Juil Earthing Shoes Review

Review: Grounding shoes are a healthy way to get "barefoot" time

I’ve written before about the benefits of earthing or grounding and how I’ve been able to get these benefits in my own life by using an earthing mat at night. In fact, the health benefits that come from direct contact with the earth’s surface might be one of the reasons that gardeners live longer on average.

As this website explains:

“Grounding 101: the surface of the earth is teeming with a continuous supply of electrons. Recent research tells us that these electrons act as antioxidants, fighting the build-up of free radicals in our body.”

In order to get these benefits, however, a person’s skin must come in direct contact with the earth (as with walking barefoot) or come into direct contact with a surface that has been grounded directly to the earth. This is the theory behind the earthing mat, which allows a person to be grounded to the earth’s surface while sleeping.

According to the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? regular contact with the grounding effect of the earth can help reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, reduce snoring, and speed healing. It has even been tested with bed-ridden patients to prevent bed sores.

Barefoot with Shoes?

I’ve noticed a difference from earthing in my own life, and try to get some barefoot time outside each day as well as sleeping on the Earthing Mat. Of course, most places frown on people walking around barefoot, and there are people, like my mother-in-law, who don’t like to be barefoot for fear of picking up parasites through the feet.

When Peter of the new company, Juil.com, reached out to me about their new grounded earthing shoes, I was intrigued.

Juil makes “Earthing Shoes” which they explain:

“Each pair is made with our exclusive Energy Flow Technology™, containing copper conductors (or dots) going directly through the outsoles. Juil footwear creates a free-flowing connection between you and the earth, rejuvenating your energies with each and every step. As we like to say – simplify your life and make every step significant.”

I also really liked that Juil donates to Soles for Souls to provide to those in need of shoes around the world so each purchase also helps someone in need.

On a vain note, their shoes are also really cute, and I was glad to find a pair of nice sandals that could be worn with jeans or a dress.

But Are They Comfortable?

When my Juil earthing shoes came in (with free shipping and within a week…) I immediately liked the way they looked. Getting the box was like getting a christmas gift. The shoe-box itself was durable enough that I actually leave it in the closet to store the shoes in. They also came with a silk carrying bag and information about the company. I always love opening something I’ve ordered when I can tell that it was packaged with care and not just thrown in a box in a mass shipping facility.

What impressed me the most was how comfortable the Juil’s are. They have a great strong sole without too much arch or support so it can really fit any foot type. The copper conductors are built in to the shoe so well that you don’t feel them and they don’t make any kind of clicking noise when walking on a hard surface. (Though if you’re new to earthing and never go barefoot, you might feel a slight tingling sensation in your feet as you adjust).

Juils are somewhat pricey, but I’ve spent just as much on other types of sandals like Birkenstocks, which aren’t grounded and which are very similar in quality. Based on the quality, I expect these shoes to last for years. Since I can easily go through a pair of cheaper flip-flops in a summer, these will definitely pay for themselves in the long run.

The Verdict

I didn’t really know what to expect when I first bought these shoes, but I was very impressed with the quality and style of their sandals. They have several different styles for men and a wide range of styles for women.

I love that I can be grounded while still wearing shoes and am considering buying their Holland clogs for the winter. They don’t make kids shoes yet, but my husband may be getting a pair of Apollo sandals for Christmas.

Have you ever tried grounding technology? Intrigued by the idea or think it is crazy? Would you try these shoes? Weigh in below!

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Reader Comments

  1. I want these! Christmas wish list just started…

    • I have just discovered this post and I trying to find the Juil earthing shoes. I am running into roadblocks as they don’t seem to be available. Anything you can tell me about this? Thank you!!!

      • Sadly this company went out of business in the spring of 2015. I was super bummed out as I loved all the shoes and sandals I have bought from Jules.

  2. I should be receiving a pair of huaraches from EarthRunners to review on my blog. I love huaraches, but these will be the first with the “grounding” ability. I’m a bit of a skeptic about the whole grounding thing, but then again, I’ve not done a lot of research… I’m open minded and looking forward to running in the Earth Runners!

  3. I really wish they’d make barefoot shoes with grounding, like fivefingers or something like that…Pretty as these are, they won’t stay on my feet while walking in the forest! 🙂

    • Very true… if anyone hears of a barefoot/minimal grounded shoe… let me know!

  4. I’m very interested in these! Quick question. Do you have to be walking on soil or sand or other conductive surfaces outside for them to work? Or can they benefit you even if you are walking around inside all day (eg in a building with tile or carpeted floors)?

    • I think you have to be on cement, dirt, sand, grass, etc…

  5. I’m intrigued by the whole concept of grounding, but I hate how pricey all the products surrounding grounding are! I know it’ll probably benefit me in the long run, but the mats and shoes are far too expensive for me right now. I will say that I’ve been trying to get more in touch with the earth, and it’s incredibly difficult, especially since I live on the 4th floor of an apartment in NYC. There’s no earth to be found!

    On a camping trip I took last month, I did test going from the cabin to the lake (a mini-hike actually) and I found when I went barefoot, I had no problem making the walk, but when I had my shoes on, I couldn’t keep my balance as well and I was incredibly winded and tired when I arrived. Very strange and intriguing!

    • HI Kristen: Yes free enterprise is good but allows for a lot of greed or desire to make big bucks off a simple concept. I used to teach electronics. We saw these things when using scopes to diagnose a circuit.
      Touch the ground and your own (probably EMF enduced) magnetic field go from lots to almost nothing.
      Since the body is a DC circuit (skull plates are polarized like a battery) it makes sense that being in an AC (alternating current) environment would try to cause electrons in the nerves to go back and forth at the frequency of the AC circuit. 60 times per second in a normal electrical circuit. 25,000 cycles per second in a transformer for modern electronic ballast fluorescent lights. Grounding shunts the pesky magnetic field to ground like in an electronic circuit. In 1992 at CalTec they discovered that there are millions of magnetite x-tals in the brain which are very high in their paramagnetic ability (attract magnetic field) so any magnetic field will be attracted by the brain. Since we are a DC circuit it appears we are attracting the magnetic field from the earth to be converted to electrical energy to cause electrons to flow through our nerves and back to the brain (around and around). The AC circuits just interfere with the natural DC process.
      I found a simple way to block that field while in grocery stores and work environments.
      I suspect the grounded shoes would go a long way toward doing the same thing –grounding out the emf.
      shunting it to ground.
      You can make your own grounding device for your bed while sleeping but it takes a little research.
      Just ground a wire to the ground in the electrical plug in , to a piece of conductive material and sleep on it.
      It only takes a small strip to go under your legs and I feel it would work better if it is in contact with bare skin.
      Get some small alligator clips to hook it all together. Use caution to make sure you are in the grounded part of the plug in recepticle or you might get a zap. You can buy a voltage detector that just plugs into one of the plug in sides to make sure which one is ground. It’s easy ——- just do it…


  6. Hi there! Thank you for this article. I am now so intrigued by this movement. I was wondering if you know if these are safe to wear during pregnancy.
    Thanks again!

    • Absolutely safe… actually good for the baby, as grounding has been shown to reduce EMFs, which can affect the baby. Congrats on your pregnancy!

  7. A question….Can you wear socks with their shoes? I like you live in a state that gets snow, ice, and very cold temps in these mountainous valleys.

    • For grounding, no socks but they make some really warm clog type shoes for winter

      • I know this is an older comment.. but I just wanted to let anyone else who may be reading this know that you can wear socks with Juil Earthing Shoes. I found this on their site:

        Yes, you will! Lucky for you, wearing socks doesn’t interfere much with your connection. Your feet naturally perspire and the resulting moisture allows for the continued conductivity and connection that you need to receive the benefits of earthing.

        PS: I just bought my first pair of Juil’s for the summer and I love them. 🙂

  8. Just wondering! I am suffering with a calcanous spur under my heel<and is supposed to use some insoles in my shoes,but it is so ugly,so I just buy shoes with a very soft sole like Clarks and Froggies. But because I have chronic inflimation these shoes sounds just something for me to wear.

  9. Sorry for my latest post looks silly!! Having a calconiousspur and suppose to use ugly insoles<instead buying Clarks or Froggies Wondering is these shoes will be best for me,because I am also have chronic inflimation in jouints and mussels I AM READING A LOT ABOUT COCONUTOIL AND ORGANIC GRASSFED MEAT

  10. sORRY AGAIN.Having a calconious spur under my heel,buying just soft shoes like Clarks and Froggies do you think I can consider these shoes from Juil.com? also having inflimation in my joints and muccles,learning about coconutoil and grassfed beef and is in the prossess switching to all these wonderful natural food

    • These shoes are harder that Clarks, but the grounding aspect may help reduce some of the inflammation in the foot as well…

  11. Hello! Are you still sleeping on your earthing mat while pregnant? Do you know of any benefits and/or contraindications to doing so while pregnant? My husband and I have been talking about getting one for our bed sometime soon!

    • I love it while pregnant! I put it under my hip to keep it from getting sore while sleeping on my side (Im a back sleeper normally) and it has also kept me from getting any insomnia so far and I’m already in third trimester. Everything I’ve seen suggests that they are perfectly safe and even helpful in pregnancy…

  12. I’m looking for a grounding shoe that could be used to walk trails. Have you come across anything?

  13. I also found some grounding shoes online called Soft Star Shoes. They are leather. I have such a hard foot to fit, I would love to be able to try them on first.
    Has anyone tried these?

  14. not happy with the “made in china” label
    trying hard to buy USA

  15. Since all earthing/grounded shoes seem to have a copper “plug” in the sole, why can’t someone come up with a way to convert the ungrounded shoes we already have…. seems it would be less costly. Shoes I already have and love, Like my Birkenstocks, one would think it would be an easy conversion. Something our local shoe cobbler could do. Does anyone know of such “conversions” taking place?

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing! Ought to be easy to convert!

  16. I was just looking at these so I’m glad for your review. I’m still undecided though. I prefer vibrams for the flexibility And I am concerned that the soles would be too stiff and not offer flexibility. Thoughts?

  17. I’m curious — are these made with all the synthetic chemicals and “pleather” (plastic/petroleum-/formaldehyde-treated leather) that are so common in manufactured shoes nowadays?

    I’m chemically sensitive so can’t at all tolerate the mass of petroleum byproducts in all the “cute” clothing and shoes… but even if I weren’t, I’d be quite concerned about having all those chemicals by my skin constantly.

    Juil’s website doesn’t seem to say anything about NOT containing these, and that generally signifies an unaware producer/company. The strap and soles look synthetic in the picture, as well… so I’d suspect they are.

    It would be nice to get a confirmation from the company, or someone in the know, one way or another, though. Grounding has helped with my health tremendously, and I think that copper in shoes is a very interesting innovation.

    It always surprises me how many “natural” companies use tons of petroleum- and formaldehyde-treated materials with their novel, “great health benefit!” parts.

    This is not to mention heavy metals used in the chemical compounds, and the very real potential for heavy metal absorption through the skin (especially with things like arsenic).

    Perhaps there isn’t enough awareness of how much these chemicals have totally infiltrated our lives yet?

    Being chemically sensitive has certainly _forced_ me to become aware…

  18. I just received a pair of these as a gift from my wife. I enjoy going barefoot as much as possible and am a believer in grounding. On close inspection of my Yuba sandals, the copper conductors have a small ridge (1/16″? 1/32″?) of rubber protruding from the sole. At least at first, I doubt that these conductors would actually come in contact with hard, smooth surfaces like concrete, unless perhaps there was a layer of water. On a dirt trail, in the grass, and other such places, they would likely make contact. I’m curious to see what happens when the ridge wears down. Copper is a soft metal and will likely naturally wear evenly with the sole, but at some point, I’m wondering if there would be a chance of damaging a hardwood or polished stone floor.

    They seem like well-made sandals and regardless of the conductivity, I’m expecting to enjoy wearing them, but the jury’s out for me on the conductivity.

  19. I just received my Brio sandals and was really excited to try them but they don’t fit at all. Every pair of shoes/sandals I own are a size 8 and with these 8’s, my heels hangs a bit off the back. Also, I have normal width feet and my pinky toe hangs off the side, I have never had this problem with sandals before. Since they were on sale, I unfortunately can’t return them…guess the Goodwill is getting a new pair of shoes.

  20. I was super excited to hear about these shoes on Wellness Mama. I love all of your tips and recipes. I was so excited, I ordered away, not realizing that the sales were final because of the sale. I only noticed the free shipping and returns policy stated (since most sites offer this now). I am always a size 11, and the shoes I ordered are too small! This is the largest they make. When I called customer service to explain my dilemma, the man that answered the phone was super argumentative. I had also ordered two other pairs of shoes for my daughter, that she is keeping. I was really turned off by his attitude, not customer service oriented at all. So, while I like the idea of the shoes and company, I won’t be returning! Beware of sizing and small print on policies if you decide to order.

  21. Ordered from their big sale. They didn’t have any women’s shoes left in my size so I took a chance on men’s size 9. They came in today and I LOVE them! And only $20.00 !!!

  22. Am I the only one who is having hard time accessing juil’s website? every link in this blog post to their site won’t load and when I google them their website wont load either. I know it’s not my computer because every other website I am using loads fine. help please!

    • I think they are out of business temporarily, unfortunately… but I think they are working on reopening soon. I’ll update links as soon as I know anything

  23. Hellooo! Im writing from Singapore : )
    Im interested in getting more of the JUIL shoes.

    However, it seems like the JUIL.COM website is no longer there?

    Anyone knows what has happened? Any way to contact JUIL shoes person ic?

    • Alas, they went out of business this year 🙁

  24. Oh…does it mean they have closed down? Or only take a break for a while? Where can i find JUIL shoes again?

  25. I had a horrible experience with the Get Grounded company and feel obligated to share. I consider myself to have “normal” feet and have never had issues with “flip flops” The Men’s Ion Earthing shoes made my feet bleed. The soles are heavy causing much friction with the black material in between the toes. They got many bad reviews so they pulled their product from Amazon. Amazon reviews are golden. They refuse to send a call tag. They are sticking to their return policy. I will not spend the money to ship them back so I will not get a refund. Their arrogance is appalling and I for one would never treat a customer of ours like they are treating me. I have a picture to prove the bleeding and this problem was not caused by me doing anything out of the ordinary besides just wearing them like normal.

  26. Has anyone tested the relative conductivity of pure-leather moccasins vs dedicated ‘earthing shoes’? Is there any real difference in their grounding effect? I’d like to know if anyone has tested with a multimeter to see the difference,

  27. Hey! I would love to buy these EXACT sandles in the picture, the ones u have & reviewed. I cant seem to find them on the linked site. Please help? & how much r they? Thanks so much for your time! Your the best as always! 🙂 lacey

    • This is a really old post and they’re no longer being made 🙁

  28. Any word on other earthing shoes that are just as good as Juil’s? So sad they are no longer making them.

      • Thank you! I’ll look into those. Hopefully you can write a review one day. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  29. Do you think that leather shoes would help to ground us? Rubber and latex are electrical insulators, I think.

  30. Very disappointed that you would picture sandals that are not available….I have worn Groundals for yrs but really liked this style. 🙁

    • This post is several years old and unfortunately the company went out of business last year…