Homemade Fish Sticks

Gluten free and grain free fish sticks recipe

 These healthy fish sticks are a great solution to the deep fried, processed flour coated favorite. My kids love fish sticks and figuring out a healthy recipe for them was a high priority when … [Read more...]

How to Get Pregnant Naturally

Natural Help for Infertility

Infertility is a rising problem in today's society. I tried to find accurate info on how much is spent annually on infertility treatments, and I kept getting results for ways to finance treatments for … [Read more...]

Oven Baked Omelet

Easy and Healthy Oven Omelet

On days when a fast and simple breakfast is needed, an oven baked omelet can be a great way to save time. Just prepare and stick in the oven while you get ready or shower, and it is ready by the time … [Read more...]

Healthy Meal Plan for the Week

Lettuce Tacos Recipe- simple alternative to flour tortillas

Another week, another meal plan.... Here's what I'll be cooking up this week at the Casa de Wellness.  Enjoy!MondayTacos- Ground Beef and turkey seasoned with cumin and chili powder served … [Read more...]

Mastering the Perfect Pushup

Good Push Up Form Stage Two

No longer just an exercise for football and the military, the Pushup is a great upper body workout that can be done anywhere. The push-up involves full range of motion in the shoulder and is great at … [Read more...]

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Ham and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast

 We typically just roast a whole chicken in the slow-cooker or rotisserie style and make broth with the bones, but occasionally, I'll splurge on organic & free range chicken breast and … [Read more...]

Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipes

Natural Floor and Tile Cleaner Recipes

When my oldest child was about six months old I suddenly became much more interested in finding a natural and homemade floor cleaner recipe because I had a pint-size inspector who would eat/lick … [Read more...]