Simple (Autumn) Fall Meal Plan

Simple meal plan for Fall

I’m a big fan of creating my meal plans around seasonal produce. There are so many benefits to meal planning, and focusing on seasonal produce is a great way to save money and eat the most nutrient dense meals available.

Why Seasonal?

Did you know that the average apple you buy at a grocery store has been off the tree for 14 months! Hardly fresh produce. Contrast that to a fresh apple that was hand-picked by you or your local farmer in the fall at the peak of freshness.

There is no comparison on taste or nutrients!

Seasonal eating not only simplifies shopping and meal planning, but it truly is the most enjoyable way to eat. Rather than eating zucchini that has been flown halfway around the world to be fresh in late fall or the middle of winter, you can focus on delicious and fresh seasonal fall vegetables like sweet potatoes, root vegetables, apples, greens and brassicas.

A Fall Meal Plan

I highly recommend creating a meal planning template using meals that your family loves and seasonal produce for each season, but to give you some ideas, here is one of the weeks from my Fall Meal Plan.

I’ve also shared by meal plans for Spring, Summer and Winter if you want to check those out!

Day 1: Mini Meatloaf Cupcakes ( a kid favorite at our house!)

Day 2: Easy Chicken Soup (great recipe anytime anyone is sick too)

Day 3: Simple Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry

Day 4: Pumpkin Chili

Day 5: Parsnip Shrimp Lo-Mein

Day 6: Bacon & Apple Crock Pot Chicken Recipe

Day 7: Sausage and Sweet Potato Hash

Do you meal plan around seasonal food? Share your tips below!

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