49: Combining Pharmaceuticals and Natural Remedies

49: Combining Pharmaceuticals and Natural Remedies

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How to Know When Pharmaceuticals Work Better Than Natural Medicine

Once again, we are joined by Mary Lee Snodgrass in this podcast, this time to discuss how to tie together the conventional approach and the natural approach to health. As a pharmacist, Mary Lee studies and deals with conventional medicines daily but has a unique perspective due to her study of nutrition and natural health as well.

She provides detail on when she feels the conventional medical approach is most beneficial and how natural remedies can support this approach to help a person return to health.

Can They Work Together?

It can be so difficult to find a doctor who has the time, patience and training to understand and treat the root causes of our health conditions. In my case I had to do the research on my own, searching for years for the answers and the right doctors. Mary tells us her pharmaceutical side of the story of handing out prescription after prescription to patients and how she weaved her natural approach into her work at the pharmacy.

We talk about the uphill battle most doctors are facing today being overloaded with clients who want quick answers and who aren’t willing to make long-term dietary of lifestyle changes.

She encourages us to to take control of our own health on your own by keeping all your medical records, medication lists and finding a doctor who will work with you to find the root causes. Nobody has your interest of your health better than you do.

Finally, Mary goes over her step-by-step process for a special wellness consultation and emphasizes that even baby steps are important because any movement forward is good.


Hormone Imbalance
Two Hoots About Health

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Reader Comments

  1. Thank you so much for the podcasts with Mary Lee! I am a pharmacist and I found them all very inspiring.

  2. well, wellness mama if we have to take control of our own health, keep our own records, do our own research, and search endlessly for a doctor who might be in some way helpful while we pay them big money for nothing we don’t need the doctors. they think they’re elite bcs they spend so many years in school and so much money to do so but I think anyone who does that is a fool. so there. it so happens I did do
    my own research for more than ten years bcs not one of the doctors I saw ever was helpful. finally a nurse discovered that I had a damaged heart.

  3. I have a question. I take Coumadin because of a genetic cell called Lupus Anticoagulant Factor. I have had two incidents where I could have died. How do I be healthy and take this medicine?
    I do all I can and am trying to do more.
    What is the answer to this?

    • Eating healthy can seem like the enemy when you are taking Coumadin. You’ll find that when you take steps towards personal health, especially in terms of diet (most notably increasing your consumption of greens), your blood work can often come back too thin. You should be able to work with your doctor on dosing and try to commit to certain dietary patterns to keep things regular. Your best bet would be to see a dietitian in addition to your primary care physician, as most doctors actually have minimal training and education in nutrition.

  4. I think this was very general. It was interesting and I enjoyed reading it. It is nice to hear a passionate pharmacist talking about people taking some responsibility. It was kind of general though – but worth reading. I hope people are inspired to improve their health. Thanks for doing this podcast.

  5. Taking magic mushrooms have healthy benefits too. Mushrooms hold the potential to significantly reduce depression and anxiety atttacks. Magic mushroom has a compound called Psilocybin , this psilocybin alter a persons feeling and insights also psilocybin can create a lasting transformation in your life bringing you to open your mind and think of new ideas. Other effects also include the various other regions in the brain to be activated, allowing you to experience expanded consciousness. Psilocybin have shown improvements in other personality even if your a starter.
    In small amounts or regular dose many report that it helps them improved concentration and problem-solving skills. Magic mushroom has many benefits to improved our daily life.

  6. Hi everyone. I just wanted to ask if any of you have tried canibis for medication purposes? I’ve been suffering severe anxiety for almost a year now and planning to use medical marijuana products for my condition.I’ve been reading some articles about cannabis and its medical properties and im very fascinated about it. Not lucky for me in my country use of marijuana is illegal but now im planning to move in Colorado where you can use marijuana without any hassle. I really wanted to hear your thoughts about this and if you can give my any advice or tips feel free to tell me. Thanks

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