Best Non-Toxic Nail Polish Options

Best Natural Nail Polish Options

I’ve written about how to make natural hairspray, deodorant, toothpaste and lotion bars but one thing I’ve never been able to find a DIY for is nail polish.

Conventional nail polish can be one of the most toxic beauty products around, as many contain a host of harmful chemicals. These chemicals are especially harmful to children and pregnant women.

Problems with Nail Polish

Nail polishes often include:

  • Toulene– A chemical known to cause reproductive harm and dizziness. It is also found in gasoline and the CDC warns that it can cause central nervous system problems.
  • Formaldehyde– This known carcinogen is found in many nail polishes. It is also used to preserve dead things and when used in lab preparations, there are strict warnings to avoid inhalation or skin contact.
  • Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) -This chemical is banned in Europe and is known to cause reproductive problems, especially in boys. The Environmental working group classifies this chemical as the highest danger level and warns that it can cause organ problems and endocrine disruption.
  • Assorted other chemicals.

Nail polish removers are equally problematic and the fumes are especially harmful.

Are There Safe Options?

I stay far away from conventional nail polish, but with three daughters, I wanted to find some less-toxic options that they could use occasionally. Many brands claim to be safe and natural but after a lot of research, my daughters and I tested some of the top options that had a safe rating in the Environmental Working Group database.

We had great results with several of the brands we tried and some didn’t work well at all. I’ve shared our top picks below but it is important to note that even these safer options still have some chemicals in them and I wouldn’t use them all the time.

If you’ve been using conventional nail polish, I’d suggest stopping right away but please also dispose of conventional nail polish carefully. The EPA classifies nail polish as household hazardous waste and requests that it is disposed of in a proper hazardous waste disposal site. You can use this directory (in the US) to find a hazardous waste disposal site near you.

It is also important to note that nail salons typically do not use non-toxic nail polish options and that the air in nail salons is usually highly contaminated with chemicals. I suggest avoiding nail salons entirely, but if you do go to one, ask about the nail polish and removers they use and look for safer options.

Non-Toxic Nail Polish Options

These are our favorite nail polish options of all of the brands I researched and all of the ones we tried. I enlisted my daughters as testers on these since they are typically very tough on their nails.

1. Scotch Naturals

Scotch Naturals are by far my favorite of the brands I tried. The colors were great and they scored a 1/10 on the EWG database before they updated their system (I can’t find them in the new system). This brand is free of the chemicals listed above and didn’t have a strong smell.

I couldn’t find this brand locally so we ordered ours here. I found that this brand worked very much like conventional nail polish when I used their recommended base coat and top coat. The specific ones we ordered were:

Scotch Naturals is a grown-up version of the Hopscotch Kids brand, which is also a great option that is available in a lot of different colors.

2. Acquarella

Acquarella also ranked a 1/10 on the EWG database. It is definitely pricey so it isn’t one I would use regularly but it stayed on nails and didn’t have a strong chemical smell. It is available in a lot of colors and my daughters wanted all of them.

Aquarella nail polishes are water based, free of the chemicals listed above and even vegan and wheat free. They also make a non-toxic nail polish remover.

3. Honeybee Gardens

Another favorite with my tiny testers. This brand is also water-based, free of the three dangerous chemicals and has a low rating on the EWG database. It is available in 25 colors.

A great thing about Honeybee Gardens is that it can be removed with vodka or rubbing alcohol.

4. Piggy Paint

Definitely gets the award for cutest name and these were a favorite with my kids. This brand didn’t seem to stay on nails as long but that was fine with the kids since they want to change nail colors often anyway.

Piggy Paint is also one of the least expensive brands. We tried this sampler trio and it was less expensive than a single bottle of some of the other brands we tried.

5. Suncoat

Another non-toxic option with an EWG rating of 1. The interesting thing about Suncoat is that it peels off easily so no nail polish remover is even needed. This ended up being fun for the girls but it also didn’t last long on their nails since they had so much fun peeling it off.

Do you use nail polish? Have you ever looked at non-toxic options?

These non-toxic nail polish choices are water-based, natural, free of chemicals toulene and formaldehyde and rated safe by the Environmental Working Group.

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Reader Comments

  1. What about removal? The only brand of these we’ve tried is Piggy Paint and it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to remove! Besides the one that just peels off, do the other brands have this issue?

    • Aquarella is mentioned in the article as having a non-toxic nail-varnish remover. Presumably it will work on the other brands too.

      • I tried the nail polish remover and you have to work very hard at removing the polish. I got most of the polish off except on my big toe nail. I am running around with that nail half painted.

        • I use Piggy Paint, I just soak pieces of cotton in rubbing alcohol, place on the nail and wrap tin foil around it to keep in place. Wait 15 minutes or so and it should scrape off easily 🙂

        • To the group: Piggy Paint is toxic. Checking the rest. Just tried Pacifica. Smelly, so doesn’t seem right. Suncoat passed the non-smelly test. Not crazy about peeling off…

          • Can you elaborate on the Piggy Paint comment?

          • What about 100% Pure nail polishes? Are they non-toxic too? Anyone tried?

        • Have one I got on Amaxon. Soy based, nice. I’ll get the name for you…

    • I was wondering the same thing about removal.
      I stopped using polish years ago. I always did it myself but once went into salon to pick up gift card for someone. I could not breath in there and decided it could not be good to put those toxins on the nails. Thanks for this list.

      • SpaRitual is the brand I use as it is vegan as well 😉

        • I’ve used Spa Ritual for years in my salon. Today I discovered that they are not as pure as they claim by looking at the EWG Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database. So have been on the search for a better one. It’s not clear cut.

          • ty, I was wondering

          • Use dazzle dry. Only true non toxic polish.

        • Spiritual does not fair well with the EWG though. I was hoping when I looked it up but not good.

    • Piggy Paint has toxins. Don’t know about rest yet. I’ll let you know…

    • Sophi is piggy paints adult version and it too is nearly impossible to remover.

  2. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Since changing my lifestyle I gave up nail polish since it’s so toxic but now that the warm weather is here I miss painting my nails. And since I just had a baby girl this will be invaluable when she is a little older. Thanks 🙂

  3. Pacifica Perfume has a 7 Free Nail Polish line, I haven’t tried it but the colors look beautiful!

  4. I have used Essie, Opi and Zoya, mainly because they were offered as the only non toxic option when I would get a pedicure. I used to buy a brand from Whole Foods but I can’t recall the name. I also bought a formaldehyde free nail polish remover from Whole Foods as well.

    • How did you like these brands?
      Anyone brand better then the others? Do any stay on better/not chip as easy?

  5. I’m not sure how it compares to the brands you listed, but I think ZOYA may qualify as non-toxic, and it’s pretty long lasting.

    • I also really like zoya. Good price, lots of great colors, stays on decently (I’m really rough on my hands ), easy to remove. I know it’s formaldehyde free and something something else free but don’t remember.

  6. You should definitely look into Pacifica! They just released their SEVEN-free nail polish line not too long ago and I love them!

    • I’ll try Pacifica. I use their lipsticks and I love them. And they score very well with Environmental Working Group.

  7. Hi, I’m super addicted to your blog and have since tried a few of your recipes of yours. The only bummer is that I have no access to MRH here in Portugal, but I’ll find a way to get quality ingredients even if takes way longer.

    I have recently made an active change in my lifestyle and have spent countless hours researching this and that. One of my worries was exactly nail polish and although I haven’t gone too deep on the subject yet. During one of my quick searches I came across this one brand that cures in the sun and is supposedly free of the major chemicals present in most nail polishes. I haven’t checked but I wanted to leave it here so maybe you could if you wanted to.

    Keep spreading the green lifestyle, I’m loving it! 😉

    • I have researched this brand and I will also include a link below posted by The Green Goddess Sophie Uliano reviewing this brand. The companies website says that you can cure in the sun, but their recommedned application for 2+ weeks of proffesional wear is usuing Bio Seaweed Gel’s recommended cure times designed with their own branded BSG lamp models. There are concerns of repeated exposure to these lamps(same as tanning beds) but i recommend using UV gloves. Amazon has been out of stock for a while, but you can google for another source. The other downside is you still have to soak in 100% Acetone to remove. However the company claims you don’t have to soak as long for removal as with other Gels.

  8. I’m in the process of making some life style changes and eliminating conventional skin care and beauty products as much as possible. However for makeup and nail polish it gets a little tricky. The natural makeup options I’ve tried so far didn’t work too well and came on very uneven and looked quite blotchy. I came across a brand called 100% Pure and was considering to try some of their makeup products and nail polish options they have.

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience or opinions on this brand to share.

    • Have you heard of Ava Anderson Non Toxic? Great message, great company, and great products. List of 18 toxins not found of any of their makeup, skin care, personal care, and home care. The facebook page is an excellent source of education in non toxic living. Take a look at them.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely check this out.

    • Hi Dani,
      I am also looking for some chemical free make up and have come across 100% pure some time ago. So far I have only bought a bubble bath for my son and a mascara, and I have to say I love them both. I am thinking of also trying their complete make up and nail polish so I’ll let you know how I get on.

    • Have you looked at Real Purity or Signature Minerals? Real Purity makes the absolute best mascara I have ever used, plus it’s completely natural and nontoxic. Their deodorant is really great too (for clean armpits only :). I use Signature Minerals concealer, powder, and eyeshadow that doubles as eyeliner with the right brush. I never wear foundation but I did try one of their samplers and thought it worked really well. My skin quality has improved since using the concealer and powder, and I’ve had the same containers for over a year, so they are well worth the price.

      • I’ll add that Signature Minerals is significantly cheaper than other comparable mineral makeup brands, but again safe and nontoxic.

    • Yes I use 100% pure everything…all my make up and skin care…they list all ingredients so you know what u r putting on you skin…..they r pricey but worth in!

    • Ecoluxe is great. The concealer is my fave…non-streaking!

    • Have you ever heard of NYR organics? Love there products and no toxins.

  9. Katie, I love to buy local in addition to natural. I’m from Canada. Can you tell me if any of those are Canadian made? My second preference would be American made.

    • I don’t think the nail polishes are Canadian but, if you are looking for makeup in general, Pure Anada is made in Canada, non toxic, affordable and awesome!

      • Suncoat is a Canadian company

      • Their entire line is organic,vegan , gluten free, cruelty free . They have a polish for children which is non toxic and pure. The adult nail polish is a very good quality product these are not water based however they are “5 Free” meaning they are made without the top 5 hazardous ingredients I nail polish. They carry an over/under polish for base and topcoat and comes off with their soy bases remover.

    • SpaRitual is the brand I use as it is vegan as well 😉
      For polish remover and lacquer

  10. Hi, My wife and my daughters were recently swept away by the nail art craze.Will ask them to have a glimpse at this informative article.I knew about the effects of toluene, formaldehyde etc but forgot that kids grow up so fast.Nice read.

    • Tell them to check out Jamberry Nail wraps! If they’re into the nail art craze, then they will love these wraps! They’re non-toxic, chemical-free and won’t damage nails. They’re made of a vinyl that adheres to your nail with the use of heat and pressure. Jamberry also makes a 5-free lacquer that is made without the 5 most toxic ingredients usually found in polish. They really are a great product and company. I will have to say they have really made me feel a lot less guilty about doing my nails since they’re so safe to use.

      • Thank you,Stephanie.The girls will definitely love to give in to their favorite weekly ritual without worrying about health issues.

        • jamberry isnt non toxic. pvc is toxic

        • PVC is definitely toxic. You might want to consider revising your article to educate about the phthalates in PVC, which are hormone disrupting chemicals. This is a serious toxin for everyone, and especially young girls. There is no non- toxic vinyl, and vinyl is PVC.

          • My understanding is that PVC (and the phthalates in Jamberry specifically) is only dangerous when heated to extreme heats, such as being burned.

        • I am super curious about Jamberry nails! Is the PVC in the wraps ok if it is not heated? This is really important to me and I’ve been using their wraps for awhile and love them. But I would like to find some solid information about PVC, Jamberry and the heating process!

      • Jamberry nail wraps can harm your nails. They damaged mine, causing my nails to detach from my nail beds on every finger and I applied and removed properly. They also caused cracking, brittleness and breakage. They try to upsell you with their cuticle oil saying that you need to apply that continuously while wearing the wraps (I was a consultant). I never thought about the latex and heating it. They do however, have a line of 5 free lacquers aka nail polish and just came out with a nail polish remover that I have not tried. The colors of their polish are very pretty but very smelly. They don’t last more than a day on my nails no matter how many coats I put on. I never thought to look on here for other safer nail polish options since the Jamberry wraps are a no for me! Thank you for all the info. and comments listing other brands as well.

        • I would like to reply to this post because I don’t feel it is accurate and would like to defend Jamberry nails. Sorry for the problems you had with the wraps, but why would you become a consultant if you had such terrible experiences with the product? Do you possibly have extremely brittle nails and if so you possibly shouldn’t use anything at all on your nails? As for the nail lacquer, that does have the 5-free formula, and has no smell whatsoever. I know, because my daughter would paint her nails frequently with regular polish and the smell would be overwhelming. I switched us to Jamberry, between the wraps and the lacquer and I’m extremely happy with the entire product line. I am a Jamberry consultant now, but it came after using the product on myself, my daughter and my friends and making sure it was exactly what it says it is. Their removal method shouldn’t be difficult but for damaged nails they do show several gentler removal methods. Again, I’m sorry you had such difficulty with your nail wraps.

          • Your positive experience doesn’t change that they are made from PVC. They are toxic and should be avoided for health reasons.

          • I agree with Adri. Not only is the PVC toxic but the adhesive also has acid in it. I’d recommend asking Jamberry for the full list of ingredients (if you can get it….red flag) and look up everything for yourself.

  11. Honeybee Gardens nail polish peel off in one piece hours after they are applied. I don’t recommend them at all however their nail polish remover is great.

    • I have used Honeybee Gardens for years and never had problems with it peeling off. I use it on my toes and it stays on for months. I just touch it up as needed.

  12. Hi Katie,

    First of all, thank you so much for the time and effort you have made into this incredible one-stop shop for natural at-home remedies. I stumbled upon your site after a terrible breakout this past winter, followed by research on products to fight acne and discovering how many toxic chemicals are out there, in pretty much everything. So thank you for making our lives a lotta bit healthier and little bit easier. I’m writing to you today because I have a request. I know you are busy, but if you have time to hear me out that would be awesome.

    My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, and is currently going through chemo. I have been slowly introducing her to natural ingredients/products (I just made her your foaming hand soap and she loves it!), while informing her of some of the things to watch out for that are so terrifyingly commonplace in beauty products. I love my mama more than anything, and so I really want to take this one step further by making all the necessary products she needs for her routine. I know this sounds like a lot, and I need to take it one step at a time, but I would like to start with making her some lotion, shampoo/conditioner (although she might lose her hair, I could at least make this for before that happens/after she gets it back), face/body wash, and maybe even wrinkle cream if possible (or have that aspect in a face wash or toner, something). I’m wondering if there’s a way I could get in touch with you for some assistance in creating a chemo-safe, cancer-sensitive, routine. This would give her (and me) peace of mind that she is doing everything she can to stay healthy, and I know she would physically feel better as I have once I started going natural. I would be willing to pay you for your time. Either that, or I could at least use some guidance as to what ingredients/recipes are safe for her and could really help her as she faces the side effects of chemo/cancer– dry skin, hair loss, etc.

    If you don’t mind sending me an email (listed here) that would be great. Sorry for commenting on an unrelated post, but I’m desperate as she just started chemo last week and is already experiencing the side effects, and couldn’t find your contact info. I know this is asking a lot, but she and I would be so grateful to have some assistance through this tough time. Thanks again for all you do and God bless.

    • You might want to check out this website, Chris has some amazing information. I think you’ll find it very helpful.

    • Have you heard of Kris Carr? Amazing woman who beat cancer with diet ALONE. She has a documentary, book, website, you name it ( is her website). Sending my thoughts to your family.

      • Check out Charlotte Gerson on youtube…there’s a clinic in Mexico. They have amazing results with a complete diet change involving juicing.

  13. I have switched to non toxic nail polish as well. I have found that Scotch brand works well. There is no smell, great colors and it stays on. I only paint my toes in the summer and I find no difference in duration from conventional nail polish.

    • Have you had trouble removing the Scotch Naturals? A local vendor said she decided not to carry it because the polish was impossible to remove. She said she had to literally scrape it off (after using the SN remover) and it damaged the nail.

  14. Hi Katie,
    Have you tried Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish? My aunt is a Chiropodist, who introduced me to this brand several years ago, and it is the only one I will use now! They have over 30 colours, it goes on like traditional nail polish, and stays on for a long time. They also have a great nail polish remover.

  15. Hi! What about London Butter brand? I found it at Ulta and it works very well (glides on smoothly and lasted on my toes for a few weeks), doesn’t smell nearly as bad and advertised that it doesn’t have formeldahyde at least and I think some other toxic chemicals.

    I also wanted to mention that since reading your blog and adding gelatin into my diet more, my nails are so much stronger and naturally shiny/buffed looking, I don’t even need nail polish now (except on my toes I still wear it). My finger nails look like a natural french manicure 🙂

    • I second the vote for Butter London. Great colors and long lasting!

  16. My daughters (6 and 4) LOVE polish. It’s all they ever want to do. When we visit family in the summer they look forward to their mani/pedis with their grandmas.
    I was sitting with the 6 yo when I read this article and I think it basically scared her off nail salons and mani/pedis… at least for a while. (“You mean, maybe you won’t be able to have babies?!”)
    Not sure if that’s a good thing. I mean, I obviously want them to be safe and healthy, but it feels bad to take away something they love.
    PS – Sat with her on Amazon and she picked out some Piggy Paints…

  17. Thanks for sharing, I’m always looking for safer nail polish options! I try to use polish that doesn’t contain formaldehyde resin or camphor either making it 5 free (free of all 5 harsh chemicals). I like Zoya & Jenna Hipp, both are 5 free. ELF is pretty good & cheap – only $2 a bottle but it’s only 3 free.

  18. Also check out Jamberry Nails. They are “wraps” that you just stick on and they last for weeks. No paint, no remover! You can order them online or through a rep.

  19. A bottle of Suncoat came in my Conscious box a few months ago and I found it peeled way too easily. I was afraid Piggy Paint would do the same. Looking forward to trying Scotch. A base coat, color, and top coat is going to run about $50. I guess I spend that on a pedi…but still steep!

    • I recently just switched to Scotch and love this brand! If you go to their website and look under the “Our Products” section they have a “detox package” that includes the base coat, top coat and one color for $40. Still spendy but it’s so worth it, and for me a bottle lasts quite awhile! I also ‘liked’ them on facebook and will occasionally find that they offer a coupon code. I managed to get each bottle for $11. Hope that helps 🙂

  20. I have been saturating mysel with all this new information the past couple months and while driving in my car this morning I was contemplating if nail polish was something i should consider changing since I ALWAYS have my nails painted and when I got home to check for new info, the nail polish info was the first to come up! THANK YOU KATIE FOR THIS!

  21. Has anyone tried the nail polish from 100 Percent Pure??

  22. I have done lots of research on this topic! I have always been a nail polish girl, never thought of the bad things that could be in it until I started learning about all the toxins in products! I have switched all my polish! I use Zoya and Sparitual can be found at ULTA!! I also have nail polish remover from Honeybee Gardens. Also Pacifica 7 free nail polish, can’t wait to try I have tried many of their other products and LOVE them!!

  23. I’ve heard that Physicians Formula was good, but was just searching online and can’t find an ingredient list

  24. I consider nail polish to be my “toxic indulgence.” My toes are always painted,usually with OPI or Essie, and frequently my fingers. Other than that, I really play it safe…mineral makeup, make my own deodorant, oil cleansing and oil pulling, clay based toothpaste, etc. I have really struggled with the nail polish and also my addiction to waterproof mascara (I wear contacts and it just seems to work the best). After reading this, I am inspired to try a natural brand again. Thank you for this post!

  25. I don’t use nail polish ever. I’ve never been in a nail salon as I’ve always considered them toxic.

  26. Have you every used 100% pure’s line of nail polish?

    Are these safe?

  27. I was introduced to Jamberry nail wraps through a FB party!! They claim to be non toxic! They are wraps that all you do it heat them up and apply to nail. To remove, you use heat and water! They stay on the nails for up to 2 weeks! I have tried them! I used a hair dryer! Waiting for the heater they sell! If you have any information on this line of wraps, I would appreciate it before I invest too much time and money on these! 🙂 and thank you for the info!

  28. 100% precent pure has nail polish as well.

    They have great make up and shampoos as well. All made with pigment of fruits as well as Eco friendly. Highly suggest any of their products to anyone.

    Will check out these nail polish brands.

    Thanks for another great post Katie

  29. My favorite non-toxic nail polish is from Color Me Monthly 🙂

  30. A friend of mine created Chrome girl nail polish which is non toxic and you can purchase them online at HSN. Cosmo did an article on her and her nail polish last year. It’s a great product, you should try it

  31. Have you seen the Jamberrry nail wraps. They are non-toxic. Don’t chip or peel, etc. All the things we look for. AND they have kiddie sizes too. No, I’m not a consultant. I just think they’re a great, healthy alternative.

  32. Also curious about nail wraps… I just put on my first set from Jamberry last night. They only list one ingredient and can be removed with water…

  33. What about Jamberry nail “stickers”? They’re non toxic and really last.

  34. Can’t wait to try Scotch… Thanks for the recommendation! The three-free brand I really like is Spa Rituals. It’s probably not as non-toxic as the ones you mentioned, but it is available in the natural salon I go to. It stays on forever, and the colors are really unique. Butter London is a close second.

  35. ZOYA nail polish is toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) FREE! so are Julep nail polishes. Both brands have amazing variety of colors, long lasting polish haven’t had any issues. Awesome companies non toxic. Both brands were feature in NYFW 🙂

  36. While doing my own research, I found this:
    “Here is the ingredient listing for one such brand, Aquarella, as found on their website: Acrylic polymer emulsion, Water, and non-toxic colorants (No FD&C). You don’t have to be a chemist to see that this ingredient listing is in stark contrast to the one from OPI shown above, which lists each and every ingredient that can be found in the product. The general description of ingredients provided by Aquarella tells us nothing about the specific chemicals used in their nail polishes. What exactly is in that “acrylic polymer emulsion”??

    Not to single out Aquarella, I found many other brands which do not fully disclose their ingredients, including Honeybee Gardens, Scotch Naturals, Piggy Paint, and more. Others, such as Priti, make claims about their ingredients to “prove” their naturalness…but, just because the solvent Butyl Acetate has (as they mention on their website) “the sweet smell of banana”, that doesn’t make it natural or nontoxic. Butyl Acetate happens to be the primary ingredient in most conventional nail polishes too. So, is there any difference between “natural” nail polishes and “conventional”?”

    So now I am wondering just how safe these products you “tested” are. You didn’t disclose if you had actually purchased them or if they were provided. Looking at prices, you would have had to spend well over $100 on products that you didn’t know if you would like and I find that hard to believe.
    I didn’t even see if these polishes had colors that were naturally derived or from artificial sources. I would think that being the Wellness Mama, that would be an important piece of information. Maybe listing the actual ingredients for each polish would have been good, too.

    • I did purchase them myself. I have a strict policy that I always purchase things I review so that I can give an objective review. I agree that I should also post ingredients for each polish. I’m going to email the company and see if I can get them disclose the ingredients

      • Just wondering how did your nails feel after you took the polish off? I’ve tried Sofi, the adult Piggy Paint line, but my nails became so brittle that they would fall off in chunks. Did you have a similar experience with any of these?

  37. I *am* a consultant with Jamberry Nail wraps, I’ll say up front and I’d have to vouch for them as well — being pregnant, too, there was no way I was going to put toxic polish on my nails! I’ve tried the non-toxic versions like Piggy Paint and a few others and was really unimpressed. They look so pretty at first, but like all polish chip really quickly! The Jamberry wraps really do last, and have no yucky smells or chemicals in them!

    Best of all, and even better than the non-toxic polishes, they can be removed with things like heat, oil, and a dental flosser — so not only are you not damaging your nail or putting any toxins in your body during the removal process, you’re actually NOURISHING your nails and cuticles with whatever your oil of choice (a lot of ladies like coconut oil!)! And as several other ladies have mentioned, if you just don’t like the wraps and prefer polish, we do have a “5-Free” line, which includes a strengthening basecoat that contains Horsetail extract. 🙂

    • What is the adhesive backing made of? If it’s pvc, then can Jamberry claim to be nontoxic? I have reviewed a Jamberry MSDS sheet on line but don’t believe that is an official MSDS sheet. It appears that the company created it themselves. Can you enlighten me on this subject?

      • They can claim to be non-toxic because before you apply heat to the adhesive it generally is… this is what many companies do. Once the consumer adds heat there is a chemical reaction and this creates a toxin.

  38. I have been using Jamberry nail wraps and polishes! They are chemical free and last for weeks!

  39. I love what you offer!

    I am just learning about the really HUGE issue of health that we MUST deal with : Chemtrails or Geo Engineering of the weather using dangerous chemicals.. Would you be able to write about that and what homemade or natural remedies we should make or have on hand for this increasing onslaught to our health and the health of the planet.

  40. I use Keeki, polish and remover. I am really happy with it so far. It doesn’t stay on as long as my old stuff, but I think that’s because I haven’t bought their base/top coat yet (I’m poor) so its just the polish, whereas with conventional polish I used to do both base and top coats. Other than that (which I’m sure would be solved with the clear coat) I’m really happy with both products! I ordered a gift pack that came with colored chapstick that is sort of like a lip stain which I also love. Great colors too, though not as much variety as some other companies.

  41. So good to hear of all these more healthy choices. I did not read about colored “henna” products, which can be used as lip color, rouge, and nail polish. The one I use is called Mehru Herbal Lip Dye, and it comes in many colors. For the Plum Fairy color, the ingredients are: Berberry Roots Powder, Bees wax, Cosmetic colour, IPA, Glycerine, Flower scent, mineral water. Be careful! If you use it for nail polish, it dyes the nail (and cuticle). It will fade and needs to be redone regularly. It may come off with alcohol, etc. I haven’t tried it. If used for lip color, it is drying, but they have a product you put on top of it — a clear gloss. I found it online. Enjoy!

  42. I recently discovered “Flower” nail polishes, Free of DBP, toluene & camphor and only $5/each with an amazing variety of colors and staying power. Love them!

  43. I have been using ZOYA which is 3 free and great. Many of ORLY nail polishes are 3 free as well and can be found at many drugstores and Sally Beauty Supply stores. The great thing about these brands are that they’re cheap and last 6-8 days chip free.

  44. My niece uses a brand call Jamberry nails…it’s a covering simular to fake nail’s.
    I’m not sure about them as I can’t find a lot of info on ingredient’s.
    Would appreciate your help with this.
    One thing I did like they came off with olive
    Love your site and all you do!
    Big hug to you and your family!

  45. I will also vote for Jamberry nails. They are non toxic and I think they are much easier and last longer than nail polish plus they have so many cute designs for women and children!

  46. Hi I love all of this information. I use Josie Marans Argan Oil Line of pure oil and cosmetics she has on QVC because its all made from argan oil and natural ingredients. I have not seen any finger nail polish yet but I have ordered her nail polish remover wipes for our 3 year old who loves nails and toes painted and could not stand using the regular nail polish remover and was searching for new polish and was planning on trying little piggies glad I found this site. The nail polish remover is called Josie Maran Bear Naked nail wipes has little polar bears on the front come with lavender or natural grapefruit scent. I love them and so does she because she can do it herself. (3 at the end of of the month) Thank you!

  47. I love Zoya polishes – they have great staying power and a couple times a year run a Free 3 special, where you only pay shipping (takes a long time to ship though – so be prepared for that).

    Another brand I really love is No Miss. I think this is the one a previous posted mentioned sells at Whole Foods. They also stay on really well.

  48. I’m curious as to thoughts on the Jamberry Nail Wraps as well. The only ingredient on the package is for the adhesive which is Acrylates Copolymer. According to EWG’s Skin Deep, it rates a 2.

    I asked a rep what the wraps were made of and I was sent a MSDS sheet. They are made of polyvinylchloride film on paper. (PVC) Of course according to the MSDS sheet, there are no known health hazards associated with the use of this product. But we also know how PVC does a number on the endocrine system. Is the major concern with PVC when it leaches into our food and drinking water? Is it ok to glue PVC to your nails?

    • I would also like to know about this! Are the Jamberry nails safe? Is it ok to glue PVC to your nails?

      • Disclosure: I am a Jamberry Independent Consultant. But I did a lot of research into this product before I started using them on myself. I have a couple of chemists on my Jamberry team, and my understanding is that the phthalates in Jamberry are only dangerous when heated to extreme heats, such as being burned. As long as you use the product as directed and don’t light them on fire and sniff them, they are very safe.
        But if anyone is very educated in this area and has done further research, I’d love to hear what you found.

  49. I like Butter of London nail polish from Sephora. It isn’t tested on animals either!

  50. I found a nail polish diy by polished on youtube
    What you need:
    Clear nail polish
    tooth pick (or something small to mix with
    glitter (optional)
    How to make it:
    1 pick a color(s) that you like
    2 scrape it out into the nail polish
    3 add glitter (optional)
    4 mix with tooth pick

  51. I only use Willow & Wren! Love their colors and it’s 5-free! Safest one I’ve found yet.

  52. How about Karma Organic Spa? I have been using the remover for a while and its great! Just purchased a bottle of polish and so far I love it too (though I only JUST applied it today) No smell! Great addition to my non-toxic lifestyle with Celadon Road 🙂

  53. Do you have any info on Jamberry nail wraps? They seem like a good non-toxic option, but at $20 per sheet with shipping I usually just opt for the nail polish. This makes me think again! Thanks!

  54. I would also love to find out what you think about Jamberry nail wraps. I just went to a party and really liked them! They were super cute and easy and they look great. But a friend sent me an article that suggested they weren’t as non toxic as they claim since they are made of pvc. They said even the glue used isn’t great for you either. I was so excited and was so close to signing up to be a consultant! So bummed about this…

  55. I live in China and I use Mild’s. It’s pretty cheap (a bottle for 8 dollars) compared with American brands that come with the shipping fee (a bottle can cost 16 dollars or more!) It works well and almost has no smell. It peels off easily but I’ve found that it tends to make the nails look a bit unhealthy…So normally I let my nails rest for a few days before I paint them again:)

  56. Has anyone tried the Treat line of non-toxic Polish? I just bought it from Amazon. Stays on fairly well with the Deborah Lippmann “gel” alternative base and top coat.

  57. I love Zoya nail polish and it is 5 free and works and last wonderfully.

  58. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the Scotch Naturals polishes. I have been using them for about two years and was so happy to have found them. Then, all of a sudden, all of the German shops I bought them from had taken them out of their stocks. I enquired as to why that was, and confirmed what they told me: A pretty well-known eco-magazine called “Oekotest” has found Methylpyrrolidon in them which is reprotoxic. Their conclusion was: This nail polish should never have been sold. Now I’m stuck with a couple hundred dollars worth of nail polish that I’m definitely not using anymore! I will give Acquarella a try but this whole incident has made me really sceptic towards “non-toxic” nail polish in general.

    • 100 percent pure makes amazing nail polish and has a good reputation. They are based out of California.

  59. I tried Jamberry nails and have to say I do not believe the non-toxic claim. I am VERY sensitive to chemicals and I got a plastic taste in my mouth both times I tried to keep these on my nails. Then I found out there was PVC in them. I would not let my kids use this.

    • Have you tried Gelmoment?

  60. For kids and those sensitive to smells, water-based polishes are the way to go. However they do work a little differently than solvent-based polishes. They tend to chip quicker and are harder to remove. For chipping, I found that using a base and top coat is a MUST. With the extra coats it’s as long lasting as the solvent-based polishes I’ve used. For removal, I found the best way is to use a gel-like alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Squeeze it on the nails and let it soak in. Then rub off. It may need a few applications. The less-toxic polish removers are simply alcohol anyway. For a peelable polish, use Elmer’s Glue as a base coat. This makes any polish peelable. I like Piggy Paint because it’s more affordable and comes in so many colors, but all the water-based polishes I’ve used work pretty much the same if used with a base and top coat.

    For solvent-based polishes, many if not most conventional polishes are “3-free” even if they don’t advertise themselves as such. Several drugstore brands are “5-free”, including Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, L’Oreal, Revlon, Butter of London, NYC In a New York Color Minute, and LA Colors Color Craze. LAC Color Craze actually has an ingredient list quite similar to Zoya but is much cheaper. Because it’s so much more affordable and I can get it locally and see the colors locally, LAC Color Craze is the solvent-based polish I use. I don’t buy polish remover. I use the clear top coat to remove it; it works way faster than alcohol and is less toxic than acetone. Pacifica bills itself as “7-free” but from what I can tell it’s no better than other 5-free polishes. LAC, Zoya, and No Miss have simpler ingredient lists than Pacifica. ALL solvent-based polishes have a smell and I will only apply them outside.

    Conventional peelable kids polishes are in-between. They are water based, but usually also include a solvent for some reason, and sometimes a phthalate. A better choice than a solvent-based polish, but not as good as a water-based, no-solvent polish.

    • I’m wondering what brand you use for your base and top coat. I am thinking of getting my daughter some piggy paints BUT we used them before and they came off so easy that I want to get a base and top coat to help them stay on a little longer. Thanks!

  61. I use been using mineral fusion for mall polish… any one use them? The ingredients list is long but i didn’t see the three ingredients to avoid listed above… here’s a link w the ingredients list:

  62. I am so new to ALL things natural!

    I read once that Pure I.C.E. is safe. and its only $2!! Also, a few Sinful Colors is toluene, formaldehyde and dbp free…Does that mean safe?

  63. Any recipes for nail polish remover that can be made at home?

  64. We use Mineral Fusion. It’s a good price and free of formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and et Camphor

  65. I buy Keeki nail polish for my daughters and am pleased. When they insist on polishing their nails in the car, I don’t have to roll down the windows because it barely has an odor. 🙂 They have a good color selection for my teen & pre-teen. We also use the polish remover. I may try some of the other brands listed in the article when I get a chance.

  66. I was wondering if anyone has ever looked into the ella + mila nail polish brand. They claim to be 5-free but they’re not water based. I love the colors but I don’t want to use any harmful polishes on my little one.


    • wondering the same!

  67. What about Jamberry Nails. the wraps and the nail polish? They promote non toxic and Formaldehyde free

    • Also if the wraps are not good is there something else that is? my daughter and myself love the wraps.
      Thank you

  68. Hey Wellness Mama!
    I notice you did not state the 3 harmful ingredients were not in Piggy Paint polish, can you assure this statements?
    Have you heard back from any of the brands about list of ingredients?

  69. Hi Katie, Ever try Gabriel nail polish? Wondering what you think and whether I should get some or wait for Scotch Naturals to manufacture more. You give the best advice and I trust you more than anyone on the internet. Thank you for all the great info!!!

  70. The Body Shop recently came out with a 5-Free line of nail polishes, called Color Crush. It’s vegan and cruelty-free, too. Has anyone heard about this or used it?

    • I haven’t but I’m really interested in finding a nail polish that works without any smell. My fiancé is about to leave me! Jk but I’m sick of fighting every time I paint my nails about how I’m killing him with that fumes. Help!

      • Gelmoment is nearly scent free

  71. Hi! What do you recommend doing for nail polish remover?

  72. Could you give us a list of the other brands you’ve tried than did make the cut?

    • Growing up, I wasn’t loyal to any certain brand but used the basic drugstore brands. These are far better!

    • Adesse is free of 5. the three mama listed plus free of camphor and formaldehyde resins too. It is pricey at 18 bucks a bottle but I use only three colors ever so I get my use of them it has great sheen all over color and lasts I buy the gel kind! love it. but it does smell like regular polish to me just not as strong.

  73. Zoya is great and available at target!

  74. Poofy Organics has a great line of polishes and a remover that everyone raves about.

  75. To start off with I’m a Nail tech and been in the biz 15 years. The only true non toxic nail polish is drum roll please DAZZLE DRY!! It’s vegan, cruelty free and dries in 5 min. No joke!! Yes 5 MINUTES!! As in once top coat is in you can do dishes dry. It’s a hybrid polish meaning it lasts longer than normal polish but not as long as gel polish (i.e. Shellac). It’s comes off with Nail Polish remover which theirs smells like lemongrass. I know!! They are small batch controlled and have over 100 colors now. They say they are six free but truly are free of ALL bad stuff!! Oh and one more thing. Made in USA.

  76. Hey I just wanted you to know that Piggy Paint now has an adult line called SOPHI that works great and is just as high quality and lacking in chemicals as the Piggy Paint for little fingers and toes! I use it all the time and love it!

  77. Anyone have feedback on Ella & Mila brand ?

  78. Hi! I am living in Turkey and I checked all the brands you wrote but I can’t find them here, is OPI and Sally Hansen also okay for 3 toxic free? I am pregnant, that’s why I am looking for healthy options. Thank you!

  79. Have you tried Little Ondine nail polish? I recently discovered them, and have had a good experience. They don’t have a lot of color options at the moment, but I was able to find a few nice shades! It’s a water based nail polish and zero smell. Really easy to use around my dog who’s pretty sensitive to traditional polish smell. The polish also peels off nice and easy. You should check them out!!

  80. I’ve really liked my Julep nail polishes. Most of theirs are 5-free, depending on the coloring, they don’t have a strong smell and you can get them on sale for $5, or in a beauty box monthly.
    I just spent hours looking up all of my old nail polished and the ingredients and how they score, and I was horrified! No wonder it’s taken me 11 years to have 2 kids! I’m so frustrated that I was ignorant for so long.
    OPI, Orly and many of the most expensive salon brands are the worst offenders! I’m livid that I’ve spent so much money on such damaging products under the falsehood that they were the best because of the brand name. Our local dollar store has L.A. Colors for $1, and only scored a 2, wich is pretty fantastic! I’ll try some more brands, as well as keep using my Julep, and head to the dollar store for more L.A. Colors.

    Thanks for the info and help.

  81. Del-sol is my fave and is 5-free.

  82. Hi! I am grateful to have found this blog because healthy is always better! I have been using polish for about 25 years and can’t remember a time when I didn’t wear it. I’m 48. I’m curious to the long-term damage I’ve done to myself although at the moment I have no problems, none that i can think of. I often wondered if a non-toxic polish was necessary if the base coat was vegan because that is the first layer that goes on. Do you know if the non-toxic polish still get absorbed on top the base coat?

  83. Has anyone tried PritiNYC?? It’s a bit pricy for my broke self, and I work with my hands a lot, so my recent order was the nail conditioner/base coat, top coat, and two colors I love. I’m following their suggestion of using just the conditioner for a few weeks before adding a polish and top coat. So far I’m pleased with the consistency, smell isn’t too strong, and the soy polish remover worked well using a cotton ball. Haven’t looked at their toxicity ratings in depth yet, curious if anyone else has.