Grilled Citrus Chicken Salad

Grilled Citrus Chicken Salad Recipe

A light and fruity chicken salad that can be made on the go, this salad is a reminder of summer, even when there is snow on the ground. I often make a salad like this for lunch at least a few times a week.

A bed of leafy greens topped with citrus chicken, cucumber, apple, strawberries, and hard boiled eggs, and topped with your choice of homemade dressing, or just squeeze a lemon or orange and a drizzle of olive oil for a dressing.

To modify for the 30-Day Autoimmune Reset, just omit the eggs and any seed or nut based spices.

Note: This salad makes a great mason jar salad. The basic idea is that by layering the wet ingredients and meat at the bottom with the dressing and the vegetables at the top, you can pre-make and preserve perfect portion size salads.

For this, I put the chicken, dressing, and eggs in the bottom, then the cucumber, orange, and strawberries in the middle, and the greens on top, and capped tightly so it was ready to go for lunch.

Grilled Citrus Chicken Salad Recipe
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Grilled Citrus Chicken Salad Recipe

A bed of salad greens topped with grilled chicken, cucumbers, extra protein from eggs, and a hint of citrus.
Course Main
Cuisine Salad
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Servings 2 +
Author Katie Wells


  • 2 large chicken breasts
  • 1 orange lime, or lemon
  • Spices
  • 1 cucumber  sliced
  • 1 apple peeled and diced
  • ½ cup strawberries  sliced
  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • 4 cups salad greens or spinach
  • homemade dressing of choice


  • Bake chicken in oven for approx 1 hour (or slice and pan fry) with sliced orange, lemon or lime and spices on top (salt, pepper, cilantro, garlic, etc) or just sprinkle some lemon juice on for flavor
  • Hard boil 2 eggs and let cool.
  • Prepare lettuce or spinach in bowls
  • Chop cucumber, apple and other veggies if desired and put on lettuce
  • Prepare homemade dressing of choice (last week’s meal plan has these)
  • When chicken is done, slice or cube and put on top of salad
  • Top with dressing

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What is your favorite salad? Tell me about it below!

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