30-Day Health Challenge

Wellness Challenge

Are you struggling to make all the changes you know you should make for your health?

Looking for answers to improve your health but don’t know where to start? Just need some encouragement in your health journey?

Welcome to the 30 Day Health Challenge!

At the request of several of my readers, and to make your transition easier than mine was, I have put together a 30-day challenge to offer you support, recipes and giveaways! If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to try going grain free or ditching the sugar, now is your chance. Please join me for 30 days, to try living grain free. Your health will thank you, and if you don’t like it, you can always go back to the old way of eating. What have you got to lose? To help make the transition easier and to make sure we address all aspects of health, I’ve broken the challenge into Mini Challenges.

Build a Solid Nutritional Foundation

Anyone surprised? Many of you may already be solid in this area, but I know that this is a huge struggle for many people! If your diet is already iron-clad, please offer some advice and encouragement for those who are struggling to make the change in the comments below.

Nutrition Basics

Nutrition can have a tremendous impact on overall health and will be a large part of the focus of the challenge. If you’ve been a Wellness Mama reader for a while, you know that I’m not a fan of grainssugars and starches and recommend removing them from your diet. Of course, only if you are making sure to get adequate nutrition from proteinsfats and vegetables. Some foods, like beans, are of questionable nature, so for the duration of the challenge, I’d suggest removing them too! Others, like vegetable oils, margarine, and other frankenfats are toxic and should be avoided completely, challenge or not!

Mini Challenge #1 Cut out the grains, sugars, potatoes, beans and all processed foods from your diet and focus on getting maximum nutrition from meats, vegetables, healthy fats (coconut, olives, coconut oil, olive oil, tallow, lard, butter, unprocessed cream, etc) and fruits.

Everyone is entering the challenge for different reasons, but if one of your goals is to lose weight or improve your physique, consider drastically reducing your carbohydrate intake. If weight loss is a serious goal, this will mean that that morning bowl of oatmeal or potato salad at lunch is out. To keep it simple, just get your carbs from vegetables (minus potatoes) and you’ll be fine! One exception, if you struggle from low-thyroid, don’t drop your carbs too low for too long, as this can stress the thyroid, just make sure to get your carbs from healthy foods like sweet potatoes, winter squash, fruit, and grain-free baked goods! [Note: Some people experience a “carb flu” as their body adjusts to not having a constantly available stream of glucose. This is temporary, but can be uncomfortable for the first couple of weeks. Check out these two posts by Dr. Michael Eades to help make the transition easier Tips for Starting Low Carb Part I and Tips for Starting Low Carb Part II ]

We’ll be addressing some specifics that can help with your individual goals in the next few weeks (supplements, what type of exercise, etc) but nutrition is the single most important factor and all the other factor’s can’t fix a poor diet!

Are you In?

I challenge you to make these small steps for the next 30 days! I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.

This challenge is designed to help you improve your health and stay motivated for 30 days. I’m not going to police the guidelines or do anything to ensure that you are following them… you are on the honor system.

More resources to help you during the Challenge are available on my Resources and Wellness 101 pages.

So… are you up for a challenge? Drop in and introduce yourself in the comments below and let us know what your specific goals are.

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Reader Comments

  1. I’m in! I need the kick in the pants to get back on track. I just had my first child last year (with the help of a Paleo diet!) and would like to conceive again this year, but want to lose a few pounds first. I lost most of my pregnancy weight, but had some pounds to lose before I got pregnant. I’d like to lose 15-20 lbs!

  2. In the next 40days I want to really become adjusted to being grain free. I have been for the past few months, but here and there I “cheat.” Most times it is such a small amount it doesn’t bother me, however there have been a couple of occasions that I over-did it and felt bloated, sick to my stomach and horrible. I want to get to a place where living grain and sugar free is natural and “easy”, instead of like a chore. I know I can do it, I just have to stick to it and know that it is for the benefit of my health and the baby I will hopefull be carrying by the end of the year!

  3. I have been wanting to go grain free for some time now. I incorporate Paleo into our family meal plans but have not gone strict. This will be a good challenge for me. I have a 10 month and have lost most of the baby weight but need to lose a bit more. I also think that eliminating grains will help with my 3 year old and his “meltdowns” and my husband’s sleep patterns.

  4. specific goals: less dairy | less wine | more Bikram | no phone before or in bed

  5. I have been doing Primal (a more relaxed version of Paleo) since Dec. 27. I’ve lost 12lbs. I mean seriously I’ve NEVER lost weight so easily. And I FEEL SO GOOD!!! My two biggest tips… 1) focus on what you CAN eat and not what you can’t eat. 2) You don’t have to eat breakfast foods for breakfast. I just don’t like eggs. Once I gave up trying to force feed myself eggs – I was much happier. I’ve had salad for breakfast. I’ve even had pot roast for breakfast.

  6. I’m turning 30 tomorrow what a great day to start a new challenge that will improve my life!! I am a dairy and grain addict!!! And was raised that way so I have no clue as what to do without it. I have been reading your articles in hopes that I can change the way my family and I eat but it gets overwhelming. I am so very excited to do this challenge whole heartedly. Thank you for the opportunity, information and resources to help in this new journey and way of life.

  7. I do want to loose weight. But the challenge is going to be very difficult. I am excited to learn about being grain free. Let’s give it a try

  8. I have struggled with weight/body issues/food addictions for years (I
    could write an entire book about that!). My New Year’s Resolution for
    2013 was to “Get over it” and not allow it to rule my life and thoughts
    anymore (though, only through God’s help and strength).

    I have struggled with getting 5-10 pounds off for the past year
    and a half. I have always been thin, fit and active but not through
    healthy methods that could sustain through a lifetime. However, I have
    read/watched a LOT of health books, blogs and documentaries etc and love
    it and truly desire it to be my way of life. I just want to practice
    what I preach and make it a CONSTANT action in my life..not just a

    Side note* Since high school I almost constantly have a
    break-out right in between my eyes. No where else. Just in the middle of
    my face. Some days are worse than others and it can
    be pretty embarrassing sometimes. I’m hoping to, through eating the
    things I should and avoiding the things I shouldn’t, have this clear up
    completely! 🙂 We shall see.

    I am very excited about this journey. It will give me support and accountability. Bring it on! 🙂

    I am really not
    “overweight” to most people. However, I do not feel healthy. I have a
    sweet addiction, I am constantly thinking about my weight and the fact
    that I can not fit comfortably into my clothes-the way I used to-is
    enough for me to mentally beat myself up almost daily and never feel “good”.
    So, for that I want and NEED change! Not only for myself but for my
    husband, family (and the family my husband and I will hopefully start
    together one day) And to live with a peace of who I am and who God
    created me to be!

  9. I went what I call “nearly grain-free” for a few months in 2012 and loved what it did for my body. I gave myself a pass during the holidays/winter months, but now I’d like to really get back into the swing of things. I have a long-term weight loss goal I’m striving for, but my main goal for the challenge is simply to embrace wellness!

  10. My long-term goal is to lose weight, but over all I just want to get healthy! I have insomnia and frequent migraines which I would love to get under control, too. Thanks so much for this!

  11. One goal is to lose a little more weight, but really I want to be healthier, and I want to set a good example for my kids.

  12. I’ve been learning about nourishing, real foods for a while now and slowly incorporating things into my family’s life. The last few years I’ve let the weight very slowly add on. I didn’t want to yo-yo diet. But I am finally to the place where I know I will commit to the long-term goal of losing some pounds and being more consistent with exercise. I’m looking forward to trying this challenge as a tool to help me with my goals.

  13. I have been trying to go fully Primal for over a year now, and it’s high time that I stick to it. I’m hoping that, with the daily check-ins, I’ll be able to concentrate and not have to worry about stress-cheating and binging when I’m bored or surrounded by poor food choices. I’m going to be healthy, even happier, and weigh what I’m supposed to weigh, and this is the first step to getting there.

  14. I’m in. My husband and I are going grain, dairy, and sugar-free for Lent and this post arrived just in time for Ash Wednesday. My goal is to offer this as our Lenten sacrifice but I’m hoping that this way of eating will prove to be so beneficial that we’ll continue after Easter.

  15. I’m so in! I’ve been gluten-free for 2 years because of IBS, but for the next 40 days (and possibly/hopefully life) I’m going to be transitioning into a grain-free Paleo lifestyle.

  16. Just what I needed to help me stay on track! I have been grain-free and refined-sugar-free for just about 10 days now with only two minor setbacks; I ate some chocolates I got for my birthday (which, while bad, were at least organic, contained whole stuff and no corn syrup, although they did have agave and cane juice), and since I’ve been sick for going on 4 days now I’ve eaten many herbal cough drops. Combined, this seems to have stalled my weight loss. I have about 70 pounds to lose, so this is a big one of my goals, but not the only one. I want to feel better in my skin; I want to think more positively, have more energy, and look and feel healthier.

  17. My goals are to make sure I consume an adequate amount of fermented cod liver oil, coconut oil and bone broth and to exercise at least 3 times per week (which will really just be walking the dogs and doing pullups, pushups, squats and lunges at home).

  18. I’ve been trying, with varying success, to go primal since New Years. I had a good run for the first several weeks, but have “fallen off the wagon” over the past week or so. I’d like to get back on track and make it stick!

  19. I’m in! I have been trying to take the grains/carbs out of my families diet for a while now, but things keep getting in the way and it keeps getting put off till next week. Hopefully this will help to keep me on track and give me good ideas for meal time. My goal is to lose 40lbs and become healthy through diet and exercise.

  20. My goal is to get my family grain and sugar free. I feel like I have done a pretty good job every where else as far as our eating habits go. We now eat organic produce, grass-fed hormone free dairy and meat, and we eat full fat dairy. My husband is too excited about going grain free and to be honest I’m a little unsure how to do it. My son usually takes a sandwich for lunch to school every day. Im wondering if I don’t make bread what will he take, how will my kids survive without their cereal? This challenge is just thing I need to take that step. What does your family do for lunch and breakfast?

  21. i had already decided to give up grains for lent when i saw this in my google reader… excited to have some help along the way! my goal is basically to give up all gluten-grains, as well as limit intake of any other non-gluten grains (like quinoa, etc). if some weight loss comes along with it, that’s great, but i’m more interested in the overall benefits of reducing grains in my day-to-day. thanks for the articles on what to expect the first part of a low-carb adventure.

  22. My goal is to truly embrace and tackle my appetite abomination. One meal a day isn’t cutting it, and I hate overfeeding myself. Digestion is out of whack and everything.
    So, my goal is to incorporate small meals into my day and hopefully learn how to feel good at 80%, instead of going for 120% after feeling famished. Also, my low-carb diet is still in play, so that shopping list is helpful. Thank you so much for providing that resource for us!

  23. Yay! I’m so excited that I found your blog. My plan was to go paleo for Lent so this challenge is perfect. My goal is to lose weight and get my eating under control.

  24. My goal is to complete my switch to a grain free diet. I have been on and off the wagon for a while, and I want to make the switch. I’m hoping to increase my energy level and lose weight as well!

  25. I am already mostly grain free, but my family is not. I’d like to incorporate more grain free recipes into my family’s meals.

  26. I’m excitedly in! I want to start the paleo diet, start an exercise program and start a new facial care regime. Looking forward to your motivational emails.

  27. My name is Jessica, and I’m addicted to sugar. I also don’t like the texture of most veggies and have had a traumatic past.

    To be blunt, I’m terrified to change. I literally get panicky, tearful, and run to some carbs. But these things are killing me. I didn’t know what to do or where to start. My best friend had cancer (last chemo was a week ago) and she has been inspiring me by her choice to “put on the big girl pants” and change her life. She pinned an article from this site which set me browsing other articles and landed me here. I believe God wanted me to see this.

    Even as I write this I’m scared. But if you guys have my back, I could change my whole life.

  28. My primary goal would be to transition our entire family and still stick to our low food budget. A big part of it will be expanding and hopefully having a successful garden this year. From someone who is looking at blood results slowing coming in that saw borderline hypothyroid, where can you send me for more info. on the carbs issue.

  29. Hi guys, I am totally in! I have been gluten free for almost 10 years, so grains are not my big issue. I love sweets however! I have many food allergies and think that a sugar & grain free diet will help my skin! That would be awesome! I also want to get back in shape and shed about 20-30 lbs!!! I am super excited

  30. I signed up for the challenge at the beginning of last month… and failed… like didn’t put in any effort. Not at all proud! I want to do it this time! I, as many have alreayd stated, have a sugar addiction. I LOVE SUGAR. I can’t say that physically I am in bad shape or even remotely over weight, but I know that my overall health and well being would be far better off without the ridiculous amounts of sugar that I consume far too regularly. My biggest challenge I fear, will be my darling fiance and his two kids. I love all three of them dearly, but in his opinion, taking sugar and candy and sweets and treats away from them is stripping some of their childhood away… Mind you, at their mom’s house, food is seen much differently than it is at our place, so it is difficult to get them to see the big picture. Any way, this time I am in. Hopefully the family will follow along, but I suppose the best I can do is do it for me and go from there.
    When I tried to enter my email address though, it said I was already signed up… does that mean that it still has me on the list from last month? I just want to make sure I don’t miss out on anything!
    Thanks for all that you do and good luck to everyone!

  31. I am SO in! I’ve been grain free for over a year, and bean free for quite few months. My goal is to shed 15lbs (I’ve already lost over 100) and to really get in a good routine with making sure I’ve had my healthy fats, and doing everything I know to do to live with vitality. I just made the magnesium oil and the toothpaste recipes that I’ve found here. I signed up for the meal plans. I’m totally digging your website! It’s a TERRIFIC resource! Pick me pick me for the Tropical Traditions gift card! ha! My friend goes on and on about that place. Thanks so much for all you do.

  32. I am really excited to try this challenge. I love that you are providing so much support and information. The

  33. When I was a stay at home mom, I had all the time in the world to cook every meal from scratch and keep my two boys healthy. I’m now a single mom of two boys and work two jobs. I need quick and easy meals that I can cook on the weekends, freeze, and defrost during the week. I need something that I can stock my freezer at work with so I don’t run to the nearest fast food restaurant. I want, no I NEED to get my family’s health back! My boys got upset with me last week because I cooked. They told me they want “normal” food….. chicken and fries from McDonald’s! *sigh* The me 5 years ago would have *tisked tisked* at me now. I owe it to my two little ones to raise them healthy! This 40 day challenge will be fantastic and the perfect motivation to get me started. You make it easy my dear and I thank you for it!

  34. This challenge is just the motivation and support I have been needing. I am a homemaker now & am looking to get my family eating a more healthy diet. I am looking forward to the recipes and info. Thanks!

  35. I need this!! It can be so hard just getting started. I am looking to remove foods that I am sensitive to without feeling so deprived, as well as to jump start a journey of weight loss. Thank you for your support, motivation, and creating this challenge!

  36. Your timing couldn’t be more perfect! I went primal when I first started dating my now husband & easily lost 60 lbs. in a year. I was the smallest (and healthiest) I’ve ever been! Now I’m a mom who works from home and I just can’t seem to shake the extra weight I gained when I was pregnant. My job now entails sitting at a computer all day instead of being on my feet & moving like I was when I lost the weight. I want to feel good about myself again & show my daughter what being healthy is: eating well, being with family, having fun & loving life! I’m excited to start this challenge. Thank you!

  37. I just want to become healthy again, its not about the weight as I have never owned a scale and only get weighed at the Drs. I would also like to eat more of the rainbow. Vegetables are really hard for me to eat as I really don’t like them. I try them in all forms and cooking methods. Yuck! Purees are a way that I try and get some more into my diet as well as my kiddos. I know once I kick the junk out I will feel better and be more delighted to eat veggies again.

  38. I am in! I have been trying to go primal since being diagnosed with Celiac in November. I have in tied several friends to do this with me. I want to heal my gut and shedding a few, okay even more than a few, pounds would not hurt my feelings. Nor my health for that matter. Excited!

  39. Ever since I had my son in October, I have kInd off fallen of the wagon. Before that I was primal for almost 3 years including during my entire pregnancy. But since I started breast feeding I’ve been so hungry that devour almost anything. I really need and want to get back to removing toxins from my life. I eat pretty much grain free at meals, but it’s the between meals that I had cut out before, is what’s getting to me now. So I’m up for the challenge

  40. I can’t wait to achieve the healthy equilibrium that’s always been just beyond my grasp. Thanks for setting up a supportive community with tons of inspiration and motivation. Here…. goes!

  41. I had been diagnosed with Crohns disease at age 17. Currently im 25 and in remission. Ive always had stomach aches and digestive problems. My husband and i have also been struggling with unexplained infertility for the past 5 years. Lately ive been tired all the time and i think i have a thyroid problem, eventhough my lab came out clean (or so the doctor thinks).

    I came across this blog around new years and started out the 30 day challenge. It started out strong (for a week, then i badly FAILED) but being from a family that is centered around food (especially grains and sugar) its hard for me to stay on track. Im not proud of it, but I admit….

    I need help! I know what im doing to my body is horrible. I have so many problems and the solution is right in front of me and i refuse to take it! That is why this challenge i need to stay strong and hopefully with the help of Katie and everyone else i can do it! Thank you Katie! 🙂

  42. Hello fellow challengers! My name is Nena Chavez, and my challenges are sugar and carbs. Let me be frank when I say it isn’t easy to admit this, but I know this process is long overdue. I am tired of the sleepless nights, awful digestion, constant bloating, uncontrollable flatulence, heartburn, headaches, sinus infections, lack of focus, and minimal energy. There are more problems I didn’t add to that embarrassing list. However, I’m here and ready to join this amazing group of wellness mama challengers. So here is to day one! I send my thoughts and prayers out to each and every one of you. I will do my best to comment on this forum as I know it will help me greatly on this path to wellness. Now to begin getting rid of the processed, sugar loaded, carb loaded foods in this house. Happy first week everybody 🙂

  43. I am in! I have been *mostly* grain/sugar/starch free for quite awhile, but I always find a reason to splurge on something, for some special occasion. Now I am in an eating and exercise slump which has taken a toll on my energy levels in a major way. My goal is to get my eating and my motivation back on track and to drop some body fat.

  44. My name is Amy and I am just recently breaking my sugar habit. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 3 years ago November (right around Thanksgiving), I followed the tips that were posted elsewhere and read as much as I could, and I have lost weight and feel so much better by cutting out more than gluten. My boyfriend saw the changes and after being told by the doctor after a failed (horribly failed) cholesterol test and the hypothyroidism he’s had since18 getting worse and being at the highest weight hes been in his adult life hes decided to make a change as well. Rather than be on cholesterol meds at the age of 25 he vowed to exercise more and eat like me (paleo). His goal is to lose most if not all the weight he needs too (about 40 pounds or more) by the time we get our first place together in August. We both want to get healthy and have a healthy life together so this is a perfect way for us to do that!

  45. I’ve been wanting to go grain free for sometime now but needed a good starting point. Thank you for doing these mini challenges, I know this will be easier for me to transition.

  46. I have been following your plan of no sugar no grains no processed foods
    for the last month, I feel great and have lost 10lbs. I started it all
    looking to help my teeth, after 3 kids in 4 years it took a toll on my
    body. I didn’t believe the dentist that my teeth just all of the sudden
    got worse, after 25 years of perfect teeth.My goals for the next 40 days
    is to keep going with what I have learned here and keep researching
    more, to learn to cook and prepare the meals ahead of time( I have spent
    SO much time in the kitchen in the last month), and to have healthy
    teeth again! Jessica

  47. I’ve been eating paleo for several months now, and have seen drastic health improvements. All the headaches I once attributed to stress or hormones are gone. I feel better, don’t get dizzy after breakfast any longer (I used to eat a bowl of oatmeal as a healthy breakfast), and have clearer skin. My next health goals are to implement more probiotics to hopefully help with chronic constipation from IBD, and to start exercising more!! I know many people aim to lose weight, but I have actually been extremely thin my entire life, no matter what my diet. I just need more movement to get my blood circulating! Like everyone else, I just want to feel healthy and at my best!!!!

  48. My goal is to detoxify my body and life…although I’m not sure about giving up potatoes or grains…

  49. My goal for Lent was to cut WAY back on sugar and stop eating all “bready things.” (this did not necessarily include rice, lentils, or potatoes..but…why not?)
    I’ve also been flirting with the idea of GAPS for a while. So much so that I have a LOT of homemade beef and chicken stock in my freezer (and on the stove) al I also have Kefir, sauerkraut, and pickles lacto fermenting on my counter and in my fridge. And of course I have lots of good quality butter. So..basically I’ve done everything except COMMIT! I eat healthy food…but I also eat unhealthy food.
    I have done well so far (what, three days into Lent?) with the no grains or sugar.
    I am about 30lb overweight (but I bought a Kettlebell and my TTapp video came in yesterday! thanks for your inspiration in that area!) I have eczema, anxiety/sleep issues (both made better by kicking caffeine, but not totally)
    and joint pain. So um, I said all that to say…I’m in.

  50. I had decided to ditch the grains for Lent, already. I thought Lent might give me the extra boost I need to do it without cheats. I already ate corn on Ash Wednesday because it was masquerading as a vegetable and not a grain! LOL! I’ll be on my guard now!

  51. specific goals, lose more baby weight and get health
    ! after having 5 babies in 5 years, i don’t recognize myself. i need to get healthy for myself and my family. we started grain free and sugar free on january 1st so this challenge will be helpful to continue with it

  52. My name is Jenn. I’ve always been interested in eating healthy but until recently haven’t done much about it. This past Tuesday I went home after my 5th hospital stay since Thanksgiving. Since I have to restock my kitchen after being gone for 14 days, it’s time to start new habits.

    My husband is supportive but we’ll see how long that lasts. We are very bad at not having a plan for breakfast or dinner, and end up buying doughnuts or fast food. We need a change.

  53. I’m 56 and have to do something to turn my life around. I am about 50# overweight and close to all the bad things that brings: hypertension, diabetes, cardiac. I feel that my frame is maxed out. The aches, pains, stiffness all scream at me to change. I consider myself somewhat active but need it step it up. Nutritionally, I have played at primal for 8 months. I definitely feel better wheat free. I have joined a challenge for primal and want to combine these.
    We can all do this, meet our individual goals and share the challenges here!

  54. My goals are to have more energy, better sleep, and to enjoy making good food and less snacking on sugar and junk! I think I have a healthier-than-average lifestyle and diet (which unfortunately isn’t saying much…compared with the average American diet and lifestyle) but the winter in hard where I live, and I tend to get stuck in a rut this time of year, feeling unhealthy and lacking energy. I think this challenge will really help with that!

  55. My name is sarah, and im looking to loose about 20 to 25 pounds. I have been successful in the past with cutting out carbs and sugar and increasing my exercise. I felt the best I ever had. That was about 3 years ago. I believe I was successful because I had wonderful support. in a different situation now, I am struggling to persevere in the direction I know I need to go. Temptations abound in my home, whom I share with my husband and brother. Both are sugar and carb addicts with no real regard for healthy eating. Im hoping this challenge will be the extra oomph I need to make the healthy changes I so desperately need in my life.

  56. Within the past month I have completely eliminated gluten from my diet. After many years of “stomach problems” I have come to the dreadful conclusion that gluten is the culprit and already feel %100 better that the beginning of this year! BUT it is pretty tough. I want to continue to make healthy changes in my diet and lifestyle! I lost 15 pounds last fall and have found that it is beginning to sneak back up on me again! NO! Im fighting for this one! sugar is my next BIG TIME culprit because I LOVE baking and love chocolate. dark chocolate. Cutting out gluten has let me cut back on baked goods but Im quickly finding replacements. This is my weakness. Other than this, I live on veggies and fruits, no potatoes, no fried foods, no beans, occasional glass of wine, and am very active. I need some accountability! THANK YOU!!!

  57. My young adult daughter has hypoadrenia, and I have a cough that won’t go away, so we’ve both been trying to change our diets. I wouldn’t mind losing about 7-10 lbs. either, as well as lowering my blood pressure. It’s still within a healthy range, but it’s higher than I’d like it to be. Thank you!!

  58. I already follow the mini challenge (except I do make stovetop popcorn with coconut oil and do sometimes eat potatoes, sigh 🙂 I just ordered gelatin and would like to get more into my diet. Also, my kids are not grain or sugar free.

  59. Hello All,

    My diet is fairly good. No grains, milk or processed foods. My goal is to learn how to stay hydrated. I have a hard time with this. I have headaches and vertigo when my fluid intake is low. My work doesn’t allow me to drink during the hours I work. If I try to drink in between appointments, I just end up with a full bladder. I try to eat foods that contain high water content. Also, I don’t really like to cook. Had to do it as a kid and when I raised my children.

    I’m also tired of all the contradictory information that is out there as to which is the best way to eat. It just confuses me. I managed to make it through chronic lyme disease which I suffered from for over 10 years. I was treated with heavy antibiotics for two years and this did a number on my system. It’s been 8 years trying to get my health back. I’m under a tremendous amount of stress right now and will be this year, so I hope I can find some answers/info here. I would greatly appreciate it. I’m looking forward to what’s to come. Thanks for offering this.

    Thanks, Patty

  60. Perfect timing for me, I’m in the process of getting off grain again right now, and I just ordered the t-tapp dvds (thanks for that info!) Hoping to make a difference in the next while, in my diet, fibromyalgia and especially my insomnia! Losing some weight would be a good bonus too …

  61. Hi everyone! I’m joining this challenge because I know I need to do something to help me feel better, I haven’t had a day in a long time when I didn’t feel at least a little bit sick. There will always be either a headache or a stomach ache, or both. I would LOVE to find a diet that helps with my anxiety and depression too. They both tend to get worse when I am careless with my diet. Sugar is the biggest culprit! More specifically chocolate.

  62. Hello Everyone! This is such perfect timing for me right
    now! I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis 3 years ago and made big changes
    in my diet. I was doing really well. I had changed my body so well that I was
    able to get pregnant after 7 years of trying. During my pregnancy I totally
    went off my gluten free diet and ate so much unhealthy food. I gained way to
    much weight and I am having a hard time getting rid of it. I am a stay at home
    mom and I also work from home. So I spend several hours a day sitting in front
    of my computer and I don’t get as much exercise as I should. Then a month ago I
    was diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome. I’m tired of not having any energy and
    feeling sick all the time. I have already started to go grain and gluten free
    again but I have my slip ups. I really look forward to this challenge and being
    connected with others who have similar goals as I do. My goals for this
    challenge are to get healthy and lose my pregnancy weight. I also want to get
    my family grain and gluten free as well. My daughter is now 14 months and has
    become such a picky eater. I want to make sure she doesn’t have to grow up
    going through all the medical problems I had. I am excited to start this 🙂

  63. I’m in! I have struggled with thyroid issues and, I’m guessing, adrenal fatigue for years now. I am ALWAYS tired and seem to have zero motivation. As a homeschooling mom, I daily sit down to read with my boys and within 4 or 5 pages, I am beginning to doze off. The cycle of frustration, guilt, anxiety and depression ensues….which, of course, leads to unhealthy food choices. I desperately want to break this cycle! I am tired of being tired! I want to feel strong and healthy…and I want my family to be healthy. Thank you for this opportunity.

  64. Because my goal is to improve wellness, I intend to start a juice/smoothie challenge, along with adding oil pulling, installing water/shower filters, and growing a few vegetables and herbs in addition to your challenge I will become more independent physically. I also am looking into starting school and getting a degree in herbalism/aromatherapy so that I can learn to make and sell my own product line and become independent financially. And to top it all off, I will start a Bible plan in order to strengthen my relationship with the Lord and that is the only area where I am not looking for independence…
    I am going to need to journal because I intend for my day to start at 3 and no later than 4 am with the Bible meditation and study with God. I want to follow His plan, so I have to start with listening for His instructions and will go from there. Don’t wish me luck, just send up a prayer with my name attached. Be Blessed!

  65. My name is Michelle…I’m beginning IVF in a couple weeks so no better time than now to buckle down. I’ve been eating mostly grain free for over a year, but I have some cleaning up I can do. Just came off the 21 day sugar detox and feel great. Looking forward to keeping accountable to all my “friends”. ????

  66. Yes I am in! Starting Monday Feb. 18, 2013. Looking forward to it!

  67. My name is Mallory and my goal is to lose more weight, and cut out sugar. Starting in June 2012 after the birth of my second son, I was at an all time weight high of 208 dropping to 195. Through cutting out grains, revamping our diet and cooking from scratch with occasional walking, I have managed to drop down to about 156. However, sugar still controls me and I crave it all the time. I’m stuck and can’t drop anymore weight. I’m tired all the time. I was doing a 30 day no sugar challenge but I only made it about 2/3 of the way and caved at a baby shower 🙁 I need accountability to get back on track, as we are wanting to ttc in the next few months. I had pre-eclampsia with my first pregnancy and borderline high blood pressure with my second and delivered before anything got too scary. I feel like this was due to diet and lifestyle so I want to change that this time around.

  68. Hi! My name is Melissa and I am a stay at home mom of 2. I have recently been researching a new way for my family to eat. Our 3 yr old son suffers from sensory integration disorder and developmental speech apraxia and is developing symptoms of ADHD. My husband has suddenly developed an undetermined autoimmune arthritic disease, we are working with a rheumatologist to figure out what it is. I have suffered from chronic hives and restless leg syndrome for years. I have been reading a lot about different diets (Paleo, Primal, GAPS, Makers, etc.) and all the information points to the food we eat causing these ailments. When we had our daughter in September I swore that we would do things differently with her and give her gut a fighting chance at normal development! The task of so drastically changing our diet seems daunting and I have been putting it off for far too long. Now that she is nearing the age to start solids now is the time! I hope that your 40 day plan well help with the transition!!

  69. Hi, my name is Cheryl. I have been following your blog for a couple of weeks now and it is clearly one of my favorites! I had my 4th child, my caboose, a little over 6 months ago. I had prior to my pregnancy developed hypertension, heavy on my Moms side. Though throughout my pregnancy it was good, then it skyrocketed prior, during and after my labor and on bp meds. My proteins were fine. So I was very determined to get extra weight I had gained over the last 10 years off. I started strong and lost 43 pounds through atkins and have fizzed the last two months and gained back 10. Its been heavily on my mind and just last night felt strong again to recommit to myself and cut out sugar, carbs & glutens. Then this morning read your post. Our timing is beautiful. Thanks.
    I’m in! ……and look forward.
    Blessings, love and support to us all!

  70. I am a bit late but I’m in. I have been feeleing sluggish and generally unhappy lately and as hard as I try to blame it on the crappy weather in NY I think grains may be the culpret. Cetainly can’t hurt to find out!

  71. I am Sooooo in! I actually came across your site a couple of months ago, I think because of your coconut oil post. And well, I think I have had something awaken in me ever since.

    For the last year my metabolism has pretty much come to a stand still. I’ve put on weight because of poor diet and then when I finally got some motivation to get it back on track and eat healthily, I couldn’t lose anything. This just disheartened me and back to the sugar I went. I figured because I am getting older (late 40’s), my metabolism was just coming to a stand still and I had no hope.

    Now it is soooo obvious that I was addicted to grains and sugar and here I thought eating healthy meant including grains to keep me regular, but I was just making things worse.

    So about 2 weeks ago now after reading your post on grains, for the first time in about a year, I got my motivation and determination back and I pretty much went cold turkey and eliminated sugar, got myself off cereal (which I love by the way) and muesli bars and I can feel the difference already. I did go through the initial headaches (not too bad though), and the sugar and carb cravings started to subside after about day 3. The more I read, the more I learnt from your awesome, easy to navigate site and the fantastic links you have and so I am including those into my new way of eating as well.

    Today I am noticing an abundance of energy and it is kind of hard to believe, because for the last 3 nights, I have hardly had any sleep (my dog’s not well, they are just like kids aren’t they???). My mind feels like it is running and is swarming with excitement and so much determination to meet this 40 day challenge. I have finally got my self control back and it is back something fierce and probably because I am actually seeing results already. I know I will meet this challenge. Wahoooooo! Good luck everyone!

  72. Some encouragement for everyone: We cut out all processed foods, vegetable oils, carbs, etc and we survived. Not only did we survive but we don’t crave sugar or other starchy foods anymore. I packed on a ton of weight, wasn’t sleeping, developed a multitude of random health issues (joint pain, constipation, diarrhea, headaches, skin rashes…) and even had a physician tell me he thought I had Lupus. I was only 28! I am a behavior analyst and work with individuals with developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders. I stumbled upon Dr. Shanahan’s book “Deep Nutrition” and it blew my mind. One of those things you can’t pretend you didn’t read. So, if you need some extra motivation other than advice from awesome blogs like this and the testimonials of others – I highly recommend this book. If you don’t need to know the “why” then you can buy her book “Food Rules”. It’s not easy at first, but the thought of all the horrible things you’re doing to your body when you eat those donuts helps significantly. My new thing is grain free cornbread. And I’m SOUTHERN… 😉

  73. Hi, I read that you recommend eating a big breakfast of protein and fat..wondering why? I prefer to eat some fruit in the morning so that the sugar gets me going for the day..

    • From a hormone perspective, eating healthy fats and proteins in the morning provides more stable energy throughout the day and supports normal hormone function.

  74. Question: why no quinoa? It’s a seed not a grain.

  75. Hello Wellness Mama, my name is Andi. My overarching goal is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I know, that’s super vague, but let me break things down.

    I began this journey earlier this summer when I had some weird allergy symptoms that would NOT go away. I started by eliminating ALL sugar and carbs from my diet (I wasn’t even eating fruits!) It didn’t work too well. Temptation is around the corner and it is pretty hard to eliminate everything up front. So instead, I think by participating in this challenge I can work on finding a diverse diet that includes more veggies and protein, and much fewer carbs. I think I’m already on the way, but this challenge is what I need make the choice to cut down on carbohydrates.

    PS: I wonder if someone can answer this question or maybe I’ll stumble on the answer myself. Does the challenge include cutting down on complex carbohydrates as well? Those make up a size-able part of my diet.

  76. Hi, I’m Jacquie, and I’m really looking forward to completing this challenge.

    My main goals are to minimize grains and sugar in my diet, become more physically active, and create a sense of well-being for myself and my family.

    I plan to accomplish these goals by preparing most of my meals, incorporating walks and T Tapp excercises into my day, and being more mindful of my actions and re-actions.

  77. Today is day 30. I successfully completed the challenge. I am in it now for the long haul. I’ve made the adjustment, more or less. I have found though now that I’ve officially completed the challenge that I am seriously craving something sweet, my husband is seriously craving a burrito in a flour tortilla! We discussed our craving last night as we talked about having completed the challenge. I actually fell asleep last night thinking about diving head first into a giant chocolate cake or a hot apple crisp with melting ice cream or an entire box of See’s chocolate candy!!!!
    So besides seriously missing the most amazingly wonderful treats known to the world, I have to say that the challenge went very very well. We completely eliminated all grains, legumes (including hummus 🙁 , sweets and processed foods. I feel good. I have energy, and mental focus which was lacking prior to the challenge. I also have the best looking skin of my life, and I ‘m not kidding. After about 2 weeks into the challenge all of my little clogged oil ducts cleared up. My husband who has suffered from patchy skin for many years has seen tremendous improvement. So we are on board with the change for good. However, I so want to go to Palo Alto to Cream and get a warm chocolate cookie with melting mint chip ice cream in the middle.

  78. I’ve been really your blog for a few months and have yet to make any changes. Stubborn and lazy, lol ? But after reading this article I’m finally going to take this challenge. Yes, it’s 2016 and this article is really old, lol. And yes, I love grains and hate vegetables. But I am just SO TIRED, all of the time. I can not keep up with my toddler and I feel guilty because he needs more of my attention… Oatmeal, granola, granola bars… These are my favorite things and I have a hard time believing they are not healthy. But what do I have to lose, besides a little comfortability? Something obviously needs to change.