5 Ways to Promote Relaxation

how to promote & improve relaxation

Relaxation seems to be an elusive goal these days. There are countless products that claim to help you relax and countless obligations and distractions that make it more difficult.

At the end of the day, relaxation will be different for different people and environments that create stress for some will be relaxing to others. Long term stress management and relaxation depend on finding what works best for you, but these tips can be helpful:

1. Take a Detox Bath

Three Healing Detox Bath Recipes

Objectively, toxins create stress for the body. A detox bath won’t fix the source of stress or toxins, but it will help reduce the physical stress on the body. Some detox bath ingredients (like epsom salts) can also promote better sleep and mental relaxation.

My favorite detox baths involve a combination of salts, healing clays and cleansing ingredients.

Here are three detox bath recipes.

2. Drink Some Herbal Tea

10 Health Boosting Herbal Teas that you can make at homeMany pharmaceutical drugs are derived from herbs and with good reason… herbs are powerful substances that when used correctly, can have a powerful effect on the body.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate herbs is in soothing herbal teas. Especially in the winter, herbal tea are a part of my daily routine. Here are ten of my favorite herbal tea recipes.

3. Magnesium

How to make your own magnesium oil to improve sleep and reduce stressI love magnesium. I talk about it a lot and I use it everyday. “Magnesium is the eighth most abundant mineral on earth, and the third most abundant in sea water. More importantly, it is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body and it is necessary in over 300 reactions within the body.”

“The best ways to supplement with magnesium are:

4. Journal

7 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Health Journal

I’ve written before about reasons why I keep a health journal for myself and my kids. This helps me keep on track and notice when foods or environmental factors are aggravating us.

Lately, I’ve also been keeping a regular journal and find that it is helpful in working through emotional stress as well as getting things off my mind so that I can relax and sleep more easily.

5. Optimize Sleep

How to Get Great SleepThe one thing that all health “gurus” seem to agree on is the importance of getting enough sleep yet most of us are still not doing it.

I’ve found that some factors like creating a good sleep environment (dark, cold, quiet) and optimizing sleep with food and supplements can make a big difference in health and relaxation.

Check out this guide to getting great sleep and these tips for improving sleep naturally.

How do you relax? What works for you? Share below!

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