29: Methylation Problems & Gene Mutations

29: Methylation Problems & Gene Mutations

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Methylation Problems & Gene Mutations with Ben Lynch

Dr. Ben Lynch is a naturopathic doctor and world expert on MTHFR genes and methylation problems. In this episode, we talk about the many ways that methylation problems  can affect health, especially for women.

What is MTHFR?

The methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene produces the MTHFR enzyme, which is responsible for breaking down (methylating) folate in the body.

Up to 50% of Americans have an MTHFR gene defect of some type that impairs their ability to mthylate properly. These defects can cause problems with everything from nutrient absorption to gene expression.

The methylation of folate is also important for healthy homocysteine levels and hormone levels because one of the byproducts of methylation us used to break the amino acid homocysteine down to another essential amino acid, methionine. The body uses methionine to make proteins, utilize antioxidants, and to assist your liver in processing fats.

Methionine into SAM-e (s-adenosylmethionine) in the liver. SAM-e is important for reducing inflammation, neurotransmitter production, and cell repair.

In short, a methylation problem can lead to a build up of heavy metals and synthetic vitamins in the body. It can also prevent proper neurotransmitter production and lead to problems with mental health, cellular health, autoimmune disease, infertility, miscarriages and even cancer.

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Supplements Dr. Ben Suggests:

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Reader Comments

  1. Please speak slower since you are on phones; some things come across to me sort of slurred over or jumbled. I played his comment at the end about where to find him on the web 3x and still can’t understand what he said. Very good info tho and I love your blog!

  2. You mentioned adding links to certain testing options? All I can find on his website is the 23 and me test. Where can I get info on the other tests?


    • I would love these links as well, please!

    • I would like the links as well!

  3. Brilliant podcast thank you both! I have MTHFR mutation and have been following Dr Ben Lynch on my path to wellness. This podcast has allowed me to link up so much more in my jigsaw to other issues
    I have. Not sweating,intolerant to saunas,intolerance to histamine,high levels of B12 low levels of Glutathione to name a few!!! It has been so so helpful when I was missing some links in the chain. Thank you again.

    • Andree, how did you know you are intolerant to histamine? I’d like to figure out if I am or not. Thanks!

  4. I have to wonder if I have that issue as I now have 5 q deletion. I am given folate by my specialist. I am miss all of the 5th chromosome and part of the 7th.

  5. Hi Katie,

    Thank you for this informative podcast!
    I have a homozygous a1298c mutation. If you are comfortable sharing, which type do you have?

    I enjoy your blog very much. I am excited that you do podcasts as well!

  6. You mention eating leafy greens for folate or B vitamins (can’t remember which). I grow my own leafy greens and dehydrate them on low heat to use all winter in cooking. Does the dehydrating and/or cooking affect the folate or B vitamin levels?

    • It shouldn’t though I am personally careful about consuming too many raw leafy greens as they can be high in oxalates. I also do take supplemental methyl-folate and methylated b-vitamins.

  7. I have a complete blood and urine through a doctor in Las Vegas. I took the results to my cardiologist, and he asked me to ask the MD what the range is for MTHFR. The results read “677 T/T, 1298 A/A ( )”. I have called Dr Amy Sparks office 6 times, and wrote one letter to her marked “Personal and Confidential” trying to get the range, but her office staff keeps playing games with me. I am on the internet trying to find the range, nut I keep seeing a single digit as the norm, and I do not have a single digit in my results. Can anyone please tell me what the range is, and how my results compare? Thank you, Susan Russell

  8. My entire family has issues with both types thyroid disorders, some at birth. My sister has extremely rare autoimmune that destroys the kidneys anti GBM. Some with Bi-polar, MS, RA, Osteoporosis, etc. We have been searching for answers, I’m thinking this is very distinct possibility.

  9. I have recently bought the supplemnt ( optimal prenatal protein powder) from Amazon but after using it for a month i have noticed some side effects like increase heart rate, numbness in my hand and different urine color? What should i do next?? Can you please provide help for me. I have mthfr 1298 homozygous.

  10. Thanks tons for educating us to be (and to raise) nutrient dense human beings. MTHFR is something I deal with. Jeanne Drisko, MD helped me a lot (KU Medical Integrative Medicine). She recently prescribed weekly I.V. therapy for six months, which helped remove the toxin buildup I suffered after severe chemical poisoning eleven years ago (I wish I’d known about MTHFR eleven years ago). I still haven’t been able to tolerate SAM-e. Do you tolerate this well? If not, have you found a substitute?


    BTW, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Sally Fallon a couple of years ago at a function. She and her husband are SUCH gracious people. They invited us to their farm and we spent a lovely day with them. I really, really admire what she and Geoffrey are doing. I can see that you are cut from similar cloth. I’ve enjoyed your posts for a couple of years now.

  11. how can we find out which parent we inherited Mthfr from?

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