Homemade Chewable Vitamins Recipe

Homeade Gummy Vitamins- Kids love these and they are gut friendly, inexpensive and customizeable to your child- for grown ups too

I get a lot of questions about how I get my kids to take vitamins and while mine will just take their cod liver oil, probiotics, and magnesium without a problem…. it got me thinking.

How to make healthy gummy vitamins at homeI combined one of their favorite natural snacks (jello/homemade gummy bears) with vitamins to make a healthy, gut-boosting, and really kid-friendly multivitamin.

DIY Chewable Vitamins

I can think of endless uses for these, but these are the one’s I’ve tried so far:

  • Adding Vitamin C Powder and using lemon juice to make chewable sour gummies
  • Adding probiotics with a fresh juice base  to make GAPS friendly chewy vitamins (add probiotics after heating!)
  • Using Homemade Elderberry Syrup as a base to make flu-busting chewy vitamins
  • Adding Natural Calm for chewable magnesium vitamins
  • Just making regular flavors and putting them in cute molds to make gummy snacks that are nut-free and approved for school activities
  • I’d love to hear other ideas that you guys think about!

One caution: If your kids aren’t regularly drinking bone broth (they should be!) then start slow and only give them a few of these at a time as their gut adjusts or they might have a little loose stool while they adjust since gelatin has a soothing effect on the digestive system. The advantage to these is that they use gelatin powder as a base so they sooth the gut and give some of the same benefits as bone broth.


  • 8 teaspoons Gelatin Powder (I use this one)
  • 1 cup juice (fresh squeezed or no sugar added) Pineapple will not work
  • 2 tablespoons of honey (optional)
  • Vitamins of choice. I’ve tried: Vitamin C, Probiotics, Magnesium


  1. In a small sauce pan over low heat, mix the juice, gelatin and honey and whisk to incorporate.
  2. Heat slightly until gelatin is completely dissolved- it will be thick and somewhat syrup-like.
  3. Remove from heat and whisk in vitamins, if using.
  4. Very quickly pour into molds or even a small glass dish (oil with coconut oil) and put in the freezer for 10 minutes to harden.
  5. Remove and pop out of molds. Cut into squares if needed.
  6. Serve and enjoy! Tell the kids that they are gummy bears and they won’t even know that are getting vitamins!
How to make healthy gummy vitamins at home

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Homemade Chewable Vitamins

Homemade chewable gummy vitamins are a great way to give kids some extra protein and make their vitamins delicious and easy to take!


  • 8 teaspoons Gelatin Powder (I use this one)
  • 1 cup juice (fresh squeezed or no sugar added) Pineapple will not work
  • 2 tablespoons of honey (optional)
  • Vitamins of choice. I've tried: Vitamin C, Probiotics, Magnesium


  1. In a small sauce pan over low heat, mix the juice, gelatin and honey and whisk to incorporate.
  2. Heat slightly until gelatin is completely dissolved- it will be thick and somewhat syrup-like.
  3. Remove from heat and whisk in vitamins, if using.
  4. Very quickly pour into molds or even a small glass dish (oil with coconut oil) and put in the freezer for 10 minutes to harden.
  5. Remove and pop out of molds. Cut into squares if needed.
  6. Serve and enjoy! Tell the kids that they are gummy bears and they won't even know that are getting vitamins!

Courses snack

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Make sure the gelatin is from a healthy source.
Try different flavor and vitamin combinations.
Our favorite fresh juice combinations are mango/orange, lemon/lime (sour) or elderberry syrup as the base.

Ever made your own vitamins or supplements? What combinations would you add? Let me know below!

DIY chewable vitamins are a wonderful natural alternative to store bough versions. Easy to make and you can customize to your child's needs.

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Reader Comments

  1. Brilliant!

    • This is a fabulous way to supplement my 5, plus hubby and I, for less! Can your liquid multivitamin recipe be converted into gummy form? Thanks 🙂

    • Heating probiotics and many vitamins is NOT a good idea – they will loose their potency and have zero effect. Also, please do not give fermented CLO to children without first obtaining documentation on oxidation and purity form the vendor.

      • If you look into the data you will find each vitamin is unique in how it holds up to heat. A study done testing vitamin C in vegetables concluded 5 minutes of cooking reduced the content from 9-16 percent, where as 30 minutes of cooking reduced the vitamin C by almost 65 percent. How long the vitamins are exposed to heat is a critical factor. In making these gummies there is minimal exposure, and based on the data there will be a significant vitamin content in the finished product. Probiotics? Questionable. Definitely a green light for minerals as they hold up to heat very well.

      • She also mentions adding vitamins and probiotics after heating. So the gelatin is already cooling off as you put them in. You could probably do them up in a similar way to Jello, by keeping some of the juice out mix the vitamins, etc into the cold juice and add that mixture to the warm and put them in the molds or pan for the freezer. The vitamins, etc would them be added into a cooler liquid and would not be in much heat for long.

    • When she says “whisk in the vitamins” Just how much?

    • Where do up buy this at

  2. Thanks for this vitamin recipe. I am trying to find a good way for my children to take their vitamins. I have a question for you. I’ve been reading into the GAPS diet for my children and I. I have a gluten sensitivity which has spilled over into basically all grains and lactose intolerance as well. Both my children have exzema, one has asthma and both have severe egg and nut allergy. My son who is one yr old, experienced anaphylaxis last week to eggs. You mentioned (and I’ve read about this other places) that the mother’s gut bacteria can be passed on to the baby. I guess my question is…could my poor gut bacteria lead my children to have severe/true food allergies to egg and nut? And my other question is…would the GAPS diet help with true food allergies? Or is it just for food sensitives? I’m sure the book will explain this as well so I will probably buy it. My last question (so so many)..how hard is it to keep your kids on this diet? Does your whole family do the diet?

    • As sad as it is, mom’s gut bacteria can cause these issues in children. I wish so much that I had known this before I agreed to antibiotics during one labor. Especially for our son who was born via emergency c-section, the GAPS diet has been hugely helpful. He had several true allergies as well and I have no doubt that this was due to the steroids and antibiotics he got and the fact that he never benefitted from any of my gut bacteria. The GAPS diet can definitely help with this though. It is a long process and a hard one, but I can say that it has absolutely been worth it for us after seeing how much better our son feels and how much calmer our other children were (they weren’t bad before, but they just seem to have more self control and don’t have tantrums as much). It isn’t really that hard to stick to it once you get in the routine. I do have to bring food when we go places and we don’t eat out really at all, but I just remind myself that it isn’t forever and this will be so beneficial for them in the future that it is worth it now. Good luck if you decide to go forward and feel free to comment with any questions as you make the switch!

      • Oh my gosh, thank you so much for replying so quickly! I too wish I would have know all of this before having my two children. They are a complete mess with allergies, asthma and exzema. I am definitely going to get the GAPS diet. How long have you been on the diet? How long to you plan to be on the diet? I understand that everyone one is different, just trying to get some sort of idea. Is your husband on board with this? I’m not sure I could ever get him to agree to put the kids on this diet let alone try to get him to do it!

        • I meant I am definitely going to the GAPS diet book, that is!

        • We’ve been on it for several months and will continue until at least a year, or when symptoms don’t come back when we stop. He is on board with the kids, but doesn’t always stick to it 100% himself when he is at business dinners, etc.

      • So I’m getting ready to make these vitamins for myself and my kids but I’m wondering…..can u use the vitamin C, magnesium and probiotics all in one batch/mixture?

        • This is my question too!

        • This is my question also….did it get answered? Does it work to make a “multi-purpose” vitamin? Thanks!

          • Umm..did your question get answered bc I’m trying to figure out the same thing:)

      • How would you keep them stored? Do they need to be refrigerated?

  3. Cool. I so wish I could find reliably kosher gelatin (the GL brand isnt truly kosher for me). I have seen a fish gelatin but its from farm raised tilapia which I am leary of.

    • Hmmm. I’d be leary of the tilapia one too. What is it about the GL brand that isn’t Kosher enough. I’ll see if I can find another source that would fit your needs…

      • I believe GL is porcine based. Bernard Jensen has a brand that is kosher, maybe that would work,

        • Great lakes also has a Kosher one that is beef based…

          • Thanks all. I know the GL has a kosher one but it isnt truly kosher enough for my standards. And I am wondering about using agar agar.thoughts?

          • I understand. I haven’t tried agar agar, but it seems like it should work. Please let us know if you try it!

          • Hi dear, i found the gelatin that you recommended (Kosher) but mine one is Porcine Gelatin and not BEEF. Can i use that?

    • Hello, about 2 years later!

      I’ve used agar-agar, it doesn’t melt at room temperature like gelatin does, and sets up firmer so you use less. Depending upon the form, it comes in flakes, sheets, and powder, you’ll just have to search for how to use the form you have, likely it will be on the package. Agar-agar is also vegan and therefore vegetarian for anyone who needs that.

      Agar is used in Asian countries for ‘jello’ maybe because it’s easier to get (it’s from seaweed) and maybe because it melts at a higher temperature making it better for hotter climates.

      Anyway, it would work great. If you don’t like the mouth feel, you may have used too much. I’ve overdone it with gelatin and it sets up very stiff, too, so that could be it.

      This is such a great idea, I love it! Make your own vitamin gels! Why couldn’t we just open up a couple of capsules of choice and mix them in? It might be gritty, but still, it isn’t a capsule to swallow.

    • This is late in the thread, but Great Lakes makes a kosher variety now. You can find it in amazon. It’s in a green container:)

    • Serena I’m also searching for Kosher Gelatin but only the tilapia seems the option. If u found any better sources plz leme knw TY!

  4. What are your thoughts on using agar agar to get the ‘jello’-like texture?

    • I haven’t tried it personally, but it would probably work.

    • agar agar doesn’t have a good mouth feel. I’ve tried to make jelly cubes with it in the passed and wasn’t impressed.

  5. I was looking all over pinterest and random blogs for a good gummy vitamin recipe this week. Of course you’d provide right away! Thanks so much for this recipe! I’m going to make it (for myself) right away!

  6. Just to clarify before I make them- do you mix the different vitamins listed above into the same batch or do they need to be in seperate ones? And does the elderberry syrup replace the fruit juice when using? Thanks!!

    • Should have clarified that- elderberry replaces the juice and you can mix any except magnesium and Vitamin C (they won’t be absorbed well)

      • Question about mixing magnesium and Vit C. I can not find information that agrees with you that they should not be mixed together. Can you tell me your source? I have found many place that say it’s ok the take Vit C and magnesium together. Thanks!

        • Buffered Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) includes magnesium and I thought that was for the purpose of it being absorbed better. However it does have to be “buffered.”

  7. Thanks for the great ideas! I just discovered your website and love it! The chia energy bars and sports drink have been hits with my picky family. I’d love to try these gummy treats, even just to get the gelatin into my kids. Could an herbal supplement (one of the ones from Gaia) be mixed into this also?

    • Yep… I”ve been working on an herbal vitamin tincture for little ones and something like that could be added also…

  8. One more question….just tried making a batch with Natural Calm. I added a tablespoon of Natural calm to one cup juice and 16 teaspoons gelatin. The Natural Calm really fizzed up. Will it jell OK?

    • Mine jelled with some bubbles in it, which the kids loved.

  9. I have a silly question… how much of each vitamin/probiotic/maagnesium do you add per batch? I’m very new to making this kind of stuff at home… LOVE you site, by the way!

    • That would have been helpful info… I’ll add it! 🙂 I added 2 teaspoons per batch if using single vitamins (vitamin C) and 1 teaspoon each if using multiple ones…

      • Are you using 2 teaspoons of liquid or powder vitamins? Also I am not sure how to properly assess how much of each vitamin is in each gummy. Any suggestions?

  10. This is an answer to prayer!!! I have been trying to find vitamins that all three of my kids would take. I love that I can add whatever I feel they need. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  11. I forgot to ask, if you are using the elderberry does that replace the 1/2 cup juice? When cutting them or putting them in molds how much would you say a serving would be? How much of the vitamin C and Magnesium and probiotics do you use or do you base those amounts on servings? Thanks!!

  12. Do you know if this will work for an oil base like FCLO? I’ve got a variety of things I’d love to be able to give my daughter to heal her health (from my bad health) but thought I’d have to wait until she was old enough to take a pill.

    • That is on my list to try. It will work, though it might need to be emulsified, I’m just not sure on the taste… have you tried the kids licorice flavored gel? My kids actually really like that one

      • We’re drowning in student loans and I only have 1.5 bottles of cinnamon from a bulk buy so I don’t know and I’ll never know. Just trying to make the best of what I’ve got so I can’t exactly go experimenting if it won’t work. The other question is how well do they store? Have you made a huge batch yet?

        • I’ve been making small batches since they are so fast to make, but they should store weeks in the fridge. Maybe try a chai tea/coconut milk base with the cinnamon to hide the taste! Let me know how it goes..

          • So can I make enough for 2 weeks or 4? I plan on using fresh pressed concord grape juice. Can they be frozen?

  13. Nice! Thank you (times a million!) for adding the awesome little printable recipe! So much easier than copying and pasting (something I’ve been working on with a lot of your recipes). ;0)

  14. This looks very interesting!

    • I haven’t tried it, but it probably would… Great Lakes does make a kosher beef gelatin though…

  15. Great post…We were wondering how long they keep, do they need to be refrigerated or do you have to eat them right away

    • They don’t have to be, but we keep them for a week or more in the fridge

  16. I’ve been thinking about this idea over the past few weeks and here you’ve already done most of the work for me! So glad I found this and can’t wait to try it out out. I’ve been contemplating an herbal vitamin tincture for my boys since, even at 6 and 8, they don’t seem to be able to take the food-based vitamins I have for them. I just need to do some research and decide exactly what I’d like in their herbal multi tincture and then get moving on it.

  17. What brand of juice do you use? I have a hard time finding juice w/o sugar.

    • I’ve actually just fresh juiced most of the time, but there are a couple of brands in glass jars in the organic section of our store that don’t have sugar…

    • Juicy Juice has no sugar added. My daughter drinks that all the time.

    • lots of sugar free juices in health food stores and on aisles in many grocery stores. Even Welch’s 100% grapejuice is free of it. 🙂

    • All juice is going to have grams of sugar listed on the nutrition info as fruit has naturally occurring sugars; just check to make sure sugar isn’t being added in the ingredient list.

      • I think the brand is R.W. Knudsen or you can juice fresh…

    • There are still quite a few people around that make apple cider. After some research, I was able to find a local source with unpasteurized cider, and it is so much more delicious! Store bought juices have been pasteurized….which basically turns them into sugar water. For those unable to find an unpasteurized source, I highly recommend doing your own juicing. I don’t have a fancy juicer, but a little elbow grease and an old school juicer from the thrift store make the recipes so much more healthy (and delicious) since the food is actually alive!

  18. amazing! definitely will be making these!

  19. HI – just wondering about using Natural Calm magnesium without first dissolving it in water. Do you think this makes a difference in absorbability? (the directions say to dissolve it in warm water to make it “ionic”) Thoughts?

    • The juice provides enough of a liquid to help it dissolve from what I can tell…

  20. Hi Katie,

    I don’t normally post links on public thread/walls, but I just found “Gummi Bear silicone ice cube trays” online! The first thing I thought of was your gummi vitamins, and I thought I would share. I bet kids would love having gummi bears. Or I would love to have a gummi bear again, not sure which 🙂


  21. I love these! I am thinking of making a vitamin C/probiotic version for mornings, and a magnesium version for evenings. Is there anything else you’d suggest adding to have a nice calming effect to the nighttime version? Any ideas about how I might make them blue?

    • Maybe add some Chamomile in the night time one? There are some natural blue food colorings out there, but it is the toughest color to get naturally…

      • Would blueberry juice make the color blue?

      • red cabbage gives a blue dye if you catch it before it goes purple

    • I would add passionflower or valerian tincture for night time. Blueberry would definitely make a purple. Blue is one of the hardest colors to make with natural ingredients! I read that red onion with a bit of baking soda makes blue but I don’t know about the taste! lol

    • What about using tart cherry juice as the base? That’s what I’m planning to use for my ‘night’ vitamin since it helps with sleep

  22. So I just made this with ‘Simply Orange Juice’ and Knox gelatin, mostly because I was too impatient to wait for the good gelatin and already had the orange juice on hand. I made up a batch and it came out tasting literally like nothing with a tiny tiny hardly noticable hint of orange. Did I mess it up? Was it the quality of the ingredients?

  23. I love this site! I can’t get enough! I will try this with my niece. She is five years old. She is a verrryy picky eater and I worry that she does not get enough of the nutrients she needs. Also her teeth are worn out already…I want to get her cod liver oil/ butter oil (blue ice brand) capsules but am not sure about the dosing for her in capsule form. There’s just about zero chance that she’ll take the gel. I even hate taking the gel!

  24. Hallelujah!! I think you just solved my “HOW IN THE WORLD do I get my (recently-diagnosed) autistic boy to take probiotics/vitamins/cod liver oil?!
    This is a Godsend. Thank you!!

    • Did adding the cod liver oil change the consistency at all or did you just replace some of the liquid with the CLO? How much did you add? Thanks. 🙂

  25. Question..Do most vitamins come in a liquid form to use in ” recipes”, like this one? Where is the best place to find them?

  26. Thanks for this wonderful recipe! Thinking of having inositol powder in those gummy bears…

  27. Can I ask you a question about adding probiotics to this? What type would you add? I mostly have the powdered refrigerated version right now, and it seems like any liquid would activate them, and heat would destroy them. Do you know of a kind that would tolerate this? Thank you! I benefit greatly from your blog!

    • We add Bio-Kult once it has started to cool… they are shelf stable and high potency

  28. in 1/2 cup,how many tablet of different vitamin etc?

  29. Ok i am afraid to ask: but why not just buy gummy vitamins ?

    • I know for me personally its because I don’t find most of them of a good quality and the few that i have found are expensive, plus I plan on making some for my man as he has issues with pills. So far no really decent adult gummies can be found.

  30. I plan on making the Vitamin C (only) gummy for my 3 and 5 yr olds. This recipie says it serves 4 but approximately how much should each child have a day in order to not get too much or too little. Thanks : )

    • It depends on the size you make them, but with only Vitamin C it would be hard to overdose. The size I made in the picture, my kids get 4 per day usually.

  31. I read that you could make a Vitamin C, probiotics, OR magnesium vitamin but was wondering if you have tried to place all those ingredients into one vitamin. Would you be able to make a “multi-vitamin” that incorporates more and doesn’t lose it’s potency?

    • You can add more than one, but generally Vitamin C and Magnesium should not be used together…

      • why would that be? Most multivitamins, and Emergen C have both in there…

  32. How much water kefir would you add to these after cooling? Would you have to reduce the amount of juice?

  33. If adding fish oil do you reduce the corresponding amount of juice? Love your site by the way!! My husband is coveting your kettle bell coffee mug!

    • You can reduce the juice to make sure they harden enough…

  34. I made these and used fresh orange juice, a little lemon juice and vitamin c. My little siblings loved them and kept begging me for more. Thanks for the recipe!

  35. So if i use a different size mold, I’m assuming I should just multiply the dosage of the vitamin to the number of actual gummies I will be giving my child? By the way, your blog is a God send to us mama’s that have such a hard time giving our kids these vitamins!!

  36. I made these this week & my kids love them! My only question is that doesn’t the heat kill the Vitamin C? I know you can’t let the mixture cool too much before adding it since it sets up quickly, so was just wondering what your thoughts were on the stability of the Vitamin C?

    • From what I’ve read, vitamin C is stable at these temps…

      • Thanks for the answer… I figured you would know!

  37. this may have already been mentioned, but i’m concerned about adding the vitamins while it’s still hot. There is no need to, really. Just let it cool down, then add, then freeze, right?

    • Yes, but don’t freeze! They will set in the fridge…

  38. Would it be possible to use your multi-vitamin tincture recipe to make gummies and if so how much would you add?

  39. What do you think of elderberry juice (or another juice) with Redmonds clay? I have a terrible eater that is borderline anemic, hoping the vitamins would hide the clay….

    • Have you ever tried giving your child chlorophyll? You can get it in plain or flavoured liquids or in capsules. My midwife (and others) highly recommended it when I was pregnant and it works quicker than most things for correcting anemia and maintaining good levels. Mine is NOW brand flavoured with Peppermint and extracted from Alfalfa so it’s very green and because it’s naturally based, I believe your body only takes from it what it needs and expells the rest.

  40. Can you use Ester C? New to this whole thing.

  41. Oh, these sound GREAT! I’m going to add the Vitamin D3 drops we have. This is brilliant, thanks for sharing.

  42. Do you keep these in the fridge after making them? Mine got rather rubbery…not sure if my toddler will be able to chew them. Any thoughts? 🙂 Thanks!!!

    • You can keep in the fridge. Just use slightly less gelatin if they get rubbery…

  43. Think these would work for chia seeds? I’m trying to eat more of them since I find I have more energy when I have them and I don’t really like any of the solutions I’ve tried for on the go. I grind them up in a coffee grinder so they’d be more fine than normal.

  44. These look great. I can’t wait to try them.How long will they keep in the fridge? Have you ever added FCLO to them? Maybe a flavoured one…I’m looking for a way to get my 2 yr old to take it without a fuss. Last question. What is the biggest batch you have made of these gummies?

  45. Hopefully you can answer this but how much powdered vitamin in each batch and which supplements can go together? Thanks

  46. Has anyone done an approximate cost on these? I love the all-natural, do it yourself and love that I can add what I want so obviously it would differ if you do other vitamin adds etc but if following the original recipe, do we know what the cost might run? Thanks.

  47. Can I use keifer water as the probiotics? How would I incorporate that? Thanks! Love your blog!

    • Yes, it could just be used in place of part of the juice or liquid

  48. okay. when I make this – mine come out too thick and chewy. What am i doing wrong? Just made these again just now. TIA

    • You can add more juice to thin them out some…

  49. I love this idea, thanks for sharing???? I wanted to know if you can make these “in bulk” (a weeks worth). If so what would be the best way to store them and what would the measurements be? Thank you

  50. My sister is an adult but has trouble swallowing pills, and she really needs iron. Maybe I could make these for her? How much Iron do you suggest? And should I just use capsules or what? I’m kind of lost…

  51. Is there a way you can make these using keffir?

  52. Hello! I’m so excited to find this recipe!! I’ve read through the responses but haven’t quite seen a clear cut answer. We are also on the GAPS diet for My 3 and 5 year old and I’m thinking this recipe would be great to give them thier Biokult and nature calm in. So should I mix their dose individually into each gummy? To ensure that they are reciving their adequate dosage? Thanks for all of your hard work!!!

    • Id just add several days worth, mix well and then figure out how much of the vitamins they need to get their dose each day..

  53. Hi! These look fantastic but before I try them I wanted to ask if beyond organics terrain Kumbocha would work in these or not? I’m not sure if adding the terrain to a recipe would take away any nutrition or not? Thanks so much!

  54. Hi, I was wondering if vegetable gelatin would work as well since my husband is Indian, and, well, Beef is sacred?

    • You could use Bison (buffalo) bones, not sacred.

  55. Hi there, quick question!
    This is a great recipe with lots of room for experimenting. I am wondering if you have been able to do any research on how well the nutrients of the vitamins added keeps their potency when cooked into the gelatin?
    I guess this goes for powdered vitamins added, liquid vitamins, and various tinctures? ( I just tried my first batch and had added powdered caps of vitamins and a few drops of echinacea tincture – wondering if the nutrients boil/freeze off)

    I’d like to make some using various tinctures if you think that it is an effective way of consuming a tincture.

  56. I’m thinking of making these with Elderberry syrup, magnesium and turmeric. Should I still keep the supplements measurements at 1tsp each? I’m wondering if 1tsp of turmeric might be overpowering…

  57. About how many does this make? Trying to figure out how much probiotic to add and how much of the completed recipe would be a daily dose for my 16mo old.

  58. do you think it will work if I use sauerkraut juice as the probiotic?

  59. These were a success! My boyfriend and I hate taking magnesium tablets because they have a weird texture and I can never get him to habitually take probiotics. I made these with apple and lemon juice with added magnesium powder and probiotics. They taste pretty mediciney but the texture is great and my boyfriend likes mediciney flavors. I’m going to make them with grape juice tomorrow for myself- yumm.

    The only downside is that I’ve already had 3 and want more but can’t because I’ll overdose on magnesium and not have a very fun night.

    • Oh and I added 7 servings of magnesium powder (not natural calm) to my batch

  60. This is an awesome idea… my only concern would be serving sizes for vitamins. As I would be making my gummies for iron, which children can easily overdose on. Is there any way to monitor servings per gummy, to make this safer?

  61. How do I know how much of the vitamins to add? I stopped buying gummy vitamins long ago because of the questionable ingredients. My kids have begged me to find healthy ones. They will be so happy when I make these. Also, when I clicked on the magnesium, I don’t think it is magnesium? Can you verify that for me? Thank you so much. I appreciate all you do!

  62. I am allergic to cocnuts anything i can put in it place ?

    • Yeah, I thought it was a bit strange to call them nut free while adding in an ingredient from the tree nut allergen family.

      I’ve been trying to figure out why coconut oil is used in gummies, but to no avail.

  63. At what point do you stir in the probiotics? I’m afraid the heat will kill all those little critters. 😉

  64. I tried to make magnesium gummis. I chose to use elderberry syrup and magnesium glycinate powder with the gelatin and honey.
    My chemistry is rusty so I can’t explain why this happened, but as soon as I began stirring in the magnesium, it smelled bad and turned the color a dark green instead of purple. Ack! I plan to make more gummi’s but I am going to use the magnesium citrate next time.

  65. Thanks for this recipe… I can’t wait to try it for my kids. Can you tell me how much fermented cod liver oil I can add to this recipe and it still taste good?

  66. Hi
    I listened to your interview on paleocon today and u mentioned adding fclo to these vitamins. I just bought the kid approved radiant life peppermint flavor and it is so not approved by my kids! Would I be able to hide it in these? If so how much would you suggest I add to the recipe? Thanks!

  67. How much of the orange flavored vitamin liquid do you add for children? And how many can they have is this like a fruit snack helping or one daily vitamin? Thanks!!

  68. I am new to all this and just wondering about the honey in it with cooking it. I hear so many things from people about not cooking or heating honey. (i hear a lot of people say a lot of things about everything natural – ha!) I am going to try this recipe anyway – stopped and picked up gelatin at a local coop today. Just wondering about the honey and if you know if the lower heat does anything to it.

  69. Thoughts on adding egg shells dissolved with lemon to this recipe? Waiting for the gelatin and calm to arrive, thought I would see what you thought, thanks!

  70. Do you dissolve vitamin tablets in the juice? Or look for powder versions?

  71. I just made these, and they’re awesome! Mine were a little different because I added 2 cups of strawberries and 1/2 blackberries also, but for the liquid I used 1/4 cup lemon and 1/4 cup lime juice and added 3 tsp of vitamin C powder. I used the same amount of gelatin, and these set up fine. They were a great flavor and color. My husband likes tart things, and these got his stamp of approval! I like sweet things and found them delicious! The only change I will make in the future is not using whole blackberries due to the seeds…. 🙁 …..I didn’t think that part through soon enough so they are slightly unpleasant in that regard. I plan on trying a probiotic one next with just unpasteurized apple juice! Your recipe is awesome base that leaves a lot of room for customization and creativity! I appreciate you so much!

  72. Love your site and having fun making a bunch of different things. I just got the ingredients to make the gummy vitamins for my kiddos. I’m just not quite sure how much to use. I have Vit C powder, probiotics and the magnesium that you recommend. I read in the comments that I should not combine vit c with mag so I won’t do that but can I combine the vit c and probiotics ? If so, how much would you add to this recipe?

  73. Do you add all those vitamins or chose just one? Are there other vitamins kids need (that they normally would not get enough of) that should be added? I am new to this so have no idea where to start! I used to give my kids the gummi over the counter vitamins and then noticed they have a lot of stuff in them they shouldn’t!! I have a 4 & 5 year old.

  74. Hello what format of vitamins are u mixing are they crushed tablets into powder or?

  75. How much of the Vitamine goes into the recipe?

  76. When using liquid Calm, how much do I add to a batch. The bottle says the 2T is the serving size. Do I multiply 2T times the number of molds I have?
    I love this idea and am ready to try it, just unsure of how much liquid vitamins to add.

    Also, since I should not mix vitamin C and Magnesium, should I keep the elderberry syrup out of the Magnesium vitamins since elderberry syrup is high in vitamin C?

    Thanks a bundle!

    • Since these are usually for kids, I’d just stick with a single serving of the natural calm. Elderberry is ok since it isn’t just a strictly concentrated form.

      • Thanks for your reply, Katie!

        I am making these gummies for my children and of course want to keep each gummy at the correct dose.

        My bottle of liquid Calm lists a single serving size for children at 2 tablespoons. I was trying to make each gummy a single serving size (as in one gummy per child and include the 2 tablespoons in the one gummy serving.)

        I’m going to continue to experiment I guess.

        Thanks so much for all your wonderful content and great ideas.


  77. Katie,

    I figured I’d come to this page to ask about Juice Plus. Thoughts? I have a dear friend (my doula!) who reps for the company and loves the stuff. You ever done any investigating?

      • Hi Katy 🙂 Thanks so much for your awesome tips, experiences, i love love love them! I am looking for that Juice Plus blog, however, can’t find it 🙁 A friend of mine keeps wanting me to try them but I am a little sceptical as I prefer fresh fruits and veggies. Since I do value your opinion a lot I wanted to see what your thoughts are on it. Greetings from Germany 🙂

      • Hi Katie 🙂 Thanks so much for your awesome tips, experiences, i love love love them! I am looking for that Juice Plus blog, however, can’t find it 🙁 A friend of mine keeps wanting me to try them but I am a little sceptical as I prefer fresh fruits and veggies. Since I do value your opinion a lot I wanted to see what your thoughts are on it. Greetings from Germany 🙂

  78. How much of the supplements do you suggest adding to this recipe? Or how many “servings” does the recipe make? I’m supposed to be giving my toddler a certain amount each day per doctor’s instructions. Thanks!

  79. I made these with Natural Calm and they didn’t gel. I might have put in too much magnesium, does anyone have experience with this?
    My mold makes 24 daisies, which takes almost two cups of liquid. So I heated water and added Natural Calm, thankfully having a frying pan nearby because it fizzed up over the side. Then I stirred in the gelatin, then the honey, some black cherry concentrate because the stevia in the Natural Calm tastes bitter to about 1/3 of the population, me included. It’s been in the freezer for nearly two hours now…

    For two cups of total liquid, I used 8T Natural Calm and 12T Great Lakes gelatin. That should have been enough to gel it all, and give me one teaspoon of Natural Calm per serving.

    I’ve made these before with just gelatin and fresh grapefruit juice and they were great, was hoping to add the magnesium. With the grapefruit, 6T gelatin for 2 cups liquid wasn’t enough — they fell apart.

  80. This is a great recipe and idea, however if people are making these for their kids they should be advised to be cautious of vitamin proportions and maybe to avoid the fat-soluble vitamins unless they are confident in the proportions they are using.

  81. Is there any premade supplements you recommend for moms or adults on the go? I’m a bit concerned about over dosing on d3 ..magnesium etc and it seems like web md suggest a much lower amount than most sites. Feeling like there is so many conflicting sources out there on what you should intake and worried about being over or under.

    Help appreciated!

  82. Made my first batch and kids hated them. All the vitamin c was sitting on the bottom of each and was so gritty and the probiotics were gritty on top. I need the vitamin recipe for dummies please 🙂

  83. Hi wondering why pineapple juice won’t work. I accidentally bought a juice blend and it is a tropical blend with pineapple in it. Do you think it might work because it’s not full strength pineapple? Thanks

  84. Me-oh-my! These are a life saver! I try to sneak supplements into my kids snacks and meals every day but doing this makes it hard to stay consistent. These vitamin gummies make it so much easier to remember because there’s no “sneaking” involved and because my kids ask for them! This recipe makes about 12 gummies if using a silicone mold with 1-2″ shapes. I double the recipe and add probiotic and cod liver oil with no problem. We’re going on vacation this week and I cannot express what a relief it was to just pack everybody a vitamin gummy for each day instead of trying to figure out how I’m going to give everybody their supplements while we’re on the go. Thank you, Wellness Mama!

    • I would love to do the same – add in the CLO and probiotics but am at a loss as to how much to add in. How much of the CLO and probiotics do you add in for the recipe? Thanks!

  85. Would this type of gelatin be safe for kids?
    Also is there any sort of guidle

    • The kind of gelatin is ok, but you wouldn’t want to use it for this recipe because it does not gel up.

  86. Whoops – was going to ask if there any sort of guideline or safety concerns about adding vitamins? I’ve never done this before and obviously don’t want my kids to get sick from too much of something. Thank you – can’t wait to try these!

    • You can try to make the recipe with no vitamins and see what the yield is (for me it was 12), then when you make it again you’ll know how much supplement to add. Also, I add the supplements only my son takes directly into the molds before I pour in the gelatin. I just use a toothpick to mix. It really doesn’t incorporate as well but it is an option if you’re worried about measurements.

  87. Katie I made these sans the vitamins and they tasted so good! My kids loved them and I love that they are eating homemade gummy fruit snacks! Thanks for the recipe!

  88. Thank for all the wonderful stuff you post! I have read that vitamin c is destroyed above 70 degrees. is there a way to modify these recipes (especially the elderberry syrup!) to preserve the vitamin c?

  89. Not sure if this has been answered already. But as with any gummy vitamin. What would be the serving size for these gummies. Say for a young adult, not child. These gummies are probably great but how many is too many for one serving?

  90. recommended serving size for young adult female?

  91. Hi! How can you make these tummies shelf-stable? And for how long? I’m no chemistry expert…my first thought was vitamin E or grapseed extract–but the latter is so bitter! Thanks!

  92. If I’m going to make these with a juice, how many and what kinds of vitamins can I add all together in one batch?

  93. Hello, this sounds fantastic. Please advise how much of the CALM magnesium and probiotics I should use in your recipe. Thanks!

  94. Hi, I was wondering about using liquid fish oil suppliment in these. I have been mixing the fish oil with a little juice, and my 3 year old takes it just fine, but my 2 year old twins spit it out. I thought this might be a good way to get them to take it. I am worried, however that due to the oil they won’t gel…. any advice?

    • I haven’t tried that… for the same reason. Maybe someone else has?

    • I add liquid cod liver oil to ours with no problem. I just substitute some of the liquid the recipe calls for with the CLO.

  95. Hi, Has anyone tried big doses of vitamin C? My 5yr old has to have 800mg daily (he is on a Nutrient Therapy treatment plan under a Dr) we have been supplied with ascorbic acid in a powder form. I have tried hiding it in juice & cordial but my son finds those drinks too sickly. I have a feeling homemade juice wont be strong enough to hide the “sizzle” as my son calls it. I guess making up a big batch & working out the dosage per gummie & getting him to eat X amount to meeting his required dosage????? Any suggestions :~)
    thanks Emmy

  96. I am in love with this. I am trying to get my picky daughter to eat healthier. her diet is pretty bad being that she’ll only eat certain foods I give it to her just so she won’t starve every day. question.’ can I add other vitamins besides the ones u listed and how many should be taking a day. Also is it save for a one year old?

  97. Hi Mama, I love your site and just recently ordered my Great Lakes gelatin. I want to work on making these gummies for my 4 year old little with short gut syndrome. My question is, are vitamins the same for children as the ones I use, just in smaller quantity? I have vitamin C and others I’d like for him to take to keep him healthy this flu season. Thank for all your great advice. I love my gelatin/coconut oil coffee in the AM!

  98. Hi. I was wanting to make this with magnesium. How much natural calm do you use for this recipe?

  99. I am trying to make these now. I bought the same probiotic you listed, but do you crush to one one teaspoon? And, can I do the probiotics and Vit c powder together?


  100. I just made these and am wondering how to tell if the gelatin dissolved completely. I used grape juice and it is very light in color, almost fluffy looking. Is this normal? They taste OK, not amazing but not bad either. Thanks for the recipe, I will be trying new flavors out too.


  101. I have perused the Great Lakes site and no where do they claim their products are to any degree from grass fed animals. Please let me know your process of verification of this claim.
    I am skeptical because, in an age when grass-fed is so desirable, why in the world would they keep it a secret on their own website?
    I can only use truly verified grass-fed gelatin, so any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

  102. How much of the vitamins do you add? We’ve used natural calm for years & I just made some elderberry syrup. I’d love to make these today, but I’m not sure how much Natural Calm (or other vitamins if we get those later) to add. I’m sorry if I missed it somewhere. Thanks!! 🙂

    • i have the same question. I am planning to add CLO and probiotics and I will be using the same exact mold that you have provided a link for. How much per batch can I put in? Do I multiply the amount of CLO and probiotics by the number of shapes in the mold, or do I try to mix them in inside each shape? Sooo excited to try this!

      • I just added them to the mix before the molds. I found that it varied slightly each time based on how I poured it (on how many it made) but I mixed the vitamins into the whole batch and just divided by the final number to figure out the amount of CLO and vitamins in each.

  103. Hi! Where do you store these?? fridge??? I can’t wait to try these! Thanks so much!

  104. So I am going to attempt to make my two year old these gummy vitamins. I am wondering, can you combine the probiotic and the vitamin C or do they have to be two different ones? She doesn’t drink her kefir(she will drink it, but not all in one siting or one day) or eat her yogurt as well as I would like.( or eat that well in general)

  105. I am happy to read this post and recipe. I’ll certainly try it. I do have a question. I made a similar recipe using another blogsite. My refrigerated magnesium gummies formed a white powdery substance on the outside at day theee and has grown every day. They are only a week old today. Although I havent thrown them out yet. I am afriad to eat them and give to my kids. Surely is isn’t mold (??). Any ideas/thoughts?

  106. How long are these stable? Storage requirements?

  107. Should you store these in the refrigerator afterwards???

  108. HI
    i plan to make those today , i want to add some probiotic powder to it for my kiddos ! here on label mentioned 1 scoop supplement facts, so how many scoops do i add to the main mixture? Thanks

    • It depends on how many vitamins you were giving them per day. I typically add several times the daily recommended dose since they aren’t eating the entire batch at once.

  109. I used tart cherry juice, vitamin c powder, prebiotic and probiotic, honey, and acai powder.

  110. I’m trying this using my leftover citrus rind “candy” water. I hope it works.

  111. do you ever combine C and probiotics or just best to choose one?

  112. This kind of recipe is definitely not a good idea for children. You run the risk of vitamin overdose, which by itself increases the chance for developing câncer and inflammation, due to the prooxidant role of excess vitamins. In general it is not recommended to give kids any supplements unless there are clear medical reasons involved, prescribed by your physician. Better to give then the most varied healthy food possible. Just my opinion, based on science and common sense…

  113. I was wondering about two things. Could you just crush a regular multi vitamin to make it into a powder to use in these? My aunt is a nutritionist and before i was taking the crappy synthetic gummy vitamins and she had me switch to the megafood multivitamins. My stomach does not do well on pills since I am taking a number (bio kult, fermented Cod liver oil and others) and my son also takes the kids of the same kind of vitamin and since they are to be swallowed she has me chop them up into a powder and then blend them into smoothies- I can get my son to take anything including cod liver oil that way. So I wanted to know if grinding down these vitamins would work to add to these? it would make taking vitamins so much easier .

    2nd….could you use gelatin from actual meat to make these? I know when I make the gaps chicken stock when i put my meat in the fridge it the liquid turns into gelatin

    • If the taste isn’t too bad, you could probably grind up the pills, but I’d start with a small amount. I’ve never tried using meat based gelatin, but I would think the taste would be difficult to overcome with fruit.

  114. Hello, I have a question about serving size. I am using the red silicon mold suggested in this post. How many of these gummies is considered a serving?

  115. do these require refrigeration? thank you

  116. I’ve made these a few times and finally perfected it…I added Natural Calm and finally figured out how to avoid the fizzing. Instead of adding at the end I added it at the beginning just as the juice was heating (I used kiju brand organic Pomegranate Cherry juice) and put in about 3 T Natural Calm. I swished it around the pot until it dissolved then added the 8tsp gelatin and whisked right away to avoid clumps (I omitted the honey). Then I put it right into a square GlassLock container and into the freezer for a few minutes…then cut it into cubes. By the way, one thing I noticed is that when I was making these in double batches they would grow mold before I finished them so now I’m going to stick to single batches. I make these for myself, not kids, to take gelatin for my joints and I love having them at night for the soothing effects…Thanks for this recipe, Katie!

  117. I would like to add stinging nettle to this. would you do 2 parts?

  118. How many T/t of probiotics do you add to this mixture? My boys refuse to take probiotics in powder form.

  119. I’m wanting to make these I’m going to do fresh lemon juice and I’m using the pure radiance vitamin c powder you recommended and GL gelatin. If I double the recipe and put them in a 9×13 glass pan and cut them into 2 tsp servings would that work ok?

  120. Hi Wellness Mama! I just tried making these…..and failed. I think my magnesium is the “fizzy” kind. It’s a powdered form (Vitacost brand). But I followed your recipe (I used water in place of juice). And I swear it resembles a puffy marshmallow cloud…not tummies 🙁 Any suggestions? As always, THANK YOU so much — I’m so grateful to have you as a resource. I save almost all of your posts for when I have babies in the future! xoxo – M

      • Thank you so much, Wellness Mama <3

  121. Hi, I’m wondering why pineapple juice won’t work or if there’s a way to get it to work. Thanks 🙂

  122. I have tried these twice now and they just don’t gel! I follow the recipe to the t and uses Great Lakes gelatin. Thoughts??

  123. Thanks for this great article. I’m wanting to make the magnesium gummies and was wondering how much I should pour into the above recipe if I’m using the Natural Calm that you linked to.

  124. How do I measure how much vitamins to put in my batch of gummies? How do I know how much vitamins are in each gummy? I have three kids so how would I make a batch of Probiotic gummies and ensure that each one has the proper dosage amount in it?


  125. Hi,
    I would like to make dehydrated Raw Liver gummies using this and I’m wondering if the heat will cook out the nutrients. Can I add the powder after I take it off the heat and let it cool a bit or does the gelatin set right away?

  126. Hi there. Great idea, I can’t wait to make them today!
    Can you please clarify how much of the vitamins to use in each batch? I see the question has been floating around but haven’t really found an answer.
    Thank you!!

  127. How do I store them once made?

  128. Hello! Thank you very much for this recipe.

  129. Hi, I am about to try making this for my Little ones. I’m so excited to have found your website, Thank you so much for sharing all this great information!!!!

    So I guess what I wanted to know is if anyone has tried using these vitamins as replacement of Prenatal Vitamins?

  130. is there anything to add to prevent from mold growing on your Gummies???

    I made some and put in a plastic zip bag, and in a few weeks mold, I need a bit longer shelf life..

  131. I want to make these ASAP. What are the measurements for adding the Vitamin C, Calm, and Probiotics?

  132. So glad i came across this recipe. I just have one question…….my sons naturopath has recommended he take Lactobac which requires to be kept in the fridge. How do you think i could add this in? Do you think i could wait until it is almost room temp and try to stir it in or will it be too hard by then? I have major issues trying to it it into him as he can feel the ‘grittiness’ in liquid but i think he would be fine with a gummy, Just concerned it will ruin the integrity of the (expensive) probiotic….

    Thanks very much 🙂

  133. Is there a chewable vitamin with probiotics you can recommend for purchase?

  134. Hi there. How do you store these? How long do they last? Does Gelatin go off? Also wondering about this for the marshmallows.
    Thank you

  135. Mine will not gel all the way! I followed recipe using GL kosher beef gelatin, two tb raw honey, Concord grape juice without added sugar or water and then I put in powdered vitamins (dr. Furhman brand). I put in 10 little scoops of it to give my son proper serving size. They’re in silicone molds. Any thoughts? I’m assuming I need to add more gelatin but I’m shocked tge amount in recipe didn’t gel more for me.

    • I’d recommend using Vital Proteins gelatin instead of Great Lakes, as I’ve found it to work better in my recipes…

      • Maybe i missed the specification of brand that must be used on your recipe? I only saw which you happen use and didn’t see a note about not using any other brand. I saw posts discussing the use of Gl. Very confusing. I am sleep deprived so it could’ve been my miss. Anyway, I’ll make use of GL somehow I guess and look into vital proteins. I’m nervous to spend the money and try it now, though, after just spending $22 on GL.

      • I just bought vital proteins. Can’t wait to try!

  136. I put mine in fridge overnight and in morning it was still liquid. I put in freezer for half day and just icy, not gummy at all. I so want this to work. Help!

  137. Hi, I wanted to make the marshmallows and I’m not quite sure what gelatin to use. I also wanted to make some of the hair products and, again, not sure which gelatin to use. Do you use the same gelatin for both? Thank you so much

  138. Could you be more specific about which collagen powder you use for this recipe? The Vital Proteins website you link to (here and in all the other articles about using collagen as well) shows the list of ALL their products. When you say “the one with the green cap” do you mean the BEEF GELATIN? And when you say blue cap, do you mean the COLLAGEN PEPTIDES? There is more than one product with blue or green caps. I bought the BEEF one but the idea of beef flavor in these recipes sounds odd… maybe it is flavorless? Like, I’m not can be tasting a steak gummy bear lol

    Also, when you say “add vitamins” can you also be more specific? How much? One that comes in Powder form? capsules? Empty the capsules?

    Lastly, would love an answer to the questions/warnings above about whether it is safe to heat vitamins and if so does there effectiveness decrease?

    • It is flavorless… and it is the beef gelatin that gels. The collagen peptides are great to add to drinks but it doesn’t gel. For vitamins, any powdered vitamins can be added in whatever amount you want or need. As far as safety to heat, that depends on the vitamin but it can be added after the mixture is heated and right before it is mixed into molds.

  139. Your article is getting a bit long in the tooth by now, but my wife and I just started looking for gummy recipes. With the Zika developments in Dade County & lots of standing water on the Louisiana coast, I’m planning to bump up our medicinal mushroom (Reishi, etc.) intake. Have you heard of people using the gummy strategy for this purpose?
    Thanks in advance,

  140. Mine didn’t gell, but stayed liquid. I tried again boiling it for a bit and it started to gell, but barely. What am i doing wrong?! Do I just have the wrong gelatin? I hope not. I have GL Gelatin collagen hydrolysate.

    • I’ve found the Vital Proteins works better than Great Lakes for this…