She’s Here! Baby Birth Announcement

Newborn baby

I took a break from posting this past week to enjoy our newest little blessing!

Birth Announcement!

Our sweet little girl arrived last week after 25 hours of labor and is absolutely perfect! I’m extremely grateful to the awesome midwives who helped me have a successful v-bac and have been very blessed to have my fastest recovery yet.

Her siblings are enthralled with her and are adjusting well. She is a very happy baby and is already sleeping through the night, only waking to eat every 3 or 4 hours.

Needless to say, the last week has been busy, but I’m hoping to be back to regular posting tomorrow.

I’m also finishing up a Natural Fertility course that has been years in the making. It is based on my experience with clients over the years and has a really high success rate. Things have gotten so busy that I’m not able to take on any new clients, so this is my way of passing on this valuable information. If you or someone you know has had trouble conceiving and are hoping to do so naturally… stay tuned!

Are you Pregnant?

Congrats! You can read my entire saga of birth stories here, and these post might be helpful to you:

I’ve also written a pregnancy handbook with suggestions for having your healthiest pregnancy possible.

Trying to Get Pregnant?

I found these fertility monitors helpful for both achieving (or delaying) pregnancy.

I’d love to know… how many children do you have? What were your births like? Please Share below!

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