Many of the links on this page are affiliate links and they are all for companies that I wholeheartedly support and buy from myself. If you decide to purchase any of these products through these links, I will earn a small commission and you will have my sincere thanks for supporting Wellness Mama! All prices are the same if you decide to purchase through my links and I am grateful for your support since this helps me continue my policy of never charging for content or placing ads on my site!

Real Food Resources

shredded coconutsm 150x150 ResourcesTropical Traditions- My source for Coconut Oil, coconut flour, shredded coconut (and all things coconut) as well as maple syrup, organic sugar, olive and sesame oil, freeze fried fruit, organic dark chocolate and more. I also order grass fed meat, honey and eggs from their site! The highest quality coconut products I’ve found.

Mountain Rose Herbs: My source for herbs, spices, real salt, elderberries, essential oils, cocoa butter, shea butter, natural soap and lotion making supplies and teas.

US Wellness Meats – Where we get our grassfed beef, free range poultry and wild caught seafood (unless we can get them locally), they have great prices on organic beef liver, organic beef jerky, tallow, and more!

Amazon: Many of the grocery and food products that we can’t find locally, we order from Amazon. Our preferred brands are found under the “Food and Drink” tab at my Amazon Store.

A way to supercharge coffee and make it healthy and great for your skin 150x150 ResourcesUpgraded Self: My source for organic and mycotoxin free coffee, grass-fed protein powder and more. This is the coffee I use in my daily coffee recipe! This is also the best source I’ve found for earthing mats (something I won’t leave home without now).

Slow-Cooker Freezer Recipes Cookbook: A cookbook of healthy meals that can be pre-frozen and made on the go with only a slow cooker. Read my review here.

Healthy Life Resources

Magnesium Oil and Bath Flakes: I use Magnesium daily and have noticed great benefit from it. I get my magnesium oil and magnesium flakes from Ancient Minerals and have been very impressed with their quality.

OraWellness: Our source for oral health and hygiene. We order our toothbrushes and brushing mix from OraWellness and use in combination with my Remineralizing Toothpaste. We’ve been cavity free since we started this regimen.

microfiber 150x150 Resources

Norwex- Where I get my naturally antibacterial microfiber cleaning cloths that clean everything from ceramic floors to stainless steel appliances without any chemicals.

Squatty Potty: I’ve posted about the benefits of proper posture in the bathroom, and the best solution I’ve found is the Squatty Potty…a sleek stool that stows under the toilet and allows the benefits of squatting with a modern toilet.

Squatty Potty for better digestion and health weird but it works 150x150 ResourcesHealthy Cleaning Supplies: Tropical Traditions also carries healthy dishwasher detergent, oxygen bleach, laundry detergent, and all purpose-cleaner if you don’t want to make your own.

Mountain Rose Herbs: Where we get the ingredients for our homemade lotion, sugar scrubs, soaps, and more. Also where I get teas in bulk and fun things like old-fashioned tea pots, glass spices containers, essential oils and more.

Supplements 150x150 ResourcesSupplements: We don’t take many supplements, but do take a handful of really important ones! All the supplements and brands we use are available in my Amazon Store, or can be found at most local healthy food stores.

Heal Thy Mouth Summit: Get lifetime access to presentations from me and 20 other experts on topics like healing cavities, avoiding root canals (and what to do if you have one), oil pulling, nutrition for oral health and much more!

Fitness Resources

T-Tapp- My hands down favorite fitness resource that is very low impact, takes minimal time and is very effective.

 ResourcesKettlebells: As a kettlebell Junkie, DragonDoor is my source for Kettlebells and kettlebell workout equipment. They even have kettlebell workouts specificially for women and pregnant moms! This is the bulk of my fitness routine, and it fits into less than a square foot of space under my bed. Talk about a portable gym!


The list of great health-related books is ever-growing, but I try to keep up with my favorite books under the “books” tab at my Amazon Store. I’ve also highlighted a few of my favorites in this post.


Web Design, SEO and Marketing Services- I highly recommend this marketing and design company that has helped me move from a self-designed blogger blog to a highly functional WordPress design and store. They were patient with me through three re-designs and even helped me create my own app! (how cool is that!)

Theme and Framework- I use StudioPress premium designs for WordPress and couldn’t be happier with them. I’ve used 3 of their themes over the time I’ve been blogging, and they have an amazing forum/support community for non-techies like me  Resources

Web Hosting: After a very frustrating experience with another hosting company, I’m very happy with Synthesis.

Back-up & Security- If you are blogging and have more than 5 posts, I can’t recommend Back-Up Buddy enough. I once lost over 30 posts and this is my insurance policy to make sure it doesn’t happen again…

Dropbox- A free service that lets you store files in the cloud and access them from multiple computers and devices.

Gravity Forms- Allows you to create detailed and conditional forms that go beyond the normal “Contact Me” form.

Email Auto Responder and Mailing Service- I use Aweber  to host my email list and send out my newsletters and emails. They integrate with many other services and are very easy to use while still being fully customizable.

Video Creation -  For creating videos with background music. I use Animoto for any non-headshot videos.

Domains- If you’re just starting out, this is where I buy domain names.

WP-101- If you’re new to WordPress, this video tutorial is great for helping you understand and use all of the functionality.