Against All Grain Book Review

Book Review-Against All Grain

At our house, we rarely eat grains (with the exception of rice on rare occasion) since we have one son still on GAPS and it is just easier to avoid grains (plus we feel better).

Even though I have a lot of my own original recipes, it is always fun to find a cookbook that contains recipes that we can all eat (without modifying them) for some variation. This week, I had the chance to read the new cookbook, Against All Grain by Danielle Walker, and it is full of excellent grain-free recipes.

Against All Grain has over 150 recipes and all of them are grain, legume  and dairy free. My GAPS son enjoyed looking through the cookbook and picking recipes knowing that he could try any of them! In fact, our copy of Against All Grain has been claimed by the kids and is on their bookshelf…

We made the Sausage Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust and it was delicious! We typically make crustless quiche, but the addition of the sweet potato for the crust added a lot of flavor.

Against All Grain includes a wide variety of baked goods recipes (most with almond and coconut flour) including some desert recipes and even grain-free granola and breakfast recipes (my son’s next request is the grain free donuts). Danielle’s book even includes a section of specifically kid-friendly recipes. While we don’t ever cook different foods for our kids, these recipes are ones the whole family could eat and the kids could enjoy helping with.

Danielle also blogs at where she posts recipes and chronicles her recovery from her autoimmune disease. She recovered from debilitating ulcerative colitis which often required hospitalization though diet and has now been in remission from her disease for two years.

While Against All Grain would be helpful for even seasoned grain-free/paleo cooks, it would be especially helpful for those just starting out and needing some family friendly recipes to get the family on board…

Have you read Against All Grain? What did you think?

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