Homemade Honey Face Wash

Honey Face Wash - Simple and natural recipe that nourishes skin and helps fight acne

I’ve shared before how I wash my face with oil and how that has been the best skin care routine I’ve ever used. Some readers commented that they still hadn’t found the right combination of oils for their skin type, so I wanted to share another natural face wash I recently found…


Sound strange? So does cleansing your face with oil, but it turns out that they are both natural and effective ways to cleanse skin naturally.

Honey Face Wash

For this method, raw honey must be used. Raw honey has natural anti-bacterial properties and contains enzymes and probiotics that are good for skin. This method can be especially good for acne-prone skin as it doesn’t stop moisture from the skin but does reduce oils and bacteria. (Acne is usually in internal problem though, so it is important to look at diet too!)

Honey is gentler than soaps, which strip the skin of beneficial oils, and it gently nourishes skin. I know a local vet who has even used raw honey to speed skin healing on animals as it helps reduce bacteria and speed healing while protecting the skin from outside disturbances. This idea appears to have some scientific backing, as there are now medical grade ointments (like this one) that use honey for wound and burn healing in humans.

What I Use

I’ve personally tried two different types of honey for facial cleansing:

Both seem to work really well. Manuka honey is considered more cleansing and antibacterial (and has health benefits when used internally) but from what I found, either one works great for skin care (and raw honey is cheaper).

A friend of mine also recommended adding a tiny bit of vitamin C powder (which is also great for skin) and some essential oils for extra anti-bacterial and acne fighting power. Personally, I mix a few drops of lavender and frankincense oils in to the honey I keep in my bathroom.

I also still use the Oil Cleansing Method daily and I use honey for a second wash if needed. Typically, I wash my face at night with the oil cleansing method since it also removes makeup, and wash my face in the morning with the honey method if I use it. I keep a small jar and spoon of honey on my bathroom counter for this purpose….

How to Use a Honey Face Wash

Wet face with warm water. Place a small amount of honey in your hands (Usually less than a teaspoon is plenty) and rub your hands together. (I use this honey)

Massage in to skin in a circular motion to get all areas of the skin.

Optional: Leave on for 5-10 minutes for deep pore cleansing.

Wash off with warm water and pat dry.

Enjoy the soft skin!

Have you ever washed your face with an unusual ingredient? Tell me below!

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Reader Comments

  1. Thank you! I cannot wait to try this!!

    • Just made my own version of a honey mask.
      My skin is no where near as bad as it used to be but I still have small bumps and scars.
      I used Manuka honey, ground cinnamon (you can also use cinnamon oil) tea tree oil and peppermint oil.
      Mix these together and apply as a mask and leave for 15-30 min.
      I kid you not I can FEEL the deep cleaning my pores are getting it’s amazing!
      You can also try adding nutmeg or adding lemon juice instead of the peppermint oil to help with scarring and uneven skin tone!

      • Just be careful. Honey actually makes the skin more sensitive to the sun. My family uses this method to keep skin tight. Wear sunscreen and a hat as much as possible. My mother doesn’t do this anymore because she camps out a lot and doesn’t cover her face as much. She also got some blemishes (and we are dark skinned).

        • So what recipe would you recommend? I have oily skin, and I saw someone comment about sweet almond oil? I am new to this stuff. I still have much research to do. lol Thank you.

          • You can always apply your own homemade Vitamin C serum after the honey wash. Do it separate because Vitamin C is good for blocking the sun’s harmful rays. It lasts penetrates your skin after about an hr after it’s been applied. I know because I had major discoloration and it would fade, but always come back when I did not have a good sunblock. Sun blocks are way too greasy for my skin. I have been making my own vita C serum, and it is amazing…I also apply aloe vera gel as well. I cut a fresh piece every day and apply the gel. It brightens your skin and it does not take long to see great results from both.

      • How many times do you use this per week?

      • Hi Marlee,
        I use a mask made out of raw organic honey, Greek yogurt, curcumin and kojic acid. Mix all the ingredients and apply with a soft brush to a clean face (I do a microderma abrasion clean), making sure your pores are open. I personally use a needle roller before I apply it so this helps your face absorb the good stuff. Let it dry thoroughly and then scrub it off with a dry face washing pad… it actually works like a peeling. You will notice the difference right away…not even a black head. I like to rub ice on my face after a quick rinse with plain tap water to close your pores. Curcumin can stain your clothes, but it’s wonderful for whitening your teeth and making blemishes disappeared…. Great for inflammation and much more. Use sunblock ALL the time!!!

    • Is raw and unpasteurized mean the same thing?

      • Yes, raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized honey are all the same: straight from the hive with nothing good taken out!

    • I have been oil cleansing for 1 year. I started to use the sugar scub for exfoliating. I developed tiny bumps at eye creases, both sides of my nose and skin just above my nose between my eyes. Any ideas as to how to clear this up now? I eat a Paleo diet. I don’t have candida!
      Need your help!

      • @Patty – A little late to the party, don’t know if you’re still reading the comments, but sugar is not good as a scrub for the face, as it’s way too grainy. You should probably try something that has a gentler action, such as coffee, cocoa or cinnamon (with the caveat that cinnamon can make your face feel like it’s on fire, though the effect is not long-lasting and you don’t end up with a clownish red face afterwards – at least that’s my experience.)

      • Hi Patty Turner… I trust you’ll get this one! I use a paste of Raw Honey, Plain Yogurt, Curcuma and Kojic Acid to deep clean my face. Do this on a clean face. Apply it, let it dry to the touch and then RUB it away, do NOT wash away. It’s like a magic eraser… black, white, any color heads disappear!!! Curcuma can stain your clothing, so be careful with it. It’s also good for whitening your teeth on the spot and an awesome anti-inflammatory (I take it internally for RA). I have dark spots on my face, so I do this twice a week and it’s been a speedy miracle. But if you don’t have any skin problems you can do it once a week ;o) I buy everything from Amazon, but the Kojic Acid I buy from eBay. Good luck with it and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask ;o) Namaste!

  2. I’ve moved toward more holistic living and now will not put anything on my skin that I wouldn’t eat. Raw honey is so great!
    Oh, and I love the jar shown in the picture; where did you find it?

    • While I think your method is a great, easy way to approach natural skincare, there are a lot of really great non-toxic ingredients you’ll be missing out on if you only put on your body what you’d put in your body.

      Remember that your digestive system is a completely different system than your skin’s, so ingesting something isn’t quite the same as putting it on your skin.

      Tea tree oil is a great oil for skin that causes liver toxicity if ingested. Rosehip seed oil can cause major intestinal upset if taken internally but has been a real skin savior for me!

      • I loved this post, I personally use bananas, cucumbers, strawberry’s,baking soda and aloe Vera as well as using honey. They are cheap, easy to make and very healthy! 🙂

        • Hi, This is Dy…what is the proportion of Bananas, cucumbers, strawberry, baking soda, aloe and honey? Please share. Thanks.

  3. You mentioned that diet may have more of an effect on acne. Do you know what items specifically may trigger acne? I eat pretty clean, a lot of raw and organic, watch my GMOs obviously and have eliminated dairy and most grains. Yet I’m still having breakouts…I’m currently trying oil cleansing and am into about my 2nd week. I’m definitely less oily, but still getting a breakout here and there.

    • For extreme cases an elimination or autoimmune diet may help determine the triggers. The oil cleansing should continue to help more and more too.

      • Thanks – I’ll look those up.

      • After your previous post on oil cleansing, I continued it for about 2 weeks. My skin definitely felt clean and soft , but it also started looking thin. My skin is naturally thin and after oil cleansing, it looks more thin. I used olive oil (3/4) and castor oil (1/4). Could there be anything I was doing wrong?

        • Hello. I have been using the oil cleansing method for several months now. Perhaps you are using too much castor oil in your mixture or you may wish to add a more mousiruzing oil, like avocado oil, to your mixture. Also, it may be a good idea to use a gentler cloth for the steaming process, like strips of an old t-shirt or sheets.

        • Also, you can use other oils. I have a funny mix (I could not tell you exactly what is in it/proportions; not sure why I have to make my life complicated lol). I really like argan oil and emu oil, which I have started using a lot lately. I also have almond, apricot, and castor. I have not used olive yet. I am a few months in and while my skin is not perfect, it is definitely not worse off than it was. I feel like I am a **huge** enough lover of this blog to mention I also like the tips I find on almostexactly.com for skin care. I am not a fan of posting possibly competing web addresses, but I use this blog for almost EVERYTHING and I use the other for a couple things, like OCM (and no poo). Anywho, I hope that helps 🙂

        • Try replacing the olive oil with something else. Olive oil is known to clog pores from extended use and could be the cause of your isse.

          Sweet Almond oil is good for naturally oily skin, grapeseed oil is a good all-rounder and avocado oil is great for dry skin.

        • I don’t know about cleansing your face but a good quality EMU OIL from Australia is great for skin it is antibacterial and it unclogs pores while keeping your skin so soft

      • thank you so much for talking about the oil cleaning wash I am starting to make my own products now and before I did the honey and oils after I washed my face with harsh products my skin felt terrible and I have combination skin and now my skin feels better than ever so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    • Hormonal imbalance can also cause acne.
      As can internal toxins. Things that help your body rid itself of toxins can be really helpful – detox baths, saunas, greens that are esp good for the liver.
      I have active acne (not a lot, but enough to make me self conscious 😉 and I tried oil cleansing for quite awhile but could never find a recipe that cleared up my skin. My pores never got cleared out. I got a facial (my 1st ever – omg so wonderful!) and she said my skin looks very congested. And I’d been very diligent about the oil cleansing. Most natural oils are comedogenic. Maybe they’re fine for some people, but for some of us with active acne they’re not so good. Right now, at night I use a natural salicylic face wash (rinse with warm water then very cold), tone with ACV & witch hazel, then apply aloe straight from plant & let dry, then apply natural noncomedogenic moisturizer that I customized w/lavender & tea tree EO & calendula & chamomile tinctures I made from Katie’s recipe. The esthetician also taught me to use an ice cube over the acne-prone areas to calm existing acne & prevent new pimples from coming out. Weekly bentonite masks are also really nice. It’s only been a couple weeks but my skin looks so much better already.

      I was REALLY hoping to do a completely homemade routine and I gave it a really good try, but it just didn’t work for me. I do love the honey wash idea – I’m going to start using that in the morning!

      One important note: always check your ingredients (whether ur making or buying) against a reputable comedogenic ingredient list. There are so many products that are marketed as acne-friendly but contain comedogenic ingredients.

      Good luck! 🙂

      • Where did you find your reputable comedogenic list?

      • The term ‘non comedogenic’ is pretty much meaningless, much like ‘hypoallergenic’. The reason being that what may clog your pores – or be an allergen for you – may not be for many other people. Another couple ones that are meaningless: ‘dermatologist recommended’, ‘cruelty free’, ‘natural’, ‘organic’ (unless certified by proper independent agencies)…..the list is endless. And these are words that are endlessly used & abused.

        The retail cosmetics & skin care industries *love* these meaningless terms because they can throw them around without any concern of being sued & sucker consumers into believing they’re actually purchasing something that’s good for them or the planet.

    • It could also be an endocrine or other system imbalance. It turned out that way for me after holistic products and an autoimmune diet (SCD/FODMAPS) did not eliminate my acne, despite helping with other issues. Balancing my cortisol and DHEA proportions (under the supervision of my ND) has provided much relief for me. Good luck!

      • How are you balancing your cortisol and DHEA levels?

    • What oil recipe are you using for you’re oil treatment?

    • Do you eat chocolate? If so try eliminating it for one month and see if your breakouts stop. I know this is a debated topic but personally I found out it was indeed chocolate that was making me break out. If I eat it then two weeks later I have a break out. It’s worth a try at least.

      • growing up as a choco-holic giving up chocolate bars was like sheer torture for me! i would give it up but would always go back after a while even though i did notice that the acne would subside when i didnt eat it….what is life w/out chocolate for me? not a life i wanna live…but thankfully since i totally gave up eating m&m’s and caramellos and now im almost a hippie to the people i know eating organic food…i think i have found the main culprit for acne for me:

        SUGAR and DAIRY.

        when i eliminate these 2 things from my diet, i almost have perfect skin w/ no acne. after suffering acne for so long, i never thought i would find a solution and i think i have mostly. and best of all i can eat all the chocolate i want and o find it really boosts my mood! i personally love cacao nibs w/ no sugar at all.

        what i use to sweeten foods are: xylitol, and raw honey and im gonna try this brand “heavenly organics” cane sugar cuz regular cane sugar even organic wreaks havoc on my skin. i can now make my hot chocolate and i dont have to worry about getting a huge painful pimple in the new hour or 2! basically sugar is inflammatory and inflames ur skin and i think lots of people know how bad it is for teeth etc.

        also i drink a mix of ACV 2 tbsp. (organic, raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar w/ the “mother”), a 1/4 tsp. of baking soda, and a sweetener, i use unsulphured blackstrap molasses (calcium and other good stuff in it), every day when i wake up in a cup of water. i take it at least half an hour before i eat anything and at night. u can take more if u want. this has basically eliminated my cystic acne and if i dont take it i immediately get pimples. i think it cleans ur system and ill drink this teh rest of my life.

    • Nothing you eat directly causes acne. It’s an old wive’s tale that cola or chocolate cause acne; it’s more likely that the same hormones or nutritional imbalances that cause a menstrual cycle, cause cravings for certain foods. In other words, both acne and cravings are caused by hormones. Acne occurs for one of several reasons. Either you are leaning on the area (for instance, leaning your chin on your hand, or your bra rubbing) or sweat can exacerbate it. Washing should not be harsh. The real reason you wash is to remove dirt and hydrate the skin to prepare it for any treatments or applications that follow. And washing with warm and rinsing with cool to close pores is also nonsense, your pores are your pores.

      Acne is caused when your sebaceous glands do not expel sebum and dead skin cells quickly enough. They plug up, that’s a blackhead. If they then get infected and inflamed, that’s a whitehead. Cystic acne is an entirely different level and may require a doctor’s attention. So what you want to do to get rid of acne is to speed up the DESQUAMATION, or peeling/shedding, of the skin pore so it won’t back up or plug up. Washing is not supposed to be harsh or punishing. Don’t forget, it’s just to remove soil and hydrate/prepare the skin for the applications to follow. As a matter of fact if you wash too harshly you will irritate and can end up with seborrhea or eczema as well as acne.

      There’s an old book you can maybe get from the library that explains it all, including that it’s nothing you’ve done. It’s called “Clear Skin” by Kenneth Flandermeyer. He cleared my acne when I was young, it was easy, took a little faith and time but nothing to be embarrassed about. Of course now I’m a lot older and I moisturize!

      There are two substances you should look for in over-the-counter remedies: benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Both will speed up the maturation of your pimples, so you will see possibly more come out that are already there, hiding, before you start to clear, but once you clear, you just have to maintain. Warning that the benzoyl can bleach clothing and sheets. The salicylic acid is milder. Start with the weakest strength you can find, remember, you’re not doing this to punish your skin and it’s not your fault, it will get better, I promise, I suffered years ago too.

      So unless you have an idiosyncratic sensitivity or allergy to a food, it’s not about diet. That being said, you should be eating five or six portions of fruits and veggies every day, and eating whole grains, and cut back on meat… You’ll be glad when you’re an old fart like me who doesn’t look my age. Eliminate empty calories like soda and candy, and drink water. American women often don’t realize they are dehydrated. By the way, makeup can exacerbate acne, there is no makeup that won’t and all the companies lie, they all plug up pores no matter what they hype.

      I hope this helps you: once you are informed, you can take your skin health into your own hands safely, with confidence. The clearer you stay, the less you will scar, and the substances I mentioned above can even reduce scarring to some degree.

      There are “natural” plants that can help but I would personally wish you to stop suffering quickly so you can be happy and comfortable as soon as possible. By the way, I am a licensed massage therapist,and am certified in natural therapeutics, but I believe there are times when natural is best, and times when there’s nothing wrong with a little help from Western medicine. The bottom line for me is I am not a purist, and would not let you suffer when there are things that can help you quicker and easier. Later, you can make lots of fabulous natural facials but first, let’s get you cleared.

      It is true that oil can clean skin but make sure you get organic, expeller pressed, and not an oil that is too heavy… Any oil can plug a pore. Perhaps honey, coconut oil, sweet almond. I use refined organic coconut because it is less likely to go rancid, and because I don’t want to smell like a coconut all day. All fruits and dairy have some sort of very mild acids in them that are safe to use, whether it’s mashed berries, Greek plain organic nonfat yogurt, canned plain pumpkin, mashed papaya or mango. Just use whatever is in the fridge when you get out of the shower, and whatever you don’t put on your face, just lick out of the bowl! My favorite at my age is a facial made of a little yogurt, a bit of honey, and a mashed strawberry or blueberry. I let it dry, then rinse. Honey is the best humectant I’ve ever found, and it is bacteriostatic, too. My skin feels soft the rest of the day, after I rinse it off.

      • There is actually a lot of evidence that diet directly affects your skin and acne. (They talk about it in this podcast: http://chriskresser.com/naturally-get-rid-of-acne-by-fixing-your-gut)/ and I’ve seen the results in my own life (I eat too much sugar or dairy and I break out). The idea that acne is a skin-only problem is really outdated. Even by your explanation, foods can affect acne:

        Acne is caused when your sebaceous glands do not expel sebum and dead skin cells quickly enough. They plug up, that’s a blackhead. If they then get infected and inflamed, that’s a whitehead

        Diet can affect sebaceous gland secretion and cell turnover rate (check out The Wahls Protocol for documentation on this). Diet can affect the immune system and the body’s ability to fight or avoid infection.

        You make some good points and I think that it is important to consider the impact of makeup as well, but I completely disagree that diet doesn’t affect acne.

        • …and your credentials are…? I am a licensed massage therapist and certified natural therapeutics specialist. I also worked for physicians for 16 years. And one article against decades of evidence doesn’t hold much water. This lady is suffering because of acne and needs to clear it up before she ends up with physical and emotional scars. I did suggest she increase her fruits end vegetables, if you didn’t notice that. Believe me, I do understand a lot about natural therapeutics, and I also understand the difference between science and pseudoscience/subjective new age opinion. Diet affects general health, which in turn can affect hormones and acne, for good or bad. The same hormones that cause acne, cause cravings, but it is about nutritional deficiencies, not about the food itself causing the acne, unless you have a idiosyncratic allergy to a food. The hormones and nutritional needs cause both the cravings and acne, not the foods the acne directly. A lot of it is also genetics.

          I have been a vegetarian for over forty years, so I do believe it is a healthy choice for myself and the planet. It has paid off for me. But I was glad I used benzoyl and controlled my skin when I was younger.

          Please remember that “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean “safe” or as effective as something bought in a tube. Arsenic and uranium are both “natural.” If you read everything I wrote, you saw that I also suggested desquamation by topical application of fruits or dairy, which all have different, useful acids, along with the warning that the process, whether she uses an over-the-counter product or fruits, will cause the maturation of pimples not yet visible. She will get rid of all of them at the same time and can then go into maintenance. I am not someone who is willing to throw out the baby with the bath water… salicylic and benzoyl work. I am not going to encourage her to suffer longer than necessary just to be a purist. The bottom line for me is to get someone well quickly, with as little suffering as possible. I suffered the stigma of acne when younger and was glad someone taught me how to take control of it. Unless she has cystic acne, she can fix this problem herself. Please let her see that she has choices. It’s her body, not ours. Using yogurt or mashed fruit certainly is more “romantic” and has a wholesome air about it psychologically, which is very fashionable at this time, but using salicylic or benzoyl is a clinically quick, sure thing, cold hard fact that it is. Sometimes, there is no substitute for western medicine. I am not disqualifying your comments outright, people with no formal training sometimes think the causes and cures of things are simpler than they really are. I probably learned more “woo woo,” as we called it in massage school, than you can shake a stick at, some of it way out on a limb, and much of it worked. I use a lot of it in my practice. But I practice complementary medicine, not alternative medicine: I don’t care which quarter the help comes from, as long as the client heals, and the quicker, the better. If that includes a western, allopathic element, I don’t see any conflict at all. Don’t forget that even natural therapeutics, in an amateur’s hands, can have side effects and sequelae. It is not that simple, not one size fits all.

          We should even suggest that if our benign suggestions don’t work she should see a doctor. Neither of us has even seen her, we don’t know her medical history, and medicine is not a simplistic discipline. There are other skin conditions that mimic acne that a doctor should get involved with. It sounds like acne vulgaris, so I described that etiology and what cures it, both “natural” and allopathic. So she can make her own informed decision.

          But I say again that for at least the last forty years, the cause has been known and, unless you have an idiosyncratic food sensitivity, foods don’t cause acne, hormones and genetics do, along with sweat and pressure on the skin. While healthy diet and lifestyle are important in general to reduce systemic inflammation that leaves one vulnerable to disease, it won’t be enough. Many disorders overwhelm despite our best efforts. Some people are just acne-prone, whether they have a great diet or not. Western allopathic medicine still has its place in the treatment of disease and I do not think it necessarily conflicts with natural therapeutics, imho. We’re not talking chemotherapy, for goodness’ sake.

          Give these ladies the entire range of options and let them try whichever ones attract them.

          • I’m a qualified practitioner in Western Herbal Medicine and obviously a credential is not needed in this conversation as what Katie has stated above is actually correct. Not to disregard your advice Mary as I agree with most points you’ve made but I note you have repeated your job title in each of your comments. Please don’t assume it is the be all and end all as your title is by no means recognized in my country let alone Govt accredited.
            We all still have much to learn no matter what importance we believe our title affords.
            I also believe you should allow the original poster which inspired your response more credit than you have. She knows her body better than any of us.

          • I am a Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario, Canada where we complete 2,200 hours (2 years) and then a provincial (state) written and practical exam. We are covered under the Regulated Health Professions Act along with Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and many others. Skin and acne care is not within our ‘Scope of Practice’, it was not a subject in my extensive training, so my credentials mean nothing for this conversation. ‘Natural Therapeutics’ is not a profession. A Naturopathic Doctor here undergoes 8 years of schooling. I have worked alongside Naturopathic Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors for years. So what? A doctor who treats acne, even though he is not a dermatologist, told me sweating in hot yoga would worsen acne. It does not and diet does affect the skin. That is just plain common sense. Every food you eat is either creating disease or preventing disease. Problems in the intestines often manifest on the skin as acne. I’ve seen people who have juiced for two months with absolutely glowing skin. Varicose veins are not found in places around the world that do not eat a North American diet. I would bet first world and aboriginal societies do not experience acne like we see here. I have seen numerous times raw, inflamed, hairless, weeping, red skin on dogs that were treated with internal and external drugs for years with no change, which cleared completely with diet (raw diet). It just makes sense.

          • Mary…There is no need to visit someone’s blog, insult them, and throw your stupid titles around just because she respectfully disagreed with your opinion. What are YOUR credentials? A massage therapist? Please, lady!! Judging from the mere length of your post, you obviously aren’t busy enough massaging or ‘natural therapeuting.’ Wellness Mama… You rock!

          • The Mayo Clinic, webmd, and acne.org acknowledge that diet can directly affect skin and acne. (http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/acne/basics/causes/con-20020580) There is no way to prove certain foods cause certain reactions everytime in every person. Because that would be an uneducated blanket explanation. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid dont work on my skin in any combination. I have used every top brand, base brand and prescription known to man. In the end it was hormonal imbalance and too much sugar in my diet. I figured it outt myself. And I should know EVERYTHING about skin because I am a registered Radiological Technologist. Lol.

          • Mary, you’re obnoxious, and far too impressed with yourself, and you’re very wrong about diet. You’re also very rude, and condescending (a sign of a feeling of inferiority). I stopped counting how many times you said “I” in your l-e-n-g-t-h-y post. Of course diet affects people. I watched my mother and sister nearly die from nut allergies, (anaphalaxis (sp?) shock). You underestimate people’s intelligence. Not a good sign. I’m sure this woman knows she has an option of western medicine. Do you think she’s unaware of that? Credentials? And what are yours? Some people do research in certain areas, and know more than doctors. I know because I had to tell endos to test the Free T’s, when they didn’t know why. What are you trying to prove with your verbosity? How about too much dairy and phlegm? No connection? Right; you know everything. What are really so angry about? I can tell you, it’s not Katie.

          • Hello! I am late to this conversation, but, I totally agree with Katie- my credentials? Experience. Lots of experience with eating sugar, therefore causing acne. Trial and error. For many years. There are no better credentials than life experience 🙂

      • It is those same thpughts of how every biometric individual is the same and must react the same to certain things; no, we are all different, we react differently to different things, those who are allergic to certain food items and those who aren’t you can’t tell someone what their body should act like.

    • You may have to experiment with what you eat. I found out that certain nuts caused my skin to breakout.

    • I cut dairy from my diet and my skin is great!

    • Any skin issues are usually related to copper imbalance. Google copper toxicity, especially in women, for a start.

    • HI Ama,
      I can totally relate to your problem, I had the same issues for years, even as an adult. Nothing I did seemed to work until I realized that even though I was eating a lot of fruits and veggies, I still wasn’t eating enough. I then did some research and found a whole food (vegan, non gmo, organic, sustainably sourced) supplement. I love it because it is 100% pure fruits and veggies and it so much more affordable than trying to buy the same thing in the store, which I tried to do and found out it’s just not possible or affordable. It’s called JuicePlus if you want to look it up. It also cured me of my debilitating cramps as well as helped me in a lot of other ways.
      Good luck in your journey!

  4. Is there a “breaking in” period where acne might get worse before getting better with the honey? I use the oil cleansing method at night and it’s been working great but I was looking for a little something to use in the mornings. I tried honey for a bit but found it made my skin worse. Would you recommend I just avoid it or should I stick with it for it to take effect? It’s not an allergy.

    • If the oil cleansing is working, I”d just stick with that if the honey doesn’t work well on your skin

      • what do you think of the juice beauty products??
        Annie 🙂

  5. If I use the honey I get from a local bee keeper would that be considered raw organic honey?

      • What is wrong with heating the honey? My honey comes from a bee keeper as well, but we do slightly heat it I guess to melt it into the jar? Does that count?

        p.s. Wellness Momma is now my obsession and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all these ideas. A path to a holistic life is in sight! <3!

        • That should be fine.. it just loses some of its natural benefits when heated to high temps

          • So if I microwave raw honey for 10-15 seconds , is that not good? It’s so thick in the jar so there is no way you can eat it just like that.

          • Hey Katie! What do you think about substituting honey for maple syrup?

  6. I’ve been washing my face face with honey for about a year now, but a few weeks ago I started washing with coconut oil, too. I usually wash with honey at night and with my coconut oil/essential oil blend in the morning. I love infusing my honey with herbs to add more benefits 🙂

  7. I wash/scrub my face with honey and cinnamon. Cinnamon acts like a nice scrubbing agent and doesn’t seem to irritate my face.

    • Double whammy! Cinnamon acts as a natural antiseptic and anti inflammatory. I use cinnamon mixed with raw honey (and sometimes a drop of tea tree oil for real nasties) as an acne spot treatment. Works wonders :^D

  8. I LOVE the honey face wash! My skin is so incredibly soft and smooth. Since I stopped wearing makeup several months ago, my skin has found its own balance and I actually don’t wash my face more than a few times a week. When I do wash, I usually do a baking soda scrub and follow it with a honey wash. My skin has never been more clear!

  9. This is a great idea Katie! Thank you! I’ve been using your oil cleansing method for a while now and absolutely swear by it!!

  10. I use this honey method as a weekly treatment, it does work well! I recommend to others also. My skin looks better and heals/clears my acne. Oil cleansing works for me and I’m trying to do it daily now. I’ve tried baking soda for acne but its too drying.
    KATIE-I do facial grains also (ground oatmeal, clay)-is this okay with the wellness challenge? Not sure if oatmeal is okay on the skin as long as I’m not eating it?
    I have a natural remedy book that recommends:
    milk with some lavender oil, soak cloth and let sit on face for few minutes.
    But I couldn’t stand the cold milk on my face in the morning!

  11. i have used sugar as a facial scrub and also baking soda as a scrub as well

    • Does it work well?

  12. I use honey on my face and in my hair and I love it! When it comes to moisturizing I use straight Jojoba oil. My skin has been nothing but great since and I have acne prone skin too. I’m so done with store bought, chemical based products.

  13. Hmm, I wonder if this will be safer than OCM for my eyelash extensions.

    • Not likely. Oil is a gentle and effective way to remove makeup from your eyelashes and eyelash extensions. Raw honey in particular, is quite viscous and sticky, and can easily pull hairs out of your scalp, should they get caught in it as it is being massaged into your skin. I would imagine your eyelash extensions, being quite delicate, would be pulled out.

  14. I use honey on my face, too! The crystallized kind is great, since it makes a nice exfoliator.

    • I do to! That’s what one of the local guys here sells and it’s just grubby enough that it exfoliates but isn’t harsh. Love it!

  15. My mom just told me about this… I wonder if she read it from your site (she just discovered you through me and LOVES you). Seriously. I just got some raw honey to try it and I can’t wait! I have had acne issues ever since I had a baby.

  16. YES! I do the same thing. Oil at night, honey in the morning. It’s a fantastic method!

  17. I’ve recently discovered your blog, and I love it! I did a ton of research on the oil cleansing and have ended up with olive oil mixed with a little bit of castor oil. Followed by a very diluted apple cider vinegar/distilled water toner and finished off with some rose hip seed oil as a moisturizer. I don’t struggle with acne so much much as dry and very red skin. So far I’ve been doing this a few days and haven’t noticed a ton of difference but I’m hoping to see some changes soon. I’ll have to give the honey a try, I bet that would help combat the redness. What are your thoughts on using baking soda as a face exfoliant? I’ve read very mixed reviews….

  18. Looking for some All Natural facial Scrub recipes, can you help?

  19. I have been washing my face with raw organic honey for about 7 months now. FYI I only wash my face once a day at night as well since my skin tends to not be as oily as it used to when I was teen. (EEK!) It has worked wonders…don’t use too much though or you will dry out your skin. IDK how this happens but I’ve got two of my sisters using honey face wash and they experienced the same thing. May just be our skin type as well. I do the oil cleansing whenever I wear makeup, which is few and far apart. The honey will NOT take makeup off.

    Love your posts and can’t wait for the next diy 🙂

  20. I use lemon peels and honey. After making lemon water I save the peels and cut them in to quarters. Then at night I but a little honey on the peel and wash my face. The lemon is soo refreshing. In the morning I just use the lemon peel and it really wakes u up.

    • I love this idea! I am definitely going to try this. I add lemon to my green juices, but always cut the peel off because I react weirdly to it juiced.

  21. Hi Katie,
    I posted a comment yesterday (or thought I did) and got a message saying that it was awaiting moderation. I’m new to your blog so I’m not quite sure how it works.
    I had asked where you found the adorable beehive jar as shown in the picture on your post?

  22. Dear Katie, to balance my hormones I’ve been taking the Great Lakes gelatin, one tablespoon in the morning and other at night before sleep. I’ve found that I am sweating a lot sleeping, sometimes I have to change my pijama and my menstrual cycle is longer now. Do you think that it could be due to gelatin?
    Don’t know what to do.
    My face is in a mess too … I am trying to be more natural and I am red, with pimples on my face, my scalp, my back … If I take spirulina my back and scalp are great but my face explode with acne, if I don’t my scalp and back have pimples … everything I try it doesn’t work … FCLO, gelatin … nothing.
    Sorry, I am having a bad day today.

      • I’ve been reading and really excited about trying to make my skin healthier can I use honey lemon facial mask twice a day following cocunut oil for moisturizer what’s the best method routine?

        • Everyone’s skin is different, so it’s hard to say that any particular method is “best”. That said, busing the mask twice a day would be time consuming and possibly drying. You might start with once a day, and if it does not seem like enough, then increase it.

    • Dr. Bronner’s (straight) Castile Soap may dry out your skin ever-so-slightly and prevent acne. It worked for me when I had severe facial acne.

  23. I am trying the honey face wash. Where can I buy the honey jar shown in your picture?

  24. I’m a nurse and I use manuka honey a lot on wounds, especially to debride. Never thought about using it on my face but excited to give it a go! 🙂

  25. I have crazy blackheads on my nose. I’ve been using the OCM for a couple months and haven’t really noticed a difference. Do you think the honey will do the trick or should I use a different oil. I’m using castor and sunflower now. Tx!

  26. OCM never worked for me – tried different oil combinations for a year (while using the autoimmune protocol to manage my skin conditions internally). Finally found Primal Life Organics and use either the Earth, Water or Pomegranate face wash at night to remove makeup and a “creamed” (whipped) raw honey/cinnamon blend in the morning. I’ve been doing this for 2 years now and the horrible cystic acne I’ve had since the age of 12 is finally, finally, finally gone! The bee guy I get the honey from overheard me telling my mother-in-law about washing my face with his stuff and he recommended patting it on dry (clean!) skin, letting it set for 5-10 minutes, then washing off with cool-warm water. Wow, just changing the technique did wonders for those little blackheads I still had on my nose!

    • Thank u so much for sharing that tip! I will try it.

  27. I have used raw honey as a face wash for about 15 months & I am amazed at how well it works! I had “perfect” skin when I was younger but suffer with adult acne. It got so bad I started taking prescription medicine for it, which I hate because I’m not big on eating chemicals, especially for something that affects confidence more than health. Then I heard about raw honey as a face wash & gave it a try. 3 months in and I cut my prescription dosage in half, 15 months later & I’m not taking it at all!! I still get pimples occasionally but nothing like before! Come to find out, face wash was a big culprit in my breakouts, especially St. Ives “natural” apricot scrub. That stuff even made my husband break out & he rarely gets a pimple! Stay away from that stuff for sure!

  28. what is the diet for autoimmune and were can I get wild cherry bark for heart? Thank you Donna

    • Donna – Hi! Can’t help you with the cherry bark (although I am sure the great Google will help:-), but I got my autoimmune diet plan from PaleoPlan.com. They refer to it as the AIP (autoimmune protocol). Perhaps WellnessMama has her own article here, but I haven’t seen it yet. PaleoPlan is a super informative site for Paleo and AIP information. And I am not a paid spokesperson for them or anything….ha! Good luck!
      PS – I heart WellnessMama!

  29. Sometimes I use equal amounts of EVOO, lemon juice and honey. Apply after OCM and leave for @ 10-15 min. Rinse with warm water. My skin feels so good afterwards. Do this about 3 times a week. The lemon juice is an exfoliant and will help start lightening dark spots.

  30. I am excited to try the honey face wash, and I just wanted to comment that I use honey on my horses wounds all of the time. It helps stop granulated tissue from forming – I’m always amazed at how good the cuts and scrapes look after I have used honey. I always keep a jar in the barn!

  31. Thanks for all your great info! I wonder of you would ever do a post on honey. I am looking into buying bulk honey for my family to CONSUME and it seems like there is a lot of debate out there… Raw vs pasteurized. Some research I found said many US companies illegaly importing ‘honey’ from China that has been treated with antibiotics, crazy filtered, watered down and such so I am not sure where to buy it. Would a local bee keeper even be a good option? I would love to hear your thoughts on honey to consume… where the best place to buy, health benefits etc. thanks!!

    • I’ll add that to the list 🙂 We personally use raw/organic always and local (and raw/organic) when possible

      • Hi! What’s the difference between raw honey and set honey?

  32. I should also mention I am looking to buy in bulk to store long term for my family. There is a local company where I grew up in ut that sells ‘pure and natural’ honey. It’s not raw organic, so I am assuming it has been filtered but at least I am pretty sure it doesn’t come from china right? Sorry, I am just confused by all of the options!

  33. Keep in mind I really love your site, but I just found it funny that your post advertised this as a “recipe” and homemade haha all you do is buy your honey, no other ingredients really. Personally I already use this method so not really saying anything bad but seems like your trying to flesh out an article on a topic many beauty bloggers have covered

    • I agree- that wasn’t worded perfectly. Just tried this myself and wanted to share 🙂

  34. Great post–I love using honey for a gentle facial scrub! I would only add, that if you can find honey that is produced locally it will be boon to your local bee population and local bee farmers if you choose to support them with your dollars. In addition, consuming honey from your own bioregion can help you to strengthen your immune system and boost your allergy defenses, as the local bees collected pollen from plants that you breath in every day. Great for those with seasonal allergies! You can definitely get this benefit from eating the honey, but I would think you might still get some allergen-defence benefit as well from the transdermal application of the facial wash.

  35. I love this idea and I will try it ASAP. Thank you 🙂

  36. Mmmm…sounds good enough to eat! Wait. I know, I’ll let some of the honey drip into my tea while my skin is soaking in its goodness. ; )
    Excited to give this a try. Thank you!

  37. Does this also work on the rest of the skin?

  38. I have a method I need to start up again. I would take matcha tea powder, mix it with a tiny bit of water, and put it on like a mask. I would leave it on till it tried and wipe it off with a wet towel. My skin had never felt better. It was really, really refreshing in the mornings. I have some crystallized raw honey in my cabinet, so I’ll have to try this as well.

  39. oil cleansing or honey? can you suggest which one is good for whiteheads? whiteheads is my main problem since i was 13. now,i’m 15…

    • Hi hannah.
      Please forgive me for barging in on this comment but I too really like to share what works for me so that maybe it will help others.
      I also use honey as a wash and I too suffer with whitehead prob which erupts as pimples! what I found controlled the whiteheads and even eliminated them was by using a gentle scrub of chickpea powder! I tried many things, but found this and also baking soda really worked. keeping ur skin clean always and moisturized keeps the whiteheads ar bay .
      so I would mix my chickpea powder with finely ground oats which is completely optional and honey so that it’s less dry and abrasive and also antibacterial and wash with that leaving it on as I bathe or for 5 mins. Rinse off then moisturize well! I find things get stuck inside my skin if I don’t moisturization properly throughout the day. but that’s my skin. I had previously tried other combinations with the powder like coconut oil or just plain water. Play around I guess like Katie said every skin is diff. Oh for the baking soda it can be harsh so again either sprinkle a little water and put on as a mask until it dries but moisten and scrub it off gently after or mix again with honey and scrub gently. I told other about this and they thanked me after. I hope it works for u too!
      Thank you Katie for allowing me space in ur comment.

  40. I am so excited to try this! Do you have ideas for removing make up? I hate how store bought products have so many ingredients in them but I need something that is able to get off cover up, mascRa, and eye liner. I have sensitive skin too!


    • I use olive oil. It works great. Any oil would really….coconut, jojoba, avocado etc. Takes off my waterproof mascara with no problem. 🙂

  41. Great post! I’ve been washing my face with honey for about 6 months now and love the effects! It’s so gentle and leaves my skin feeling smooth and supple. For an extra punch, I use a honey mask once or twice a week by adding a few shakes of nutmeg and cinnamon to honey, applying to my face and leaving on for 20-30 minutes. Afterward, my skin is radiant and healthfully moisturized.

  42. I’ve also found if you need a gentle exfoliator you can mix the honey with baking soda and that works quite well especially in the corners of the nose.

  43. Those that have changed their diet and beauty routine and still have breakouts even though it is not “that time of the month”, you might want to get your hormones checked by an endocrinologist. I am in my thirties and I have been breaking out like a teenager since I was 13. About 8 months ago I finally found out why: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I went to an endocrinologist to find the cause of the PCOS. I am insulin resistant and that was causing my hormones to be completely out of whack, excessive Testosterone levels. The insulin resistance has caused a lot of things to be out of whack. So, if you are doing everything that you know of to get rid of the acne, take a step back and do a self assessment. Look at recent body changes: weight gain and appetite, oily skin, menses cycles, etc. and talk to your doctor about these things. Now most doctors rather treat/cure something without using medicines.

  44. Would it be okay to add the homemade magnesium oil to the honey mixture or will that make it go bad more quickly? Also is it okay to add oils to the honey?

    • I don’t think I’d add magnesium since it isn’t on the skin long enough to be absorbed but you can add essential oils

  45. Hi Katie,

    What essential oils would you recommend adding to the honey face wash for acne-prone, oily skin? Also, is it okay to mix multiple essential oils in the honey, or is it better to have separate containers of the honey + 1 essential oil?


      • Great, thank you!! How may drops of lavender would you recommend adding to what amount of honey?

  46. I love the honey face wash method however, I have found that raw honey is quite dense (near solid consistency) – is there a trick to adding essential oils to raw honey?

  47. I have been cleansing my face with oil and washing it in the morning with honey about 3 times a week since I stumbled across your natural recipes. Suffice it to say my skin has never been better! It’s absolutely amazing that two such simple things, organic and chemical free, could have such a positive effect on my skin! Thank you, eternally, for doing what you do Katie!

  48. What if we use a Clarisonic to exfoliate our skin? I bought mine from my derm and I love it but want to switch to something natural to cleanse and honey would ruin the brush. How would you incorporate a Clarisonic in a natural face cleansing method? I don’t want to give the Clarisonic up!

    • I use a Clarisonic too and use the brushes with my coconut oil cleaning. I will be trying it with Honey cleansing and assume it will be just fine 🙂 (Trying honey cleansing because I still am having issues with raised bumps that pop up every so often).

  49. I’m very new to all these natural beauty solutions and I just tried this last night and it made my face feel amazing! But it doesn’t remove makeup. 🙁 Is there something I could add to it to remove makeup?

    • I find that the oil cleansing method is better for removing makeup and honey is better when not using makeup

  50. I just wanted to say that you are supremely awesome! I will definitely try this and maybe tweak it to my liking. I wish more people could know about natural remedies such as this.
    Thanks for all the great stuff you’re doing! And yay for simple eco-friendly alternatives that keep us all in good health and looking good 🙂 Will definitely pass on your website to some close friends.

  51. I skin that is VERY sensitive. Even soap that’s supposed to be gentle to sensitive skin causes my skin to become very red/rashy/dry/flaky. But if I didn’t use any soap at all, my skin would break out in horrible zits and blackheads.

    I finally found a skin care regimen that is perfect for me, my dry flaky skin has cleared up 100%. I don’t have any zits on my face AT ALL any more. Even old scars from me picking at zits are now fading. My skin is velvety soft now and ALMOST flawless, except for some blackheads on my nose, but even those are a lot smaller and a lot less of them. Hopefully with time those will fade too.

    Here’s my skin regimen:

    Facial cleanser (morning and night):
    1 tsp honey.

    Toner (I only use this at night, as it dries my face out if I use it morning and night… you might try it twice a day unless it starts to dry your skin out too):
    1/2 cup bottled water
    1/2 cup organic apple cider vinegar
    1/4 tsp lemon juice.

    Moisturizer (morning and night):
    2 tsp olive oil
    2 tsp sweet almond oil
    1 tsp coconut oil
    1 vitamin E capsule (pierced and emptied into oil mixture)

    Facial scrub (every 3-4 days):
    1 tsp honey
    1 tsp baking soda

    • So awesome. Thank you for listing your routine. I am going to try as well. 🙂

  52. Hi Kate

    You state that honey shouldn’t be heated because it destroys some of the goodness in it, but you haven’t mentioned that depending on where you live Manuka honey may have gone through quarantine where it has been irradiated. This process definitely destroys a large part of the microbes in the honey, any thoughts?

  53. Ive been oil cleansing with jojoba oil and even moisturizing with argan oil for several months now and my skin is still terribly dry. What would you try next? I’m really frustrated and honestly about ready to buy the skin care products that worked for me before I tried to do this naturally.

    • I have had intense trouble with my skin my entire life, from horribly teen acne to dry or oily skin and now adult acne. I’m finally getting control of my skin and I have to say that what I’ve found that works best for repairing dry skin is grape seed oil or extra light/ extra virgin olive oil, left on over night. You can use either but I really recommend grape seed oil, maybe in conjunction with grape seed extract (a natural pill found in most pharmacies). I buy both from Wal-Mart (I literally live in the middle of nowhere so Wal-Mart supplies a lot of things I can’t get from more local stores). I poured the oil into a clean soap dispenser, squeezed a bit onto my hand, and then used my fingers to pat a just a little onto my major dry spots. Within a week, I saw huge difference. My skin is all dewy now and I love it! It also works as a great massage oil, and has properties that naturally repair and heal skin. I started using it with Melaleuca (tea tree) oil on bug bites, razor burn, acne, even stretch marks and have seen huge differences. I’ve also started putting a couple spurts of the grape seed oil into my bath water. In ten minutes of soaking my skin is just soft, and it’s such a light oil it doesn’t make my hair all greasy! Love it, recommend it, hope you see some difference.

  54. used gram flour as a natural face wash

  55. I love honey as a cleanser, I tried adding oats and storing it in a jar and after a couple weeks, the side of the jar got moldy. Any recommendations to avoid this?

    • Keep it in the fridge! Maybe take it out some time before you’re going to use it so it returns to room temperature before you apply it to your face.

  56. How much honey do you use to make you jar of face wash?? You say you add a few drops of the 2 oils but not how much honey you need?

  57. Wow this sounds great! I will try this ASAP, see if it helps with my adult acne

  58. This sounds great and I’m excited to try it. Is the honey wash and oil wash okay for use on oily skin? I’d be concerned it would create too much oil on my skin which is already oily. Thanks so much!

  59. I’ve often wondered why I can’t wash my face with nothing more than a washcloth and warm water?
    I have normal/dry skin and no acne problems. My only complaints are normal aging; wrinkles and age spots/sun damage.
    I was in a deployed environment many years ago and couldn’t get a hold of my normal skincare products. Not wanting to use regular, commercial soap I used warm water and a washcloth. It seemed to work great and the longer I went without my product the less important it became to have it. I’m still using warm water and a washcloth and still very happy with it.
    There seems to be nothing in any of the DIY natural skincare information available from many sources about this option. Why do I need to cleanse using honey or oil or anything? Is there something I’m missing by not using any product? Would using a product improve my wrinkles and/or age spots/sun damage?

    • Washing your face is just to get better skin, though oil and honey have good vitamins, nutrients, and other beneficial properties. If what you’re doing is working for you, especially that simple, I’d stay with that.
      To fight wrinkles, sunspots, or sun damage, I would just incorporate a sunscreen and moisturizer.
      Honey is great for moisturizing, but I still use store bought products, especially from Origin. A lot of that’s natural and organic which makes me feel better about using it.

  60. I love the oil/honey routine!. I use hemp oil at night and honey in the am. Between this and giving up grains the rosacea on my face is clearing up. Yeah!! Less redness and the little bumps are going away. Time to get a bit of color on my face so I can stop with the makeup(organic).
    Thanks Katie!

  61. I do the honey and I use coconut oil on my skin. I still sometimes get acne on my skin so I tried Aztec clay mixed with apple cider vinegar and it works great for me too. Now I alternate raw honey with cinnamon, and this mask. I also use Ava Anderson face cleanser when I just want a regular old face wash. It is all natural with oils. Hope this helps!

  62. Sometimes I scrub my face (and body) with coffee. My skin feels softer and smoother afterwards, and feels better than store-bought scrubs. Coffee’s natural oil seems to assist in softening the skin :3

  63. Well, I’m not sure how unusual it is for the readers of this blog, but I wash my face with paste made of kaolin, honey and little water. I prefer it over any other store bought cleanser. It cleanses pores and makes skin very sooth and fresh looking. I use it as a face mask for my husband who is too lazy to use it as face wash.

  64. Hello! I have been using the raw honey method for a week now and it works!!! 😀 but I have a question do I rinse with warm or cold water? Also will the raw honey help with the left over scars from the past? or is there something els that can help 🙁

  65. Hello I have been using this honey method for a week and I am seeing the results slowly 😀 I have a few questions do I rinse with cold or warm water? and do you have any solution to get ride of my past scares from my acne? 🙁

    • Warm water works best and frankincense essential oil is great for scars.

      • thank you so much!! 😀 life saver

  66. I use baking soda with my favorite face soap that I make at home. the baking soda exfoliates and the chamomile soap soothes.

  67. This sounds great. I want to try this tonight but don’t have raw honey. I have organic honey, or does that not work as well? Any great recipes for a good facial? I was away on vaycay, so I want something that isn’t going to irritate my skin too much, but I find my pores are so blocked! I have relatively normal skin, oily in the T-zone area. Acne here and there, but relatively good skin. Thanks !!!

    • Raw is best since it has all kinds of nice things in it, but organic will still have antibacterial and moisturizing properties.

  68. I have used Gram flour – called Besan in India – with bit of rose water. Works wonders. Cleanses really well and leaves the skin hydrated as well.

    • Gram/Besan flour, also known as chickpea/garbanzo bean flour. Interesting that this works.

  69. I’ve had large nose pores since my teens (I’m 50 now). I’ve been oil cleansing for a while now and love that my oiliness has normalized, but still I’m not sure if my large pores are getting clean or not. Also, do you know if massaging, (pushing and pulling on) them to try to get ‘stuff’ out is better or worse in the long run? (maybe stretches the skin?)

  70. I mix in a small amount of honey with my night time moisturizer when I have inflamed skin or acne and my skin always looks so lovely the next day.

  71. I am vegan and wonder if there is something to use in place of honey, like coconut nectar? Would that work as well? Or i am looking ot make a face wash with other simple ingredients. I am living in Myanmar and have a hard time finding items like baking soda and certain herbs or oils.

  72. I just read your article on Oil Cleansing, and this one on the Honey Face Wash… they both sound amazing and I want to try them, but I was wondering which of the two you would recommend the most?!

    I tend to have dry, flaky skin (especially in the winter) and have what looks like enlarged pores/or “pinprick” scars from the teenage acne years.

    Thank you so much for helping so many women find better, natural beauty and health routines! 🙂

  73. I was curious if maybe eucalyptus would be a good additive like lavender?

  74. I am late to the party on this post, but this is amazing information. I am going to try this Sunday when I have my day of rest and home spa day.

  75. Hello
    I have a question about moisturizing …
    After the honey wash do I need any?
    I was doing the ocm 2 times a day and skin was breaking up.
    So I changed to honey in the morning and after the honey wash do you suggest toner and mousturizing ? Thanks

  76. Hey Katie, I’ve recently just started cleansing with raw honey. I usually don’t wet my face before, i just wet the honey a little to make it more spreadable, then i rinse with warm water. Do you think wetting/not wetting your face before makes a difference? Thanks!

    • I don’t think it would make a big difference, other than to make it easier to spread, as you mentioned.

  77. Is it necessary to moisturize after the honey wash for someone with oily skin?

  78. I am 18 years old. I wash my face with a combination of honey and lemon juice. In morning.
    Can i use only castor oil to wash my face at night?

    • I would not use undiluted castor oil on your face. It is best to mix it with another oil.

  79. I see a lot of comments from people with acne prone skin, but my issue is dry skin. Will the honey cleanser be a good fit for my skin? I do the OCM (olive oil/coconut oil) at night as well as a serum of avocado oil and aromatics to smooth and soften my skin and it really seems to work! Thanks for all of the great info Wellness Mama!

  80. Where did you get the jar at?

  81. I liked it especially because it sort of exfoliated, but I attracted ANTS in my bathroom, even after washing the container! Any suggestions for this problem? Old 1950’s house in the winter…:)

  82. search on youtube “nutrients vs. poison” if you want to buy real honey in Europe.

  83. I’ve been using raw, unfiltered honey for a face wash, vitamin C serum, then a moisturizer of aloe vera gel mixed with aprioct kernel oil. All ingredients are high grade. All of a sudden my face feels like sandpaper. I stopped the vitamin C but even honey alone leaves me rough. Any thoughts on what is causing this and how to repair?

    • I used honey and my skin feels dried out like it’s been stripped. Cleansers form an essential part of our daily skin routine. We have to make sure that our skin is perfectly clean and clear with this equisite skin cleansers. I have chosen Acwa and have been using it for a week and already I can see a huge difference in the appearance and feel of my skin. It’s natural and a great cleanser that will become your favorite.

  84. I’ve been doing your oil cleansing recipe and love it! It has truly helped my skin and has improved dryness due to living in the high desert. I’d like to try this honey mask. Just wondering if I would follow this up with the oil cleanse or if I would do the honey mask in place of the oil cleanse? Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes and all of your inspirational postings. I am also a Christian, a stay at home mother of 5 and home school. We have quite a bit in common and you have really encouraged and inspired me to get more organized, routine and make my own products. You’ve literally changed my life in such a positive way. 🙂 Thank you!

  85. I use honey, plain ol’ whatever I can find honey, in the shower as my daily face wash. I’ve had acne since I hit puberty (and I’m now almost 45), I have a few food allergies, some sensitivity to skin products and lots of sensitivity to the general bacteria I pick up throughout the day – My name is Trich and I touch my face, yeah I know, I shouldn’t do that but I do. A few years ago I heard about using honey to wash your face, I started out with the high end, raw, etc., etc. and it worked great. No more of those deep, painful pimples, no more little pimples, it’s fantastic! Money gets tight sometimes so one of those times I tried just discount brand honey that was on sale cause it was starting to sugar – I got even better results cause it acted as a scrub, my skin has never been so nice. So now I buy what’s on sale, but I always wash my face at least once a day with honey. If I feel like being really nice to myself I put a thin coat of honey and and watch some TV or do the dishes – try it, you’ll like it 😉 If you have the time and money to go for the fancy recipe go for it. If you just want to check it out to see if you’ll like it – grab the stuff in your cupboard, do the mask and get ready to look like a cup cake!

  86. Katie I love Wellness Mama and it’s changing my family for the better! I started using the oil cleansing method at night and honey in the morning. Is this ok to do everyday? Also I bought Madhava raw organic whipped honey. Is the whipped ok? Thanks for everything!

    • Whipped honey should be fine… and easier to work with! And there is no issue with the frequency that you are using them.

  87. Hi!!I have been washing my face quite awhile now with honey. But recently have sort of ‘improved’ it. I added some cold pressed sweet almond oil, and some cold pressed coconut oil, along with some lavender essential oil. This works much better for me. But if you do this, then you should shake the bottle before use as honey and oil won’t mix. I also use the oil cleansing method at night.

    I am such a huge fan of wellnessmama


  88. I have enlarged pores around my nose and it has started to burn lately. Any suggestions for that?

    • I am using Acwa. It leaves my face clean and moisturized, stops burning the pores and gives refreshing effect. Its my every day face cleanser. Try it.

  89. Where did that jar in the photo come from? I love it!

  90. I know this sounds really gross, but you can actually mix cat feces and coffee grounds into some organic plain yogurt and make a really great facial cleanser. It really works wonders!

  91. Hey I’m tracie I’m 23 and I have suffered from acne since I was younger. I’ve tried everything To treat my acne like proactive anything u can get from Walmart or walgreens and nothing worked.
    A few months so I started something new. In the morning I shower and after I put honey on my face. I’ve heard u need to buy honey that is made near where u live. Which I got it at my local grocery store and it says where its made. I then use a burts bees moisturizer. And at night I use jojoba oil to wash my makeup off. I use the softest wash cloth I have and put the oil all over my face. Take a warm wash cloth and wash it all off. I made my own moistorizer that I use at night.

    I also take biotin pills everyday which is hair skin and nails. That also helps with acne!

  92. I see that you add lavander oil to a few of your skin care recipies, aND although it’s smells great, I’ve read & the estheticins I work with say it can cause cel damage and will also make your skin more sun sensitive.

  93. Hi, love your posts and recipes. Just wanted to say that some Beekeepers in America treat for a disease called American foul brood with antibiotics. It’s worth asking the local beekeeper if their honey is in fact organic before you buy.

  94. i just started using raw honey with realemon every night i sleep with it on my face. is there anything that i’m missing? if so please tell me and i have dark spots.. thank you very much you’re a life saver .

  95. Quick question (and apologies if it’s been addressed already above) – do you put the honey in the microwave before using to soften it? I did that last night when mixing up a batch of cleanser so that I could add some essential oils, but when I went to use the cleanser this morning, it (unsurprisingly) was quite hard again and somewhat difficult to rub into my skin. I was able to warm it up sufficiently in my hands after a few minutes, but just wondered if there was a quicker method. thanks!

    • I’m not a big microwave fan, but it can be warmed in a cup set into a bowl of hot water. I usually leave my honey out of the fridge so that it stays pretty soft, though.

    • I use the raw whipped honey. Works great!!

  96. I’m 22 ,I have oily skin/combination skin, lots of whiteheads and I usually have a few zits. I don’t use any skin care products, because I don’t want to put a bunch of chemicals on my face and they’re very expensive too. I used to wash my face with La Roche Posay dermo cleanser, but I noticed it made my skin feel a bit drier and tighter after I washed it off, so I quit using it. I started washing my face with Organic Honey a couple of weeks ago, I also mix it with sugar and use it as a exfoliator 2-3 times a week. I always steam my face before exfoliating. I does make my skin soft and smooth, but there are still many whiteheads left after I’m done, and I haven’t noticed much difference. I know it takes time before you see results, but maybe I should start using other ingredients instead of honey. I’m afraid that honey will make oily skin more oily because it moisturizes the skin, and my skin is usually oily by the end of the day.

  97. I’m 22, I have a oily/combination skin, lots of whiteheads and I usually get a few zits. I don’t use any skin care products because I don’t want to put a bunch of chemicals on my face. I used to wash my face with La Roche Posay dermo cleanser, but it made my skin feel a bit drier and tighter, so I stopped using it. I started using Organic Honey as a face wash a couple of weeks ago, I also mix it with sugar and use it as exfoliator 2-3 times a week, and I always steam my face before exfoliating. It does make my skin soft and smooth, but when I’m done there are still many whiteheads left. Maybe honey isn’t the right thing for oily skin, because it moisturizes the skin which means it’s actually meant for dry skin. I’m afraid that putting honey on oily skin will make it more oily.

    (Sorry if this comment was posted twice)

    • I have oily skin too, and my face loves honey. Your skin may react differently, though. I can only suggest that you try it for a little while and see. Sometimes your skin produces more oil from lack of moisture, and the moisture in the honey helps even things out so that your skin stops trying to overcompensate.

  98. Hello! I was using straight hemp oil to cleanse for the past 2 weeks, and it is good but my pores are still clogged and I have tiny bumps EVERYWHERE…. I then contacted a blog and was told that a mix of honey,live probiotics, vinegar and tea tree oil will help. I have been using that once a day for the past 3 days and I feel like my face is super dry and a little more bumpy:( I did however read this and noticed that I dont think I was using raw honey, it was natural, will that make a differece?
    I just am not sure if the viegar is drying me out or what? Does anybody have any suggestions?

  99. I’ve been cleaning my face with honey for about a week now, and it’s evened out my skin tone and nearly destroyed all traces of eczema (which has been a problem for quite some time now). I’m hoping it will also help with the acne on my forehead, but little whiteheads and blackheads have been popping up in the area. I’ve read that this is what happens in the “detox” phase, but I’m not sure. Does anyone have advice or an opinion?

    Also, Katie, I love your site – I stumbled upon it while looking for a good way to deal with acne, and it’s changed my entire hair and skincare routines. Thanks so much for doing what you do! <3

  100. Hello. I have a question. Does the manuka honey have to be raw or organic too?

  101. Thanks for this post! Will give it a try. I’ve been using shop bought manuka honey soap and cream for my young son’s legs which have recurring cysts. My doctor recommended Manuka honey instead of antibiotic creams and they have actually been more effective.
    My husband used to get the cysts as a child on his legs, and his mother cut them open and drained them… horrible. Thank goodness for natures anti bacterial remedies.

  102. Girl don’t waste honey like that xDDD bees worked hard to produce that masterpiece!

  103. I’ve suffered from acne for over 15 years. I’m in my early 30s now and I can’t remember my skin being this clear and I’ve only been using natural home products for 1 week. As a teenager I was using all types of OTC products, then when I turned 20 I started using proactiv. It worked in that I wasn’t breaking out in clusters anymore but I still had acne and acne scars. 2 years ago I stopped using proactiv and started using an off brand version then started using panoxyl for the benzoyl peroxide. For the last week I’ve been using a little bit of raw ground oats with some raw honey and a splash of aloe vera juice. I massage it on my face for a minute or two and then rinse off. I do this twice a day and then at night I use either a lemon or lime slice on my acne scars. My toner is also diy and I use it every other day or as needed. Even though I notice the start of pimples by the next day they are smaller or gone without me having to do anything extra.

  104. does Ardmore Skeps Honey: raw, pure, local work too or clover honey work?

  105. Hi! I have pretty intense breakouts during the summer. The only thing that has seemed to work is pure castor oil. My face is now vibrant, perfectly moisturized (or at least appears so) and is super smooth. Is this safe?

    Occasionally, I’ll get a mild breakout if I don’t wash my makeup off, which, btw, I’ll begin my transition of only natural makeup soon.

    Since my skin gets really oily at night, and it seems like the oil method works fine in the am, could I try the honey method at night?

  106. I learned to make a honey and oatmeal mask in Girl Scouts when I was younger. I still use it to this day…as well as raw egg.

  107. Hi! I find that your website is great! I’ve been using raw organic honey to wash my face in the last 2 weeks. However, most of the times, I would develop some itchy redness around my jaws and cheeks areas. This itchy redness doesn’t last long but quite alarming at first. I’m still hoping that this just means that it’s part of detoxification. Am I right to think so? Or is it possible that I’m allergic to the pollen contained in the honey?
    Would love to hear your thoughts or maybe knowledge on this.

    thank you.

  108. hi there! Thanks for the info bc ive been needing this.
    And yes ive used strange ingredients! A well known cleanser is Chickpea flour, powdered milk and tumeric which i keep in a jar. i use this instead of soap and LOVE it. it doesnt dry out my skin and doubes as a gentle scrub. Ive used it on my face but my skin type is dry, acne prone so it dried out my face more although it did help combat the acne. I did try mixing it with coconut oil instead of water to was but coconut oil somehow makes me break out, even the organic cold pressed one. So i stay away. Therefore im with the honey. Normally i mix honey and yogurt as a mask for very radiant soft smooth skin and i love that but i desperately need a cleanser for my skin type and ive read many other sites which direct to this. So i have my honey bottle ready and i think ill mix it with milk powder bc it does wonders for my face.
    Thanks again for sharing

  109. i do have blackheads in my skin so can i was my face with cold water after applying the honey

    • *can i wash my skin with cold water instead of hot

  110. Hi Katie!

    Love your website! As I am getting older I am more mindful with what I put on my body. I love you honey face wash! I do have a question that I hope you can help me with. You mentioned adding lavender & frankincense to the raw honey. Say I had an 8 oz jar of raw honey how much lavendar and frankincense should I add? Or do u add the drops as you go?

    Thanks for your help!

    • I add them as I go… a couple of drops of each.

  111. I use powdered goat milk, colloidal oatmeal and honey to wash my face. You could almost not put on anything else after that your skin feels SO good.

  112. You and I have very similar bedtime beauty routines! I’ve been a fan of your site for quite some time – always such useful and beneficial information. I do OCM at night and typically do honey in the morning. I find that buckwheat is the best for face… have you found a particular one works better?

  113. I recently purchased organic mountain forest raw honey from whole foods and followed the instructions per this article. I noticed that the honey had a rough texture… Is the honey cleansing supposed to feel like a mild scrub or did I get the wrong type of honey?

    • Hmm, that’s odd. Raw honey should be used. If it’s just slightly abrasive, I would still use it like an exfoliator; but if it’s hurting, I would stop.

  114. Any idea how much Vitamin C powder to add?

  115. I once used a coffee scrub. It actually helps for early mornings. You can use it with just coffee grounds and warm water, or combine it with coconut oil and cinnamon.

  116. Hi – I was wondering if you moisturise after washing your face with honey?

  117. I am still finding my skin dry with ocm. Is it worth trying honey wash instead? Do I need to follow up with anything?

  118. I have used organic Wholeness Mollases sulphured because ‘I didn’t have the honey and I liked how it felt. I know all the benefits of molasses so I figured it is ok. Anyone else try this? Any reasons why I shouldn’t? I also think it gave me a hint of darker skin.

  119. If you are allergic to pollen can you still use honey as a face cleanser (and if not what are other good natural cleanser for very sensitive skin that also has natural benefits for healing redness, acne,etc.)? Also for anyone that would know —
    I know avocado oil is good for the face as well, does anyone know good brands to use as a face moisturizer (I have one called NOW Foods Avocado oil -it this a good brand ?-I think it said it is expeller pressed it that alright or would cold press be better and can anyone suggest a good brand for it) Thank you.