Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook Review

Everday Paleo Family Cookbook Review

If you haven’t already heard the buzz, Sarah Fragoso from Everyday Paleo recently released her new Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook!

Sarah’s blog is a wealth of information and delicious recipes and it is on my list of daily reads.

I use Sarah’s original book, Everyday Paleo, often as a reference and for recipe ideas, and I think her new book will be just as helpful.

The Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook has over 80 family friendly recipes that are easy to prepare as well as healthy versions of condiments and sauces. It is a great resource for families just starting off on a paleo/real food way of eating as it has a budget guide, list of staples, week long meal plan and shopping list and more.

Even for seasoned real food eaters, her Family Cookbook provides recipe ideas and budget tips that will bring delicious variety to the menu.

I love how Sarah focuses on making meals a family event and encourages ways that the entire family can help prepare, cook and enjoy the meals. She also provides a list of lunch and snack ideas, which is a valuable resource, especially for parents who struggle to find healthy options to send with their children to school.

The Recipes

I’ve had the chance to try a few of the recipes in Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook, and like the recipes on her blog and in the original Everyday Paleo, they are easy to prepare and delicious. Our favorite so far has been the Whole Greek Chicken with Roasted Garlic.

Greek Roasted Chicken Recipe Everyday Paleo

It is incredibly simple to make and can be put in the oven to cook while you clean house, play with the kids, or relax (anyone actually do that?) We had it for lunch today and it was a kid favorite. I was out of lemons so I sliced an orange instead (lemon was great too!) and sprinkled with fresh parsley, salt and pepper. The roasted garlic really adds flavor and I love to add the roasted garlic to some wilted spinach.

Each recipe in Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook is accompanied by a full size color picture, which makes it great when my kids want to help pick out meals for the week (and they are much more likely to be excited about trying new meals when they got to pick them).

The kids favorite recipe was “Rocket Fuel” a grain free healthy treat (check the back of the book!).

The Guides

Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook also provides some very helpful quick reference chapters for making the transition to a healthier lifestyle (or saving time in the kitchen if you’ve already switched). In the first section of the book, Sarah provides guides to:

  • Basic foods to have on hand
  • 10 steps to help you get started
  • How to get kids on board
  • Lunch ideas to pack on the go
  • Quick and simple meal ideas
  • Week long meal plan with shopping list
  • Budget guide

Check it out!

If you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to check out Sarah’s blog and her new book. Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook is a wealth of information in an easy to read package. I can’t wait to try more of the recipes, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too!

Have you read Sarah’s blog or previous books? Will you check out this new book? Tell me below!

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