Miscellaneous Health & Wellness Information

These posts are a deviation from my normal health and wellness articles, but contain random tidbits of information you won't find anywhere else.

How to Build a Treehouse for Fun & Exercise

How to build a treehouse for exercise and fun

We can learn so much from children, especially the importance of running, jumping, and climbing. Children do these things naturally and as adults, many of us lose the ability to perform many of these … [Read more...]

Wellness Mama Recipe App

Wellness Mama Recipes App

So... once upon a time, my cell phone contract was up for renewal, my old phone was dying and there was a great deal (aka free) on smart phones, so against my better judgement, I made the jump to an … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Meal Planning

benefits of meal planning

Meal planning is a vital part of eating a healthy diet and there are many benefits of meal planning. If you are new to the Wellness Lifestyle, I'd highly encourage you to take half an hour a week to … [Read more...]

So I Created a Podcast…

Wellness Mama Podcast

Why a podcast?In searching for my own health answers and in the hundreds of hours I've spent researching for this blog, I've come across many experts with incredible information. I am so grateful … [Read more...]

Placenta Pot Roast

Placenta Pot Roast Recipe

Disclaimer: This was an April Fools Joke. Please do not attempt to make pot roast out of placenta!Today, I'm sharing an unusual recipe...Giving birth is taxing on a woman's body but the … [Read more...]

Wellness Mama Website Redesign

Wellness Mama icon

Last week, I redesigned my site... for the seventh time. I realized two things: I've been blogging for a long time (since late 2006) and I'd rather go through labor than have to redesign a website … [Read more...]

7 Natural Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Seven Natural Gift Ideas That Are Cheaper than Flowers

I love days that are reminders to tell my husband how much I love and appreciate him. I don't love days that have become a tribute to candy and store-bought goods that lose their value after a couple … [Read more...]

Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013

Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 from WellnessMama

I'm a big fan of homemade alternatives to conventional products. Most often, these homemade versions have fewer toxins, are less expensive and usually work better.My DIY recipes seem most popular … [Read more...]

Top 10 Health Posts of 2013

Top Ten Health Posts of 2013 from Wellness Mama

It is always fun at the end of the year to look back and see which posts were the most popular. There are literally millions of options for you to read online, and I'm so honored that you take the … [Read more...]

Top Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Giving Guide of Best Gift Ideas for Health Enthusiasts

Ever read that book about love languages? I was very strongly the gift giving type, so I love Christmas since I get to give lots of them :-). At a reader request, I've compiled my favorite healthy … [Read more...]

FREE Cookbook + Real Food Con Access

Real Food Con access

In case you haven't heard, there is a great online event called Real Food Con, and it has some of the most knowledgeable participants in the country contributing!I'm a little nervous, as I'm … [Read more...]

Random Facts About Me

A random post- keys to save lives- books and blogs- healthy shoes- a book im in

I try to plan my posts and keep them nicely in categories like recipes, natural living, motherhood, etc but lately I've come across a few things that I want to share but that don't easily fit in to my … [Read more...]