100% Real Cheese Chips Snack Recipe (Grain Free)

Real Cheese Chips Snack Recipe

Ever miss that crunchy texture that foods like chips and crackers used to provide? This easy cheese chips recipe will hit the snacking spot! Best of all, unlike Cheez-its or Goldfish, the 1-ingredient list is 100% real food!

And it only takes 15 minutes and a hunk of cheese!

Cheese Chips? Isn’t That Unhealthy?

It’s true, 100% cheese chips certainly aren’t an everyday food, but if you are craving chips, this is a much healthier alternative than the Doritos aisle!

how to make healthy chips at homeCheese chips are higher in calories and fat than some other snacking choices and not recommended for the lactose intolerant. In our house, we do keep moderate amounts of raw, aged cheeses and high-fat dairy like butter, cream, and yogurt in the meal rotation. The key words here are “moderate” and “rotation.”

Getting “Real” about Dairy

There’s nothing better than snacking on fresh veggies and fruit. That’s undeniable. But dairy in its most natural form—raw, organic, pastured (meaning grass-fed), and full-fat—does have nutritional value and can be handled digestively by most people. Even better if it’s fermented! (Then it’s lower in sugar and lactose and contains probiotics).

Food rotation is a key element in getting good nutrition and avoiding food allergies. When I know we are carefully choosing what we consume and when, I can feel good about indulging in things like real dairy once in a while. As always a good meal planning system (check out my favorite, Real Plans!) helps guard against the overconsumption of any one kind of food.

For this reason I have kept some dairy in my favorite 200+ recipes featured in The Wellness Mama Cookbook (although dairy is rarely essential to the recipe and easily skipped if needed). For variety, the recipes frequently call for healthy milk substitutes like almond and coconut milk.

How to Make 1-Ingredient Cheese Chips

Without further ado, here’s how to get your savory umami fix from 100% real cheese chips. It takes little prep time or cooking know-how.

The next time you need a healthy alternative to crackers or a break from carrots and celery for dipping into salsa or sauces, try these!

Real Cheese Chips Snack Recipe

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100% Real Cheese Chips




Baked cheese forms a crispy and salty snack.


  • Cheddar, parmesan, asiago, or other cheese of choice (recommend freshly grated)
  • Herbs or spices of choice (optional- we like to add a dash of Italian or Cajun seasoning)


  1. Very lightly oil a cookie sheet with olive oil (very lightly!), or use a silicone baking mat or parchment paper.
  2. Put small piles or folded slices of cheese onto the cookie sheet. I recommend cheddar, real grated parmesan, asiago or other firm cheese. I haven't tried mozzarella, jack, colby, etc.
  3. Turn the oven on 'Broil' and put the cheese in.
  4. Watch carefully. It may take a little practice to learn timing. When bubbles slow down slightly and at first sign of browning, it's time to take them out.
  5. Take out the cheese chips when edges are slightly brown and gently remove them using a thin spatula. Place on towel covered plate to cool.
  6. When cooled, use just as you would chips for snacking or dipping into homemade sauces.

Courses Snack

Cuisine American

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To store, wait until fully cooled and pack between layers of waxed paper in a shallow dish or stainless steel storage container.

If you have any left, that is!

Cheese Chip Variations:

  • Sprinkle with green onion or chives before baking
  • Add a dash of spice of choice: perhaps basil, or chili powder, or cumin, or curry
  • Top each with a thin slice of jalapeño
  • Make cheese piles a little larger. Place them in a bowl after removing them from pan and before fully cooled. Use cheese chip “boats” as you would a taco salad shell.

Ever made cheese chips? Have a better version to share? Do so below!

Cheese turns in to a crispy and delicious cracker-like snack when baked. Find out how to make these easy cheese chips snack.

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Reader Comments

  1. We love cheese crackers! I do a jack colby blend cracker quite often. Also, I do mine on parchment paper, and they slide right off easily! (you can reuse the parchment for several batches too.) Try them with guacamole – Heaven!

    • Have you tried them with sliced deli cheese?

  2. Mmm, I really need to try making these!

  3. Maybe I am confused, but I thought avoiding dairy was part of the diet?

    • For the most part, it is, but for those who don’t have an allergy, these are an occasional treat, and much better than chips fried in vegetable oils 🙂

    • All factory farmed animals are given hormone shots, to make them grow fatter, faster, and antibiotic shots, because they live in filth, and eat GMO (genetically modified organism) grain. Who wants all that nasty in their body? Everything you eat and drink should be organic, because most everything in your grocery store has these things and man made chemicals you can’t even pronounce! All dairy you put in your body should be organic…from animals that are grass fed, and have no shots given. I learned how to make my own nut milks, mostly from organic almonds. You can watch on youtube how to do this easy enough. I love cheese, so I only find this in organic, which I hope everyone will do. So much better for ya!

  4. My husband and I both loved these! Thanks! At first I didn’t cook them long enough to make them crispy, and then I learned that if you wait until they mostly quit bubbling they are perfect. Chips are one of my weaknesses and I’m excited to find something that can substitute. I like that I can control the portions by only cooking just enough.

  5. Yummy! Made them to go with our chili tonihht. Great substitute for cheese crackers and/or grilled cheese sandwiches!

  6. I failed at this big time. Maybe I cooked it too long. Maybe my slices were too thin. Next time I will use parchment paper as I am having to chisel them off my baking sheets. No worries as I’ll just use the crumbs in fish breading tonight. Interestingly enough the Hickory Farms cheese didn’t melt, didn’t bubble, didn’t do anything. What do they make that out of?! Tillamook worked just fine. Operator error.

  7. I love these chips, but I have 2 problems with them.
    1) I can’t stop eating them.
    2) I’m lactose intolerant. lol.
    I can usually tolerate small amounts of dairy, but I had some earlier today and apparently have now had too much.
    I might not be able to make these as often as I’d like to.

    Parchment paper helps the chips slide right off. Some cheeses have a lot of fat (we all know that). It might take longer for these cheeses to crisp. To help it along, use a spatula and move the cheese out of the oil puddle to a clean section of the baking pan. Or, what I did (by accident, because they weren’t crisp enough)…let them cool, flip, put back in oven until lightly browned.

    • If you stick with long aged cheese you should be okay on avoiding lactose. As the cheese ages the bacteria that gives it flavor convert the lactose to lactase, leaving the cheese lactose-free. I don’t have a magic formula to say when the lactose is gone but I know that when we were selling cheese at a farmer’s market we had several lactose-intolerant customers who were able to eat our longer aged varieties.

    • Try raw goat cheese. Its my understanding that some that are lactose intolerant don’t have as much issues with raw cheeses in general, raw goat more specifically. I could be wrong, but I do recall reading that more than once. Just a suggestion.

  8. I miss pretzels. I love the flavor of the outside of the pretzel, and the salt.
    Do you have anything to help with that?

    • just log on to pinterest and search for paleo pretzels reipes for pretzels pretzel buns and more if you dont want them soft just leave them stale up

    • Try sourdough crackers, they are delicious

  9. Hello Katie! Do you stack like two slices of natural cheese?( I have a block of cheddar) And also, for about how long do you broil?

  10. How do you store these and how long will they store for? Thanks!

  11. What temperature do you broil these at?

    • broil is a setting on the oven. Just crank it up to ‘broil’. it heats the top element only at a high temp.

    • The US broil is top down heating akin to a UK grill (grilling in the US uses a bottom up heat sort of akin to a UK barbecue)

  12. I need to know how to store them to keep them crisp, and how long will they last. Thanks for he recipe, you might have saved my carbs diet!!!!

  13. You can also do pepperoni…trying tonite

  14. If you are leery of broiling you can also bake these at 400 for @ 7-10 mins…..for some reason I always forget stuff under the broiler!

  15. I love these. I use a shredded Mexican cheese blend and take them out while they’re still a little soft and use them as mini tortillas for tacos.

  16. Press a jalapeño slice in the middle before cooking . That spices them up nicely! I think I used Jack cheese.

  17. these are fantastic. I’ve baked them in the toaster oven and have fried them in my skillet. I’ve also made ’em larger or smaller and when hot you can roll a larger one over a stirring spoon or something long enough – so when it has cooled down – makes a taco. (I can’t remember where I found that idea – this site or another that also has yummy recipes.)

  18. Option: when they are just about to crisp up, yet still malleable, top it with pulled pork or chicken! Then, fold it in half so it looks like a taco! Garnish with cilantro, guac or avacado and eat like a taco! I’ve made these cheese crisps into mini appetizers and they are delicious!!

  19. Dear Katie, I just LOVE your site! I have pinned it on Facebook to ‘Show up First’ in my newsfeed, then I learn something new, and get something from you everyday (well more times a day than I can count!)

    I can’t wait to try the turmeric lemonade on this 4th of July weekend! and need to make some more of these cheese ‘chips’ because I’m all out. We’ve been using our latest find of pork rinds for dippers! ….with the most delicous find, an almond based ‘hummus’ type dip, no beans less carbs!

    Anyway, I actually want to send a personal/professional invitation to you, but I cannot find anywhere a place to email you personally outside of a post, and do apologize for inquiring in this forum. Not sure if you would be so kind as to reply here if and where I could do so. Happy 4th of July weekend to you and your family! ~Pam

  20. I have made these in the microwave. They don’t come out as fancy as in the oven or under the broiler, but on a hot summers day, or if I am STARVED, I use the micro. I get a large dinner plate and put a chunk of cheese in the middle of the plate. Depending on your microwave, I microwave it on high for one or two minutes (again, depending on the size of the chunk) until you see the edges get brownish. I then stop the micro and drain off the accumulated oil, and either eat it that way, or if the center is still soft, micro it for a few seconds more. They do come out thinner, crispier, and looking more like cheesy lace. I do a few, drain them on paper towel and I’m good to go.

  21. I add chives and green onions. Spread the cheese in one heap over a cookie sheet covered in tin foil and olive oil cooking spray.

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