Mountain Rose Herbs Review (and Alternatives)

Mountain Rose Herbs Review and how to save 25 percent

Save hundreds a year by making your own beauty products, cleaning products and spice blends…

That is what I set out to do years ago when I was on a super-tight budget and just starting to raise my family. I realized that the easiest way to save money on all of these products and avoid the harmful chemicals I didn’t want around my kids was to make them myself.

For years, I shopped at one online shop that carried many of the products I needed. Unfortunately, after receiving emails from several readers expressing concerns about their ethics and projects they support, I personally no longer shop at or recommend this shop. Specifically, readers mentioned issues with shipping and customer service, as well as ethical concerns with some of the projects and policies the company chose to support.

I encourage all readers to do due diligence and research all options before choosing where to purchase products. While I’m not trying to discourage anyone else from shopping at MRH, I can no longer do so in good conscience and have also removed links for this reason. I’m sharing below where I personally shop now instead of MRH and quick links to my most purchased products.

Alternatives to Mountain Rose Herbs

I researched meticulously to find ingredients and supplies that met my criteria:

  • Organic
  • Wild-crafted or ethically sourced
  • Don’t cost a fortune

I now order many of these products online from Amazon. As a bonus, products now arrive much faster as with MRH would often take over a week to get my order. Additionally, many of these are often offered at a discount and are much less expensive by ordering in one pound quantities.

These are the bulk ingredients I stock up on:


For homemade spices, I also order these by the pound:

And usually order several pounds of each of these:

Mountain Rose Herbs: Bottom Line

I ordered from MRH for years and liked many of their products. I do believe they have a commitment to high quality sourcing and share a desire to protect the environment and grow sustainably. That said, after several readers brought issues to my attention, I can no longer in good conscience link to them or recommend buying from them, though I also am not trying to discourage anyone else from doing so. At the end of the day, the Wellness Mama community and readers are my top priority in writing on this site, and many of you made it very clear that you have serious concerns with this company at this time.

As always, I encourage you to do your own research and support companies whose values you share and whose products you consider high quality.

How to save 25% at Mountain Rose Herbs on bulk herbs and spices and teas

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