Do you struggle to provide healthy meals for your family?

Have trouble sorting through what is healthy and what isn’t?

Can’t get your family to eat healthier meals?

Struggle to afford nutrient dense real foods on a budget?

How would you like healthy, affordable meals planned for you? Want to improve your family’s health with delicious, nutrient packed meals?

My Meal Plans are designed to:

  • Take the hassle out of planning and preparing highly nutritious meals for yourself and your family.
  • Help you reach your optimal weight without starving!
  • Help your kids receive all the nutrients they need to grow, and never have to worry about their weight
  • Simplify your life by only needing to grocery shop once a week!
  • Reduce your grocery budget by making sure you only buy the foods you are going to eat
  • Help you stick to an eating plan by making sure that you only have nutritious options easily available to you at each meal!
  • Increase your chances of sticking to a healthy way of eating for the long term without the frustration of trying to keep up with what the latest fad of “healthy foods” are

Your meal plans each week will include:

  • Seven days of healthy, easy dinner recipes with cooking instructions
  • Suggestions for healthy breakfasts and lunches that fit your family’s tastes
  • Snack and dessert ideas (yep, even dessert!)
  • A detailed shopping list that easily takes into account the size of your family so that you have the amount of food you need without wasting!
  • Suggestions of when to cook extra of certain foods so that you can re-purpose leftovers into lunches and other meals and reduce your prep time
  • Full instructions for making the implementation of a healthy diet an easy adjustment for your family
  • Easy reference lists of foods to avoid, which ones to eat in moderation and which you can eat as much of you want!
  • Weekly emails with PDF versions of your meal plan and shopping list, as well as the ability to login and access them at any time.
  • Free access to future membership upgrades, e-books, and bonus materials before anyone else can get them!
  • Access to me via the included forum for questions about nutrition, recipes, or health.
  • A wonderful community of like-minded people who are on the same health journey.

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 Wellness Mama Meals

What People Are Saying:

“The menu plan itself, it is a HUGE timesaver and a no-brainer for me.  I work full time and have two kids that are going in opposite directions. The menu plans give me a springboard for my entire week, I can layout the menus for the days that I want and work our breakfast and lunch right around it. ” Carrie

“I would say that it will save me around $15/week…not buying random veggies in hopes i remember what I’m going to make them with.  Even if we only drop one meal out every two weeks, the service will have paid for itself.”  -Shannon

“I do think we will save on groceries!  We are a family of 8, and sometimes we are busy or I am just tired with no energy to plan meals & organize a shopping list for the week that I find myself shopping from day to day & just grabbing food that I know we’ll eat once I figure out what to do with it…  I have no clue about the seasons of foods either so having someone else help me follow a seasonal menu is great!  I figure we’re saving about $25 a week.” – The “M” Family

“What’s most helpful is having recipes picked out for me so all I need to do is buy the groceries and cook the meal. Since my husband and me are working on cutting out the grains, this is a very valuable tool. I love that the recipes are everyday foods that I’m used to, prepared in a healthy way.” -Janie

“having the meals actually planned is great!  I was burning out from what I was doing, and it’s nice not having to think about that part of it.  I also am so thankful that I am eating healthily – just being told what to eat helps take all the guess work out of it… the recipes are excellent, the plan is great, and I’ve already lost 5 lbs in a week!!!”  -Leigh

“Not sure how much yet, but the savings will be significant. I am an impulse shopper and going to the store every day to pick up food for dinner always leads to buying more items that we don’t need. With the meal plans, I’m in and out once a week and only get the items on the list.” -Kathryn

“The meals are very simple to prepare. All ingredients are readily available and they are also delicious. Love how you incorporate crock meals into each week! ” -Deb

“I would definately recommend them.  I would tell them they are great and very well organized and detailed.  The shopping lists are wonderful!!!  The kids are eating it too! Thank you so much, Katie for all your hard work and helping all of us live a healthier lifestyle. I love your website and all the great information.” -LeeAnn