Make Peace With Your Plate Book Review

make peace with your plate book

I recently had the chance to read the book “Make Peace With Your Plate” by Jess Ainscough of The Wellness Warrior. I found her blog recently, and her story is inspiring!

She is a writer, holistic health coach, and cancer survivor (she did it naturally!).

Almost four years ago Jess was diagnosed with a very aggressive, rare form of cancer called Epithelioid Sarcoma, in her left hand and arm. After having a high dose of chemo pumped through her arm following scans showed she was clear of cancer. Little did she know it would come back, not even a year after going into remission.

After being told by the scary men in white coats that her only real chance of long-term survival would be to have her arm amputated at the shoulder she decided to take matters into her own hands. She politely refused their offers of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation and began searching for natural, alternative cancer treatments.

The way she saw it she had two choices. She could rely on the slash, poison and burn method offered by the medical profession and become stuck in the ‘cancer patient’ category for who knows how long, or she could take responsibility for her illness and bring her body to optimum health so that it can heal itself.

For Jess it was an easy decision. Chemo and radiation do not have great success on the type of cancer she has, and there is no way she was going to let them cut her arm off. Jess quit her magazine job in Sydney, swapping a lifestyle of back-to-back parties for one of relaxation and meditation.

Ditching a diet that consisted mostly of champagne, canapés and late night Lean Cuisine she  packed up and moved back to to live with her family and began devoting all her time and energy to restoring her health. Along the way, Jess developed a obsession with passing on all of her newly learnt wellness wisdom to anyone who was parked in front of her for long enough to listen.

The Book

Make Peace with Your PlateJess recently released a great eBook called “Make Peace With Your Plate” that discusses her journey, how she detoxed and healed from cancer, and the methods that she used. It also addresses the mental and emotional aspects of eating, which are tremendously important and often overlooked.

While many of us won’t have to use all of the measures necessary for cancer treatment, almost all of us could stand to eat (or drink) more green veggies. Jess has some great veggie recipes, and they are a great replacement for the grains and processed foods we’ve been removing from our diets.

I especially like Jess’ Blog for her uplifting and inspiring outlook on life and health, despite the tough experiences she had.

Have you read Make Peace with Your Plate? If so, what did you think? Share below!

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