm ups and cool down stretches.  Believe me, I’m as particular with my warm up and cool down exercises as I am with my Kettlebell drills!

Get your kettlebells, make some room and keep a towel and water handy… here we go!

Beginner/Intermediate Workout

Round 1: Swing (your choice, 2-handed, 1-arm, alternating or doubles)

:30 work, :30 rest

:30 work, :25 rest

:30 work, :20 rest

Start back at beginning and repeat as many times as you can. Add more rest if you are not as conditioned, keeping at :30 rest the entire time. Build up to 10 min. (or more!)

Round 2: Plank for :30, followed by overhead carry :30  repeat over side.

Start with the plank and end with the plank so you get 3 sets of planks with one :30 carry each arm. If you feel it’s not enough just add another set.

Advanced Workout

must be experienced with Kettlebell cleans:

Round 1: Long cycle clean and press (can do with doubles, do one round and rest), ladder: 1-5, change arms.  Note; long cycle means you clean before every press. If you have time repeat 1-2 more times. If this is easy, you have too light of a Kettlebell.

REST 30 seconds-1:00 min (depends of time and fitness level)

Round 2: Long cycle clean and squat (same as above)

Very Fast Workout

Double Kettlebell Front Squats

3 sets of 5, or 4 sets of 4

Give yourself enough rest between sets about a 1-2 min.

Double Kettlebell Presses

3 sets of 4-6 (best to do less reps with heavier weight, but you it feels easy for you with the kettlebells you have do an extra rep per set.

About the author: Andrea Du Cane is a Master Kettlebell Instructor, CK-FMS certified, CICS certified, Primal Move National Instructor and RIST, ZHealth certified, and has a BA in Psychology from the University of Minnesota. She offers more instruction and advice at her site,

What’s your favorite at home workout? Ever used kettlebells? Share below!

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  1. i’ve looked on youtube for examples of the single arm carry and i’m confused – am i just to hold the kettlebell at chest level or should it be an overhead carry?

  2. What weight of kettle bells should a beginner start with?  I’ve never done this but am interested.  Can you start out just using a small dumbell?

    • You definitely could. I started with a 15 lb dumbell… just harder
      to hold on to. For a beginner kettlebell, a 12 kg (around 26 lb) is a good weight for most people to start.

      • Thank you!  Now I know where to start.

  3. Where can you buy the kettlebell 12kg