22: What Is Really In Your Food?

22: What Is Really In Your Food?

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What is Really In Your Food with Vani Hari of Food Babe

In this episode of the Wellness Mama Podcast, Vani Hari, the Food Babe, and I talk about what is really in your food that you might have no idea you are consuming.

Vani and her website FoodBabe.com have become incredibly popular for her work in exposing the dirty secrets of the food industry, especially chemicals that are added to foods in the United States but banned in other countries.

She has successfully launched petitions against many food giants and has gotten them to remove artificial dyes, colors, chemicals and even antibiotics from their foods.

Vani shares her own story and health journey from being an over-stressed and over-worked corporate employee with a poor diet to being a crusader for real food.

Her transformation began with an appendicitis attack and a resulting investigation into the foods she had been eating that led to her poor health. Vani’s research revealed many problems in our current food supply and she set out to expose these problems and educate the world so that consumers could make informed choices.

Listen to the whole interview and find out what foods you may be eating that contain ingredients you would never knowingly consume!

This interview is a replay from the Wellness Family Summit, a seven day event that brought together experts in health and wellness who shared the common goal of working to create a healthier future for our children.

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Thanks as always for listening and have a healthy week!

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  1. Well, I have been listening to your webiner on Leaky Gut and I could not find “the green button” or “the little square”…. “login to chat” didn’t work…

    Very frustrating…

    I would very much like to learn about what I did wrong. This may not be the place to address this, but, i’m not exactly sure where to address this…

    Many thanks…

  2. Such a good listen, I’m happy both if you put that together. Very helpful & informative. I go to the library a lot & I’ll search for some of the books mentioned! Over the past year my husband & I have been slowly learning how to eat right, & now that we’re expecting our first child I’m pushing even more for the “good wholesome” foods. I was laughing when Vani mentioned investigating what ingredients were in the foods bc I actually made a long list of words I couldn’t pronounce or didnt know what it was, & I looked them up one by one. I was shocked & very angry after reading up on them. It stirred something up inside me & I no longer support people who wont support my heath -but want my money! Good for you guys for calling this what it is, keep up the good work! You are reaching people who need this change in their life!

  3. This episode isn’t working on iTunes. Just FYI. Thanks.

  4. I was curious how you start your baby off with the bone broth. A few ounces? What’s your feeding schedule like

    • I nurse on demand, so there’s really no set schedule, and it all depends on the age of the baby and how quickly they take to bone broth and other solid foods. But as a general rule, I start with “replacing” one nursing session a day with bone broth (usually at night in hopes to get them extra full to sleep longer 😉 ) … and work my way up until they are getting bone broth a few times a day. And then, again, it depends on how quickly they’re taking to the bone broth, how much they’re nursing to begin with, and if they’re ready to move on to other solid foods. Hope this helps!

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