6 Creative Pregnancy Announcements

Creative Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such an exciting time! From finding out that you are pregnant, through the various stages of pregnancy (some not so fun), to the birth of your child, there is so much to learn and experience.

Some couples wait until the second trimester to announce a pregnancy, while others can’t wait to share the news right away. If you are pregnant (congratulations!) and looking for a fun way to tell family and friends, here are a few suggestions:

6 Creative Pregnancy Announcements

1. Say it With Video

I always wanted to announce my pregnancies with a funny music video, but I forget the small detail that I tend to get Chandler Bing face on camera and I don’t have a great singing voice (and by not great, I mean terrible).

If you happen to have a great singing voice and the ability to smile naturally on camera, a pregnancy announcement video can be a fun way to tell the world. This is my personal favorite pregnancy announcement video:

2. Say It With Photos

Pregnancy Announcement PhotoThere are so many ways to announce with photos. From the classic ultrasound photo (though some people prefer not to have ultrasounds, especially in the first trimester without a strong medical reason), to the classic shoes photos to a picture of mom holding a jar of “Prego” pasta sauce.. there are so many ways to announce with photos.

You can even find some funny ways to announce in a photo, like Dad passed out after seeing the positive pregnancy test, or Dad holding two bags of ice and mom pointing to her tummy for an “Ice, Ice Baby” parody.

This post has 50 fun ways to announce a pregnancy in a photo (photo source).

3. Let Older Kids Announce

This is one way we have announced before and it was a really sweet way to tell family. We let our older children announce that we were expecting again. There are a lot of options for an older-sibling announcement too:

  • Give the current youngest child a “big brother” or “big sister” shirt to wear to a gathering or in a picture
  • Take a picture of your children reading a “big brother” book or a book about the new baby
  • Post an “eviction notice” on the crib of the youngest child and take a picture to send to family and friends

4. Have a Pet Announce

This is especially cute for a first child if you already have pets. I’ve seen cute announcements with pictures of a pet with a sign that says something like:

  • Guard dog duty starting (insert due date)
  • Mom and Dad are getting me a baby human

Or a dog sitting pretending to read a copy of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (even though I don’t care for the book).

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Quiz5. Funny Pregnancy Announcement Quiz:

With our last pregnancy, we announced online with a funny quiz and had a button with an announcement video to check answers after completing the quiz. Here are the questions we had on our quiz.

  1. A non-paleo chef might have this in a literal sense while waiting on a certain dinner accompaniment to bake while I have this in a metaphorical/colloquial sense currently.
  2. A certain blogger has 4 hands but you would pass her on the street without noticing, why?
  3. Plant is to ground as _____ is to my body?
  4. Unscramble these words:    CNAPALTE        BORLA        PADEIR
  5. Solve the math problems… each answer corresponds to a letter (numbered in order), what do they spell?
    89,656 / 44828= _____
    The square root of 4= _____
    (three squared) + (four- squared) = _______
    The letters corresponding to the four answers are: ____
  6. What word can complete all of the following:
    ____ carrots,
    ____ corn,
    ____ swing,
    ____ steps,
    ____ clothes
  7. When does 2+1=7?
  8. What loves to bounce but should never be dropped?
  9. Decipher the phrase:  OV (bun) EN
  10. TLC, Britney Spears, Sir Mix a Lot, and Amy Grant all wrote songs with this person in the title. Sonny and Cher don’t want this person to go, The Foundations found this person, Marilyn Monroe sang “bye-bye” to this person, and Sheryl Crow wants this person to Run. Who is it?

6. On Your Blog

If you have a blog, this can be another great place to creatively announce a pregnancy….

Speaking of which, this would be a good time to let you know…

I’m Pregnant!

If you’re counting, that is #6. We are due in February and we couldn’t be more excited. (If you want to catch up on my previous pregnancy and birth stories, I’ve compiled them here)

And not that any of you would ever ask, but I figured I’d proactively include these answers in case the random people I meet in the grocery store happen to read my blog:

  • Yes, we do know what causes that (and yes, we rather enjoy it!)
  • Yes, we do have a TV
  • No, we are not crazy (ok, maybe a little)
  • Yes, my hands are wonderfully full
  • Yes, actually, we are Catholic
  • Yes, I’ve heard of birth control, I’m not a fan of artificial hormones, actually
  • Yes, they are all mine
  • Yes, they have the same father
  • No, it really isn’t your business if we are stopping or not (specifically addressed to random checkout clerk at the store who has asked the same question 5 times, including asking if I’m going to have any more while I’m visibly pregnant)
  • No, we are not getting “fixed” as clearly nothing is broken
  • Yes, we do get time to ourselves sometimes (obviously)

I promise WellnessMama.com won’t turn into a pregnancy blog, though I do plan to take the opportunity to write a few new posts on pregnancy/birth/fertility related topics that I’ve gotten a lot of questions about recently.

If you are pregnant as well, check out all of my pregnancy related posts, including this one about the prenatal care options I chose (and which ones I skipped) and these top ten pregnancy books that I found helpful.

I’ve also compiled an ebook of all of my top pregnancy and birth resources, including the supplements I take while pregnant, the diet I follow, my routine and resources that helped me have natural births (and a vbac). It also includes a list of supplies I packed for hospital births and how I prepared for my home births, as well as some tips for getting baby in a good position for birth.

Even though this will be my 6th pregnancy, I’m doing something different that I haven’t done since my first:

I’m taking a birth class.

Here’s why. As a first time mom I took All. Of. The. Birth. Classes.

Lamaze, Bradley, even Hypno-babies.

After my first birth I realized an important fact: labor pain can not be accurately described in smiley or sad faces, and my biggest struggle is relaxing and staying joyful during labor (which is what helps me the most when I’m able to do it).

I’ve successfully birthed 5 children and have “doula-d” for dozens of births, but I still get nervous about labor.

This time, my friend Genevieve, aka Mama Natural has a birth course that she filmed with a doula and midwife-in-training. It includes input from pregnant couples, experts, and a ton of medical research.

Even though I’ve done this whole birth gig more than Genevieve has, she achieved something I have not- a joyful and mostly painless birth. Her birth video from her last birth (which you can watch in the course) shows her happy in labor and declaring “that was awesome” as soon as she delivers her baby.

I also love the community aspect of her pregnancy course. With past pregnancies, I joined Facebook groups or online pregnancy forums and found ways to network with other pregnant women, but always became frustrated because most of the expectant mothers were not on the same page in regards to birth plans, pregnancy, labor, and birthing preferences.

The Mama Natural Birth Course has a wonderful group of moms striving for a joyful natural birth and a ton of great info about pregnancy and birth (including a bonus workout video that I’m loving right now).

If you’re pregnant like me, or if you hope to be in the near future, I’d love if you’d join me in this online birth course.

If not, I hope you’ll follow along with my pregnancy through my blog (and possibly my labor too if my husband is successful in getting me to Periscope parts of it!).

Do you have any specific pregnancy or birth related questions you’d like me to write about in the coming months? Let me know in the comments below!

If you have kids, how did you tell family/friends that you were expecting? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. Congratulations! I have five myself and they are awesome! I totally understand your post though. I was recently pregnant with what we hoped to be our sixth. I wanted to wait though before telling people because of the reactions I knew I’d get, especially from my family. Sadly, I miscarried last week so I didn’t have to face any of the criticism. But I am sad that I didn’t get to share my joy over expecting a baby. Babies are always good news, even when times are tough. My first came at a tough time and, even though he developed autism, I am SO happy to be his mom.

    Acck! I am being such a downer! I truly have been enjoying your blog and all your wonderful resources. Again, congratulations!

    • You are so sweet! Thank you, and many hugs for your loss…

    • Hey Susan in Saskatchewan, firstly I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. I suffered 2 miscarriages between my first and second babies and I know how difficult it is. Also wanted to say I’m from Sask too and just recently found this blog and have been reading it steady for the past 5 days! Small world!

  2. Congratulations! I have two children. One is 34 and one is 17. I’ve always admired moms who could handle multiple little ones at the same time. One at a time was all I could handle :). I’m blessed with one granddaughter and thanks in part to your inspiring blog, I’m becoming healthier every day. Wishing all the best to you and your family,

  3. I didn’t answer all the questions but this news is more important. hehe. Congratulations on your growing family. How exciting is that! I love pregnancy and babies! My husband and I are on our last though. Our baby (of 5) is almost 11 months old and we are cherishing every moment of it because she is our last…goes by too darn fast! 😉 I’m excited for all your posts to come!! Thank you again for Wellness Mama, you are a such a blessing!! ?

  4. Congratulations!! We have 6 — oldest is 18, youngest is 1 — and my answers are all the same as yours. 🙂 I’ll be 45 in a few months, so our youngest may be our last, but we’d love more. Dh’s family thinks we’re insane. My family thinks we’re a little too extreme, but they’re too polite to say anything. LOL. We tell everyone fairly early, ’cause I’m usually exhausted and sick as a dog by about week 6, so they’d figure it out anyway. No special way of announcing it, though, just “I’m pregnant!” The ensuing conversation is usually entertainment enough. 🙂

  5. Congratulations! I think you’re one of the best people to have kids, let alone loads of them. You actually bother researching and putting into practice the best lifestyle for your kids. God bless and take care!

  6. Congratulations! We are expecting our 3rd this winter and we got all the questions & raised eyebrows. Which makes me question whether I can handle it. Especially with an active & sassy 3yr old.

  7. I am excitedly expecting baby number 5 as well. I am 19 weeks and due in march. We couldn’t be more happy and would Love more if God chooses to bless us with more.

  8. I had a suspicion you were having another! Congratulations! The thing with the baby corn and baby carrots reminded me of Full House back in the day when Aunt Becky was trying to tell Uncle Jesse she was pregnant by serving baby carrots and various other “baby” foods. Anyhow, i look forward to reading more pregnancy-related articles and the fifth installment of your birth stories! We don’t have any bio children yet (currently have foster children who are 4, 5 & 6) but i appreciated your circumcision article, since I had never really thought twice about it before. I am soaking up as much of your info as possible so that I can make the best pregnancy-related decisions when that time comes. You are so loved and appreciated! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Congrats!! I just started following you and trying the whole paleo/no sugar thing while running after 5 (and nursing another) at home!!

  10. Congratulations dear Katie! I cannot believe what people at the grocery store asked you: whether/how many kids to have is such a personal decision which no one should be allowed to judge. Best of luck and I will be reading all your great advice in the coming months (as usual)!

  11. congratulations! that’s such fabulous news. the more the merrier, as they say 🙂 you’re in my prayers.

  12. Congratulations and bless you! I am the oldest of 8 children (21 year span from me to the youngest). I always wanted 6 kids but was only blessed with two. I always laugh when people say that they can’t ‘afford’ children. I think mine would have benefited tremendously from having more siblings. It’s a totally different environment and doesn’t allow for a lot of self-centeredness by the kids or parents.

    We’ve been talking about foster care or adopting since the last one left the nest.

  13. So happy for you! A full quiver is such a blessing! Yay! Every baby is a cause for so much rejoicing!

  14. Congratulations! I am very happy for you!

  15. Congratulations, Katie!! I was thinking it was about time for another! 🙂 I am very excited to read your posts on pregnancy (especially how to avoid morning-sickness!!!), because pretty much the second I had my baby, I became terrified of becoming pregnant again because I can’t stand the thought of going through first trimester again 🙁 Knowing that I could have some tricks up my sleeve for when the time comes will definitely help put my mind at ease 🙂

  16. Congrats! A good comeback for “you’re hands are full” is “so is my heart”!

  17. Yay! I come from a family of 14 kids and even I got many of those questions! I love big families…

  18. Congratulations and welcome to the club! You sound just like me, nearly 11 years ago when our 5th child was born…(and yes, all five have the same father, yes, we know what causes it, thank you very much and…agreed, no one else’s business!) I have found it interesting to hear through the last several years from many empty nesters about how if they could change one thing, it would have been to have more children than having two..because that’s what they felt was the right thing…or what they could afford…. I love big families! and it’s been hectic, yet I feel so richly blessed as I’m sure you do too! (Our children range from going to be 11 in a month to 27. (First 3 beautiful daughters and then two ever loving fun sons!)

  19. Congratulations! I have 5 kids, too! 🙂 They range in age from 12 years to 9 months old. I get questions and shocked looks because I have 5 kids….all the time. Oddly, I’m still not used to it. I grew up in a big family, and it’s normal to me to be around families with lots of kids.

  20. I played the song from I Love Lucy…we’re havin a baby, my baby and me…because I married my Ricky! Congrats!

  21. Thats great! Congratulations to you and your family!!!!

  22. Congratulations!

  23. Congratulations!!!! That is sooo great! I love how you answer those questions. I get asked almost the exact same questions on a daily basis, it’s rather annoying. I have four kids 4 and under (youngest are twins) and each one was planned (ok, we didn’t plan to have twins). We are so blessed! I’m shocked at how people respond to this as if it’s any of their biisness, especially the “you don’t plan to have anymore, right?” Really, and why not? And yet all these comments are asked in front of my children and I’m left to explain when my four year old asks, “Momma, why doesn’t she want you to have more kids?”
    Congratulations and here’s to a healthy, wonderful pregnancy!!!!!

    • Yes, apparently there are many people who seemed to be “programmed” to ask such questions and be so bold as to subliminally suggest contraception or other evil means. It can, and does, really discourage women when that’s all that you hear.

      Why don’t we just kindly but plainly tell them to respect peoples’ personal decisions to love and make babies? AND for the sake of OTHER PREGNANT woman please congratulate them and encourage them for being pregnant? Then hopefully their thinking can be a little more considerate:)

      • Congratulations dear sister in the Lord Jesus Christ of the most Blessed Sacrament! Thank you for you and your husbands’ faithfulness to raising many Saints!

  24. wonderful 🙂 congratulations!! I enjoy your Web site so much and thank you for all of the helpful information you provide. I’ve been making my own lotion bars and giving them as gifts. Everyone loves them! Anyway, thanks so much and best wishes for a healthy and “easy” pregnancy 😉 Sounds like you’re doing super! And you make me laugh…I love the way you made your announcement with your bullet points. So funny.

  25. So excited for you! We have eight children and have heard mostly good comments, but I’ve gotten a few of those! Good comebacks!

  26. Congratulations! We just had our first a year ago (almost 13 months, actually) and are already open to (and not doing anything to prevent) #2. I think my husband would keel over of shock at the thought of having 5, but we’re older, too – we’re both 36, so we’re starting late. I look forward to reading your pregnancy related posts!

  27. Congrats!! I have two little boys (4 & 2) and since discovering your website I have been trying recipe after recipe and altho I absolutely love it all, it definitely keeps me busy. I have learned so much from wellnessmama! Thanks and god bless on the new addition to your fam!

  28. I am happy for you. I was blessed with three, lost three, and completely support letting God choose and IMO, the more the better! Bless you!

  29. I’m the very fair skinned blue eyed wife of a hispanic man and I have 5 boys who all take after their daddy. I get asked all the time if they’re mine (one women even had the nerve to recant ‘are you sure?’) Like I’d seriously be crazy enough to take 5 boys under 10 into a grocery store voluntarily. Come on people!!! 😀

  30. Very exciting! My fiance and I read the blog often. When we talk about child rearing, housework, cooking, etc. we often end up saying something like: “Wellness Mama does it like this….” or “Wellness Mama makes her own….” =D

    You are an inspiration to all people who are trying to live healthy lives. Congratulations! Your family is in my prayers!!

  31. Congratulation! I’m currently expecting #6 and have had the exact same experiences and questions you’ve had so I know how you feel! Big families ROCK! Thanks for sharing your joy and for everything you do 🙂

  32. all the post, if you can manage I say go for it.

  33. I once found this poem that someone gave their family when they, too, were expecting their 5th child. it was beautiful and I will see if I can find it.

    We, too, are Catholic and threw away the birth control pill after we had our first child. We began to grasp the beauty behind the Church’s teachings (and the nightmare behind the hormones) and decided that if we couldn’t hold to some of the teachings (all of the teachings) then ????? When I was pregnant with our 3rd, my parents flipped. After that, we had 2 girls and a boy so everyone assumed we HAD to be done. Afterall, we now had both sexes. When I was pregnant with the 4th, my family FLIPPED big time. What was wrong with us? Then I miscarried and I won’t tell you those comments … meant well, but not nice. Then I was pregnant again and miscarried again. I finally had my 4th at age 38. And he’s wonderful. I get questions all the time or statements (well meaning and they don’t get me upset at all). People say, “Ooops???” I say, “No oops … he just took his sweet time in blessing us with his presence. He made sure we were good and ready for him.” Or, “Remarried?” Nope … same man. I use it as a time to educate. I do not believe in the population overgrowth. In fact, many countries are now struggling with too much of a decline in population. I’ve never been blessed with more children, but I remain open. This is also wonderful to discuss with those who want to hear it. I think our culture is ready for some of this now. We are seeing the demise of a ‘sexually free’ society where sex and babies are no longer something that naturally go together. Lots of heartache.

    Long way of saying that many of us don’t think you’re crazy at all! And, if you have no serious reason not to have them, then why prevent them from coming? They each bring us some new piece of the face of God, I think. Plus, although each new child is a unique personality, you don’t double, triple, quadruple, etc your work each time you have another child. Once you’re cooking supper, who cares if you have to throw in another pound of meat? Once you’re doing laundry, who cares if there’s another load? Plus, as the kids get older, they all begin to do their fair share of the work. As I have two in college, I realize how much help they were when they were here.

    Congratulations and Best wishes.

  34. You Rock!! Can we see a picture of your family?

    • I agree…I’d love to be able to put a face to your voice! And I want to see all these cute, lucky kids!!!

  35. Congratulations!! We are only on baby #1 (4 months old) but would like to have six! I hope I can be as organized as you someday!

  36. Congratulations to you!!! I have 1 child (age 1) and am in complete awe and respect for all the women out there who have more than one…haha! I definately want more and 5 would be a DREAM!!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the world……..a woman with a family a 5 is an inspiration to new mamas like me:-)

  37. Congratulations! I love the announcement and the answers to the ALWAYS asked questions. With six children, ranging from age 11 years to 20 months, I’ve had my share of question answering myself. What exciting news. Wishing you and yours all the best.

  38. That is great news. Who cares what anyone else thinks or says! I have 4 boys. They are 4 years and 2 months apart. Our house was very lively, to say the least. They are now 17, 18, 19 and 21. I’m not sure what age range is harder, this one or when they were little!

  39. Just wanted to say congrats! And to tell you that it is great to see another Catholic out there doing the “natural things.” More members of my church look funny at me when I talk about using natural remedies and foods for my children. You are an inspiration! Keep up the good work and relax while you can 😉

  40. Congrats Katie!! You are truly blessed 🙂 I am pregnant with my first baby currently and have enjoyed all your helpful advice related to pregnancy! I refer all my pregnant (or TTC) friends to your site!

  41. Congratulations! I am excited for you. I am the middle child of 8 kids and I have 25 nieces and nephews (one brother has 6 kids and two siblings have 5 kids each) and I love big families. I know it was hard on my mom when we were young but she has said as we grew up that it only got sweeter and sweeter. I feel very lucky to have so many people who love and surround me. I wish you health and happiness with your new addition.

  42. Congratulations! I loved reading this post. I only have 3 but get the same comments and questions!

  43. Congratulations! I had 6 in 10 years–the gap being the biggest, with 3 whole years between #5 and #6. I’d have a baker’s dozen by now if I hadn’t started so late (had #1 at the age of 35!). Bless you and all your family, Katie!

  44. So exciting! We are expecting our second little one in the Spring as well. I’ve been considering moving away from grains during this pregnancy. Would that be ok?

    Blessings, Mary Frances

    • Absolutely. Just make sure to eat lots of healthy fats, proteins and vegetables and baby will get plenty of nutrients!

  45. Congratulations Katie!!! Sooooo excited for you! When I was pregnant with my twins, I was totally appalled by the questions I got. At least you have a sense of humor about it! I can’t wait to hear all your pregnancy suggestions! Our “natural” family is complete because of the serious complications I had with my twin pregnancy, but my sister is looking to get pregnant in the spring and I would love to be an advocate for her to have a natural pregnancy and birth. It’s all about being educated and having support!

  46. How crazy! This video is my friend from work… Megan Dewberry! I have to tell her she’s on your site! So cool. And congratulations Katie 🙂

  47. Hi Katie, can you start up a post with rude things people have said/asked when seeing the size of your family? Those of us subjected to the rudeness can reply with best comebacks…

  48. Congrats to you and your family on # 6!

  49. Congratulations!!!!!

  50. congratulations!! My husband and I are due with our first in February:) We’re pretty excited!! I’ve been reading all your blog entries about pregnancy etc. Very helpful! Best wishes for a safe pregnancy!:)

  51. Oh my goodness!! Congratulations!!! Yay for babies!

  52. Congrats! I’m 11 weeks and would love to read new pregnancy posts from you. I’ve read through most of your previous ones already and love them.

  53. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy for you and your family! Good luck!!

  54. That’s wonderful! What is the most natural way not to get pregnant? Lol not towards you, I promise! My husband and I don’t think we can handle another child. So I’m wondering what would you do IF you couldn’t handle anymore?

  55. Congratulations! I’m excited for your coming posts; my husband and I are expecting our first in November! I am so thrilled that I was able to switch to a birth center and midwife a few weeks ago. We are taking a Bradley class, and I am curious to look into the class you mentioned. I trust in my body’s ability to give birth, but I do want all the information on natural pain management I can get! Congratulations again!

  56. Congrats Katie! Blessing for a wonderful pregnancy. btw thanks for the wonderful blog, your blog is the go to source for me.

  57. Congratulations!!! You are truly blessed!

    Until recent times, almost all cultures recognized that a husband and wife were more blessed if they had more children. In biblical times, it was a terrible thing to not have children. The married woman who was barren was pitied. Contrast to today, where many think they are blessed by not having any or very few.

    God has blessed you!!! May you and your family always do the Will of God as the Holy Family did.

  58. I just wanted to say congratulations! I’m very happy for you and your family. Hugs to you all!

  59. Congratulations! We have 2 kids, one is 17 months old and one is still “in the oven” 😉 I found out I was pregnant (this time around) on my husband’s birthday, so I said “Hey, I didn’t get you anything… except a BABY!” We already suspected I was prego so it wasn’t a huge shock, but it was fun.

  60. Congratulations! I LOVED being pregnant & giving birth, etc. But I am in a different season and TONIGHT I am meeting my first grand baby for the first time. She is 7 months old and visiting from Beijing, where my eldest son and DIL live. The next generation…. so exciting… I cannot wait!!
    Anyway, wanted to tell you two things – I especially enjoyed the list of answers in #5 on today’s post. They are absolutely fantastic!! 🙂
    and two, OT, we are so enjoying the Micronutrient book and all the coupons. Excellent advice; thank you!!
    xo Dawn

    • BTW, my oldest is 40 and then we have a 12 year gap and two more… you can imagine all the NOSY questions we get with that dynamic!

  61. Congratulations Katie and Family! Children are a beautiful blessing and gift from God. Thank you for being open to receiving all the children God wants to gift you and your husband with.

  62. Okay so as soon as I saw the title of the post I knew you were pregnant!! Congratulations!! We have two so far and wish for many more!! I don’t have as many as you and people still say things like that to us when we talk about wanting more. It’s sad, children are such a blessing! Congratulations again!!

  63. Hi! 🙂
    Congrats on baby #6!!!

    I have a question about your vbac. I had my daughter about 10 months ago and she had a very short cord. I wanted a natural vaginal birth and went drug-free as long as I could, but in the end it had to be a c-section. Now, for our second child (not sure when we’ll try for that yet), I would like a natural birth, but I am afraid of another short cord situation. Besides speaking to my OB about it, would you have any advice or resource I can look into?

    Thanks so much!


  64. Congratulations! I actually JUST had my second baby!! We have a little 5 year old girl, and we just had a little boy who is 2 weeks old today!! He’s our little Juice Plus baby and is as healthy and perfect as can be!! We waited until I was 20 weeks to make our announcement. It was such a special time b/c not only did we get to announce to our family and friends but we got to tell our sweet daughter, Olivia, that she was going to be a big sister. She LOVE LOVE LOVES her baby brother Jackson and we are just as happy as can be. Hats off to those of you with all those babies, however, I think 2 will be enough for us though! Congratulations again on this WONDERFUL time!!

  65. Congratulations on your great expectation! I look forward to hearing all about your experience. I’m beyond my child-bearing years but now we’re into grandchildren! Happy happy!

  66. Congratulations on your pregnancy! That is so exciting! I was actually hoping you’d get pregnant around now because I am expecting too, and was wishing for more posts on pregnancy from you. So please, please do post on your pregnancy–a lot! 🙂
    It would be so fun to see a current photo of your entire family, and maybe even baby bump photos.
    When are you due?
    PS…do you know why all the dates are random from the comments above? Like even up to 3 years ago!

  67. Congratulations Catie!
    I’m from a family of eight, and it’s great! have a wonderful pregnancy, and all the best to you, baby-in-waiting, and the whole family!
    P.S. we are Catholic too, and I love that you are open about it:)


  69. What a lucky baby! Congratulations!

  70. congratulations!!!!! Children are truly a gift from God, babies are amazing, and strangers can be real jerks sometimes. ;c) I’m sorry you will inevitably be hassled for your pregnancy, but I’m very excited for you, your family, and your newest little one. (Those answers made me chuckle, though!)

  71. Katie, Congratulations!!! What a wonderful gift you are giving to your children, a new sibling. II am so happy for your family!!!! I hope that you pregnancy goes well for you. Our sixth baby was born 6 weeks ago and my answers to questions are the same as yours! Thanks for your blog, I learn so much!! Jennie

  72. Congratulations!! This is wonderful news! I loved (and LOL’d hard at) your preemptive answers to all of those questions. So excited for you and your sweet expanding family!

  73. Wonderful news! I am looking forward to hearing how it goes through all stages. But especially would love a breastfeeding blog with treatments for problems engorgement, mastitis and reynauds syndrome. I had reynauds syndrome with my first and am terrified it might happen again with our next. But there’s so little information about it out there. Thanks and blessings

  74. Congratulations, I am so happy for you. I am also pregnant with 20 weeks already. I wish I were younger so i could have more babies. I have only one, my beautiful daughter who is almost three years old and I am 41, so I am glad I got pregnant again. Once again congratulations and God bless your family Katie.

  75. Congratulations! We have 5 children! They range from 26 to 2! I was 45 on the last one and wouldnt change it for anything. If God blessed us with more before i get too old all i could say is yay!!!!

  76. Congratulations on your newest miracle! That is such a bundle of blessing you have. Please tell me your mommy secret and how you balance everything let alone have the patience!! Do you know what your having? I absolutely adore your website and can’t wait to follow your pregnancy this time instead of catching up on the past ones. I love that your an advocate for natural birth; its an amazing experience! This past April I had my second natural birth that was less than an hr and a half long. It was intense but amazing!

    Anyway congrats! I’m jealous!

  77. CONGRATS! Great news for you and your family. God Bless. What you experience with having kids I experience with having NONE. We’ve been married for 15 years (I’m 34). What I hear from people and my answers are:
    Yes, we are happily married, no problem, otherwise we wouldn’t be married
    Yes, we could conceive, but we just don’t want any kids, we always have 2 cats (boy and girl 🙂 )
    Yes, I like kids. Love, love, love my nieces and nephew. BTW, I’m their favorite aunt!
    No, I am not selfish nor do I feel selfish
    No, I am not bored with my life

    I love your blog and CONGRATS again.

  78. So happy for you!! I have been following you for the past 2 years, and for the last year have changed everything I eat, use on my skin, use to clean, supplements, etc. thanks to all of your amazing blog and podcasts! We just found out that we are pregnant and I have you to thank for helping me to create a healthy home for him or her the next 9 months. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Oh, and I am so excited to be pregnant at the same time you are now 🙂 If you have any advice on how to tame my emotions / hormones while pregnant, I will gladly take it! So far my only complaint 🙂 Congrats again Katie!

  79. I don’t mean or want this to sound calloused or be put inline with those other questions but I’m curious to know if this one was actually planned? I last remember you saying you were using natural ways around contraceptives https://wellnessmama.com/8396/hormonal-contraceptives/ and it has me generally curious to know if they work since I’m really dreading using any type of hormonal route. [Husband and I are not really in a good financial situation to be having any children right now.]

    I do truely want to congratulate you with another pregnancy. 🙂

    • This one was planned. Last minute, but planned. We definitely knew pregnancy was a possibility and were ok with it. Valid question though. The natural methods I used worked really well for us for the spacing I was hoping for between our last two babies 🙂 Thanks for reading and for the congrats!

  80. Congratulations!!! Blessings

  81. We have 2 beautiful children, a girl, then a boy. But I have never given birth or been pregnant. I have endometriosis.
    I am fascinated by pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, etc. because I have never experienced it. We were blessed that our birth mother allowed us to be in the room when our children were born. We got to witness their entries into the world! (Yes, same birth mother both times.)
    Having been through adoption twice, we’ve received all kinds of ridiculous questions about our family. The rudest being: don’t we want any children of our own? Our children ARE our own! Forget the papers that say so, what about sleepless nights & poopy diapers, giggles in the tub, car, and at the dinner table, dried tears & inside jokes, homeschool struggles & triumphs… To whom do they think our children belong?
    I will happily read all your pregnancy posts.
    Many blessings on you and your family, Katie!

  82. Congratulations Katie!!! I am so happy for you!! I did Mama Natural’s Birth Course and it was awesome!!! I also highly recommend Birth into Being. It has seriously changed my life and works to re-code our limbic system in our brain that keeps us doing some things over and over again that we may now want to choose to do differently – including our birth experiences.

  83. Congrats Katie! That’s so exciting. If you don’t mind me asking, I was just wondering how old are you? I am trying to start my family at 29 and I would like to have at least 5 kids. Do you think it is possible?

    • I’m about your age, but it is definitely possible. My husband is one of six and the first was born when his mom was 29 🙂

      • Thanks Katie! My husband is 1 of 6 as well, but his mother started when she was 19. We would have had children sooner ourselves, but we have had many infertility issues. As the years go by, it’s getting less and less likely that we can have a big family. But we will keep trying of course. Also, what are your views on child spacing?

  84. Congrats!!! That is so awesome!
    I started following you last week and read all of your birth stories. At some point I thought to myself that maybe soon you would announce that you were expecting #6, and indeed, less than 1 week later here it is!
    I love babies, big families, pregnancy, birth stories, and all about maternity!
    (Actually, the baby bug bit me recently and am trying to convince hubby that we should totally try for baby #2… he is not so positive about it though. Who knows?)
    But I am a bit confused here… why there are comments from 2012? This post is new, right?

    • It is, I updated an old post announcing our last pregnancy though rather than have two pregnancy announcement posts (which could be confusing) but left the comments.

  85. Congratulations on your new blessing!

  86. Congratulations Katie! I am also due in February with my 3rd (1st boy)!

  87. Congratulations on your sixth blessing. I am expecting my third son this January and could not be more excited.

  88. Hahah so clever, Congratulations on your happy family!!!

  89. Congratulations, Katie! I just love everything about your blog , it is my go to guide for just about everything ! As a young mom of two little ones , I hope I can someday have a few more. Best wishes to you throughout your pregnancy!

  90. How exciting! We have six and I love having a big family! I was actually asked one time if all my kids had the same dad….. Of course they do! But I was shocked by that question! But I love being a mom! Enjoy your new little one!

  91. Congrats! I’d love to see a post from you about alcohol and the developing fetus. There are great resources out there about the dangers of drinking while pregnant (such as http://www.nofas.org) but the more people understand the immense risk for permanent brain damage the better.

    Thanks, love your blog!

  92. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow! I personally have 3 great friends who are ALL recently pregnant! So exciting! Congrats….Again.

  93. Congrats! I just had my 8th baby 3 weeks ago. My first out of hospital, unmedicated birth. It was wonderful. I still hope for a home birth before I’m too old! =)

  94. I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you are able to conceive and give birth to beautiful, healthy babies. I think there’s something to be said about the link between your health awareness, and your ease of fertility… Especially in a world where more and more women are having so much trouble carrying a child, due to our potent environment. Congratulations – I hope you have more 🙂

  95. Congratulations!! That’s wonderful news. 🙂

    My sister in law will be having her 6th baby next year and she gets asked the same questions you made funny points on. People seem to be so negative towards large families these days! I’m 31 weeks with our 3rd right now (a 3rd girl!!)

    As we’re keen gardeners this was our pregnancy announcement: http://www.littlemountainhaven.com/a-cute-baby-announcement-woodland-princess-photoshoot/

    Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy & I look forward to hearing more!

  96. Congratulations! I’m excited for you. We have two kids but are hoping for several more. Thanks for sharing your openness to life. 🙂 God bless you and your family! You are such an inspiration!

  97. Congratulations! Nothing like a pregnancy announcement to make my day! My husband is the youngest of six. I always tell my mother-in-law that I am so glad she decided to go for the 6th! We have the greatest family get togethers, and all of our kids have an age mate cousin or two to hang with. Our two oldest nieces just headed off to college together at the same school. You sure have a ton to look forward too!

  98. Super Congrats!!!! We are also expecting a little one. This will be our third and I’m due in April! BABIES ARE GREAT! 😀 I’m psyched for any pregnancy advice from you and eagerly await it. I agree, that although you’ve been on the baby train before, a refresher or new info is (mostly) welcome. I hope you have a spectacular pregnancy.

  99. Congratulations! Children are such a blessing. Our son was born at what looked like the worst time to have a baby. Nothing could be further from the truth, he was exactly what we needed. He is a gift. I’m so happy that you are so blessed. I love your blog and your pregnancy ebook was so very helpful to me, thank you for all you do.

  100. We announced that we were expecting our 2nd child with a bill invoice. Previously my mother-in-law had declared to me that she was putting her order in for another grand baby. So I made a real looking bill of sale for a baby. It said things like “expected ship date around July 26” and it was being shipped from heaven’s address, Unknown bill total, and quantity expected to be 1 but maybe more. It was so fun and our family got quite a kick from it.

  101. Congratulations!! We have 5 here and are done, unless the Lord were to intervene somehow ? I hope this is an easy and uneventful pregnancy for you! Much happiness and many blessings to you!

  102. Congratulations Katie. On behalf of my family(who you’ve helped in so many ways up until this point) here’s one of our lullabies for you and the newest member of your family!

    It’s called ‘Time For Bed” and it might put you to sleep as well!

    Once again, congrats. And keep us posted!

      • So glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  103. Congratulations!!!
    I’m also expecting, but this is my first child! I know this is by no means a blog about pregnancy, but I am so very excited for any and all blog posts about pregnancy! Hopefully, I’ll get to read a few new ones from you before my little one is born in December. As a first time mom, I’m constantly looking for advice from other moms I trust.
    Again, congratulations, Katie!

    I actually just came on here to look up folate because I just found out I am expecting #4 !!!

    I am actually training to become a Birth Boot Camp Instructor so I will be taking/watching Mama Natural’s class because I want to make sure I get as much information as I can for my own labor but also because I have to always be learning and I figure she has some amazing info!

    • oh! And I meant to say for our 3rd, we had our oldest daugther (4 at the time) make a video telling everyone what we did that day…
      1. We went to a fun place (the ultrasound place)
      2. We saw fishes (they have a huge aquarium)
      3. We saw my baby brother (only my husband’s mom did not catch on here, she said “you don’t have a baby brother)

      It was SO CUTE!
      We are going with the T-shirts this time with a BIG BROTHER one for my 3 year old son who is the ‘baby’.

  105. I’d like to gently point out that, contrary to your insinuation, not ALL birth control methods are hormonal. Options like the paragard IUD, diaphragms, cervical caps, fertility awareness method and condoms are all viable options that do not contain hormones.

  106. I just came across your blog today looking for ear infection remedies and while looking around found this post. I am SO glad I am not the only lady in this time pregnant with my sixth child (wow, I still haven’t gotten over that number hahaha). Anyway! Congrats! I love your list of answers to rude, unwanted questions! (Except the religious one as I am a born again Christian-i’ll pray you get saved!) Those questions always catch me off guard! Why is it that people who have lots of children are looked at like that?

  107. Congrats Katie!! We just found out the other day that we were pregnant again with number NINE! We have ALL boys so of course I’m praying for a girl this time around!! I do have some questions for you that I’d love for you to blog about! I am 43 years old and all I ever hear about is how dangerous it is to have a child at such an age. They consider me to be high risk and of course want me to do all of the testing but I’m really not feeling it. I’ve never had an amnio or any other invasive test with any of my pregnancies and really don’t plan on doing that this time around but I guess my question is, how safe is it really to be having a child at my age? I was pregnant 2 years ago and miscarried very early in the pregnancy due to some toxicity issues that I believe led to me not being able to carry the baby. We were living in a house w/mold and asbestos and I got really sick and was ill for many years before I figured it all out and my body was so depleted of nutrients. Now we’ve moved and my health is getting back on track, my vitamin D level has gone up from 6 to 17 so I’m excited about that. My main concern though is that I have crazy digestive issues (for years), meaning I only go to the bathroom on my own maybe once every week to week and a half so I’ve been doing enemas (both water and coffee) daily or every other day to get things going. The doctors have always said it was normal to not go everyday but I know better and with being pregnant now it’s extra concerning. Any advice would help! Sorry for the long post!

  108. Congrats! We are preggers with our 5th, with one in heaven. All under 6 years old….whew!! Cheers to big families!

  109. My husband and I are totally laughing at your list of “Don’t you watch t.v.????, etc.” With 6 kids born in an 8.5 yr. span, we have heard everything you listed. (Personally, we think our form of entertainment is much more fun.)

    Congrats to you and yours!!!

  110. As a Catholic and natural living advocate myself, I find you very inspiring! You and your family will be in my prayers!

  111. What a great post! I love your blog and have found it quite helpful during my pregnancy. Thought I’d share our horror movie trailer pregnancy announcement. We’re filmmakers and Baby was due on Halloween (hence the horror trailer), but baby hasn’t come yet. Starting week 42 tomorrow! This was so fun showing this to people. Some got the hint, others thought it was for a real movie project. Excited to be a mom! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0iojsKTT8E

  112. Hi wellness mama, do you have any suggestions for car seats, and baby bathing soap. Basically what are the main items to have when baby is born? I know you should have good suggestion. I am also due on February. Thank you and God bless your family!!!!

  113. Huge congratulations!!!

  114. I have a question…

    I have been trying to get pregnant for many years without success and during this journey I have discovered that I have Hashimotos. I have changed my diet and lifestyle and have managed to keep my thyroid under control without the use of medication.
    However I now have become pregnant and my Gynecologist wants me to go onto thyroid medication as she thinks this is very important for the development of the baby during the pregnancy (especially the first few weeks) she tested my blood and my TSH had risen to 3.7 from 2, although both my T3 and T4 were in the high normal range. A natural doctor that I have also been seeing to do with my Hashimotos told me it is normal for the TSH to go up during pregnancy and it is not necessary to use medication, especially as my T3 and T4 are good.
    I am torn – I have not wanted to take medication during this journey and was happy that I never had to start. But obviously now that I am pregnant I want the best for this baby…
    As a mother and fellow Hashi patient Katie I would love to have your opinion – I know you cannot give medical advice, but I would be very interested to hear what you do during your pregnancies, so that I can make a more informed decision between the opinions of my medical and my natural doctor!
    Thank you so much for your help and also for all you do – you have been instrumental in my quest for better health for me and my family.
    If anyone else has any comments, I would be grateful for all opinions. thank you.

    • I am on very low dose natural thyroid hormone (WP-Thyroid) and do take it during pregnancy. I’ve monitored my levels carefully and have not had to increase the dose, though some women do need to increase during pregnancy. That is so tough to have two doctors with conflicting opinions and I wish I had better information to offer, but that is what I do personally…

  115. CONGRATULATIONS! You have given all of us thyroid patients so much hope!!
    I LOVE your site!

    I was wondering if you could talk about regaining fertility while breastfeeding. My mother who had five children about 18 months apart had to stop bf to regain fertility at 4 months.

    With my first born it took a year while I bf since I didn’t want to do formula. . It may be that I am 33, but just interested since we are due this spring and would love to have another child closer in age yet still bf. I was wondering how you were able to get fertility back during breastfeeding? Thank you so much!!

    • My fertility always came back when baby was 9 months old, even though I was still nursing. I think there is a huge genetic component (my mom had the same experience) but I also think that eating a really nutrient rich diet helps a lot as your body knows it can handle fertility and breastfeeding. Thanks for reading and good luck.

  116. Congratulations! I love the list in your post! We’ve gotten, “don’t you know what causes that,” more times than I can count! We are Catholic and have 6 kids as well. My 6th was my best birth. I felt most prepared and it was a wonderful natural birth. My fertility always comes back quickly despite nursing, tandem nursing, daily napping, constant carrying, no passies, and all the other stuff your supposed to do. Several of my kids are 13 months apart. I love your blog and have gotten so many great recipes and ideas. Love your cookbook too, we are trying the muffins today! I don’t know how you do it all and read all these comments! Congratulations!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment, Beth, and congrats on a beautiful family!

  117. Oh and I forgot the announcement part. My husband usually makes a yearly video around Christmas with cute videos, pictures and stuff from the past year so for one of our kids, at the end of the video he added, “coming soon to the big screen, baby due Feb 2008” following “credits” of the movie. For years after that my family always watched the video very closely expecting more pregnancies to be announced that way. The rest were pretty quiet announcements, especially after our miscarriage and when his family rolled their eyes to announcements.

  118. I really love this blog. I was hoping to see more suggestions for announcing pregnancy in the comments, but mostly all I saw were banding together about having a lot of kids. After so many of those posts I am compelled to respond to all the questions wondering why people seem to be concerned about you having so many. One reason is the planet is severely over-using it’s resources! Soon it will become a crisis with not enough to go around. Do you want your children to be part of that? The problem is here and other rich countries. One child here uses the resources of 8 African children. So, of course you should love your children. And I totally understand about avoiding hormonal birth control. But, cherish the ones you have and maybe give thought to all the children of the planet before deciding to have so many more?

    • I have struggled with this myself as we have 6 children and I have read a lot about overpopulation. Lots of countries are underpopulating as well. We do our best to minimize our damage to the environment and some people with only one or two children use vastly more resources than our family. Our kids shower once a week, we grow a lot of our own food, we have a small house where all 3 of our boys share a room and all 3 girls share a room. We hardly ever drive as it just isn’t worth the trouble and the kids don’t need to be entertained like so many parents of one or two who are constantly running their children to events and practices to entertain and socialize them. We don’t even use the school building or resources, we homeschool. Our children wear clothing until they have fallen apart and share toys which we don’t have a ton of since they share rooms and share toys. We make all meals from scratch and all our gardening is organic. They reuse and reuse and reuse things as we pass them from child to child. We co-sleep and babywear and breastfeed so we don’t own bottles or cribs, or exersaucers. We are teaching 6 individuals to be environmentally conscious who will hopefully pass that to their children. We have less trash per week than many people I know who have 2 people in their family. You really can’t judge how many resources a family uses or how much trash they accumulate or how much damage they do to the environment unless you have all the facts.

  119. Katie,
    I can’t wait to hear the great news about your new little one this month! I wanted to ask you if you or your midwives ever have heard of the Shettles method? Any truth to it? Healthy babies are all I ever pray for, just thought it was an interesting theory after reading Toni Weschler’s book about fertility. Thank you so much for any input! I LOVE your website and cannot thank you enough for all you have done to help our children be healthier! God Bless!

    • I’ve heard of it, but haven’t ever tried it personally… would love to hear you experience if you do, or maybe other readers can weigh in if they’ve tried it…

  120. I’m wondering about your experience in that birth class. I am pregnant with my 6th, I previously took Bradley classes and have had natural births. My last one was actually unassisted on the side of the freeway b/c baby was in a hurry. I have a good friend who is a hypnobabies instructor and it really works for her, but I have looked into it and it just doesn’t sound like it fits with the way I like to birth.

    Anyway, I love the way I feel totally connected and empowered during birth, its the most amazing experience. But, I am always intrigued when I hear about pain-free or almost pain-free natural childbirth. I have been through different kinds of labor, both long and short, I think I have a high pain tolerance and am pretty good through most of the experience, but transition kills me every time! Of course I get through it and its totally worth it, but it is the most painful thing I can imagine. I am baffled by people who have a different experience.

    I guess I’m wondering, as someone whose also been through it before more than one time, and someone who is informed about natural labor and birth, does this class really make a difference for you? What is the difference?

    • I haven’t given birth yet, so I won’t be able to tell you until then!

  121. I want to thank you for sharing each and every one of your experiences. And helping us natural mamas find excellent resources to make our homes, our children and ourselves healthier. I love to hear stories of large families, my husband and I also wanted many children. God has chosen to give us three so far, and has called home four to Himself. We lost one this past January at 12 weeks, and I am preparing to try again. I am truly blessed by your blog, and love creating a happier, healthier home. I am also eagerly reading all your pregnancy posts in preparation (God-willing) for one more baby! Thanks for sharing with us!

  122. can you tell me where to find your video where you answered your pregnancy quiz? I love that but I need the answers to be able to use it.