Xtrema Ceramcor Cookware Review

Ceramcor Xtrema Review

It is getting tougher to find good cookware options. It seems like many of the nonstick or easy clean options contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals, while the natural options lead to sticking and are hard to clean.

Several years ago, I got some Xtrema cookware as a Christmas present. I’d been trying to find good pots and pans after getting rid of my non-stick pans. I was frustrated with eggs sticking to cast iron and coated cast iron, and we only had one small stainless steel pan that didn’t stick terribly.

I was skeptical at first about Xtrema… It was all ceramic (not metal) and while beautiful, I doubted how well it would cook. I also wondered about the safety/durability of ceramic cookware, so I researched it. (I envisioned a mix between a ceramic tile and a clay pot) Turns out that when properly made, ceramic cookware was very durable and was a choice of some top chefs:

How ceramic cookware is made

It took me a few days to adjust to cooking with Xtrema but I was really impressed with how well it cooked. Though it takes longer to heat up, I was able to cook on lower heat and without it sticking.

My favorite part is definitely how easy to clean Xtrema is. It is the only cookware I’ve ever found that encourages using steel wool, baking soda or any other abrasive cleaner. From their website:

“Clean Xtrema cookware just like you would metal cookware. You can use Baking Soda, Soft Scrub, Bon Ami, Comet and Ajax powered cleaners along with steel wool SOS and Brillo pads and heavy duty scrub sponges on the inside and outside of your Xtrema cookware. Do not worry; you cannot scratch the Xtrema cookware surface!”


  • Very easy to clean
  • Non-scratch
  • Cooks on low heat
  • No chemicals or heavy metals
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe
  • Stove safe
  • Fridge/freezer safe
  • Won’t scratch


  • Can break if dropped
  • Takes slightly longer to heat up than regular metal cookware

I’m in the process of slowly switching out all of my cookware for Xtrema with the exception of a cast iron skillet and double boiler for making lotion bars. I did have one piece crack (a  babysitter was letting the kids do dishes) but the non-scratch surfaces saves me so much time cleaning that I replaced the pan and have been more careful since then.

[NOTE: Xtrema provided me a sample of their cookware to review, but I had already used and loved their 10 inch skillet for several years. Xtrema has also extended a 10% discount for Wellness Mama readers. This page has more details on the discount.]

What kind of cookware do you use? Would you try ceramic? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. I love using cocnut oil as lotion! Works better than any ‘regular’ lotion. Love your blog, by the way. I also subscribe to your newsletter 🙂

    I also did Crossroads and met my husband doing work in the ministry as well, fun little common denominator 🙂

    • You sure are spot-on on this one.  The biggest contributor for toxins in our body is through the food we eat and stuff that unknowingly becomes part of our food.  After a lot of research on non-toxic cookware (having suffered the direct consequences of cooking in metals) i found Miriam’s Earthen Cookware:  pots for cooking made from pure, tested natural clay.  These are fantastic! They are non-reactive, have no metals, chemicals, glazes or toxins and do a great job cooking my food. The taste of the food is superior to that of the same dish prepared in a metal pot.   Most importantly it seals most of the nutrients in (works like an oven). I got mine from mecware.us

      • I am from the UK. And I can’t buy most of these items listed on this site. And sadly still these healthy alternative pots pans and things are so expensive. I’m trying to add up everything I need for homemade ingredients and products it’s great most of them are from the same sources. But filters are one off and so are cooking ware options but they are too expensive for me. 🙁 I wish there was another way to get hold of the non toxic items and pure items and also for fairer prices. I don’t know why pure products cost more than added chemicals ones. Factories work harder in additives than natural sources. I always wanted to do pottery maybe perhaps I can make myself my own cooking ware. I know metals are to be avoided too so plastic ? Man this is all getting too much to take in and organise. My kitchen is being refitted. Does that mean my worktops need to be anti toxic too ? But it would mean I can buy new kitchen ware that is non toxic 😉 maybe chop board non toxic will do for toxic surfaces ? Filter for shower seen as I use my shower in the bath too 😉 as I have no other source of hot water I think to invest in long term filter for my drinking water n cooking ware will be good in time. But to make them would be more ideal wonder how can go about that ? 😉

      • But Miriam’s is secretive about the ingredients in the clay. All clay has at least trace amounts of lead and arsenic. Because Miriam’s is unsealed it leaches into the food. People have said in reviews that their house smelled of clay for hours after cooking. Also several people said they felt physically unwell after using it. I would want to know exactly what her clay ingredients are. Even then I wouldn’t cook on unsealed clay. Also there were comments that when cleaning it the water was red. I think it’s one of those things that sounds nice but I’m not at all convinced about the safety of it.

  2. I love using Coconut oil in my smoothies, or for making healthy fudge with peanut butter and cocoa! I also love the finely shredded coconut in macaroons!

  3. I’m sort of new to low carb but I’m learning quickly. I’m loving your recipes. I’m using coconut oil now but haven’t used shredded coconut yet. Thanks for the contest!

  4. I didn’t use to like coconut at all, but over the last several months I’ve been trying it in different things and now, I love it!

  5. I’m coconut crazy these days, using the oil to make deodorant and body wash and using it as lotion. I just made your energy bars recently and am now addicted to them, especially with coconut and cocoa added! Love your newsletter and like you on facebook! I’d love nothing more than to win the coconut and keep experimenting with new things to put it in! Thanks so much!

  6. What I love about cooking with coconut is just about everything, but I’m having a hard time finding unsweetened in the stores. Last time I bought it must have been about a year ago.

  7. I love using coconut in grain free muffins for added texture and flavor!

  8. My favorite thing about cooking with coconut… that’s tough, since I adore coconut! The taste, the texture, the health benefits. I love it all!

  9. Hey Katie! I love using coconut because the oil is so completely tasteless… and so healthy! And, shredded has that body and sense of sweetness that is delish! Thank you, Analise

  10. Love their coconut oil, never tried their shredded coconut! I use it all the time (most often in my paleo energy bars from Mark’s Daily Apple) but always just get it at the grocery. I’m betting that TT’s is better!

  11. I add shredded coconut to homemade granola bars and protein bars, and I also use it to “bread” our pan-fried chicken as we do not do gluten at our house. Yum!

  12. Wow! These comments are generic in form and from 3 YEARS ago!!!
    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I only use cast iron, and I NEVER have even EGGS stick!!! ( I do scramble them, though, and use lots of coconut oil in cooking).
    I seasoned them, even though they came already seasoned. I used coconut oil, and put them in the oven on very low for several hours. After cooking, while still hot, I run under hot water (careful as the heat from the cast iron can get you if your pot holder gets wet!), and scrub with only hot water and a brush used only for this purpose. Again, while still hot/warm, I put it on the burner, still warm, to dry the cast iron, then put a small amount of coconut oil in, and with a pastry brush, coat the entire pan, and leave it for the next day. This has worked for me without fail. A cast iron pan bought at a used store, was also seasoned in this way after thorough cleaning. It still sticks just a bit, but when used many times with this procedure, the sticking gets less and less.

  13. I have been looking for a non metal kettle/tea pot and this fits the bill. Unfortunately, the Wellness coupon code is invalid…too bad. Thanks for the review though.

  14. Con: Not Induction Compatible

    This is a deal breaker for some people.

  15. I am desperately seeking new cookware and was excited to see this great review but I spoke with a rep at Xtrema yesterday and wanted to mention that these are not metal free. (And unless something changed recently, they are considered “non-scratch” but not “non-stick”…which is a good thing!) Anyway, I obtained the ingredients for their glaze via email and unfortunately, it contains aluminum, nickel and other metals. Do you have any thoughts on this? I realize they claim these are “non-leaching” products but it worries me that they go to great lengths to post articles about the toxicity of aluminum on their site and yet fail to mention that it is in their glaze. Thanks so much – I love your site. Discovered it after RealFoodCon and can’t get enough.

    • Wow, I would love to see a comment on this. Thanks for sharing, Wendy. I was just researching whether to go for an iron or ceramic skillet … I think I’ll go for iron.

    • Hope Katie replies! What’s the point of ceramic if the glaze is toxic?!

      • LysiJoy, The Xtrema rep (Bob Bergstrom) wrote this in his email to me:

        “…Our ceramic glaze is made up of various oxides and there are no dyes or toxic chemicals in our ceramic non-scratch glaze. The combination of various oxides give our product the black color. This Ceramic glaze is 100% safe and non-toxic. We fire our glazeat 2,500 degrees which increases the surface hardness and make it non-scratch-able.”

        But it also came with a table of the alluded to oxides–which I wish I could attach here–that included aluminum, chromium, lithium, nickel and others.

        Perhaps it is because these are “non-scratch” they can claim they are non-toxic?

        • Thanks for the info! How heavy is their frying pan? I see above that you also have cast iron – is the Xtrema the same, slightly lighter, significantly lighter…? Thanks!!

  16. Gunhild: Thanks, I am very conflicted on this. I recently bought both Xtrema and cast iron. Unfortunately, the cast iron is also composed of scrap stainless steel (in addition to iron), which contains chromium, nickel, etc. On top of that, I try not to cook at high temps and the factory seasoning came ashy/flaking off. How does one avoid burnt oil residue in your food when seasoning is a factor? And finally, what about oil rancidity over time? Ughh….I’d love some feedback as well. I really feel like I can’t find a safe way to cook for my family.

    (And we don’t do Le Creuset because of the enamel.)

    • Wendy, if you can send me that list of materials i can tell you and everyone else what is metal or chemically bad for us.

      Glazed should have a blend of material that becomes hard hard glass when fired. But if there is certain elements will make the glaze weak and create small cracks over the years.

      Send it to me at sub at school of surf dot com dot au. Include the au part its for australia. 🙂

  17. How heavy are the Xtrema frying pans? Are they really nonstick? My friend is looking for a safe, nonstick pan that is not too heavy (so not cast iron). Thanks!

  18. I’ve had the pans for several years and really do love them. They are light weight and clean up fantastically. My question to anyone who knows though is can you broil in them. I never even thought about it until I came across a recipe that you need to broil in.

  19. Hi Wendy,

    Luckily I came past this post… I know a bit about oxides and I can tell you that an oxide is not a heavy metal.

    Things can contain metal oxides, but this is not a metal… it’s an oxide.

    Different to the metal you find in other pots. Which are true heavy metals… the oxides I think is what give the pot that black colour…

    I am looking to buy two “inert” pots… and the two options I have are these Xtrema and the Visions ware… which is glass and glass is supposed to be just as inert.

  20. Do you have any more information on Xtrema? Like what metals are in their ceramic? Usually ceramic contains lead, cadmium and other metals. Just like to see what their percentages are.

    Thank you!

  21. I use Xtrema too and I really like it! I bought a few set a year back or so. It is pricey, but it is easy clean up and not as heavy as cast iron. Thanks for the review!

  22. Hello. I have not found one safe frying pan and have been researching for four years. My research regarding the ceramic pans culminated in the sad conclusion that the paint and glue used on the surface is toxic. What is your input please? I’m a mommy and want to be careful about what my child ingests. Thank you so very much for your wonderful website.

    • Thanks for reading. From my research the glaze on these is not toxic and does not contain the heavy metals that are in many ceramic glazes.

      • Thank you so very much for answering my question. What a blessing that was.

  23. I purchased the Xtrema omelet pan and its been nothing but a disappointment. From the very first time i used it eggs have stuck HORRIBLY doesn’t matter if their fried, scrambled, or an omelete style which is what this pan is supposed to be used for. I watched the videos, followed the directions and even tried different types of oil “just in case” it was my oil. Nope. Sticks AWFUL. Hate this pan and quit using it. Of course they only let you return it within 30 days of the purchase so i’m now stuck with this overpriced pan in my storage. 🙁 Big Boo.

    • I just bought their 9.5″ omelet pan and I am having the same problem. The first time I used it I know I had the heat up too high, so the eggs stuck. Today I waited for it to heat up for a good 5 minutes or more, then I turned it down and I was so disappointed. The edges of the eggs cooked but the center was completely raw. I had to push them around and make a scrambled mess (I was aiming for fried eggs) before they would cook fully, and the cooking time was longer, not shorter like they claim. I am wondering if I should return the pan but I don’t want to pay the shipping and 10% restocking fee. I also don’t find this to be completely non-stick. Even at low heat I still had egg residue in the pan. Very disappointing after hearing such rave reviews on it.

  24. I would love to try this cookware, esp a skillet, but what a price tag. For those who had bought it, didn’t like it and like the last poster (Teresa) had it sitting in storage. Would you be willing to sell it for a fair offer?

  25. I am looking for a new and healthy cookware set and I think I want to give xtrema a try, in your review you have a link to get 10% off, is that still applicable. These are quite expensive and I was looking for any sort of discount:)

  26. Here’s a link to a Canadain Supplier of Xtrema located in Kitchener as Xtrema doesn’t ship to Canada, http://www.livingrooms.ws/

  27. I’m sure they are really great cookware, but are expensive. What are your thoughts on “All-clad LTD” and “Calphalon” pans??

  28. Hello Katie,
    is there a trick to cooking in these skillets. For the life of me I can’t seem to fry some eggs or make a pancake in them . I have no problem using oils but I just can’t seem to make it stop sticking. I have cooked on low flame. Then heated on low to medium then lowered after the pan was hot enough. Googled the heck out of cooking on ceramic. But no luck.
    Very very frustrated . I checked on Amazon and most of the xterra cookware have a 3 star and the reviews sound more like my own experience .
    Please do reply.


  29. I am at a loss on finding a consensus on this Xtrema cookware. Some swear by it, others have nothing but trouble with it. This Xtrema (Ceramcor) website shows cookware with the exact same “decoration” on the lids that is being claimed by Dr. Mercola and he doesn’t reference Xtrema or Ceramcor at all. So which is this cookware…Xtrema by Ceramcor or Dr. Mercola, or something else that is just the same only marketed by different people. There were comments and questions about the glaze used containing various metals, with someone referring to it as “oxides” . If it contains metal oxides, then it’s oxidized metal?
    Oxides can be reacted by acids or bases. Those reacted only by acids are basic oxides; those reacted only by bases are acidic oxides. Oxides that react with both acids and bases are amphoteric. Metals tend to form basic oxides, non-metals tend to form acidic oxides, and amphoteric oxides are formed by elements near the boundary between metals and non-metals (metalloids). So even if it is just “oxides” in the glaze, the glaze is the surface closest to food, therefore would react to certain foods.
    I am like many on here that do not want something made in China. With all their manufacturing problems with dog food, treats, nail polishes containing harmful chemicals, even kids toys containing lead, I do not feel confident about anything made in China. Yes, I have read the test results but I even question those as was it a random sampling or a specific sample supplied for testing.
    So I’m back to square one on determining what cookware is truly safest. Is this Xtrema by Ceramcor worth the cost based on information that is somewhat scarce and often contradictory (great non-stick vs food sticks)

    • The picture in my post is of Xtrema cookware (Ceramcor) that I ordered directly from their website several years ago. I actually did have a skillet from Mercola years ago before discovering the company directly and when I had a customer service question, I was referred to the Xtrema customer service team, which is how I found out it was the same pan to begin with. (From what I’ve found, Mercola white labels many of his products). Hope that helps… As far as safety and concerns about products made in China, I can completely understand where you are coming from and I typically don’t support products made in China either. I personally have had great results with this cookware and would recommend it, but of course, do your own research and due diligence before using any product.

  30. I bought a couple of these pans and while they are easy to clean… everything sticks! Even eggs. Also very hard to store…who has enough cabinet space to store all these things! They should redesign the handles to be made of metal so they can add the hole to hang them by.

  31. Extremely displeased with Xtrema Ceramcor Ceramics set!!

    I ordered this set after reading Wellness Mama’s reviews on it, and here is why I don’t like it:

    1. It is NOT non stick, everything sticks in the pans I received!!
    2. The biggest pan in the whole set is also too small. For the $400 that’s the least you should get, is the conventional sizes. The smallest pan is the size of a muffin maker, again what a waste!
    3. The pots are not easy to clean, I have to scrub them hard!
    4. I don’t like the shape and handles of the pots. They are so not ergonomical in style.
    5. You can’t use the pots without the handle covers that come with it, and even with those the handles get very hot!

    Please save your money, and don’t buy these pots and pans. It’s a total waste of money, highly disappointed!! I bought them as a replacement for my non stick set, and it doesn’t serve the purpose! 🙁

    • Hi Meesha,

      I am sorry to hear that you were not happy with the pans… I really like mine. To clarify, I said they were non-scratch, but not non-stick, though they do take a little adjusting to get used to cooking with them and learning the correct temperatures for your stove so that things don’t stick. I’m not sure which set you got, but would encourage you to reach out to the company if you are unhappy with the products as they are family owned and should be able to help you with a refund or exchange for larger pans.

  32. I would love to have a set but just can’t justify buying from an American company who has their production done in China. I’ll keep looking.


  33. I would be afraid…51% of Amazon users complained