Homemade Dog Treats (With Coconut Oil)

Cocount Oil Pet Treats - pet approved

I’ve always been an animal person. I begged for years to get my first dog, Holly, when I was five. We named her Holly because she was born right before Christmas and she was the best Christmas present ever!

Holly passed away years ago, but now I get to watch my own children enjoy our Golden Pyrenees (a yellow lab/great Pyrenees mix). Daisy faithfully watches over the children when they play in the yard and lets the one-year-old sit on her and “pet” her.

One day, my older kids asked if we could make “cookies for Daisy” with ingredients she would like. I’d been mulling over the idea of homemade dog treats for a while, and that was my motivation to finally try some recipes.

Homemade Dog Treats with Coconut Oil

We already give Daisy (and our cats Penelope & Tiger) coconut oil daily but I wanted to figure out a way to incorporate it into this recipe.

I stuck to vet-approved ingredients for dogs: sweet potato, coconut oil/coconut, eggs, coconut flour, and gelatin (this is the one I give to our pets).

Really, any combination of those ingredients would work, but we found a particular ratio that Daisy seems to love. We also figured out a cat treat recipe for Penelope and Tiger and I’ll share that soon.

My favorite part of this recipe is that it is a convenient way to give Daisy her daily coconut oil and a fun treat for her.

Dog Treat Ingredients

  • 2 medium size sweet potatoes, cooked and cooled
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1/4 cup gelatin powder (optional- I ordered this one in bulk for our pets and it lasts months and months)
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil (at room temp) or bacon grease
  • 1 egg
  • 1-2 tablespoons of water as needed for texture.

Dog Treat Instructions

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Combine all ingredients and mix until well incorporated. If needed, add a little extra coconut flour to get a dough that is slightly thinner than Play Dough.
  3. Form into 1-inch balls and flatten with hand.
  4. We made “paw print” shapes with our fingers to make them cute (totally optional).
  5. Bake for 20 minutes until slightly browned on the edges.
  6. Remove from oven and let cool completely before removing.
  7. Store in an air-tight container in the fridge for several weeks or freeze for several months.

We give our dog one of these per day and Daisy seems to approve 🙂

Do you have any pets? What do you give them for treats?
These homemade dog treats are packed with nutrients and delicious (for dogs). Ingredients like sweet potato, coconut oil, coconut flour, bacon and eggs.

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Reader Comments

  1. Haha! I love the picture! It definitely seems like she’s enjoying those treats, and I can’t wait to try these for my own fur baby. Thanks for an amazing post, yet again. You’re pretty much amazing!

  2. We just got our puppy a few weeks ago. She’s a golden doodle. Sweet & wonderful. The kids adore her!
    I love the idea of making our own puppy treats. (It’s hard to find treats w/ ingredients I’m willing to feed her.) I can’t wait to try this recipe.
    One question: I already have Great Lakes gelatin at home. Is there a reason I should use the gelatin you linked to this recipe instead? Is it formulated differently?

  3. What great timing! I was just thinking about making healthy treats for my dogs. I have a couple types of gelatin at home, but not the one you prefer. I have the green can for myself (as you recommended) and the little packets. Would either of those work?

  4. Would this work as a cat treat? Or do you have alternatives that you give your cats instead?

  5. Do you think we could switch the amounts of coconut oil and bacon grease? We have several jars of bacon grease that we need to use up. My concern would be digestive trouble from too much bacon grease. My dog is 90 lbs so not a little guy 🙂

    • Bacon grease is not a good alternative as it is very high in trans fats and salt, and can lead to pancreatitis in dogs. Its about as good for them as it is for them. Its a shame really, as they just love it!

  6. These are some pretty nifty treats and really healthy! Great recipe.

  7. We give our dogs organic carrots as treats – especially before they go to bed! They love them! We have labs, so they like to eat anything and everything – and if they can swallow it (instead of chewing), all the better! But with the carrot, they DO have to chew (which helps their gums), and the carrot is a large-sized carrot, so it takes about 30 seconds or so, but it’s a win/win for us! Something healthy to give our dogs and they really LOVE their treat!

    • Great idea! Thanks!

    • That’s how I got through the puppy years…frozen carrots. Better carrots than chair legs…the couch…the screen door…the corners of every wall in my house. It took a few weeks to find the carrots worked. 😉
      Great recipe!

  8. We have two golden retrievers and for years I have made liver brownies for them as treats. The amounts vary depending on whether you want a moister brownie or a drier one:

    About 1 lb beef liver,
    1 egg,
    1/4 cup water,
    2 tbsp. coconut oil
    1 med sweet potato or carrot,
    1/2 to 1 1/2 cup flour – I use chickpea, brown rice or wholewheat,
    Optional doggy vitamins or health blend.

    Put them all in a blender in that order and process until everything is blended. Looks absolutely disgusting. Be sure to take the blender apart and wash well after, btw.

    Pour into oiled square pan and bake @ 350 for about 30-40 mins. Cut into squares when cooled and keep in the fridge.

    My dogs go crazy for these – mind you, they’re retrievers so they would probably eat the flour bag in the first place.

    • Awww thanks for this
      organs should be part of dogs diet I love this idea 😉

    • Great idea! Thanks!

  9. Great recipe for our dog
    Do you have any that would be healthy for horses? I usually just add plain dry gelatin to their feed otherwise we give them salad scraps, apples or carrots
    None of which delivers their cocoanut oil
    Any suggestions?

    • Looking forward to a reply from someone in this too!!

  10. Any chance you have a cat version????? I’d love to make my cat some healthy treats that would be good for him. Thanks Katie, Love your website!

  11. I make two types of treats for my dogs but I think they would also work for cats.

    1. I buy beef liver in bulk at the butcher shop and have them slice it to make jerky. When I pick it up, it is frozen solid so I let it thaw until I can slip a knife between slices and separate easily. I lay the slices on dehydrator trays and let it work until it reaches the consistency I like (almost brittle). When done, cool for a bit. I store mine in jars in the cupboard and use as treats. You can break into any size you wish. The only time I’ve ever had a storage problem is when I did not let them dehydrate enough and the moisture caused mold to start forming on some of the treats. I quickly scraped it off and fed to the dogs with no bad effect. You can use any other meat source to make the treats.

    2. Mix a can of salmon with 1 egg and a little garlic powder. Add coconut flour until you reach a manageable consistency. Place on a dehydrator tray or baking sheet with a lip. Pat down until a uniform thickness is reached, place in dehydrator or oven (on lowest setting available; mine is 170 degrees). When done, cool, cut into size you want, store in jar.

    • Those sound good. Ill give them a try and see how my cat likes them.

      Thank you Marsha

  12. I’d love to give this a try, but am wondering what would be a good substitute for the sweet potato to make sure the consistency is right for the recipe? Our German Shepherd is allergic to sweet potato (along with a whole lot of other things!) His treats right now are raw soup bones from the grocery store – super inexpensive and he gnaws on them for days, but I’d love to be able to make a nibble type treat that has a little shelf life!

  13. We don’t eat bacon and therefore have no bacon grease (we use turkey bacon and that doesn’t produce any grease). Any thoughts on replacing flavor besides the coconut oil? I love the idea of adding some meaty flavor to the treats but don’t know what would be good to keep the texture right? Thanks for any suggestions.

    • Use beef or chicken broth

  14. Katie:
    I’m a veterinarian and cannot thank you enough for this recipe! My dogs are primal like me and they loved these cookies! The ingredients are so good for them too. I did add 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree because pumpkin is also so good for dogs! You may want to try that.
    Love your blog!

  15. I have to tell you, my dog is not thrilled with these “cookies” but my kids LOVE them! No bacon grease, so we used all coconut oil and I added 2 T liver powder. The kids loved helping shape them. We may make them again with a tiny bit sweetener added. The kids also love eating dog treats and bark to ask for them.

  16. i prefer to use tapioca flour cause the treats aren’t so crumbly.

  17. can we use beef bullion instead of bacon grease if out family doesn’t eat bacon?

    • I haven’t tried it but it might work. You could also use beef fat from anything you’ve cooked.

    • No–it’s too salty and may cause kidney problems in animals!

  18. We just adopted an 11 month old great pyrenees / golden retriever mix 2 weeks ago! He’s an amazing dog. I think my girls and me will try making these treats for him soon (maybe for his birthday at the end of the month ????)

  19. What do you bathe your dog with?

  20. Loved recipe but mine e do not look like yours. Mine didn’t bake to brown tone, they stuck to pan and took about 30 minutes to cook before I removed from oven. My dog loves them but I was hopi ng they would look cute like yours as I planned on giving to other family dogs as Christmas gifts. Any tips what I may have done wrong.

  21. Just made these for my dog. I used pumpkin puree instead of sweet potato, I just used a little over 1 15oz. can worth, because I had it sitting in the freezer. I didn’t have any gelatin, so I skipped it, but I think that would have helped them hold together better, as they were very fragile. Either that or they needed to cook a bit longer to dry out a bit. Either way, my dog gobbled them up.

  22. I love your web site. I want to change from a 5 star store dog food to a home made Cooked one so I can use all Non GMO Organic ingredients.

    I would love to know your advice on what to make, a recipe maybe in a crock pot, unless you know of a dog food I can buy that is safe to feed them that you recommend.

    I have a 3 adult dogs: a 67 lb. dog, a 31 lb. dog and a 21 lb.

    If you know of how much to give each of them to make their full daily amount.

    Also what other supplements besides organic extra virgin coconut oil do you give your adult dog and why?
    (Our dogs also love organic extra virgin coconut oil).

    Thank you for all your wonderful recipes and sharing your preferences on ingredients and products. My husband and I are so very grateful!!!


    • Hi Lilly,
      I just read your comment and wanted to share my vet’s homemade dog food recipe. It’s at this link: http://www.drruthroberts.com/ I started taking my dogs to her (a holistic vet), and she recommends making this food. My dogs have been on it for about 7 months, and they’ve lost weight (which they needed to do), have glossy coats, and love, love this food. I feel so much butter knowing they’re getting real nutrition. There’s also a YouTube video of her making it. It’s really not hard, and depending on how many dogs/cats you have, you can double or triple the recipe.

  23. Love this! We never buy dog treats because most of them have such yucky ingredients, so we give our lab fruit and veggie scraps as treats (which he loves), but it would be nice to have some treats to bring on walks and hikes and stuff! Definitely trying these!

  24. I’ve made this recipe numerous times now, and it’s wonderfully adaptable. I’ve made it with only one mashed sweet potato, but added peanut butter (enough to equal what I thought would be another sweet potato), and they came out great. I’ve also used half sweet potato, half pumpkin puree, added a little extra coconut flour, and they also turned out wonderfully. I roll out the dough really thin and cut out circles with a 2 inch cookie cutter to make the treats go further. After baking them, I put them in my dehydrator on about 115 until they’re completely dry. That way they’re nice and crunchy like regular treats, and they can be stored longer.

  25. Hi Katie! LOVE your blog. I’ve been DIY’ing for about 4 months now and I’ve used several of your recipes. They’re FANTASTIC and easy to follow for a newbie such as myself lol Thank you so much for that.

    One of the (optional) ingredients you list is bacon grease. I’m not sure if you know this, but bacon AND it’s grease are terrible for dogs (it can cause pancreatitis: inflammation of the pancreas) and they should NEVER have it. Here are a couple sources where I found this information. Thx again for all the great info you provide. :)))


    I followed your recipe without using the optional gelatin or bacon grease. I also did not increase my coconut oil because I wasn’t sure how much to use. The same 1/4 cup as if I had used bacon grease??? The dough consistency seemed ok without it so I went ahead and baked them. My treats came out very crumbly. Is that possibly because of the lack of gelatin? Is it’s purpose to help hold them together? I tried making some of them a little thicker thinking perhaps they were too flat and those came out too soft. I even cooked them a little longer to make up for the thickness. They wouldn’t hold their shape when I picked them up. They just fall apart. What am I doing wrong???

  26. Thank you for this recipe! I have made it and my dogs loved it! I did blend some eggshells and added 1 Ts powdered shell to the biscuits as well as 1 Ts brewers yeast and 1/2 cup of dry meat powder. Next time I will try the beef liver instead.

  27. Hi,
    I made a batch of these for our schnauzer/yorkie and she loves them but out of the 5 or 6 I’ve given her over this last week, she has thrown up several hours after eating one twice now. Has anyone else experienced this? Any guesses as to what is causing this reaction?

    Thank you,

  28. Hi, I am interested in making these dog treats but I have extreme allergies to dairy and though I am getting over my egg allergy (yay!) I would rather not get near it if I have to. Do you have any ideas of an egg subsitute for this dog treat?


  29. I made these for the first time today, and even the tiny training treats didn’t get hard. We don’t have a dehydrator, so I guess the only alternative is low temperature and very long cooking time. Any advice?
    I gave our puppy a few of these as a hunting exercise and they’ve all disappeared, so I guess she likes them! 🙂

  30. Hi Sherri,
    I have made these numerous times now, and I’ve found that if you turn off your oven after the 20 minutes or so that they take to cook, and leave them in the oven overnight (with the oven off) , they’ll be perfectly hard and dry the next morning just like store-bought treats. Also, if they’re not hard and dry, keep them in the frig or they’ll get moldy quickly. Hope this helps!

  31. I have been cooking for my chocolate lab mix, Nugget, for a little over a year! Your recipe helped to inspire me to start my own business making and selling homemade, Grain free, natural dog and cat treats. Being a stay at home mom of two children under 4 I can not afford to go back to work. This has allowed me to earn an income doing something I am passionate about. While my recipe is slightly different I was able to learn about the wonders of coconut flour through you and a few other bloggers! Then I realized a lot of people would love to cook for their pets but simply don’t have the time. Being home, I do!

    Thank you for your inspiration!!

  32. I just made these and my dog went crazy!

    Paleo Coconut Banana Dog Cookies


    1 banana
    1/4 cup coconut oil
    1/2 cup coconut flour
    1 egg


    Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper
    Mash the banana with a spoon, potato masher, or you hands ( do not purée it otherwise the mixture will become to runny) NOTE: the banana should be slightly lumpy
    Stir in the coconut oil
    Add the coconut flour
    Whisk the egg in a separate bowl and then stir it in with the rest of the mixture
    Use a cookie scooper to scoop equal portions onto your baking sheet
    Bake for 10 minutes ( the cookies should still be slightly soft and crumbly.)

  33. How much bacon grease goes into this?? It’s listed as an ingredient but it’s not in the recipe.

  34. I would love to hear from anyone who is feeding pet rats a non-commercial diet. I can’t find any good info on the web – every homemade recipe says to feed the homemade food IN ADDITION to a commercial “lab block” to “make sure they get a balanced diet.” (These lab blocks are basically animal by-products and low-grade soy; they are only “balanced” because they have a multivitamin/mineral mix ADDED.)
    I’m sure I can feed my girls well on the same good local, organic, grass fed eggs and meat and bones and veggies that we eat, but I don’t want to re-invent the wheel, so chatting to anyone who’s BTDT would be great, thanks!

  35. I love your recipes but only recently started thinking about how far away coconut oil come from. The eco footprint of using coconut oil for everything is quite disturbing to me so I am doing my best to use less of it even though we like it around our house too.

  36. This looks like a good treat for my little yorkshire terriers so thank you! I am going to try it with pumpkin puree has someone suggested in the comments and see how it turns out.

  37. My Precious is soo picky and she absolutely loves these!!! They are extremely easy to make and they make the house smell great too! Thank you!

  38. What is the gelatin for? Do you need it?