Chocolate Truffles

Simple Homemade Chocolate Truffles Recipe

This is a recipe I’ve been experimenting with for a long time and it has taken several botched batches to get it right (of chocolate… oh darn).

I finally feel like it is blog ready, and I’ll be serving this at our annual “Jingle and Mingle” Christmas Party tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how they think it is.

Delicious Chocolate Truffles

These truffles are mostly healthy, and certainly on the healthier end of the dessert scale. They are perfect for date nights, formal parties, or anytime you want to make chocolate a little healthier.

Did I mention they are also super easy?

Chocolate Truffles



Yield 8 +

Delicious homemade chocolate truffles with coconut oil or butter, whipping cream and organic dark chocolate and topped with nuts, toasted coconut or fruit zest.


  • 1/4 cup Coconut Oil (can also use butter)
  • 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream (organic, not whipped yet)
  • 1 1/4 cups 70% or higher dark chocolate chips
  • Essential oils of choice (optional): orange, mint or lavender
  • nuts, toasted coconut, and cocoa powder (optional)


  1. Melt the coconut oil (or butter) and heavy cream in a pan and bring to a strong simmer
  2. Pour the chocolate in a medium sized bowl and pour the hot oil/cream mixture over the chocolate
  3. Stir slowly with a whisk to incorporate until chocolate is completely melted.
  4. Add 2-3 drops of mint, lavender, or orange essential oil if you want to (mint is really good)
  5. Put bowl in fridge for a couple of hours
  6. When the chocolate mixture has gotten firm, remove the bowl from the fridge and using a spoon or melon spoon, scoop out small amounts of the chocolate mixture.
  7. Roll into 1 inch balls using your hands and then roll in cocoa powder.
  8. Can also drizzle with more melted chocolate and coat with toasted coconut, finely ground nuts, orange zest, etc.
  9. Enjoy... a lot!

Courses Dessert

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The many health benefits of coconut oil, the deliciousness of chocolate… what do you think? Will you try them?

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What’s your favorite chocolate dessert? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. We can’t do dairy because it gives us nasal congestion. Do you think coconut milk would work?

    • Also there is no need for any sweetener? Thanks for the info Katie!

      • Unless you are using pure baking chocolate with no sweenener, the little sweeness from the coconut and the chocolate makes it just
        sweet enough… in my opinion.

    • Instead of the heavy cream, just skim the thick part of the coconut milk off of a can of coconut milk (did that even make sense? when you open a can and it is separated, scoop off the top part). I’ve made them this way also and they seem just as good to me. Just make sure
      to get the cream only, since the liquid part doesn’t incorporate as well.

      • Thanks Katie!

    • if you don’t do dairy (I don’t) the coconut milk works just great. This recipe looks good. If you don’t feel like trying to guess how to do it with coconut, go to NomNomPaleo and look in the recipes under NomNomTruffles. She uses coconut oil and coconut milk. delicious.

  2. You think 1/2 coconut oil & 1/2 butter  would taste good in this recipe?

    • I’ve used a mix and it still tastes great!

  3. Absolutely! I’m thinking Christmas present for family members.  I’m going to try the coconut milk cream instead since I have family members with dairy allergies.

  4. These look great – a healthy spin on one of my favorites, I love it!

  5. These look delicious!  Thanks for sharing!

  6. Looks delicious.  So delicious that I,m afraid I would end up eating the lot and bingeing.

  7. What do you recommend storing them in, and how long in advance can you make them?

    • Airtight in the fridge, they last about a week.

  8. I made these the other night and was amazed at how easy they are. Not to mention delicious! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe for a healthy treat.

  9. Just made these fora coworkers B-day. The mix tastes delicious can’t wait for mine tomorrow. But, how do I keep from getting so much chocalte stuck to my hands and the scooper. There’s gotta be a cleaner way. I’m definitely making them again.