Make Peace With Your Plate Book Review

make peace with your plate book

I recently had the chance to read the book “Make Peace With Your Plate” by Jess Ainscough of The Wellness Warrior. I found her blog recently, and her story is inspiring!

She is a writer, holistic health coach, and cancer survivor (she did it naturally!).

Almost four years ago Jess was diagnosed with a very aggressive, rare form of cancer called Epithelioid Sarcoma, in her left hand and arm. After having a high dose of chemo pumped through her arm following scans showed she was clear of cancer. Little did she know it would come back, not even a year after going into remission.

After being told by the scary men in white coats that her only real chance of long-term survival would be to have her arm amputated at the shoulder she decided to take matters into her own hands. She politely refused their offers of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation and began searching for natural, alternative cancer treatments.

The way she saw it she had two choices. She could rely on the slash, poison and burn method offered by the medical profession and become stuck in the ‘cancer patient’ category for who knows how long, or she could take responsibility for her illness and bring her body to optimum health so that it can heal itself.

For Jess it was an easy decision. Chemo and radiation do not have great success on the type of cancer she has, and there is no way she was going to let them cut her arm off. Jess quit her magazine job in Sydney, swapping a lifestyle of back-to-back parties for one of relaxation and meditation.

Ditching a diet that consisted mostly of champagne, canapés and late night Lean Cuisine she  packed up and moved back to to live with her family and began devoting all her time and energy to restoring her health. Along the way, Jess developed a obsession with passing on all of her newly learnt wellness wisdom to anyone who was parked in front of her for long enough to listen.

The Book

Make Peace with Your PlateJess recently released a great eBook called “Make Peace With Your Plate” that discusses her journey, how she detoxed and healed from cancer, and the methods that she used. It also addresses the mental and emotional aspects of eating, which are tremendously important and often overlooked.

While many of us won’t have to use all of the measures necessary for cancer treatment, almost all of us could stand to eat (or drink) more green veggies. Jess has some great veggie recipes, and they are a great replacement for the grains and processed foods we’ve been removing from our diets.

I especially like Jess’ Blog for her uplifting and inspiring outlook on life and health, despite the tough experiences she had.

Have you read Make Peace with Your Plate? If so, what did you think? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. Hey, My name is Donna. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia several years ago. I also have Diverticulitis. I would greatly love to heal from both of those.
     Thank you for the chance to win this.  

    • I just finished reading this book. Veru insightfull and aligned to my values. I think a lot she covers can definitely help with your Fibromyalgia.

  2. Years ago I had some major eye issues.  I lived with extreme headaches for 2 weeks before I woke up one day blind.  I spent a week in the hospital on IV steriods as the specialists tried to figure out what was wrong with me.  when I was released, with very limited sight, I did as the docs told me, and took the steriods and other medications, causing me to gain a LOT of weight.  Over the years I struggeled with that weight and was told due to all the meds, I’d never lose it.  In the past year, I have found that I can lose that weight…and I have learned that my body can heal on it’s own.  I wish I would have known then what I know now about good food, nutrition, and healing our selves the way we were meant to rather than to be pumped full of medications with nasty side effects.  To this day, they still don’t know what caused my blindness, but I know through eating the foods my body was intended to eat, I am healthier and happier. 

  3. Hi. I’m healing from chronic Lyme disease and have worked so hard, over a period of years, to overhaul my diet and to rebuild my immune system. I am off all prescription medications and eat only whole, unprocessed foods. Any advice in this area, especially about rebuilding immunity, would be so very welcome. Thank you!

  4. My health challenge is improving the health of myself, my family,  my patients and my community.  I have a strong family history of cancer, although they are all different types so according to the medical community it is just a fluke, so I am trying to educate myself about the best way to protect my family.

  5. I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and wanted to make sure that I didn’t get to the point where the “pre” was removed.   That was the catalyst to change my eating and change my life.   It worked!  My lab results are now excellent.   I also signed up for the Wellness Warrior e-mail list.

  6. Debilitating fatigue has been my greatest challenge for more than twenty years. Thank you for sharing your knowlege with us!

  7. I signed up for the newsletter. My biggest health challenge is cooking for my hubby who loves the SAD diet, while I’m trying to leave that behind!

  8. Hashimoto’s (Changing meds every 6-12 weeks) for 10+ years, with recurring bouts if Epstein Barr.

  9. Autoimmune troubles…celiac, horrible constipation, hypo-thyroid, depression, bursitis in my right shoulder, perioral dermatitis and BLOATING big time. All that said, I’ve been paleo for a year and I have never felt better! Thank you for the daily inspiration!

  10. My biggest health challenge is snacking. I am not even hungry and will come home and grab a handful of anything handy. I don’t really keep a ton of bad food around but I still am eating when not hungry. I have not fixed the problem yet, I am hoping by moving into my own/new place, it will help!

  11. I signed up for Jess’ newsletter. My biggest health challenge was having the largest internal femur head cyst. I had been dealing with problems with my hip for several years and doctors telling me it’s nothing. I even had one doctor tell me I had bone cysts, but they weren’t be enough to cause any problems. Funny, cause when another doctor saw it, he said it’s the largest internal cyst anyone has ever seen. It had created a bump on the external part of my femur head which torn my labrum. He even sent my MRI results around the country to try to figure out what to do. He finally decided to do arthroscopic surgery. He repaired the labrum, scraped out the cyst and packed that area with bone building material. I was on crutches for 3 months prior to the surgery. Had the surgery and was non-weight baring for 6 weeks then another year to fully recover. Still have problems with the muscle structure surrounding the hip, but at least it’s not going out nor  am I falling any more.

  12. Hi!
    thank you so much for the opportunity.  2 years ago i was diagnosed with anorexia and have been struggling regain my health and my self ever since.  it has been a long and scary journey, but it has also connected me to so many people i never would have met without it.  i now, somehow know, it was meant to be and will only make me a better stronger me.
    thanks again!!

  13. I signed up for Jess’ newsletter! Our biggest health challenge is making the time and having the energy to exercise and make healthier meals. My husband also has sleep apnea. Love your blog!

  14. Just signed up…for us getting enough greens is the hardest thing.

  15. Signed up for the newsletter.  Over my life I have had and am dealing with many different health issues, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, leaky gut, fibroids, uterine and urinary issues.  It is always my first preference to go to “natural” remedies!

  16. I am smack dab in the middle of a “health challenge.” The whole lower half of my body feels “broken” and I can’t figure out why. I have gone to several different health practitioners with no answers. My knees hurt so bad all the time, and my legs always have shooting pain down them. I am working with a naturepath right now who has me on a very tight diet, and lots of supplements, but i’m not sure this will work either. I am a nutrition and fitness coach, and am super frustrated because I can’t do any of the things I love anymore. I also have “issues” with food…..I would love to win this book….I devour any health info I can get!

  17. Just signed up, thrilled to find a fellow Aussie!  well our biggest health challenge is my son’s moderate/severe acne.  Whilst technically not my problem it is, as we have changed our whole family’s diet to grain/sugar free to help, and of course he is on Mineral supplements and creams (Paradise Nutrients- new Aust. company).  Yes after a whole year of trial and error we are seeing better results and would now class him as moderate/mild.  and of course everyone is far healthier in many ways.

    • Erin, try getting rid of all dairy products as well. I suffered with acne for a long time and recently eliminated dairy from my diet (along with grains, legumes and sugar/ paleo diet) after reading about the link between dairy and acne. I am glad to say that I have been pimple free since doing this. He could go dairy free for a while and see if has any impact on his skin. Do some google research on dairy and acne and he’ll never consume it again! There are some scientific papers that back up the link.

  18. Hello, I’m Roseann and I’m a sugar/starch addict and breast cancer survivor. I signed up for Jess’s newsletter for recovery of my health and for awareness of nutrition and cancer. Thanks!

  19. Both of my health issues are longterm so I am always searching for new information and resources. I have had type 1 diabetes for 20 years this July. I am trying to avoid complications by being as healthy as possible. I was also diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis in 2009. The doctors revealed I am allergic to many environmental and several foods. I have been trying to figure out ways to deal with this illness without taking the drugs prescribed.

  20. Now following The wellness warrior  🙂 Great stuff on her WebPages…I have so much to
    learn and MANY habits to break, but I’m a person who needs to know the whys and
    why nots of things, then my head knows why it’s changing, and my body follows…. this book would be a great start

  21. Wow, looks like a great book. I signed up for her updates.  My biggest struggle is giving up coffee.  It definitly affects my skin and I can tell when I actually stop drinking it for a few weeks.  It is just so good and I love hanging out at coffee shops, so I have not conquered this struggle yet.

  22. My biggest challenge is adrenal burnout.  Currently coming out of it.  Really tough stuff.  I signed up with adrurban at yahoo dot com.  I was officially out of it a number of months ago but I’ve been tired again so waiting for my new tests to come back. Thanks!

  23. I signed up for Jess’ newsletter and read your T&C.  I think I will be spending the afternoon reading Jess’s website…..thank you for introducing us to someone who really cares about what she put sin her body and how it affects her and wants to share that knowledge.  In this crazy food world gone wrong we need to ban together!  Thank you!

  24. Both my husband and I are diabetic and he had cancer as a teenager. We are finally learning that all the “healthy” things we were doing were making us so unhealthy. We are now eating whole natural foods and trying to heal from the conventional “healthy” lifestyle. I’m looking forward to Jess’s blog.

  25. My biggest challenge healthwise right now, is not necessarily for myself, but for my husband who struggles with asthma and allergies(all adult-onset), and my older son with eczema and undereye circles. My younger son and I also have the undereye circles as well. So , doing lots of research and finding out how really unhealthy we are!

  26. Hi there!  Just signed up for Jess’ newsletter and am so excited to try her green smoothie recipes!  

    My biggest health challenge overcome:  a few years ago I was living the “work hard, play hard” lifestyle–working too many hours at my job, partying like a fiend, sleeping very little and eating not very well.  I always had food issues which I just lived with my whole life, but eventually my body revolted and forced me to have a look at what was going on.  The diagnosis: Gluten and lactose intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and the heartbreakingly, endometriosis.  I was put on a series of several different medications to “manage” my symptoms, but when I was told that it would be very difficult for me to have children because of my condition, I made the decision to turn my life in a different direction.  I sought out homeopathic and naturopathic remedies, started using essential oils, stopped living my extreme lifestyle, incorporated exercise, yoga and meditation into my routine, started eating organically, and purging chemically induced products from my household.  (Joining sites such as Wellness Mama have been so inspiring and helpful!) Lo and behold, I have felt better than I had ever felt! The true indicator of my challenges overcome: 5 months ago, I gave birth to a beautiful and very healthy baby boy–an absolute blessing in the face of western medical doctors who stated it would not be a possibility without drugs and medical procedures.  My partner and I are so dedicated now to a lifestyle of wellness for myself and my family, and we have been excited about incorporating the information we’re learning about organic living and attachment parenting.  Thanks Katie for your part in that–keep up the awesome work you are doing!!

  27. Sugar is my absolute weakness!

  28. I signed up! I was actually diagnosed with a massive cyst about a month ago (which explains the high amount of weight I suddenly gained for no reason). I’ve been put on medicine from the doctor, but it has terrible side effects. The next step is surgery, and since I don’t have health insurance, I’m not sure that’s really an option. And of course, they haven’t been able to figure out the cause, except to tell me that it’s “probably not” cancer, though they’re not sure. I’d love a copy of this book to try and work things out myself!

  29. Looking forward to some of your yummy green smoothie recipes and to reading this book!

    My husband had cancer 12 years ago, and has a history of it in his family.  Guess my biggest health challenge is keeping our 4 kids healthy and happy.

  30. My mom is working on being a survivor.  Jess’ website looks awesome.  I’ll definitely be forwarding it to her.

  31. My health struggle began when I was just a few months old. I suffered from colic and ever since I have had chronic stomach aches, acid reflux, and IBS. One day I had a really bad stomach ache and actually ended up in the emergency room. They found out I was so constipated and had to have 2 enemas. We also believe I was constipated because at this time I was on accutane for acne problems. After hearing about the Maker’s diet and going grain free, I have been cured of IBS, acid reflux, and chronic stomach aches! And I’m only 17… 

  32. Recently I had an anaphlaxis attack whilst eating a quiche base made from almond meal, salt, herbs and macadamia oil. I have not used macadamia oil before but have never had a problem with nuts of any kind including macadamias. I am supposed to have allergy testing in a few weeks to determine the exact cause but am not looking forward to the experience of being pricked and being itchy. I had allergy tests when I was in my teens and I still remember the feeling now 20 years later. I am caught between wanting to know to prevent any further anaphylaxis, but dreading the test. 

  33. I am so pissed and ashamed of myself.  At 45 I am still struggling with food issues.  I’ve spent the past 30 years either following the latest eating program or binging in retaliation of being on a restrictive program.  At some point in my life I want to just “be” when it comes to my relationship with food.

  34. My name is Alicia.  I suffer from multiple food allergies and a skin condition called ganuloma anulare.  I also have 2 children with food allergies and one who suffers also from depression.  My husband also has high trygicerides and bad cholesterol as well as high blood pressure.  I would LOVE to heal us ALL!  Thanks

  35. She is such a strong woman!

  36. Signed up for her daily newsletters. Wonderful blog. Book seems great! 

    My greatest challenge is overcoming obesity and emotional over eating. I am still working on it.
    I have started the paleo/primal eating lifestyle and I am doing really great. My weight is going down, I am exercising regularly. Starting to feel extremely healthy! 

  37. My greatest challenge has been making time for homemade meals and making sure I have the ingredients on hand when I do decide to cook.  I signed up for the newsletter and excited about trying some of the recipes. What a story Jess has!

  38. I am currently nearing the end of my weight loss journey (YAY for being so close) and I struggle every day with making the right choices for myself and my family. I want to raise my children to eat healthy foods so they hopefully will never have to battle weight later on.

  39. I have had ongoing trouble losing weight. I have 4 children, the last 2- I had back to back…yikes. :0)
    I have lost 30 lbs since my youngest (now 4, hello! I’ve had 4 years to lose weight!), but I still have around 25 to lose. I despise going to the gym for treadmills and such, however I did Zumba for 3 months and loved it. I enjoy exercise with more of a purpose, such as hiking to a destination, beach walks, bike rides. I have that nasty belly fat and cellulite on my arms and thighs, although I have an athletic build, so it’svery frustrating! I do like strength training so I am very interested in the Kettleball(?) workouts. I homeschool and have 1 special needs (autism) child, so it is very hard to find the time for myself. I have had no SIGNIFICANT health problems other than a dermoid ovarian cyst, which I didn’t even know I had, it was found accidentally, so I am short an ovary and don’t want to lose another for sure. I am big into vitamins and supplements, cooking grain free, herbal remedies, I love all of that stuff, so I love your website! I am sure the ovary deal is connected to high blood sugar (back then I wasn’t fully committed to grain free) and low iodine.
    I have signed up for Jess’ newsletter, she has a good website you’re right.
    Thanks WM!

  40. i signed up for the wellness warrior newsletter.
    my health challenge started in 2008 when at age 24, i was 240lbs and suffering from high blood pressure and depression. by 2010, after using natural methods to improve my nutrition and lifestyle, i was a happy 165lbs, with clear skin, normal blood pressure and had completely changed my life! now, i am 7 1/2 months pregnant (which is how i found this blog and i love it!) and struggling with bedrest and weight gain again, but absolutely determined to bounce back post baby. i love wellness mama and would love the chance to know the secrets from a person she supports and admires 🙂

  41. I was diagnosed with lupus (SLE) 11 years ago after about 10 years of autoimmune symptoms prior to that.  The past six years or so, I’ve really tried to improve our family’s diet and supplements, but was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in January of last year.  Though I did have the whole thyroid removed (didn’t know to not  consent to that before surgery to remove one side during which cancer was diagnosed), I turned down the radiation and have been trying to improve my health and allow my body to heal through good diet, rest, etc… .  Not doing the best job of it at times…ironically, when you most need to eat well you are often tired and not feeling like doing the shopping/meal planning/cooking thing.  Anyway, I’m always fascinated to read about people who are healed from cancer using natural methods and would love to win this book.  Thanks for the chance.

  42. Would love this e-book for a friend battling cancer…My health obstacle is food allergies.  Still working on this.  

  43. Signed up for Jess’s newsletter.  My health challenge is colitis – I find eating real food keeps it in check.

  44. I signed up for Jess’ newsletter. My health challenge is lifelong. I was born with jaundice a really bad case, had random bouts of projectile vomiting until I was ten landing me in the hospital once. I was sick constantly so I was constantly fed antibiotics and medicinal suppositories.  Later in my teens I developed IBS, I didn’t produce enough red blood cells, had an under working thyroid and overactive adrenals. Oh and did I mention my heart, to this day I still don’t know if there is anything wrong but all my life I would get chest pains and it would skip or speed up.

    I started eating Weston Price way and I started to get better. I ovulated for the first time in 24 years and had a pain free period. I later went primal and still am. Now my adrenals function better, my moods are regulated, no more chest pains, skin breakouts from candida are a lot less and no more yeast infections from candida. I no longer get anemic, I produce enough red cells, though poor circulation still no matter what I do. IBS is gone only allergic  flair up if I accidentally eat wheat or grains. I am not better but I am improving on diet, functional exercise, sunshine and fresh air. 

  45. she actually has a slow growing form of cancer called epitheliod sarcoma which by the looks of recent photos of her arm appears to still be progressing. her story may well yet come to a sad conclusion. her mother sharon died from untreated breast cancer following jessicas advice. some of her advice is good but please remember she is unqualified she has not cured her cancer and a lit of her advice is very very dangerous.

  46. Sadly Jess’s cancer has now become very aggressive and she is now consulting an oncologist according to her blog. At the time of writing this she is facing a grim battle so please do not call her a cancer survivor she is a very unwell young lady. Her advice regarding gerson therapy should be taken with her current state of health in mind.

  47. You might want to update this page now that Jess unfortunately passed away from her cancer 🙁
    May she rest in peace

  48. Jess died, from cancer, in 2015, so she did not “cure” herself of cancer, although she may have contributed to a longer life. She died shortly after her mother died which deeply upset her. Her mother also tried Jess’s food/ lifestyle changes.

  49. I have the paperback version of Make Peace with your Plate, but I would like the ebook too, does anyone know where I can find it? I’m having real trouble finding it anywhere as I think originally it was downloadable from Jess’ website, but obviously now that is not active. Thanks in advance, this is one of the best books I’ve read and I am continuously going back to it for advice!

  50. Was sad to read she died. i don’t watch TV so had not heard about it.