4: Canola Oil, Gelatin, & Balancing Hormones

4: Canola Oil, Gelatin, & Balancing Hormones

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Canola Oil - Gelatin - and Balancing Hormones

It was wonderful to interview Lauren of EmpoweredSustenance.com who is a rising star in the blogging world and a featured contributor for Wellness Media.

Lauren and I talk about several topics that we are both passionate about, including the problems with canola oil, the benefits of gelatin and the importance of balancing hormones.

In This Episode, We Cover

  • Why canola oil is so dangerous and how we are both working to spread the word. (Read my full explanation here and check out Lauren’s campaign to get Whole Foods to remove it from pre-made foods)
  • What foods are a “freak of nature” in both good and bad ways
  • Why gelatin is an amazing superfood and how to consume enough
  • Lauren’s own journey with debilitating autoimmune disease and how she overcame it
  • Natural beauty care options and why it is important to avoid many conventional beauty products
  • The unexpected factors that contribute to hormone balance
  • How you can “Quit PMS
  • Lauren’s simple step for better health
  • The advice she wishes she had gotten about health
  • Her favorite health resources

Posts we Mention

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Have a healthy week!

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Reader Comments

  1. What a great interview Katie! You’re such a natural – I love the new podcast! I learned so much from you and Lauren:)

  2. Lauren’s a sweetie. Glad to see two awesome bloggers come together! =)

  3. Katie,
    I learn so much from you and was so excited to see podcasts. However, I soon realized during the first podcast that you talk a little bit too fast so it makes one want to turn it off-and I don’t want to. Just want to encourage, not discourage and make it the best it can be.
    Blessings in your new endeavor. I know it’ll get better and better.

  4. soo happy you are doing podcasts and i get to listen to more great advice you have to give,yeesss you are AWESOME
    and as someone trying to fix my hormones, this podcast is perfect timing and HEAVEN SENT

  5. I love the podcasts. In addition to this podcast, I read your article about the benefits of gelatin. I am sold. I tried adding it to my diet (Great Lakes brand) and I am experiencing bloating. Even with only a teaspoon a day. Is it common to experience “side effects” when introducing gelatin to the system?

    Thank you so much for all you do, Katie, clearly God works through you everyday.

    • It can be if you aren’t used to those types of amino acids. Start with a teaspoon and work up slowly and see if that helps 🙂

  6. Need to know more

  7. What a great idea Katie, I am really enjoying listening and finding new bloggers with good information through you. I find you through Mama Natural. It really cements and helps to better understand the information. I am slowing going through you website.

    You are so amazing. Your mother must be so proud of you!!

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