Simple and Healthy Summer Meal Plan for Families

Summer Meal Plan

Meal planning may feel like a chore at times, but I always find making a summer meal plan pretty exciting. An abundance of fresh (and local!) produce makes healthy eating more tempting than ever with all its bright colors and fresh textures.

Our family is grain-free, so this sample of our summer meal plan includes simple and healthy grain-free recipes. These recipes are also dairy optional and avoid processed vegetable oils.

Sanity-Saving Summer Meal Plan

I’m sure summertime conjures up visions of family vacations, beach time, and poolside lounging … not meal planning and grocery shopping. But it’s undeniable that meal planning saves time and money to put toward other things.

The Why

Meal planning saves our family money each month, and it also saves me a lot of time and reduces the stress of trying to figure out what to cook each day. I spend less time in the grocery store since I know exactly what I need to buy and I spend less time cooking since I can batch foods and cook meals ahead of time.

People often ask how I “do it all” (hint: I don’t!), but if I had to pick one key strategy to make healthy living happen, meal planning would be it.

The Strategy

When making my summer meal plan, I try my best to map out the vegetables that will be in season each month (where I live) and create rotating meal plans based on the produce available. Summer is certainly one of the easiest seasons to plan around seasonal produce since tomatoes, squashes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuces, green beans, and other fresh produce abounds.

During the summer, I try to do all of our shopping at the local farmer’s market whenever possible. I can normally get all of our food for the week in less than an hour and I really enjoy my time shopping there each week (while supporting local farmers).

The Plan

Use this 1-week summer meal plan template as a jumping off point for your own basic summer meal plan using seasonal vegetables that your family will love.

Click on the name of each meal for the full recipe or check out my recipe page or cookbook for additional ideas.

You can also check out my seasonal meal plans for Spring, Fall, and Winter when this one is out of season!

One-Week Healthy Summer Meal Plan

Monday: Stuffed Bell Peppers with Guacamole

Tuesday: Simple Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry

Wednesday: Stuffed Zucchini (a kid favorite!)

Thursday: Slow Cooker Boston Butt BBQ with Cucumber Salad

Friday: Fish Taco Salad

Saturday: Greek Meatballs with Tzatziki Sauce

Sunday: Steak Fajita Salad

I usually make a huge batch of chocolate coconut clusters (with 90% cocoa chocolate) for the kids to have for snacks on the go. We also serve watermelon, fresh fruits, and cut-up veggies and cucumbers with dip or homemade dressings for snacks.

I try to buy ingredients from local sources whenever possible, but when I can’t, I order them from trusted sources like Thrive and Tropical TraditionsMy full list of sources is available on this page.

Want an Easier Way to Meal Plan?

Meal planning has transformed my family and our eating habits so much over the years that I decided to create a system that would help others do the same. Wellness Mama Meals is my personal meal planning system that takes the headache out of planning out meals for your family each week.

I’ve partnered with Real Plans to make my meal plans easier than ever to use. You can create a custom meal plan for summer or for any season based on your family’s size and preferences. Avoiding certain foods? Real Plans can filter them out in seconds. You can also generate a shopping list based on the meals you choose and check off items on your phone while you shop.

There are almost 2000 recipes to choose from … and all are of course kid-tested and family-approved!

Check out Wellness Mama Meals + Real Plans here. I hope it helps you to kick back and enjoy a healthy summer knowing your meal plan is set!

What are you cooking this week? Have any easy and healthy summertime staples? Share below!

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