Easy Chuck Roast Recipe

Easy Chuck Roast Recipe




Yield 6 +

An easy and delicious slow-cooker roast recipe.



  1. Marinate in spices at least 10 minutes, though several hours is better.
  2. Brown meat on all sides in a skillet on medium-high heat to lock in juices(optional step that enhances flavor).
  3. Place roast along with sliced onions and 1-1.5 cups of water or beef broth in a crock pot or roasting pan. Cover tightly.
  4. After two hours, rough chop carrots and sweet potatoes and add to crock pot. They can be added at the beginning but they will be much softer at the end.
  5. Cook for 5-7 hours on high in crock pot (8 to 10 on low, but I never get it in that early) or 3-4 hours at 300 degrees in the oven.
  6. Let sit 10 minutes before cutting. Slice against the grain.

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