Confessions of a Natural Mom

Confessions of a Natural Mom Quiz- How Many of these do you do?

A friend and I had a conversation the other day about how many things that we do that are against the norm (or “weird”). Most of these things I’ve been doing for so long, I don’t even remember that they aren’t normal, so I decided to compile a list. It’s a “How weird are you” quiz of sorts… just for fun…

Here’s my list… Not all of them are “weird” but if they aren’t the statistic norm, I listed them. How many of these things do you do? What would be on your list that I missed?


Birthed a child without any kind of pain medication. More than once. (But then was super grateful for mainstream medicine when it saved my life with placenta previa… whole story here)

Birthed a child at home (breech and v-bac too- here’s the story).

Consumed a placenta (mine was in capsules…)

Have a placenta in your freezer (check, but not as bad as the one I accidentally left in the guest fridge at the hospital a few births ago… sorry cleaning staff!)

Cloth diapering (Not you? It’s easier than you’d expect! Here’s why we do it)

Not circumcising (this might not be the minority anymore and definitely a controversial one, but here are my reasons)

Making homemade natural baby products instead of using store bought versions.

Sleeping with babies in bed until they are 6 months, or a year, or two, or three..

Wear baby around in a sling. all. the. time.

Kids don’t get medication for minor illness or teething (but they do get warm baths, chamomile tincture, soup, lots of care and careful monitoring, etc)

Let/Make the kids play barefoot because it is good for them and in the sun because it is good for them.


Want the kids to get chickenpox but can’t because no one gets it anymore (do your kids have it? Want to come visit?)

Sick? Infection? Rash? Put breast milk on it… or coconut oil 🙂

Kids don’t know who Big Bird, Bugs Bunny or Dora are but they do know Tom Sawyer, Moses and Aslan…

Make homemade vitamins

and gummy vitamins

and marshmallows

Suck out babies’ snot if congested… with my mouth (dont freak out- I use this…)


Let things rot on my counter on purpose (mainly Kombucha, Water Kefir, Sauerkraut and other fermented veggies)

Let milk sour on purpose.

Drink raw milk.

Don’t have a microwave.

Add saturated fat to coffee. A lot of it… (This recipe- so delicious!)

Don’t consume grains

or beans….

or processed sugar..

or food dye…

or soy

Consume organ meats on purpose.

and fermented fish livers daily

Have a big pot of bones on the stove. All. The. Time.

Eat “weeds” from the backyard.(Like Dandelion)

Use “weeds” for medicine. (Like Plantain)

Use a water filter.

Drink jello…and use it many other ways too


Have enough mason jars in your house to stock a factory.

And drink out of them…

and decorate with them…

Clean my face with oil. (and not soap…)

Squat to poo

Have animals in the backyard that produce or can be food (not cats and dogs… unless you eat them, in which case, please don’t tell me!)

Don’t wear sunscreen (but eat it instead).

Swish oil in my mouth… for twenty minutes… on purpose.

Use a reusable cup or reusable pad instead of regular menstrual pads.

Sleep on a grounded mat.

Don’t wear shoes (or wear minimalist/barefoot ones)

Use a standing desk (because sitting will kill ya).

Make my own laundry soap.

and deodorant

and shampoo

and toothpaste

and bug spray

and lotion

and lotion bars

and magnesium oil

and magnesium body butter

and make-up

Replaced the coffee table with a trampoline for exercise/rebounding.

Brush teeth with charcoal

Don’t consume artificial hormones to space children.

Soak in mud.

What did I miss? How many of these do you do? Are you as “weird” as me? Share below!

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