The Fastest Way to Clean an Oven Naturally

The easiest and fastest way to clean your oven naturally without chemicals or baking soda

I wrote before about how I clean my oven naturally with baking soda and I still love that method, but I recently found another natural way that completely blows the baking soda method out of the water.

It is called Branch Basics and I am addicted. I should mention that I’d heard of this cleaning for months but never tried it because I doubted it could possibly be as good as other people said it was. Turns out, it isn’t as good… it’s better and I feel silly for waiting so long to try it.

The Great Oven Explosion…

It all started recently when I had to cook for a big group and I had a lot of sweet potatoes and regular potatoes in the oven. In my haste, I had forgotten to poke them all with a fork and several potatoes had exploded and all of the sweet potatoes had dropped their normal sticky-mess on the bottom of the oven.

The exploded potato caused a great deal of smoke and when my husband got home he asked “has someone been smoking in our house?”

It was bad. It was also bad because this was a couple of days before Thanksgiving and I needed my oven fully functional the next day. The baking soda method wouldn’t work since it took overnight and a while to clean in the morning.

Natural Oven Cleaning

I decided to put my new Branch Basics to the test… I figured if it could clean that oven it could do anything.

I made a really concentrated 50:50 mixture of the Branch Basics concentrate and just sprayed it on the oven. I took before and after photos, but I wish I’d been able to take a “during” picture because the cooked on junk literally just melted off the sides and the bottom of the oven. I wiped with a natural bristle brush and some microfiber cloths and it looked like a brand new oven.

We hadn’t cleaned the oven since we moved into this house over a year ago, and there was a lot of cooked on junk. I was sold!


You can ask my husband and he’d willingly vouch for the fact that I don’t naturally love cleaning and that keeping up the house is a complete labor of love for me. This is one of the few things I’ve ever used that made cleaning easier and a little more enjoyable. I’ve now bought a 5-gallon pail of their concentrate and it should last us years 🙂

Since the oven experiment, I’ve used it on my whole house including:

  • cleaning bathrooms from top to bottom
  • cleaning grout on our kitchen floor (i thought it was brown- it is white again!)
  • cleaning the burnt on stains on the bottom of my pots and pans
  • getting smudge marks off of baseboards and door frames
  • removing shower scum from our showers
  • So much more!


Branch Basics just updated their formula to be twice as concentrated (so you need half as much). I recommend the large starter kit because it is the best value and will clean your home for months and months, but even a small bottle will go a long way! Use the code MAMA25 for 25% off orders for first-time customers.

What is your favorite way to clean?

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