Blendtec vs. Vitamix Review

Blendtec Review- Blendtec vs Vitamix

I’ve been a die-hard Vitamix fan for over 7 years. We use it daily to make veggie smoothies, sauces, and to chop up food. I didn’t think I could ever be swayed from my loyalty to Vitamix so when Blendtec asked me to do a Blendtec review and compare the two side by side, I was hesitant.

I didn’t want to accept a blender to review and then write something negative about Blendtec. At the same time, I really appreciate honest reviews, even if they are negative, so I decided to accept the blender as long as they understood that it would be a completely honest review.

The Blendtec showed up and I promptly had to leave town for a few days and didn’t get to try it out. When I returned, life happened and I still didn’t get around to switching our blender for a couple more weeks. I still had my doubts that it would work well, but I knew that I would need to review it so I started researching the differences.

I first heard of Blendtec in the YouTube “Will It Blend” campaign where I watched them blend an iPhone into oblivion:

Blendtec vs. Vitamix

iPhone powdering aside, I started researching the specs of a Blendtec and how it compared:

  • Horsepower: Blendtec=3 – Vitamix=2
  • Watts: Blendtec=1580 – Vitamix=1380
  • Controls: Blendtec=computerized – Vitamix=manual
  • Blades: Blendtec=2 prong – Vitamix=4 prong
  • Height: Blendtec=15.5 – Vitamix=20.5 (I liked that the Blendtec was shorter and would fit under my cabinets on the counter)
  • Weight: Blendtec=8lbs – Vitamix=13lbs
  • Warranty: Both have seven year warranties, even on refurbished models (some Vitamix models have a 5 year warranty)

Testing Blendtec

Once I finally got the Blendtec out on the counter, I loved that it was short enough to store underneath the cabinets in our kitchen, even with the pitcher attached. Of course, once the kids saw a shiny new blender, they immediately demanded smoothies so I obliged.

I liked that Blendtec had a wider pitcher so I could fit more fruit in with less liquid. I added our usual ingredients:

At first, I wasn’t really sure how to work the computerized controls on the Blendtec but the quick start section of the user manual explained it all. I was initially opposed to the idea of the computerized screen but after using it with children and having spills, it was much easier to clean than the Vitamix controls.

My first impression was that Blendtec was LOUD but I was also impressed with how quickly it blended. It has a much wider pitcher than a Vitamix so the frozen ingredients could get to the blades more easily. Sound wise- the Vitamix and Blendtec were pretty comparable, though the Blendtec might have been a little louder.

It only took about 60 seconds to blend the frozen berries to the point that you could not even see strawberry seeds. Since then, I’ve used it for my morning coffee, for soups, sauces and to chop things and have had comparable results to the Vitamix.

Cost Difference

As I said, I had the chance to try the Blendtec for free, but I actually liked it so much that I purchased one for a friend as a gift. Both the Blendtec I purchased and the Vitamix we purchased years ago were refurbished and I’d highly recommend that option. At the time we purchased our Vitamix, the reconditioned model was $349 and we’ve used it for years. I’ve seen a new Vitamix online for only $378 and there are also some great deals on refurbished Vitamix models.

The refurbished Blendtec I purchased was only $279 and the designer model I got to try is $379 if purchased refurbished ($450 new).

I think both are well worth their money and both can last ten years or longer if taken care of.

The Results

This was a really tough decision for me. I think both blenders are great, but after using them side by side, I prefer the Blendtec. I never thought I’d like another blender more than my Vitamix, but there were several factors that swayed me:

  • Refurbished Blendtec’s are cheaper
  • The Blendtec fits under the cabinets, even with the pitcher on it so it saves counter space
  • The Blendtec’s stronger motor and wider pitcher make it easier and faster to use
  • 7 Year warranty on the refurbished Blendtec

Cheapest Way to Get a Blendtec

I’d highly recommend getting a refurbished model when purchasing a Blendtec. You’ll save at least $100 and it has the same 7-year warranty as a new one. Mine was refurbished and it looked like new when I received it.

Refurbished models can vary by availability, but you can see which models are available refurbished here.

Ever tried a Blendtec or Vitamix? Which did you prefer? Share below!

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