Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Essential Oil Diffuser Review-which ones work best

I recently posted about why we don’t use scented candles and what we use instead. One of my favorite alternatives is to use an essential oil diffuser, and many people asked what type of diffuser I use and recommend.

I’m not an herbalist or aromatherapy expert, but I have tried many types of diffusers and I wanted to share the pros and cons of the ones we’ve tried.

From my experience, not all diffusers are created equal and some work much better than others. I wish that I’d read a review like this before deciding which to purchase and I hope my experience will be helpful to you.

There are several different types of diffusers:

  • Nebulizer Diffusers
  • Ultrasonic/Humidifying Diffusers
  • Heat Diffusers
  • Evaporative Diffusers

I have not found a heat diffuser or evaporative diffuser that worked nearly as well as even the worst nebulizer or ultrasonic diffusers I’ve tried, so I can’t make any recommendations on these types of diffusers. The one exception is a basic heat diffuser I use in the car since larger diffusers are not practical while driving, and it works decently well in a small space like a vehicle (and is much better than car air fresheners).

Nebulizing Diffusers

Nebulizing diffusers are often considered the most powerful type of diffusers and with good reason. They do not need water or heat to get the essential oil in to the air and they work by using an atomizer to create fine, airborne particles of essential oils and blowing them in to the air. Nebulizing diffusers are my favorite type and we especially use them if anyone gets sick since they keep a near-continuous stream of essential oils in the air.


  • The nebulizing diffuser we have attaches directly to the bottle of essential oil and can be turned on with the flip of a switch.
  • No water or set-up required.
  • Strong concentration of essential oils released in to the air
  • Timers for run time and rest time let you control how long it runs and makes it ideal for overnight use (if needed).
  • No light so they can be used at night.


  • Louder than ultrasonic diffusers
  • Uses oils more quickly than ultrasonic or other diffusers since they attach directly to the diffuser.
  • More expensive than most ultrasonic diffusers (though not by much)

We use: This Advanced Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser from Amazon. I’ve now saved up and ordered a couple of these because they work so well. Even just diffusing for 15 minutes will leave a lasting essential oil scent for hours.

Ultrasonic Diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers work in a similar way to nebulizing diffusers by creating a fine mist. The difference is that ultrasonic diffusers use water and essential oils to create a cool mist of water/oils that releases in to the air. They double as a humidifier, so they are beneficial in winter, but they don’t put out as strong of a concentration of essential oils since they also use water. It is not recommended to use citrus essential oils with this type of diffuser as they can cause the parts to erode.


  • Less expensive than nebulizing diffusers
  • Doubles as a humidifier (beneficial in cold months)
  • Many options to choose from


  • Can’t use citrus essential oils
  • Need water to operate
  • Must be cleaned occasionally
  • Some have lights that can’t be turned off
  • Not as effective as nebulizing diffusers

What we use: Several different types of ultrasonic diffusers and I’ve found that some work better than others. These were our favorites…

  • The Noor Litemist Aromatherapy Diffuser– A simple cone-shape design. It diffuses for several hours and has an option to turn the light on or off for night time use.
  • The Allay Litemist diffuser– Very similar and slightly cheaper than the Noor Litemist, but it doesn’t seem to have a way to turn off the light which makes it unusable at night (for us).
  • The Whisper– (not pictured because it is on lend to a friend) Can diffuse in up to a 1,000 square foot area and is completely silent. It is more expensive than the other ultrasonic diffusers we’ve tried and I don’t think that the difference in diffusing is necessarily worth the cost.
  • AromaLite Diffuser– Very similar to the Noor and the Allay but substantially more expensive. It works well but I would not consider it worth the extra cost.
  • Lagute Apple Shaped Diffuser-I ordered this one because it looks nicer than the others but would not order it again. It was more expensive than the Noor or Allay and does not work as well. it is also difficult to open to add water and oils.

Other Ways to Freshen Indoor Air

Essential oils are a great way to freshen indoor air with natural scents but they are definitely not the only way! We keep our indoor air clean naturally with:

Have you ever used a diffuser? What did you like or not like about it? Share below!

A comparison of the most popular essential oil diffuser types: ultrasonic diffusers, nebulizing diffusers, heat and evaporation diffusers and others.

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Reader Comments

  1. Hi! Thanks for all of your posts!!! I have a few questions!
    How long do you leave the diffusers on? In bedrooms? Family room?
    Which essential oil do you recommend having in a new born’s bedroom? How long?
    Which essential oils do you use?- I’ve heard some brands may be artificial, I don’t want make the mistake of purchasing those. ..
    Thanks a bunch!!!!!

    • The ultrasonic ones I just leave on until they go off automatically. The nebulizing diffusers I typically leave on for 30 minutes at a time and do that as needed. For newborns, I’ve diffused chamomile, lavender and even germ-fighting blends during times of illness. I use several different brands including Mountain Rose Herbs

      • I am wondering if all ultrasonic diffusers are also considered air purifiers? I see a few that add that to the description…is that a ploy or do some really do more that just diffuse and humidify?

    • I use the Do Terra lite diffuser…it also can be used as a night light or light can be turned off. Uses tap water and only 2-3 drops of an oil or blend of oils. It can be set for 4 or 8 hours….I set it for 4 hours to fall asleep and stay asleep. I love this diffuser. You can use any kind of the essential oils citrus this one.


    • Just wondering if you have any more diffusers that you have tried and if you can comment on the whisper?

      • I use the Sage brand diffusers along with all the different essential oil blends they sell! I own two diffusers and over 10 of their essential oils and they work well. Sage is a Canadian based company but you can order online 🙂

    • Could you safely put a dampened cotton ball of oil in the pillowcase instead of using a mister?

  2. thanks for this info, but i have a question as to why we can not use citrus essential oils in the ultrasonic diffusers? i have 3 of them and have been diffusing citrus oils without any problems so far, so curious as to what the problem would be. Greatly appreciated. Josie

    • They can cause the parts to erode over time due to the caustic properties of the citrus oil….

      • I just pirchased the NOW Solutions Ultrasonic Diffuser and it has no warning about using citurs oils and even includes recipes that contain lemon, orange and grapefruit. I am currently running Lemongrass and Lavender in mine–so nice!

      • Citrus oils break down petrol chemicals like plastic. That is one of the benefits of citrus oils is the way that they can get rid of petroleum byproducts in your body. However … they can break down the plastic molecules in plastic bottles, plastic containers etc. So always use metal or glass with any citrus. However I too use the citrus in my plastic diffuser with no problem.

        • To clarify, HDPE plastic as well as plastics with the number 1 (PETE) and 2 are generally safe with essential oils. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you store essential oils neat in such a container, but when choosing diffusers, a diffuser made with a rigid HDPE plastic (High-density polyethylene) should be safe. I would always suggest that you read manufacturer’s warnings.

          I’ve been asked by certain consumers why diffusers are made with plastic in the first place. I think it generally comes down to cost. And if a company is making diffusers with cheaper plastic, you may find that citrus oils are going to warp the plastic.

      • That’s true about the diffusers and citrus oils. In fact many will actually explain this in their inserts.

  3. Katie, I put essential oils on my salt lamp. Is there an issue with doing that? It makes the room smell wonderful, goes away after a couple of hours and I can put as much or as little EO as I want. I never considered that there might be an issue with using the salt lamp like this though. What do you think?

      • Really? That would be great. Wanted to buy one but didn’t know.

        • That’s a great idea! Never thought to do this!

    • The only this with using oils on a salt lamp is the heat. Heat breaks down the oils and they aren’t as potent but if you are only doing it for the smell I don’t see an issue.

    • Hi Trish:
      Where do you put the EO on the salt lamp?

    • I do that too with my salt lamp. I have it in the living room beside the couch so it freshens up the room.

  4. This may seem silly but…what about burning the wax bars?? Same effects as burning a candle?

    • Waxed bars, unfortunately, are often scented with synthetic fragrances. If you read Katie’s article about why she doesn’t use scented candles, it explains how synthetic scents have hidden dangers to your endocrine system and overall health.

  5. I’ve had my Moso bags out for about a week and know there’s a difference in the air of my apartment. 🙂

  6. Do you know how large of an area the Advanced Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser will diffuse? Thanks!!

  7. My son had asthma as a baby (but has not had an episode since we removed dairy from his diet). I wonder if we can drag the nebulizer out of the closet and make new use of it with essential oils…

    • I would like to know your response to using the nebulizer for aroma therapy

    • When we are troubled with colds etc I put a drop of Breathe or Eucalyptus in the nebulizer container and then nebulize the oils either as a supplement to the medication or as an alternative.

      • Do you put water in the nebulizer container (where you would put the arbiterol solution)? Or do you put the neat oil in it?

        I have a nebulizer and have been wondering this.

  8. Great post,thanks so much for your research and findings!

  9. What brand of essential oils do you like to use?

    • I’ve tried many different ones and it usually depends on the particular oil/scent. Always make sure they are a high quality, organic oil from a reputable source.

  10. What kinds of oils do you use? I use doTERRA just because I don’t know of other companies that sell a safe product (I’ve heard that per gov regulations they only have to use 5-10% of what they actually say they’re using, the rest can be filler). Do you know anything about this?

    • The FDA considers scent to be proprietary knowledge. Makes sense right, if you created a special aroma as a perfumer, you wouldn’t want copy cats imitating your scent. So according to the FDA, you can label your product as being made with natural essential oils and still add 3-5% synthetic fragrance without listing it on the packaging. That would protect your intellectual property.

      The problem is, folks who look for aromatherapy generally want to avoid those chemicals. So the question remains, for those who are sensitive to chemicals & phthalates or for those who are seeking 100% purity, how does one determine if something is safe or not safe?

      Your best bet when purchasing essential oils is to make sure companies you work with do their due diligence and GC-MS test their oils. This is a process of identifying key chemical components in the oils to validate their authenticity.

      Additionally – Synthetic fragrance is also sometimes used as a preservative. This is a loop hole where companies can make their product appear to be paraben-free and free of harsh preservatives. You read the label and it doesn’t say fragrance or synthetic fragrance. I know – it’s a challenge to navigate the world of cosmetics.

      I started my own healing remedy company 7 years ago. We combine oils and flower essences for common concerns such as congestion, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, etc. But to be honest, in the quest to create alliances with artisan producers who not only are expert distillers, but those who also have the wisdom and knowledge about how to grow, when to harvest, etc, I have come across few legitimate companies.

      I recommend Veriditas for single oils. Mountain Rose as Katie recommends is also good. And if you are wondering how certain oils stack up, feel free to email me at

      • Dear Jenny- I use Nectar essences on myself and my husband – even sometimes when he doesn’t know it (I put a few drops of Decongest/Immunity on a tissue and it stops him from snoring). I always take the Super-Immunity with me, especially when I travel for work. Can I use these oils in my diffuser? Your oils work well and they smell really nice too! Thanks!

      • Just sent you an e-mail 🙂

    • Great information, thanks for sharing.
      I’ve started using essential oils, for me is a new and exciting new field, so much benefits in those small drops.

  11. I have The Allay Litemist diffuser. I like it and I can shut the light off. Once it’s on, you press the button once and the light goes off. Press it twice and the whole things shuts off. Nice night light. I have tried the evaporated kind and frankly I don’t think it even worked. There was no noise or smell from it despite reading and following the directions a hundred times.

    • Same here! The light does turn off! Love it.

  12. This is the latest and best, thus far, for me, of the sonic diffusers. Low maintenance, interesting design, lights cool looking and can be turned off, and most importantly, it does the job quickly and very quietly (and they’ve designed it to make a sort of drippy-gurggly noise if you are close enough in a quiet room to hear it).

    • Hm, the link to it on Amazon didn’t work. It’s the Deneve Riverok Ultransmit Sublime Aromatherapy.

  13. I have the Allay Litemist diffuser and there is a way to turn out the light. On mine if you push the button to turn it on and then push the button a second time the light will go out but the diffuser continues to work.

  14. I found my ultrasonic diffuser does heat up the water slightly. Maybe it’s the essential oil or the diffuser but it seems to degrade the EO and the scent is not pleasant. I’ve used lavender most of the time. Maybe the nebulizer is the way to go. Thanks for the reviews.

  15. Thank you for all you do to help others become healthy. I was wondering if you have ever looked into the Young Living AromaLux™ Atomizing Diffuser. It looks amazing but I wasn’t sure if there is something out there that is better. I would rather spend the money on one extremely good diffuser than have several that are so so. Thank you again:)

  16. I have two oil diffusers. One that plugs directly into the wall from Aura Cassia. I really like it! It was inexpensive, only needs a few drops of oil, and really spreads the scent. The other I have is from a candle company, I think it’s Yukon Gold? It is attractive, can sit on a counter, but needs to be plugged in. It has a timer so I don’t worry about it staying on too long. Again, it spreads the scent nicely. It was meant for candles hut had a small bowl adapter to use oils.

  17. I have been using the GreenAir Spa Vapor for about a month now and I absolutely love it. It runs for 4-6 hours and automatically shuts off when the water is too low, so it works well for overnight use. The lights can be turned off as well. It was very inexpensive ($25) and spreads the scent very well throughout any room its in.

  18. I too am curious about what kind of essential oils to use, I looked into Young Living oils but they are not certified organic and then I looked into Mountain Rose Herbs but they state that they are not suitable for therapeutic aromatherapy. I would love to find some good organic brands to buy from.

    • Have you looked at Young Living website? There is a video of how they are made and much good info there. I believe in them and so do many

      • Me too. Did a lot of research before trying Young Living for their quality and selection. Been using Young Living diffuser and oils for 6 months now and ordered 2 more 🙂

      • I too signed up for the YLEO kit. It was a great way to get many oils at once for a decent price. I also bought them when they were having a sale! I love YL oils! They are wonderful. But because of their pyramid sales approach I simply can not afford them. They are expensive, not because of their purity, but because your purchase is going toward the paycheck of many people above you on the pyramid! I have done some research on oils as well and found 2 companies that I especially love: Healing Solutions which has a whole Kids Safe line, and Plant Therapy, which I found on Amazon (, and they have a whole organic line of oils. Both have 100% pure oils, know where they come from and practice with many years of experience extracting and explaining purity, etc.

    • please look into doTerra. Their oils are Certified (by a third party source) Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG), most of them can be ingested (some brands say to not ingest oils). They source their oils from the most true areas. For instance their Lavender is from Provence, their Frankinsense is from Oman and Sandalwood from Hawaii. I am not saying that other companies aren’t good, but I use and LOVE doTerra oils. I have compared the smells of some other brands and doTerra oils smell better and less synthetic.

      • I am not here to start an argument, I simply want to clarify. Neither of the major MLM essential oil companies are third-party certified. “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” is a registered trademark and not an indication of third-party certification. As far as I know there is no such thing as certification for essential oils.

        There are many good essential oil companies out there. I have friends who swear by doTERRA and others by Young Living. If you aren’t interested in the MLM game, there are good independent retailers like Mountain Rose, Heritage, and Native American Nutritionals. A google search of “best essential oil company” will give you multiple review sources that can help inform your decision.

        • Thank u, finally someone w unbiased knowledge!

      • there is no such thing as “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” essential oils. There is no recognized independent third party that provides an independent certification, if they are claiming that it is because they are paying a third party to provide them with some certification based on their own criteria. If the third party is being paid by the oil manufacturer, it is not considered an independent verfication.

    • I am loving all the informative comments on diffusers. I did want to let you know that Young Living doesn’t certify organic because they farm and sell all over the world. Different countries have different regulations which make it prohibitive costwise and they want everyone to have access to pure oils. They are passionate about not using chemicals in their farming. Check out their Seed to Seal guarantee. It is the only brand I will use after extensive research.

    • Caroline, What do you mean by mountain rose EO states “that they are not suitable for therapeutic aromatherapy”?

    • AMEO essential oils
      Clinical grade

  19. Where do you suggest getting the essential oils from? What details should I be looking for when buying them?

    • I did lots of research on oils and have decided on Young Living………..look them up, a great company and the best oils……….and you can if you like make money with them. I signed up and bought a kit……I think they are well worth the price

    • Personally, I have found that I really like Edens Garden and their price is right and their practices (in my experience), good. They offer full disclosure on what their oils are, where they come from and how they are extracted, all of which are important to me. Most of their oils are not considered organic, but considering how many come from around the world, this is predictable and knowing the details helps me decide. They are all therapeutic grade, too, and I have had no reverse reaction to any I’ve usex and given how highly sensitive I am to toxins and man-made chemicals, that actually says a lot about the quality (I have been using essential oils for… nearly three decades now.. wow! but this brand only for the last three years or so). No, I can’t make money off them, but that’s never been a priority or motivator for me – keeps my opinions untainted in my own mind 🙂

      Obviously, YMMV, but I thought I’d share.

    • We just started using Edens Garden as well and LOVE them. Their customer service has also been outstanding.

  20. I’ve been using essential oils for stress reduction as well as helping with digestion in the form of organic peppermint essential oil rubbed onto the abdomen.

  21. A warning to cat owners – most oils are toxic to cats, even when diffusing. Do a google search to learn more.

    • Thank you so much for this warning! I found some great information online. You probably just saved my cats! God bless you!

  22. Thanks for the very informative review! I have hesitated about getting an oil diffuser but now that I’m armed with your information, I feel informed enough to make a decision.

    • Kimberly, I just ordered the NAN Kit 2. I’m excited to try them! Do you have a favorite oil? I am very new to EOs and my husband is not quite on board. My kids and I have been sick three different times since September and I’m over it! Hate shoving medicines in them all the time so hoping the oils help get rid of our consistent sickness!

  23. Just wanted to say thanks for the useful information and the reviews! You’ve been the most helpful with my intense googling for a diffuser. 🙂

  24. First off I want to say thank you so much for all the helpful information you provide in this blog. I find myself on here daily looking up one thing or another! Back to the point…I purchased the Noor diffuser per your suggestion in this post because the light can be turned off for use at night, however, I have been unable to figure out how to turn off all the light from it. I know how to turn off the decorative light but the power button still puts out a considerable amount of light especially in a dark room. Is there a way to make it go completely dark?

    • Good question- I should have mentioned that I covered the power light with a tiny piece of electrical tape. I also do that on smoke alarms and anything else that has blue light.

      • Thank you for the reply! That’s exactly what I did 🙂

        Two things…First I wish there was a way to access the bulb and just take it out and second why does everything have that ridiculous power light. I have been trying to find a humidifier that doesn’t have a light for ages…errrrr.

        • I am sensitive to any light at night, and the glowing power lights on things are just as bad as a nightlight! I finally found a diffuser I love, that has zero light on when you turn the light feature off. It is the quooz diffuser, I got it off Amazon. I fill it when I go to bed, and it runs for approx 10 hours. Love it!!!

    • My wife and I just bought a Noor Litemist. When we tried to use the no light setting on ours, it remained lit-up in a dark blue, putting out a considerable amount of light. We’re disappointed and will be writing to the seller.

      On the positive side, I cut out a cardboard box to sit around it and block most of the light and our LO’s slept really well while it was running using cedarwood EO.

      • Good idea about the box! I might try that. I bought the same diffuser from the link above and was very disappointed that the light can’t be turned off. The power light can be covered (I use receiving blankets), but there is still need for the opening at the top to let steam escape and then the light escapes too and makes the room pretty light – I can see all objects in room pretty well. Looking for one more diffuser now, also want it to use water to humidify, but don’t want the light.

  25. What is your opinion on Young Living and Doterra essential oils compared to others out there? Thanks!


    • They have some very good blends (which I use), but I don’t like all the controversy and in-fighting that surrounds both companies.

      • I am brand new to EOs. I want to start useing them and have been doing a lot of research and reading different blogs about how to use them, the best EOs etc. I think I have made the decision to go with NAN/MRH. After all of the reading I have done, I have seen so much fighting with YL and DoTerra and dont feel that I can support either of these companies. Thank you so much for your blogs and all the information you provide. I have read several of your blogs.

        • In what manner are you speaking of infighting between doTERRA and Young living ? I understand that they are certified therapeutic oil’s! Thank you for any information you can give me !

          • Both companies promote unsafe use of essential oils, and the FDA is getting on them about it apparently. As a Certified Massage Therapist I also really disagree with what these companies promote. The reason most essential oils say “do not ingest” on the bottle is because it is completely unethical to suggest someone can ingest essential oils without the guidance of a profession aromatherapist. Also, putting undiluted oils onto the skin can cause irritation and sometimes even burn the skin, another practice recommended by YL. Another huge point is that “Therapeutic Grade” doesn’t actually mean anything, anything that is 100% “essential oil” is just that. There is no better quality other than certified organic essential oil.

  26. I have had the Spa Vapor, or which worked fine but broke. I also have the Green Air Aroma Humidifier Diffuser, which works well in larger rooms but the sponges that you put the oils on DISINTEGRATE and, I have to keep ordering more. I also have the Green Air Serenity, which works well but, leaves a residue on the tv screen next to it. It tips over and, now quit working. I would like advice on a good humidifier diffuser that won’t break after a few months.

  27. I also have been buying Native American Nutritionals and like them very much……a little less expensive then Young Living and cheaper shipping and very fast. I am beginning to think Young Living is too expensive and like Kate do not like all the controversy and pettiness.

  28. I can’t find the info anywhere so do you know if you can use oils that contain carrier oil in your doTerra nebulizer? Also, if the bottle has the little plastic dropper insert inside it do you have to remove it?

  29. I read somewhere that heating EOs can cause them to become toxic. I didnt put much weight into this statement because I could only find it on that particular site. Anyone know any more information on this?

    • Did you get your answer. I’ve been wondering the same as well

    • Cara,

      i think I read somewhere about that a while ago, but can’t remember where. What I know for sure from reading about EOs is that heating destroys their therapeutic benefits, and that’s enough for me to make me avoid heating them period. Why would I waste my money on quality essential oils which are expensive only to risk ruining them with heat? that’s also the reason why I don’t use those so called diffusers which heat the oils with water, I only use a cold air nebulizer that doesn’t use water or hear. I hope this helps.

  30. I use a Young Living ultrasonic diffuser and I LOVE it. The one I have does have a light that cannot be turned off but if you have kids it would be perfect to double as a night light (the light does turn off after 1 or 4 hours, depending on how long you leave the timer on.) I also find that it works well in the winter as a humidifier while diffusing cold-preventing oils like Thieves oil.

  31. I bought the Allay LiteMist diffuser. I want to diffuse Native American Nutritional’s candy cane but am concerned about the orange EO in it messing up the diffuser. Thoughts? (Here’s a link to the blend info

  32. I just bought this diffuser from Amazon. And I love it! I have the Lotus Diffuser from Doterra and the AromaLite and the Greenair. And I think it’s my new favorite. You can use the citrus oils on it and it’s super easy to clean. It goes for 10 hours. I bought several as gifts because it comes in a super cute box.

  33. Would there be a benefit to buying an ultrasonic diffuser if I already have a regular humidifier? Could you just put essential oils in the humidifier? Or would that not work as well?

    • Yes, as long as it is ok for your humidifier. Check the owners manual as some say not to use essential oils in them

  34. Hi, Katie:
    I read your article on diffusers with great interest. I want something ver small for travelling. And bought a Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Personal Humidifier that uses a water bottle. Could you give me your opinion on whether I could add YL essential oils to the water?

    I should say also that I follow you on FB and enjoy the Wellness Mama page very much.

    Thank you.


    • Michele –

      As an aromatherapist and self proclaimed oil freak, I bring my oils everywhere. But I also like to travel light. So often I leave my travel sized Aromaglo diffuser at home and opt for a hacked version of a diffuser.

      When I arrive at a hotel, the first thing I do is take a folded paper towel or tissue, place it in a cup and add 20-30 drops of my favorite essential oils. If there is forced air, I will put the glass right near it.
      I immediately feel like I’m at home once I have aromatherapy.

      Just thought I’d share the diffuser alternative!

  35. My ultrasonic diffusers says only to use water soluble essential oils. Do you use only water soluble or regular, too?

    • I thought EOs werent water soluble. They are oils…..thus u use carrier oils to dilute, not water.

  36. Does anyone use a diffuser with cats in their house? I have done some research and found a lot of conflicting information about essential oils and cats.

    • There are posts in this thread re: cats & essential oils. I looked online too. Based on that, I think it is best if cats do not come into contact either by diffuser or physically with essential oils. There is a book written specifically about this, but I can’t remember the name. I’m sure that you can Google it.

      • I did find a book written by a Veterinarian who has used essential oils on cats, both topically and aromatherapy, with very good results. I also read an article on from Wellness Mamma about how she has a cat, and in this article she talks about how she uses diffusers, so I don’t know if she keeps the diffuser away from where the cat usually goes or if she just dilutes the oils enough, or if it doesn’t matter.

        • I’m newer to essential oils and very protective of my cats. But I do diffuse them in the same space the cats are in. They will remove themselves if they don’t like the scent but usually stick with me in our small 400 sq foot rental. I haven’t used tea tree oil yet (even though I know it would help my allergies) because I saw warnings about it with cats. I would love to use essential oils on them too so am looking into this book: “Essential Oils for Animals” by Nayana Morag. It’s my next step of learning about oils!

  37. I read in your post on 5 EOs you use everyday that you diffuse Lemon and OnGuard. Having read not to use citrus EOs in an ultrasonic diffuser due to their corrosive properties, I’m wondering if you use these in your nebulizing diffuser? Thanks!

  38. Hi there,

    Does anyone know if using essential oils in the air has health benefits?

    Thanks so much!

  39. Hi Kate. I read your review with great interest. I’ve been informing myself and comparing Ultrasonic aroma diffusers for one week and yours is the only professional and independent comparative I’ve found. After my evaluation I was almost decided for the Lagute you include in your analyse and I have a question.

    Why do you think that the Lagute doesn’t work so well as the Noor? Now the Lagute is 15$ cheaper in average. Do you think the difference is worth for buying Noor instead?

  40. Would it be beneficial to get a diffuser for each bedroom that my children sleep in?

  41. Are diffusers safe for dogs to be around? If so, which oils are safe? My dog has been acting sluggish and I’m worried it’s because of the diffusers?

  42. What about just using a standard oil burner, which uses a tea light to generate heat? Are they effective?

  43. Heating the oil reduces beneficial properties. It will still smell good, but it won’t be as effective.

  44. Following this. Very interesting.

    • This is very interesting, but I’m more confused than ever on which company’s oil is the purest to buy. Purest meaning most healthy since from what I’ve been reading therapeutic grade doesn’t mean what I thought.

      • Mary,
        I believe the surest way to buy quality EO’s is to buy them organic.that way you know they are the purest because they are free of pesticides and most likely the best quality. that’s what i do.

  45. I’m curious to know if there’s any ultrasonic diffuser that shoots the mist out the side versus the top? My 2 year old twins have zero furniture in their room so it’d need to be positioned in their storage section above their closet which is basically a three wall area with opening to their room (similar to the closet but higher up). So rather than the mist shooting up into the storage part where it probably would circulate down to them, I wanted to see what options I had 🙂 Id have to rig the wire along wall to plug in somewhere outside their room as they mess with cords and plugs as well. Any suggestions? I’m desperate. They need a solution to sleep.

  46. Hi,

    I was wondering whether plastic leaching was a concern with humidifiers?


  47. I am looking for a diffuser and oils that I can put in my laundry room where I have 3 litter boxes. I need something that is safe for the cats and I can put on and leave for a couple of days. Right now I used a barn sprayer with a fresh sent that sprays one pump every 15 min. This works for 3 months. I would rather use oils and a diffuser but I haven found anything that fits my needs. Any help would be appreciated

  48. Hello, I was wondering if it’s ok to use a salt lamp at the same time and or in the room as a diffuser?
    Thank you.

  49. Hi Katie,

    I’m looking for more information to choose the right product, Untrasonic diffuser is clearly looking forward to my first point, but I still expect you to answer some point that i’m not clear, which the machine is the best and most popular for small rooms based on your experience while my budget about 50 – 100$ and I can buy from amazon UK and ship it to France? Information on the wiki I found very little information during the search process but I learned some introduction to the product and make some pretty useful information and review articles. But I still want more information and look forward to your feedback to help 🙂

    Thank you!

    • moreover, my English is not good. Sorry about that!

    • I’m really not familiar with the selection in other countries, but I’d see if any of the brands listed are available where you are. If not, check the reviews on the ones available to you. Most work well on small areas and small rooms though 🙂 Good luck!

      • My greenair spa diffuser runs all night long for 10+ hours. It appears to be still giving off some steam. Is it supposed to shut off after 3-6 hours? Would I still be receiving the benefits of the oils after that many hours of running?

  50. Im mixing a hair heat protectant using sheabutter and almond oil… would like to scent it with an essential oil… not sure which one I can use?

  51. I use Ameo Essential Oils and I love them! They have Nebulizer Diffusers
    and the Ultrasonic Diffusers.

  52. Hi I have been diffusing essential oils and noticed a black residue. Anyone know if this could be mould?

    • Where is the black residue, in the diffuser? Do you wash it periodically?

      • It was inside. I use it almost everyday and never thought to rinse it since I diffuse lavender and tea tree oil very often. I just assumed that since these oils are used to fight mould it wouldn’t be a problem. I just threw it out and bought a new one. Better safe than sorry.

  53. Looking for a nebulizing (doesn’t use heat or water) diffuser with a timer. Which one(s) do you recommend?

  54. Hi, is it okay to use other company oils (NAN) in my YL dewdrop diffuser? It says to use only YL oils but was wondering if I could diffuse NAN oils in them. Don’t really want to buy a new diffuser. (sorry, broken English)

  55. All the Amazon reviewers go on and on about how noisy it is and how you can’t really smell the oils very well. Are you sure this is the best model out there right now? Has anything changed since your review?

  56. Hi!
    I’ve just purchased an ultrasonic diffuser and I was wondering if anyone could answer a question for me?
    I have seen various other blog posts about using diffuers as insect repellents (not a planned use for mine), but some have actually stated the diffuser and certain oils may kill insects rather than preferably just repelling them, is this true?

  57. I get all my oils from Mountain Rose Herbs and Native American Nutritionals. Mountain Rose is a bit less expensive, but Native American has some blends that Mountain Rose doesn’t have. I trust the quality and feel those companies offer the best value for my money. I am learning to make my own blends; it isn’t that difficult, and is a small fraction of the cost of buying blends. I have serious distrust in MLM companies, after having been involved with Creative Memories, Amway and Genesis Pure. I see many of the same issues with EO MLMs.

    • I’m still curious why some people mentioned that young living and DoTerra have problems with each other, so they do not buy their oils! I use the DoTerra and would like to know if there is something wrong with them so I can change or look for some other type of oils! You do not have to do the selling if you choose not to, you can just buy them regularly! They also set up schools and help the natives in different areas to have sanitary conditions and also to pay the people who work with them and give them better living conditions and build schools ! I thought this was a reputable company! They may be a little more expensive then the Young living but sometimes you have to pay more to get the best! Someone said it was because of all the pettiness that went on between the two companies, so I was wondering if this was not a good company ! Thank you for any help!

  58. So, according to this, you use no less than 7 diffusers? Just wondering if any of the brands listed compensated you in any way?

  59. Thank you for clarifying!

  60. Hi!

    I have purchased the The Noor Litemist Aromatherapy Diffuser and I was wondering if I used an oil blend that had a some lemon in it if it would be okay since it is not all lemon? Or do you think it would still erode away at the diffuser?

    Thank you!

  61. Hello! Have you tried YoungLiving diffusers? Or their essential oils?

    • I’ve tried almost every essential oil on the market…

  62. My naturopath gave me these criteria for selection the best quality EOs:

    Authenticated Only (original fingerprint / organic)
    Authenticated oil is the key to getting quality product. “Suresource guarantee” backed by 3 key documents—origin signature (verifies a botanical expert has checked expert has personally inspected the ID, growing conditions and proper distillation) phyto signature (finger print taken at distillation), NSP signature (exact match to their original finger print found at distillation). This absolutely verifies authenticity back to cultivation. Certified Organic, Organic and Wild Grown in addition to the authentication are the key factors indicating high quality EOs.

    The majority of oil companies skip those steps mentioned above. They buy from large brokers and look at just a couple of compounds the industry considers most desirable like menthol in peppermint, cineole in eucalyptus, and d-limonine in grapefruit. This practice leads to widespread fractionating, adjusting and standardizing essential oils. They rate oils acceptable though they are not exactly matched to their original fingerprint.

    Terms Used for Marketing Hyp – therapeutic / standardized
    Some marketing hyp terms to avoid are “therapeutic grade” or any kind of label indicating an exact standard. There is no official guideline for that and when the oils are promised to have exacting recipe, then the natural state of the oil must be altered to reach that state. This actually takes away from the authenticity of the oil as they must include additives to create what nature didn’t.

    So far, Nature’s Sunshine is the only brand I’ve found with authenticated organic oils. It can be purchased retail online, and after placing the first order they send a lot of great discounts.

    If anyone knows of other EOs that meet that criteria let me know. Since so many have recommended doTERRA and Young Living , I reviewed their web sites. I couldn’t find anything showing they apply the selection criteria as suggested by the naturopath. Did I miss that somehow?

  63. Not even sure if this thread is still active. But since I just got a diffuser from ArOmis Aromatherapy via Amazon, I’ve been searching through posts. Funny how no one mentioned this diffuser since it’s the only one I found with NO plastic parts touching the oil. It’s solely glass touching the oil and with a wood base it looks like a piece of art. With the timer function 10 on 10 off and and an hour cut off time, I’m not worried about it eating up a ton of EO. Which I monitor by actually adding to the glass vial instead of screwing in. I make my own mixtures so that’s no problem for me. I’ll have to see how well it works though. It does have way better reviews then doTerra’s nebulizer. And it’s a little cheaper on sale.

    The other thing I wanted to add is about the EO’s on the market today. Honestly I don’t want to start any fights or anything this is just my two cents and for anyone who wants another option. I don’t do any online orders (only a buy at local heath food store when desperate) from doTerra, YL, or other major EO companies because of all the hype around them, I think they are overpriced, and I do side on the fact that CTGO is a marketing tactic. It doesn’t mean anything really. I’ve talked to a few companies who have CTGO’s and some of them did in fact add carrier oils (be it natural or orginic it’s still a filler). This I found out ONLY by stating that I have severe allergies and could be sent to the hospital if I had a reaction to an unlabeled ingredient. Since I was told when I just asked outright “Do you add any carrier or filler oils?” – All of our EO’s are pure and CTGO (by several companies). That makes me a little upset.

    I do order from a fantastic company called New Directions Aromatics. They are fantastic! The prices are great at whole sale costs. Plus the company states right on their site, “As far as possible, we source our products from organic growers and distillers. Certificate of Analysis, Specifications and MSDS are available on request. All of our essential oils are ethically produced and are free from pesticides or chemical fertilizers.” I have yet to see another company so willing to offer information about their essential oils. Their essential oils are also labled as to where they are sourced from. I’ve been very happy with this company!

  64. Hi Katty, thank you for the review of this oil diffusers. I recently bought a Ultrasonic oil difuser and it says to use only tap water. Do any of yours use tap water? I want to use it to purify the air in my house, but I know tap water has a lot of chimicals.

  65. MUJI (the Japanese company) makes a great ultrasonic diffuser in two sizes for 50-80 USD. Variable lighting (High, low, and off) and a built in timer (160, 120, 60, 30 mins) and a simple, cute design puts out a lot of oil and also makes for a pretty solid night-light if that’s something you’re into.

  66. Hello,
    Thank you for what you do! I have questions regarding essential oils in a cool mist ultrasonic diffuser. I would like to use one in my main living area and have considered using one in my children’s room too.
    I really like some of the oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary, but it sounds like that could be dangerous for my children?
    I do intend to use cinnamon, vanilla, and possibly balsam fir too. Am I putting my children at risk?
    I do not intend to use these directly on their skin, ever…but now I am worried that using them in a diffuser could be dangerous based on what I am reading. Can you tell me your thoughts?

    • I am more cautious about those oils, but when I don’t have very young babies, I will use those oils in combination in a diffuser in very diluted amounts. For instance, I might add one drop of peppermint or eucalyptus with 10 or more drops of a less potent oil. Definitely do your own research though and make sure you are truly comfortable with whatever you decide.

  67. Hi there,

    I live in a damp/humid environment and have developed some conditions due to the dampness. I’ve been advised to use pine needle oil and cedar oil so I’m now in the market for a diffuser. My concern is buying one that will apply more dampness and moisture to the air…something we definitely don’t want. Can you suggest a brand or model for people living in a damp environment? Thank you! Appreciate your help.

    • Look for a nebulizer which diffuses oil right out if the bottle without heat or water. They are more expensive but also give more scent to the air, and they use more oil.

      • It depends what kind of diffuser you use. As someone just mentioned here most of them use a lot of essential oils- some could go through a whole bottle of oil within 2-3 hours, which could be very expensive. I found this one on Amazon and it’s great, that doesn’t uses water or heat. It only uses 1 ml of oil /hour which is extremely low (1 oz=30 ml- just to give you an idea how little that is). It’s more expensive, but based on my calculations, this will become free after 2 months of use, and then it will save me over $1000 in a year in essential oils. This the best I ever owned.

  68. Seems there are hundreds of different diffusers most probably made by 3-4 companies. They all seem to have issues. It’s utterly numbing to try and do research for these. Does anyone know a diffuser not made in China?

  69. As an aisle, I am involved in lots of wellness activities with a lot of people whose names you would recognize, but wellness mama; you are amazing! Keep doing what you are doing and sticking by your ethical guns. It’s refreshing. And not many out there like you.

  70. Dave cana – what problems have you experienced with diffusers? Have you looked in to the Scentsy one? It has a lifetime warranty regardless of whose oils you use in it. Yes, it is manufactured in China, but I haven’t heard of any others that give that peace of mind 🙂

  71. I am wondering if you have heard of any concerns about the white dust issue with ultrasonics? I always have avoided ultrasonic humidifiers because they can spread a fine white dust throughout the air with their mist. My understanding is that this is just the minerals in the water being broken down and diffused, however I don’t know that nature intended for those minerals to be regularly breathed into our lungs in such a way? What are your thoughts/research on this? Unfortunately I do not want to use the nebulizer-type because we have three young children and I would like to be cautious about not over exposing them to oils.
    Finally I have had some great success in using the doterra on-guard as a steam treatment during times of early illness. However, I would prefer to go as pure as possible with oils and I am uncertain whether this is the right brand for my personal long term use. So my final question is can you recommend a comparable blend by any company that might offer a purer oil or do you have any oil recipes to suggest that would be as effective as on-guard? Thanks a million!

  72. I was hoping to diffuse oils while my children are sleeping. I was hoping to help strengthen their little immune systems to avoid all of these bugs! I was wondering if anyone can offer any insight into which are the best oils for this and which diffuser might be the best for their bedroom. My daughters share bunk beds and I want to make sure the oil reaches the top bunk. I can’t seem to get a straight answer on this and am very new to essential oils! Thank you for any advice!

  73. Dollar store spray bottle.
    Add water and few drops of essential oil. Shake and spray. Done.

    Other options for the budget conscious:

    Invest in a glass spray bottle or personal size spritzer bottle (still cheap and no worry of EO deteriorating plastic, although sometimes plastic parts are present.)

    Warm water and a few drops of EO in an uncovered pot of water on the stovetop or uncovered crockpot.

    Place a few drops in a glass or mug of water and put on an electric mug/candle warmer (Google that if you don’t know what they are. Usually less than $10 in stores). Works well in an office setting.

    Put a few drops on a tissue or cloth (EO may stain) and place in a glass or ceramic dish. Place dish next to a forced air vent or heat source to speed evaporation.

    • But, since oil and water don’t mix, do you not run the risk of getting a burst of concentrated oil or conversely, just water/steam into the air? What about not using heat because it changes the composition of the oils? And from what I understand, the oils evaporate rather quickly anyway, which is why perfume companies have to add other ingredients to make the scent last a long time. These sound like low-cost ways, but they sound like low-efficiency ways, too.

  74. Katie,

    thank you for your review on the oil diffusers. I found it very informative. You mentioned that one of the drawback of nebulizer diffusers that use only essential oils without water is that they use too much essential oil compared to other diffuser? From your own experience and from your own reserach could you please share what’s the average quantity of essential oils used with nebulizer (cold air/no water) diffusers compared to others?

    I would highly appreciate it.
    thank you.

    • It depends on the setting used… you can set the nebulizer to only run for about 5 minutes every 20+ minutes and reduce the output but you attach the whole bottle. At the lower settings, a bottle can last for days, but a water diffuser only uses 15-20 drops at a time and can run for up to 8 hours…

  75. The Scentsy ultrasonic nebulizing diffuser will run for 8 hours, holds 120ml of cold water, and needs about 5 drops of oil…. the water will last 8 hours on the intermittent setting, or 4 with it going full blast. It turns itself off when the water is all used up, but the LED color change effects continue to run… and has a lifetime warranty (covers use of non-scentsy oils), so no worries about corrosion or water scaling 🙂

  76. Have you ever tried Jade Bloom oils? I am curious about them and they are very reasonably priced.

    • I just started using Jade Bloom EO after doing some research -Young Living oils, doTeera, Rocky Mountain n Jade Bloom. I have oils from each of these EO companys. When I consider cost, quality of their oils, effectiveness of their oils n reading evaluations of other enities I now mostly from Jade Bloom n occasionally from Rocky Mountain. I feel it is most important for each person to do some of their own research n maybe order from each company then decide which company meets their personal needs. I am also very aware of those EO companies that are involved in the multi-level selling of their products. You will usually pay a lot more for the products which are not always better.
      I hope this helps you

  77. Oh, my. Such amazing information, but so confusing since I am new to nebulizers/diffusers/humidifiers. I need to act soon, though, to help me with chronic lung infections. I am hoping that they can help ward off any new infections from developing once I get rid of the one I have now. ( I developed a mycobacterium avium complex infection in my lungs probably due to a lowered immunity from medications I am taking for rheumatoid arthritis.)

    I can only buy one machine. Should it be a nebulizing diffuser or an ultrasonic diffuser? Is it more important to have a strong dose of EO in the air or to have a steady influx of moisture with EO? Not sure which way to think. And I’ll work on choosing a good EO once I know which machine to buy.

    I would so appreciate one of you so-knowledgeable people to point me in a good direction. And thanks, so much for this post and the information. I feel I am getting a better handle on this whole new frontier.

    • Thanks for your recommendation, Simona. I’ve looked it up, and it sounds really good. Is it new to the market, because no one has mentioned it before in my research–nor have I noticed it before on Amazon. I ordered the doTerra one before I got your reply, but I think I will exchange it for the one you recommended. Hope the reviews were legitimate. Best. Irene

  78. I am new to EOs and have decided that it is high time I try. Do I need a different diffuser for different oils that I use regularly? I was thinking of only using them in my bathroom, with a stress relieving/ calming blend at night and a livelier one in the morning. Would that be appropriate? And will I need 2 diffusers?

  79. Just read about a veterinarian named Melissa Shelton, who has had amazing experiences healing animals using essential oils, including one large parrot named Emmet, and you can go on You-tube to see him responding to the essential oil mist. One thing they mention is that animals in the natural world are exposed to the essential oils in plants every day as they eat them. Granted, the oils are not in a concentrated form, as in oils distilled for humans, so you would need to be very careful, but if I had an unhealthy animal and nothing else was working, I would not hesitate to research this more, and then use EOs to heal my animal. Worked for Emmet! An uplifting video, if you feel like watching!

  80. Can I use a salt lamp and a diffuser at the same time?

  81. I am looking for a diffiser and was told to get a nebulizer/ionizer. I found the following diffuser that says ultrasonic nebulizer. Can you look and give me clarity?

    • That one says it is nebulizing, but it is an ultrasonic water based diffuser like the others in the post. This one is a true nebulizing diffuser that does not use any water:

      • i am actually surprised that so many “holistic” type of people are using these type of oil diffusers, etc. I would like to make my home smell nice too, but I wonder about the real health benefits of creating fine particles of these essential oils in an environment with young children? These particles coat the lung – very different from ingesting oils.

        So, given that, i would think folks should be using an organic essential oil (BRAND NAME REMOVED is tested and pesticide free unlike many of the oils people buy at the stores and don’t realize are full of pesticides). how healthy can that be? contaminating a child’s breathing environment w/pesticides? This is why i doubt the effectiveness of essential oil diffusers. at least if it goes through your stomach, the liver detoxes some of the problems but going thru your lungs and coating your lungs is not healthy/safe….. i’m thinking of little children here. Of course, the people who use glade type of plug-ins are in a class of their own….cough. cough.

        Also, I am very concerned about the ULTRASONIC type of diffusers. Has everyone forgotten about the issues w/those many years ago? i.e. the fine particles released (lead, arsenic, mercury, etc) from the ultrasonic vibration demineralization going into the air that children breathe? radon hitching a ride on those particles too and going right into a child’s lungs?

        There is no regulation with these things which is why i’m concerned and would like to believe they are truly safe because i have an ultrasonic diffuser which i’m about to return unfortunately 🙁

        • I am sorry that you feel that way about diffusers, it is clear that you have a strong opinion on them apart from being concerned about the children. Our Doula also uses oils and diffusers as well as teaches classes on the different oils and how to use them. She has raised her kids with them all in her house without any problems. IF you are truly concerned about the air quality and not pushing organic oils you should also be concerned about the everyday air your children breathe in, especially if you live in a city. Every time you pump gas with the baby in the car the fumes are there, exhaust from cars is also a major pollutant. And what about the clothing that your baby wears or the sheets they sleep on? Going as far as what type of water filtration you use to clean the water you use to wash baby’s stuff with? It seems that there are many other things to worry about.


          • by the way, i am currently using the essential oils that i can buy at the stores (NOW and some other brand – went to organic oils after i found out that they have less pesticide in them, but still from the stores. Doterra, i’ve read does testing which makes me less wary. I don’t know of other brands that do testing and would like to know for affordability because i suspect doterra is very expensive. I’m a concerned USER. I freaking bought a diffuser that i now have to replace after remembering the article i read many years ago about ultrasonic humidifiers. The reason i know about the health issues w/those ultrasonic humidifiers is i actually know someone w/very dry skin (some inherited condition) who was using one for many, many years and started to have problems w/them – fastidious, cleaned it, etc so it was not related to bacteria/mold build-up. So, then, i see all these diffusers in the store and am basking in them somtimes because it feels so good/smells so nice, and it turns out it uses that same ultrasonic technology, etc. So, anyone out there that can provide me with advice on something that is super safe for children, doesn’t create fine particles, and doesn’t coat tiny, tiny lungs that haven’t even developed villi (you know, those hair-like things that help push dust out?) yet? Please let me know. I’m not selling a thing, by the way, so i have no agenda here except concern for children. So, now, why is the brand name in my above posted removed? It’s probably too expensive for the average folk anyway, but why did the brand name get removed when in other posts, brand names are allowed? I should think a company that does testing should be provided on a wellness site? Never seen it sold at stores so not sure if the price is just too high for average use but there are people fastidious enough where it would be worth it so for that market, it might be reasonable. dont’ know, dont’ care. that’s not my primary concern, but i def would prefer to buy something with real tests (and tests can be a joke too – depends on the samples sent for testing) than not.

        • Stephanie: I use Young Living oils and diffusers solely and let me tel you why. I have done a lot of research on them, the diffusers don’t mold because they are medical grade and Young Living oils are the purest oils on the market I can find-as well as, they work. I have been using the oils for about 2 years now and have helped several people with them. I diffuse constantly when my 4-year old grandson is here as well as at least 4 hours each night while he sleeps. I have used them with a carrier oil and also neat on him and have never had a problem. Please let me know if you need any information on oil comparison etc…

  82. THANK YOU so much for getting back to me. I will take a look at young living. I am now leaning toward a nebulizer instead of anything ultrasonic due to the fine particle issue w/ultrasonic humidifiers. Maybe, the diffusers aren’t as problematic as the humidifiers which perhaps releases more since they are mean to humidify an entire room. The nebulizers that use bernoulli type of fan and atomizer seems like an option. I will look into young living and will get back to you on possible options so we can enjoy the beautiful smell of lemon/grapefruit, etc. The organic raindrop nebulizer posted on this site looks nice. I like that it is glass.

    • Stepahnie: I am glad to hear that you will look into YL–you won’t be disappointed. Let me know if you have any questions or need any other information. Educating ourselves about natural ways to support our health is my goal!

      • There is not a medical grade type EO. The FDA does not regulate EO so YL’s claim is misleading.

  83. Katie– Do you recommend buying separate EO for topical/oral use and then something else for the diffuser? Since there are some organic, some food-grade, etc. which are more expensive. So should I buy cheaper (not as good quality?) oils for the diffuser?
    Are there diffusers that aren’t made of plastic, or is that irrelevant?

  84. Are the benefits of essential oils lost with use of catalytic oil lamps?

    • The benefits of oils are lost any time you heat them. I use a cool mist diffuser with my oils.

      • I totally agree that heat destroys the essential oils therapeutic benefits. That’s why I only use a cold air nebulizer that doesn’t use water or heat. I bought this one on Amazon and it’s the best nebulizer diffuser money can buy and the best quality -hands down, not to mention it uses less than 1 ml of essential oil/hour which saved me so far hundreds of dollars in oils since I’ve purchased it last year.

  85. I have a young living dewdrop ultrasonic diffuser. Can I use cold pressed coconut oil alone in it?! 🙂

  86. Mariah,
    I wouldn’t use any carrier oils with any diffusers. I would only mix EO’s with carrier oils, including coconut, if I intend to use them topically for a massage or a bath, or as a moisturizer.

    • I wouldn’t want to mix EO’s with any carrier oils for diffusing because when you diffuse EO’s you want to maximize the power of therapeutic benefits from inhaling these EO’s. Carrier oils DO NOT help at all when you intend to use a diffuser; on the contrary they could clog your diffuser. i hope this helps.

  87. Do terra is mlm overpriced hype. There are far better cheaper choices

  88. Katie and others, would you trust Mountain Meadow Herbs oils as much as you trust Young Living? The price difference is huge, but I want to know I am getting a really great quality oil.

    • I’m not familiar with Mountain Meadow Herbs, but I typically try to avoid MLM companies, which is one of the reasons I prefer Mountain Rose Herbs…

      • I’m sorry, I meant Mountain Rose Herbs! Do you trust them as much as YL?

        • Yes, much more so! They’re my personal favorite…

  89. Hi Katie and everyone! I have a dilemma….I’ve been using the Noor essential oil diffuser in my classroom for the past 2 years with amazing results and feedback from parents. This year our fire chief has decided that I can’t use it because he’s “certain there must be some heat involved” and since it says “for home use” on the bottom that means it’s not ok for schools. Does anyone know of a diffuser that has passed US fire code inspections….or if there is one that says for office or business use on the bottom?

  90. Hi! I have been searching the internet for a while without luck and maybe this thread can help shed some light. I have a ultrasonic diffuser and love it, esp with Lavendar essential oils. My diffuser is on every day for 2-3 hours max and I do clean my diffuser every day. However, lately, we’ve noticed that the lavendar scent is significantly decreased. It seems like I have to put 10 drops into a small amt of water where as before it was only 2-5 drops! Assuming I am thoroughly cleaning the unit, what other issues could cause this problem!?

  91. Advanced aromatherapy oil diffuser from Amazon has an extremely poor review. You must be very lucky with yours or you have only used it for a few months. There are multiple problems over time with this product and appalling after sales.
    Personally I wouldn’t have this if you paid me to use it.

  92. The nebulizer from Herba Terra Organics is the best I ever had. I love it so much, I bought a second. it’s expensive but it’s well worth it.