My Typical Day

I try not to write about myself much, but I’ve gotten several requests for a post about what a typical day looks like for me and how I fit all the things I suggest into a day. In reality, there is no “typical” day at our house with four kids, but this is what I generally strive for… Please don’t think I am by any means perfect at sticking to this routine everyday. There are many days where a lot of things don’t happen because we spend most of the day outside or go on an impromptu field trip.

My house is not usually perfectly clean, there are usually strange smells or messes (thanks potty training) and the kids usually find something to get into that I had forgotten we even had… but we do our best. The book “A Mother’s Rule of Life” has been tremendously helpful in my ability to find an stick to a routine.

My Typical Day Schedule

6:00-8:00 am: Wake up. Time varies based on when kids wake up and demand food. Shower, brush teeth, spray on magnesium oil and use plain coconut oil or lotion bars for moisturizer. If I put on make-up I use homemade organic makeup.

If I don’t have time for a shower, I use homemade dry shampoo and DIY beach waves spray and throw on some homemade deodorant. Since everything is homemade, my bathroom counter is filled with glass jars filled with homemade products. Not fancy, but it works:

natural ingredients

-Unload dishwasher from night before, prepare breakfast and drink a glass of water.

8:30 ish– Breakfast – usually consists of eggs of some kind and favorites around here are Eggs Baked In Avocado, Breakfast Pizza, Ham and Egg Breakfast Bowls, Egg “Oatmeal,”   or on days when we have time, Eggs Benedict. I have an addiction to salmon (which I have no desire to recover from) 🙂 and this is one of my favorite breakfasts lately (or lunches or dinners)…

sushi for breakfast

Breakfast also usually includes a cup of coffee or tea with healthy fats blended in and my vitamins (I love this kind of coffee). On days when I don’t take all of my vitamins, I make sure to get in probiotics and Fermented Cod Liver Oil (I won’t miss a day… I notice a difference immediately).

vitamins & suppliments

9:00-11:00: Morning chores with the kids and school work for the day…we can still do it in this short amount of time since the kids are so young and benefit more from hands on learning outside anyway. Basics usually include laundry, sweeping, and bathroom cleaning (with microfiber to save time) in between teaching reading, math, and science (all other subjects are taught hands on at this age). About once a week, we double up on school and do errands the next day during this time.

I usually also drink some kombucha or water kefir mixed together during this time.

11:00-12:00 ish: Gardening outside with kids.

My Typical Day

They help some but usually spend more time playing with him:

My Typical Day

We’ve struggled a lot with pests this year because it’s been so warm, but the sweet potatoes are thriving (and taking over the garden). Which is great, since my kids can easily put away 1-2 in a meal…

sweet potatoes

The squash and melons haven’t fared quite as well, and the cucumbers have already died… (if anyone has an organic remedy for cucumber beetles that actually works, please share!)

My Typical Day

I love working outside and getting some Vitamin D and some good barefoot time (reasons gardeners live longer)… plus the herb garden makes it smell wonderful…(excuse my goofy looking feet…)

feet in grass

I sometimes try to squeeze in a kettlebell workout in the sun, or just lay on a blanket and read in the sun. Since starting a real food, high nutrient diet, I don’t burn easily at all and feel so energized by this time in the sun.

12:00-12:30ish: Come inside and get lunch or snack ready. Usually consists of some form of salad topped with leftover meat from a previous meal:

fresh salad

1:00-2:30 ish: Nap time or quiet time for kids and my work time/cleaning time. This is when I usually try to write blog posts, work on stuff online, etc. This is my oh-so-fancy “home office” (kidding…) And about my house not always being clean… my desk almost always falls into that category. Yes, I was on Facebook… it’s for work 😉

computer working

2:30-5:00 ish– Getting the house clean(ish), folding laundry, and playing with kids. I also usually make any needed household supplies during this time or do regular kitchen jobs like brewing kombucha or water kefir, making cleaning supplies, etc. Here are a few of my reference recipes.

Natural Homemade Laundry Detergent
Natural All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe
Natural Homemade Glass Cleaner Recipe
Easy Homemade Scouring Powder Recipe
Natural Bathroom Cleaning
Natural Kitchen Cleaning

And here’s my checklist that I use to make sure everything gets done: Natural Cleaning and Organizing Checklist

5:00-6:30 ish: Prepare, cook, and clean up from dinner. It’s usually something from my recipes list, most often a stir fry or something equally fast, cheap, and easy. Hubby and kids usually spend this time outside- they play and he tends his backyard vineyard (he makes his own wine and beer).

backyard vineyard

6:30-8:00 ish: Bath, evening chores, and getting the kids ready for bed. Family prayer/rosary time and kids (hopefully) in bed by 8 p.m. They sleep in completely dark rooms with soft gregorian chant music playing. (They’ll be in trouble if any of them are called to monastic life as chant puts them to sleep instantly…) Since we optimized sleep, they sleep a lot better and don’t wake often, with the exception of the potty training toddler and the nursing 1-year old.

8:00-10:30ish: Work time (most often) or time relaxing with the hubby if we are able to get work done in time. I also try to squeeze in some reading to meet my new-year’s resolution of 2 books per week in 2012. I’ll also sometimes exercise during this time if I didn’t get to earlier in the day.

books i'm reading

Right now, I’m working on re-reading Gut and Psychology Syndrome and reading How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor, Hypothyroidism: the Unsuspected Illness, The Whole Soy Story, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, and Deep Nutrition (not pictured).

I spend some time on my Rumble Roller to relax my muscles before bed… It’s a great self massage and regular foam rollers didn’t do a thing for my back (where I store stress…)

rumble roller

10:30 ish: Brush teeth and go to bed. I’m a total sleep snob, which stems from the fact that with 4 kids in 5 years, I haven’t had a solid night sleep since 2006. When I do sleep, I optimize it by making sure I don’t drink caffeine after noon. I also sleep on an earthing mat (which I LOVE) in complete darkness (we use blackout curtains) and with nature sounds white noise (we cover the alarm clock and all lights). We also try to keep the temperature around 67 degrees.

earthing mat

My days are usually punctuated with changing many of these and wiping many bottoms:

cloth diaper

We can’t even get cable where we live (and probably wouldn’t if we could) so we don’t spend much time watching TV, with the exception of sports and the occasional movie night with the hubby on the weekends. It’s been a huge time-saver not to have TV and the kids spend more time making messes playing instead.

For the most part, while my days can be tiring at times, I don’t feel like they are that difficult (except for the never-ending questions… I’ve read that the average pre-schooler asks 400+ questions a day, which means I’m answering 1200+ … that’s a lot of talking!). I have so much respect for moms who work, get kids dressed and to school daily, or even manage to have a clean house all the time… I’m a work in progress!

What is your normal day like? Any tips for being more efficient or getting more done with little ones at home? Please share your best advice!

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Reader Comments

  1. Kudos to you for all you do and share with us. 
    I admire how you and your husband use your property so well.

  2. My Day:  5:45am – get up, brush teeth (I use your homemade tooth powder recipe), oil up face and body with virgin coconut oil.
    6:00am – Poor 6oz glass of Aloe Vera juice and sip while putting on make-up and listen to local news for daily weather & traffic (last sip of aloe juice I swish around in my mouth and gargle).
    6:30am – Wake up my 3 1/2 year old son and cook his eggs in coconut oil and serve with sliced apple and glass of goat milk. After he’s done, get him dressed and his teeth brushed.
    7:00am – leave to commute my way to my son’s preschool and then to my office.
    8:00am – turn computer on and watch my inbox explode.
    8:30am – have my soft boiled egg and rooibos tea and work my fanny off.
    12pm – lunch.  leftover protein and veggie from the previous nights dinner.
    2:30pm – gym break.  head down to the basement of my office to do a bit of cardio, weights & stretching.
    4:00pm – commute my way to pick up my son and get home.
    5:00pm – wash hands and prepare dinner:  protein and veggie or two.  snack on almonds if hungry while cooking, maybe some coconut water too.
    6:00pm – pass clean up duty to my husband so that I can shower.  after hubby cleans up, he and my son play outside while i finish my “unwinding ritual” of a shower, magnesium oil rub down, rose water toning for face followed by a kalahani melon seed oil/pomegranite seed oil face massage followed by rubbing myself down with shea butter.  then I blow dry my hair and straighten so I don’t have to “fix” it in the morning.
    7:00pm – pull a protein out of the freezer for the next day’s meal.  Pack my lunch and pack my son’s lunch for the next day.  Scan to see if anything needs to be made (ie: coconut milk, almond milk, homemade power bars, homemade ice pops, etc).
    7:30pm – rummage to see if I have any leftover homemade ice cream, if not, scowl and decide what my next flavor to make will be.  Take my multi vitamin and cod liver oil.
    8:00pm – get my little man bathed, pick his clothes for the next day, get him in bed and read him his bedtime stories.
    8:30-9pm:  Relax.
    9:00pm:  Go to sleep.

  3. Thank you for sharing!  You are an inspiration and I’m going to have to steal your schedule as a guideline!  Thank you again!

  4. Not my day, but just to say that I also love A Mother’s Rule of Life!! And Holly is great and helpful on her site. 

  5. Go Catholic, homeschooling, natural food eating moms everywhere!  I only have one kiddo right now but that sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy my family once its bigger!

    One quick question, what do you do with them when it’s raining and you can’t go outside?  I get this question a lot from friends who relocate to the northwest where we have a lot of rain or wet ground even on not rainy days.

    • I have a box of toys and games that only comes out during rainy days… also let them set up an old tent in their room sometimes… keeps them busy for hours playing “camping” or whatever other game they think of..

  6. You have some wonderful ideas.  The massage roller looks absolutely great.  My days tend to be hectic because I don’t always have everything in place.  Get up around 6 or 6:30, make husband’s lunch, make breakfast, get children ready, get myself ready, rush out the door, drop children off at daycare/school, go to work, work from 8:30 to 4:30, pick up children, try to figure out what is for supper and eat soon after, clean up, try to find time to work on garden and get weeds out of flowers, try to fit some laundry in some nights, the children (3 and 7) feed the dogs and chickens, clean up from supper and hopefully get all this done by 8:30 for teh children’s bedtime.  My husband and I go to bed whenever we get a chance — usually by 10.  You throw in baseball and basketball, church functions and horseback riding and things just go hairy scary, but we try to keep in somewhat of a schedule. 

    Thank you for everything.  It is great information.   

  7. I loved this post! Very informative and inspirational!

  8. Love getting to see a glimpse of your personal life 🙂 LOVE all the pictures too (cute dog!) I hope to see more posts like this in the future so you aren’t just a faceless blogger 🙂

  9. Thanks for this great post!  I’m in the process of switching to all natural cleaners.  I was wondering if you have a recipe for cleaning wood furniture.

  10. Katie
    Well I just learnt a few new things about you!  Don’t know why I didn’t realise you hsed, nor that you lived in the country.  We have more in common than I realised. The pics of your garden are soo inspiring, really thinking this might be the year I learn!
    Any tips- well I think I may have shared some of my tips with you before
    but the reality with little ones is you are doing very well, to feed, clothe and educate them, toss in gardening and really you are amazing!!  Just enjoy them, in all the madness and insanity enjoy these years of little ones.

  11. Wow! Your day sounds amazing…relaxingly productive? Thanks so much for sharing this–especially your self-care routine. I’m working on incorporating more homemade beauty/ skin products into my life and it’s great to hear how you use them. 

  12.  I want to be like this in 10 years. I am 23 now and starting to live a more natural lifestyle …I want to garden and have a farm but have to work in a city to put my husband through school. I can’t wait to live a more simple life. I hate the daily grind!!! Your garden is beautiful. If we all lived like how ya’ll live …Society wouldn’t be so in the dumps!

  13. Thanks for posting… I’m a homeschool mother of 5 between the ages of 10 and 3 mo. We don’t always follow a strict schedule either but I’ve been picked on (lovingly) for my organized ways. I always tell people if I wasn’t organized I would never get anything done or keep my sanity. Every family rhythm is different but I enjoy reading about them and getting tips on how to organize my day more healfuly and efficiently!

  14.  Do your kids participate in any extra curricular activities?  If so, where do you fit those in?  What is the age of your oldest?  The reason I ask is I have a very similar schedule as yours and the pressure to do a million and one activities outside the home as my oldest enters 1st grade is crazy.  I’m going to try to fit everything in on Tuesday and Thursday and say absolutely no to anything on M,W,F, but it’s hard to fight this in a society that doesn’t see anything wrong with fast food, and thinks gardens are a waste of time when Costco is right around the corner.  Thanks for your input.

    • My oldest is only 5 and I’ve resisted extra-curriculars until now since we do a lot of activities as a family and I try to schedule regular events with friends. Those usually happen in the morning in place of gardening or school time (we double up other days) or in the evenings. It’s fun to have another family over for dinner, which doesn’t add much hassle to the schedule and we can hang out with the adults while the kids play in the backyard… There is so much pressure for extra curriculars- i know what you mean! I’m planning to resist as long as I can and then limit to one per kid and try to get them to be in the same activities (swim team, etc).

  15. Awesome!  Amazing.  I am really curious about that Magnesium oil.. do you just leave it on all day?  

  16. I like your garden! I was hoping we’d get to see a picture of you. 🙂

  17. Nice fullday! Love the garden! How do you use and where doyou spray the magnesium oil? I use natural calm before bed. Would i continue with both?

    • I use both most days too. I rub on my stomach, back and legs and then rub coconut oil in after.

  18. Thank you for the insight into a “typical” day for you and the kids. Your garden is amazing! How many hours per week do you sprnd tending to it, approximately? I’m just wondering what kind of undertaking a garden of that size would be.

    Also, we have become a “cable tv – free home” But my husband really misses the sports. How have you guys managed to find a way to watch sports?

  19. WM, this was awesome; sharing your day! i have your daily life in my mind’s eye now and can picture your already descriptive writing even more clearly.

  20. Oh wow I also have 4 little people the oldest is now 7, the youngest is 2.    I love your website, Mama!

  21. Regarding the earthing mat from Upgraded, is it a process to make sure your electrical outlets are grounded properly if you are on a second floor bedroom?  Or is it standard building code to have them grounded properly?  Thanks!

    • It actually comes with an outlet tester that will let you know if it is grounded correctly or not.

  22. Thanks so much.  I did see that they send along a tester to find out if you are properly grounded in your outlets, but I guess I’m wondering is that normally true, or do people who live in normal houses built in the past 20 years have the proper grounding?  Or is it normally true that one would need to modify their outlets?  Thanks

    • I think they are normally properly grounded… At least everywhere I’ve slept has been… Even hotels

  23. Not totally sure if this works for cucumber beetles, but I know diatamaceous earth is good for killing lots of garden pests. Check out the video at the bottom of this one website:
    I’m not affiliated with them at all, just bought from them once recently.

    • Or, if you have a couple of hours some day (maybe a “date night”? 🙂  you could watch this great film called “Back to Eden”… about natural gardening methods.

      • I love this documentary. We moved into a new house a year ago and we built our entire garden/orchard/vineyard/berry patch around this film. So simple but effective!

  24. How to raise healthy kids in spite of your doctor was my favorite book when my older kids were little.

  25. Ok, please tell me if this is normal! 🙂 I’ve been doing the homemade magnesium spray and I’ve been doing the coconut oil in my coffee (about 1TB) 2 times a day….not gonna lie….I’m addicted to coffee. And, I’ve also been using about 1 TB in my eggs every morning and also to cook anything with throughout the day. I’ve been doing this for about 6 days and today I absolutely had the worst stomach cramps ever! This might be TMI, but after the “episode”, I went to the bathroom twice, and then felt like I had completely emptied my system of everything! Is this normal b/c of the antibacterial and antifungal properties of the coconut oil? I’m assuming this was a good thing….like, a detoxing of some sort….

    • That is normal, especially for the majority of people who have a yeast overgrowth and don’t know it. I’d back off a little bit and work back up so you don’t get the cramps… No fun in the short term but good in the long term!

  26. My husband and I have begun container gardening at our new apartment. We recently purchased some chamomile seeds from Whole Foods, and after looking into growing them I discovered a lot of gardeners recommend them as a bug-deterent– especially for cucumber beetles …. perhaps planting some of those nearby might help your bug issue …. Cheers, Allie

  27. Ok, so I tried taking gelatin this morning. I wanted to incorporate it b/c I don’t have the healthiest of joints and I have back issues. Oh gosh, I almost tossed my cookies! Do you take an entire TB everyday? I don’t know if I can do it if I have to drink that stuff! It’s brutal. 🙂 Also, do you take the chlorophyll and calm everyday?

    • Did you mix it in water or hot tea? That is how it is tolerable for me, but I’d definitely work up to it!

      • Straight water, so maybe that’s where I went wrong! I have a very strong stomach and gag reflux and can choke down anything, but the texture just did me in! I put it in a smoothie, and it worked out great! 🙂

  28. this is the first thing i have ever read on your blog and was kinda freaky how similar your lifestyle is to mine – daily rosary with kids, check! that is the secret to a productive and pleasant day, in all honesty.

  29. You’re not a vegetarian? Figured you would be.

    • Definitely not vegetarian. I’m very much in favor of only eating humanely treated non-factory farmed meats, but from my research, animal proteins are much too important for optimal health.

  30. Thanks a lot. This post is so inspiring! I am due with the 4th in a few days and found your website. Full of anxiety two of them are 3 and under.. It seems you are coping so well! Although, prayers are still very hard to practise, as 2 smallest ones are babbling while me and the biggest daughter are trying to concentrate 🙂

  31. I was looking for a recipe using coconut flour,I read you typical day.I liked knowing people are wellness oriented,I make kombucha,sometimes my batches don’t turn out.Do you make kombucha,I had a few questions.

    • I do make it… how do you usually make each batch?

      • I have been wanting to try to make my own kombucha but haven’t found anyone to ask how they began. Any suggestions on how to get started or where to get a starter? Just found your blog and love it. My kids are grown now but we did homeschool and I’m trying to help guide our family to a healthier path. Thanks!

  32. I am so thrilled to have stumbled upon your site. It all happened because my daughter experienced a horrible reaction to store bought deodorant, and so I was looking for natural alternatives online. I have made your deodorant, lotion bars, whipped lotion, all purpose cleaner and last night I made liquid laundry detergent. I woke up to a great surprise and saw that my detergent thickened up, glad it did cause I was worried. My family is just as happy with all the changes in our house lately. Thank you so much for sharing all your great recipes. I do have one question, is the laundry detergent safe fir HE washers?

  33. So your children don’t have any toys? When the little ones, under 2 are indoors, what do they play with/how do they keep busy?

  34. Wellness Mama, I just have to say that this was an inspiring post to read. Thank you so incredibly much for sharing your day. I’m active duty military and recently married. Being active duty we move a lot (roughly every few years) so it’s been frustrating knowing I can’t really settle down and do the things I would really love to do, like build an herb and vegetable garden. I have been slowly turning my lifestyle to a more health conscious and natural one and am really excited to try some of your recipes out. I follow another blog called Crunchy Betty and she also uses products from Mountain Rose Herbs, which is how I ended up placing my first order with them this week. It’s been a struggle to really go fully eco-conscious both with my eating and with things like natural body care, mainly due to trying to find a balance between everything in my life at the moment. It’s very slowly coming together, much to my impatience, but it’s getting there. Thank you for this post which shows me that if a mother of four can do all you do, I can handle what I have now and can keep reaching for the stars.


  35. Aww your dog is adorable – what breed?

  36. I know this is an older post and you now have 5 small children. I have 4 children from 20-26 months apart and they’ve all been not so great sleepers plus we’ve moved 14 times in the last 7 years. I also homeschool and try to maintain a whole foods lifestyle but after reading your blog and learning more I’m trying to make this transition to a “wellness” lifestyle and it is very challenging!! Everyone has their favorite foods they may not be willing to give up and making everything can be time consuming! I find myself asking how in the world you do all that you do with 5 little ones!! Being a mom to small children is a full time + on call job and all these other things you do! It’s just amazing!

  37. You are amazing. I don’t know how you do it. I have one child and can’t get things done one time. Thank you for the blog. I am new here, just a week or so, and absolutely love everything. I do have a bunch of questions and wondering if there is an email address I can talk to you.

  38. I have loved your blog for a long time, and found most the information you post I find inspiring and informative. However, I seriously disagree with limiting your children’s extra activities to one each, or even pushing them to do the same thing. Childhood is a time to learn what your talents are, and more importantly what you like to do. Children should be encouraged to explore many different activities. Without those experiences how will they find a fulfilling way to live their lives?

  39. would you mind sharing the beer recipe?

  40. A few thoughts and questions about having kids…
    My husband and I have a one year old boy which has been by far the best thing and changed my life entirely. We are thinking about having another this time next year (getting pregnant soon). With my son I had post pardom and it was the worst experience of my life (along with the best) for a month. I cried every hour and thought he was going to die which I know that was mostly caused by hormone levels that I couldn’t seem to logic my way out of. With four kids, have you gone through this? (I haven’t read every single post so if you talk about this anywhere just direct me. I sometimes wonder how one keeps up with so many kids! I am afraid of the same post pardom happening again but then I think about all the mothers that have their hands so much more full than mine. I work with a woman whos husband works out of town, she has a four year old and a newborn and recently went through post pardom with out the support of her husband (which I at least have in the evening). This makes me feel like if she can do it I can do it (cheesy I know, like a kid). Everyone has told me that the second and so on are easier and I won’t be as paranoid. I’m hoping not. Do you have any tips on post pardom? What is your experience?

    • I’ve never struggled much postpartum but I have close friends who have. They benefitted from adding a lot of saturated fats and Omega-3s and taking St. Johns Wort. 🙂

  41. I have my daughter & husband taking fermented cod liver oil. I would LOVE to take it, but I have a seafood allergy. Honestly, I don’t know what type of seafood I am allergic to. I don’t have health insurance & can’t afford to pay out of pocket. I’ve eaten seafood my whole life. More than any other protein. One day I ate shrimp, oysters, & crab & my face blew up like a blow fish & my throat started closing up. A few months later I tried fish spread (with tuna) & broke out with a bad rash. So now I just stay away (very hard to do considering it’s my favorite food & I live in FL). Long story short, is it safe for me to take cod liver oil? Thank you!

    • You could try it, but err on the side of caution.

  42. I have been following you on Facebook for about a year now. My husband is a musician and also works for a holistic doctor that fully encourages the Paleo diet to all his patients (yay!). I am a young, catholic mother of 3. My oldest will be 5 in August. I am deeply struggling with sending him to school. I have and am considering home schooling. I don’t feel I will be able to home school all 12 grades and I’m nervous about his future social skills (absolutely no problems so far though!!!). Just looking for words of encouragement and wondering your reason for home schooling is.

    • For me, it had to do with being able to foster a good learning environment and also being able to make sure that they were well-nourished. We live around other families and they spend time with other kids all the time so I’ve never worried about the social aspect. On top of that, it is only relatively recent that children were isolated by grade level and there is no evidence that children need to spend time in a homogenous peer group to develop social skills. In fact, the research shows the opposite: that children need to spend time with other child, adults and the elderly, as well as have time to properly play and take risks. I didn’t feel that anything other than spending time with other children was accomplished with the school system. We haven’t decided yet if our kids will ever go to “normal” school for high school or not, but I can say that for now (third grade and below) all of the material is easy to teach and a bonding experience with the kids… Hope that helps some 🙂

  43. I see that you are Catholic! I wonder, if you don’t eat grains or refined sugars, how do you received Communion? I am Catholic and this question has been nagging me since I’ve gotten into “real food…”
    If this is too personal a question, no need to answer. 🙂 Thank you!

    • The precious blood is also a valid substance for Communion so I usually just skip the host and receive the precious blood instead. 🙂

  44. Wellness mamma. I’m new to your site/page, and Am enjoying reading. Still not sure how you get it all done….I’m a work in progress too! I’m curious if you have ever introduced Muscadine Grapeseed Extract to your nutrition plan? Please let me know your favorite supplement. Thanks!!

  45. Thank you for sharing! I am amazed you are able still to pray rosary with the family! You really do a great job!

  46. Love your site, love your writing style and what fantastic posts you do! And, lol, the picture of the toes – they look almost identical to my son’s (minus the nail varnish, obviously 🙂 )

    I am an acupuncturist and use Stems-and-Branches system to see what sort of “constitutional strengths and weaknesses” one might have … Does your birth year, by any chance end in 4? (or 5 if your birthday is at the very beginning of the year – Chinese new year starts around Feb/March)

    Your garden is an inspiration!!! Mind if I attempt to replicate? 😉

  47. Geeze I am totally amazed. So I’m a new time mom of a 1 1/2 yo and I’ve been a SAHM really by accident. I’ve looked for a job high and low but I know God is telling me this is where he wants me to be in this season of my life, with my son.

    Prior to having my son I was never organized with anything never did to do lists and just was basically a college student who could care less about anythibg. I was also a workaholic. And I’ve been having a very tough time adjusting to being a SAHM no longer making money. And it hasn’t really been sitting with me very well that now I’ve got to do all the cooking and cleaning and prepping. It just seems like a never ending deal of the same exact thing every single day.

    My question is how did you adjust to being such an intense SAHM? How do you feel about cleaning for what seems like all the time, all throughout the dday. I would greatly appreciate your advice. Because unlike most I never really liked the idea of being a SAHM.

    • Congrats on your son! Yes, it sometimes seem like an endless stream of the exact same thing everyday, but then there are sweet bright spots. I find that while all the planning does help to make it manageable, what makes it palatable is staying in the moment. It is definitely an art (but a learned one so I promise there is hope) but the goal is to keep your plan in the back of your mind while truly engaging with your child(ren). It’s tempting to go on autopilot and miss the little moments, and I still have to remind myself to slow down and be present.

  48. You’re Roman Catholic and your husband grows and makes his own wine and beer! Just when I thought I couldn’t love you anymore……. My husband makes fun of me for how much I love your blog and Mommypotamus 🙂 After reading the description on Amazon, I’m definitely going to get “A Mother’s Rule of Life.” Thanks for sharing, Katie!

  49. This is absolutely amazing. If you don’t mind me asking, where do you live? Are you able to grow your garden all year long? Do you can any of your goods? How do you make sure to use ALL of the produce you produce. I also live in the country and LOVE how you make everything and thrive with your garden. I can completely relate. I have half an acre garden and am in it everyday.

    Would love to hear your feedback.

  50. That was the most exhausting post I’ve ever read! I’m a single working mom, and trust me, what I do is NOTHING compared to what you do every day. I’m sure you hear this a lot, but: I don’t know how you do it. 🙂

  51. I loved reading this. Thank you!
    Sorry for the silly question, but I’d love to know where you fit in veggie washing. I find salad and leafy veg washing from our garden can take me hours. Do you have a trick to speeding up the process?

  52. I feel like a mega failure reading this. 🙁 I just have ONE child, a 10 month old who gets into every.single.thing and I am struggling to complete just 15 hours of work at home billing/bookeeping/office work for the company I work for during baby’s naps and keeping the house clean. But I’m just now researching and realizing I am struggling with SEVERE Adrenal Fatigue and Hypothryoidism. So I need to begin self-educating on a journey to healing. Unfortunately research takes energy, the very thing I’m lacking due to these conditions. LOL . I just found your blog not too long ago. Thank you for doing what you do, I hope to learn a lot in my time on your blog. 🙂

  53. Thank you very much for your blog! It’s amazing. I learn something interesting and useful each day. Though I’m from Russia and some aspects of life are very different here.
    Our family hopes to move from flat to house soon and I hope there I’ll be able to try more of your advices and experiences. Your example is so inspirating!

  54. Thank you for sharing this post with us. I find it really amazing that you make all these great homemade recipes and inspires us all to do the same. I am going to try a few of your recipes and see how I go 🙂
    Its great that you do homeschooling too! I don’t know how you find the time for it. Please continue making new and inspirational blog posts that inspire us all to live and eat healthy.

    All the best,